tagInterracial LoveA Black Stud & My Future Wife

A Black Stud & My Future Wife

byEnglish Bob©

I guess at one time or other, some of you guys out there will have been with a prostitute. Perhaps your wife knew, perhaps she didn't. Perhaps you weren't married and just looking for sex without any attachments. Maybe you went by yourself, maybe in a pair or even a group. Perhaps you cared who she was, more probably you didn't. Did you look at her face while you thrust into her body, or did you take her from behind? - The reason I ask is that the prostitute could have been my wife or, if it were a few years ago, even my mother.

Yes, that's right, my mother was a hooker most of her life. She worked in a whore house (or as we used to call them in those days - a house of ill repute!) in the red light district of a large city. She had me when she was only seventeen and we lived in the brothel together for many years.

As for my quality of life growing up, well, opinion is usually divided on that subject. There is the obvious, puritanical view that living where I did must have corrupted me from an early age and damaged me for life. On the other hand, of course, as a teenager, I saw more naked women than most guys could dream of! All in all, I was an very happy child. I was well looked after and wanted for very little. It was a life I could safely recommend.

I suppose, by the standards of most young men, my teenage years were a bit weird. I had developed quite an appetite for voyeurism that, while still in its infancy, seemed to be growing stronger every day. I had been watching the other hookers in the house (there were seven in total) getting dressed and undressed for years. None of them gave it a second thought as I would look at them from outside their bedroom door as they changed into or out of their working clothes, but now, the sight of naked breasts, firm round butts and trimmed pussy's was having a much more profound effect on my own body. I should point out at this stage that my feelings were not incestuous. I felt much the same way about my mother as most other young man of my age and had little desire to see her naked. Although my voyeurism at that age was primarily concerned with the naked female form and virtually any female would do, the feelings seldom went as far as including my own mother.

As you can probably imagine, masturbation played quite a large part in my early teenage years - as I'm sure it does with most boys of that age. The difference was that whilst my friends were tugging themselves off to images of Playboy and Hustler, all I had to do was look in the next room for a wonderful view of Donna or perhaps Lori sliding a pair of silk stockings up their wonderfully long, slender legs. I still had to be careful though. As much as the girls were happy to let me look, I got the distinct feeling that if I were caught with my erect cock in my hand while I watched them, there would probably be hell to pay!

Eventually, of course, I was caught. That year I had been getting bolder and bolder with my voyeuristic masturbating. There was a new girl in the house. Her name was Sara and at only eighteen, she was only a few years older than me. Sara was a fantastic looking red head with a stunning body. For days I followed her around like a love-sick puppy just hoping to get a glimpse of thigh or a flash of her breasts, but she always changed with the door shut. I had to resort to more drastic measures. There was a small storage room next to Sara's "working" room and with careful diligence I was able to bore out a small hole in the dividing wall. This meant that I could watch the wonderful creature that had become the sole object of my desires without fear of detection. It also meant that I would be able to jerk off to my hearts content without anyone seeing me.

That night I crept into the storage room and climbed up on an old oil drum to put my eye against my peephole. My cock was already at full attention, but when I saw Sara standing in the centre of her room in just stockings and panties, I thought I would cum on the spot. I swallowed hard and returned my eye to the hole in the wall. She seemed as if she were waiting for something as she stood, bare breasted, with her arms folded under her magnificent tits and glancing at her watch in an impatient manner. A few seconds longer and I saw what she was waiting for. The door opened and a large black man entered. His stride was confident - almost a swagger as he joined Sara in the middle of the room. As his arms enveloped the small girl, I saw his muscles bulge. I felt a tinge of jealousy somewhere deep in my gut that disappeared almost as soon as it had come. I knew that I was completely in love with Sara, but the thought of watching her with this huge man was stronger than any other feelings I had ever experienced. I wanted her to be happy. I wanted her to make him happy and I wanted them to make me happy! Sara tilted her head upwards in seeming search of a kiss. Her customer moved his head towards hers; his lips parted and moist as they embraced with tongues entwined.

Sara knew her job well. Her hand slipped, almost casually to the mans groin and I watched him react as she gently squeezed the massive looking bulge that strained against his jeans. His groan of acceptance was all the permission that she needed to proceed further, and with a flick of her wrist, his zipper was down and she was groping about in his underwear for his weapon. Sara and my gasps were almost in unison as she withdrew his cock; a process that took a little longer than she was used to due to the fact that it was as hard as rock and absolutely huge! The black muscle stood out in front of him like a twelve inch flag pole and visibly twitched in Sara's small white hand as she stroked it back and forward. I watched intently, pistoning my own, much smaller, cock frantically as I jerked myself off.

Sara's tits swung enticingly in front of her customers view as she continued with the stimulating hand job. His eyes followed the large globes letting his fingers finally grasp the warm flesh and tease the hardening buds. I saw the fingers tighten on Sara's nipples - the skin immediately turning a deep crimson. I became incensed as I thought that this man was hurting my girl - my Sara. These thoughts quickly turned to those of mild confusion, though, as Sara's head went back and her lips opened to emit a low, obviously excited moan. I could hardly believe that she was being treated like a piece of meat and definitely enjoying it! Sara's client also looked a little surprised by her eager acceptance of this fairly brutal treatment, but after hearing her moan he smiled and pinched the skin harder still. Another deep sigh from Sara preceded a slap from her client that made the flesh of her breasts ripple and turn colour.

The man obviously now wanted more from his hooker and began to roughly push her to her knees in front of him. Sara looked so small next to him; her white skin contrasting vividly with his dark flesh, his huge cock swinging menacingly in front of her pretty face. I could feel my balls begin to twitch as I looked on, hoping that I would be treated to my first view of the wonderful Sara giving head. Her customer was still treating her roughly and with little respect. Not prepared to wait for her to begin fellating his massive organ, her gripped the back of her head as if it were a football and forced her onto him. Sara seemed not to be perturbed by this treatment at all, but simply opened her mouth as far as it would stretch and let the man force his cock between her brightly painted lips. As soon as he entered her mouth and I saw the shape of his dick in her cheek, I exploded all over my hand. I looked down to see my seed spill over my fist and splash onto the tiled floor of the store room just as I heard someone opening the door.

My heart froze. My blood ran cold as the door slowly opened. I closed my eyes, not bearing to look. What if it were my mother? How could I ever live it down? Just as I thought that I would die of shame, I heard a familiar but friendly voice. Not that of my mother as I had dreaded, but that of Candy, one of the older girls that worked in the house.

"Jamie! I though I might find you in here," she said with a laugh in her voice, "show me what you're looking at?"

I opened my eyes. She was smiling at me. I was used to seeing the girls with few clothes on, but Candy was wearing only a bra and panties as she sidled up to me and took my place at the spyhole.

"Mmmm" she murmured, "looks like Sara's got herself a real big one this time! You like Sara, don't you Jamie?"

I nodded dumbly. I was suddenly very aware that my softening cock was still hanging from my fly and that there was a pool of my semen on the floor at Candy's feet.

"Oh no you don't!" cried Candy as I struggled to hide my modesty, "now I've seen it, you gotta let Candy have her fun! You go back to looking at your sweetheart through the peephole, and Candy will make you feel all warm and nice again!"

Even if I wanted to object, I wouldn't have had time. In a flash Candy was on me and I felt for the very first time a pair of warm, wet lips envelop my penis. I was hard again in a flash and back at the spyhole for another view.

By this time the large black man that Sara was entertaining was thrusting his massive tool in and out of her sweet mouth while he pulled the back of her head to get deeper penetration. Sara could do little but remain motionless and simply gurgle as her oral orifice was abused. Candy seemed to be almost replicating Sara's movements as she blew me and I knew that both I and the black guy would be cumming very soon. He beat me to the punch by about ten seconds. I watched his back arch and his eyes screw tight shut as he wrenched his dick from between Sara's lips and jerk himself off over her face and tits. I could feel myself there now as well and wanted to do the same to Candy. The first jet of my climax hit her squarely in the eye. I think she was about to giggle, when the second, third and fourth stream splashed over her lips and trickled down her chin. I worked my hand up and down my tool, as I had seen the other man do, ensuring that every last drop of cum had been pumped out onto Candy's bra covered cleavage. I felt great; just like a man!

As I and Candy cleaned ourselves up the door opened again. This time it was Sara standing there semi naked and with cum still clinging to her face and long red hair. I was mortified. I don't know if having Sara or my mother walking in then would have been worse, but this was certainly bad enough. I tried to cover my embarrassment, my cock still half in and half out of my jeans. Sara noticed immediately and raised an eyebrow.

"Well, what has been going on in here?" she said with a grin

Before I could answer and basically deny everything, Candy had dropped me right in it.

"Oh, I've just been helping out young Jamie here while he watched you with Mr. Big in there!" If the ground had opened up and swallowed me at that point, I would never have been happier. But the reaction I got from Sara was not the one that I'd expected.

"Ohhh." she said and shivered slightly, causing those wonderful breasts to tremble a little. "Really? You mean I was being watched? God, that makes me feel sooo hot!"

With that she sat down on the old oil drum that I had recently vacated and quickly pulled her panties off. As I saw her pussy up close for the first time I thought I would die of lust. It was the most perfect thing in the world right then. The way the lips unfurled when she spread her legs was, frankly, divine and when her stiff little clit bobbed into view I felt my third erection of the day begin to stir.

For the next fifteen minutes, Candy and I watched Sara masturbate to three powerful orgasms. The first, and by far the most powerful, took us all by surprise I think. It seemed to just happen out of the blue and Sara went from a sweet, moaning girl to a wild, thrashing animal in a matter of a few seconds.

I didn't cum again myself that day, although I did watch Candy take Sara's place on the oil drum and masturbate herself, fast and furiously until her legs trembled and shook and her pussy creamed with juice. Sara admitted that the thought of being secretly spied on turned her on so much and she made me promise that I would do it again - but not to tell her when! I couldn't promise fast enough!

I continued to watch my girlfriend fuck and suck other men for another six years and still watch her now after a further ten years as my wife. Some men find it difficult to understand how I could have taken a hooker for a wife. All I can say is that they have obviously never enjoyed the exquisite feelings of seeing their wife naked on all fours, with tits hanging down, while a young stud slams her pussy from behind or stuffs his cock in her mouth from the front. Sara and I have done it all ways round: two men and Sara while I watch, one man, one woman and Sara while I watch. I have joined in on occasions, but to be honest, I prefer to just look on as my wife gets her pussy or ass stuffed with cock or vibrator while I slowly masturbate.

Oh yes, she will take it in her ass as well, like any good whore should! On one occasion we had invited a few friends (all male) back to our house for a few drinks after a night on the town. We were all fairly buzzed by the time we got back and I made out that I'd passed out on the sofa. It wasn't long before Sara had got rid of her dress, bra and panties and was kneeling in the centre of the room in the classic "doggy" position and waiting for her first customer. All of our friends know what Sara is like and also know that we don't really need the money, it's just something that Sara likes to do for fun - the cash just makes it nastier somehow!

She didn't have to wait long before three of the guys slapped down some money on the counter and pulled out three big cocks. That night Sara was fucked and double fucked. She was taken in her mouth, her ass, between her tits and between her buttocks by all three of our friends. At one point she had Steve in her mouth, Dave in her tight ass and was trying to giggle through a mouthful of cock as Paul used her toes to jerk himself off with - it was quite a sight! She ended the night covered in cum and yet again being treated like a lowly, trash whore - The thing she loves the most in the whole world!

So when people say to me that I shouldn't have married a hooker, I simply smile. I'm sure that you also will agree with me now when I say that watching your wife is the most wonderful and natural thing in the world to do!

- The End -

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