tagNonHumanA Black Vampire's Tale

A Black Vampire's Tale


There are days in this life which simply don't seem to make sense, even to an ageless immortal like myself. You walk around and you see perfectly ordinary people doing things that are absolutely out of character. Even after living on this planet for thousands of years, people continue to surprise me. Yes, human beings never cease to amaze and sometimes frighten me.

My name is Zabrok Tarosh and I am what you would call a vampire. There are many myths surrounding my kind but what I am about to tell you is the absolute truth. If you were to look at me, you would see a tall man in his early twenties with dark brown skin and pale bronze eyes. I've always been quite tall, easily six feet ten inches. It's been both a blessing and a curse over the years. A curse, because my head has gotten acquainted with far too many low ceilings. I was born in central Africa, around 2100 B.C. I was the son of a wealthy noble living in a prosperous kingdom.

A long time ago, I wandered the world, looking for others like myself. Vampires. We're not what you think. The humans have far too many myths and legends surrounding our kind. First of all, we can walk in daylight, though it is certainly not our favorite thing to do. We tend to get sleepy during the daylight hours. We do not grow old as humans do, this is true. Yes, we do need blood to survive. That is the one thing that human mythmaking has managed to always get right. We cannot fly. We cannot turn into animals. We can cross running water. Holy water and crucifixes don't do anything to us. We are a natural race, not a supernatural one. Think of us as another species, rather than anything outside the realm of nature.

There aren't too many of us around anymore. I think this is due to the fact that there are groups of humans which make it their mission to hunt down and kill our kind. The humans have always feared us. I don't know how many of us are around anymore. I've always kept to myself. I have never been a group-oriented person, either as a human or as a vampire. Still, we all get lonely and I am no exception. When people get desperate and lonely, sometimes they make mistakes. I've made a mistake recently and his name is Thomas Luther.

I met Thomas Luther back in 1891. Back then, I was living in the western United States and times were very different. In Texas, it was a time of repression. White folk and black folk did not mix. I lived in a house in the woods and kept to myself even then. That's when I met Thomas Luther. There was a young black man named Russell who was on the run from the law. He was accused of theft. The Texas Rangers were after him, led by a man named William Colt. If Colt had his way, Russell would have been shot and killed on sight. Fortunately for James Russell, a young man named Thomas Luther intervened. Thomas Luther was a young Irishman visiting America for the first time. He was a kind soul and did not think any unarmed man should be killed, lest he be the type of dangerous criminal who had killed someone. Thomas intervened and for his heroic effort, he would have been s hot by the Rangers.

That day, I did something which would have repercussions for decades to come. I decided to intervene in mortal affairs. I came to Russell and Luther's defense. I waded into the Rangers and took them down, but not before one of them shot Thomas Luther. As I looked at the brave young man who lay dying, I found myself faced with a difficult choice. I had seldom met any humans who would put their lives on the line for someone they did not know. I did not feel that such a person deserved to die such a painful death. So, I made a decision. I turned Thomas Luther into one of my kind.

I am quite old, even by the standards of my people. Among my kind, the older one gets, the stronger one gets. When a vampire turns a human into one of our kind, the strength and power of the maker passes onto the fledgling. That's why it is always dangerous when an ancient one such as myself makes a fledgling. Thomas Luther became a vampire. In him, I created a vampire like no other. He was a tall, handsome youth who had a vitality I lacked. He was smart and funny. He was alive in ways I hadn't been in centuries. Thomas Russell is the first vampire whom I sired in ages. He is also the last I made.

An ancient one such as myself is capable of great feats which the others among my kind simply cannot. I possess the physical strength of ten men. I am quite fast, too, when I wish to be. I cannot move as fast as a motor vehicle, obviously but I can run much faster than any athlete who strides in the Olympics. All of my kind possess the ability to regenerate. That's what keeps us young and healthy potentially forever. All of my might I passed onto Thomas Luther. I should have known better than to give such power to such a young one. What I did was the equivalent of handing a very deadly weapon to a potentially unstable child. Yet I did. I should have known better. We'll get to that in a minute. At first, I marveled at my creation. Thomas could do amazing things. Most fledgling vampires aren't much stronger than humans. They possess three times the strength and stamina of an Olympic athlete, that's about it. Thomas was easily five times stronger than the average vampire, and I'm talking about seasoned members of my kind, not the clumsy fledglings I run into sometimes. He was something else, completely out of the ordinary, even back in those days.

I thought I could introduce Thomas to my world. Instead, he introduced me to his. He was fearless. A handsome young man who made the heads of women and men turn everywhere he went. At the time that I met him, Thomas was dating a young woman named Sarah Ellison. She was a schoolteacher at a nearby school.

Thomas introduced me to his lady and I must admit that they made quite a couple. Sarah Ellison was a tall, attractive young woman with long blonde hair and pale green eyes. Thomas himself was tall, broad-shouldered and dark. His eyes were a pale bronze color not unlike mine. His skin was light bronze. He was muscular and athletic-looking. He was simply beautiful to look at. In fact, they both were. Naturally, Thomas kept to himself the secret of his vampirism. I didn't need to instruct him to do this. He naturally sensed that humans wouldn't tolerate our kind if they knew of our existence. He knew something about xenophobia and discrimination. After all, if he didn't, we wouldn't have met.

Thomas was surprising in that we had more in common than I originally thought. I had been a lover to both women and men throughout my existence. Apparently, so was my newest apprentice. His lady, who at first seemed prim and proper was no stranger to the wilder pleasures of the flesh. In fact, one day Thomas and Sarah invited me into their bed. It was an offer I could not decline.

All three of us were drinking on Sarah's couch one night. She lived in a modest house but it was quite pleasant. I had noticed Sarah looking lustfully at me all evening. I had encountered many women of all races who were intrigued by my brooding dark looks. I must admit that I was intrigued by both Sarah and Thomas. They were both so lovely. Sarah sat close to me and we began to kiss. Thomas watched us. He certainly did not seem to mind.

We kissed and began touching and exploring each other's flesh. Sarah put her arms around me and giggled as I began to undress her. She wore a simple blue dress which I pulled down, revealing her voluptuous form. She was a lovely woman, with fairly large breasts, a curvy body and large buttocks. I gently touched her breasts and kissed them, suckling on them. She smiled and lay back against the couch. Thomas watched us.
He had unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his muscular, deep chest. His pants were unzipped, revealing...so much more. I kissed a path from Sarah's lips to her throat and neck, planting soft kisses down her collar bone and gently moving to her breasts. I suckled on them.

My hands caressed them, then moved down to her belly and lingered there before purposefully aiming for her pelvis. She gasped. Her eyes widened. I smiled and she relaxed. My hand slipped between her thighs, and I began fingering her. I looked up for a moment and saw Thomas. He was semi nude now, and was stroking himself while looking at us. His hand was pumping up and down on his cock, which looked long and thick even from a distance. He winked at me. I continued what I was doing to his fiancée, and soon she was moaning and digging her fingers through my rather long hair. I ate her out and fingered her until she cried out, ecstatic, and screamed loud enough to wake the dead.

Thomas watched us, and his excitement was clearly visible. I looked at the young man's magnificent body. I couldn't wait to get my hands on him. While his fiancée's body was curvy and soft to the touch, his was hard and felt wonderful in my hands. I pulled him closer and we kissed. Thomas kissed me back with a passion which surprised me. Clearly, he had wanted to do this for some time. Meanwhile, Sarah watched us, her hand between her thighs.

I was very much focused on Thomas right now. I wanted so badly to explore that fine, masculine body of his. All thoughts of his lovely girlfriend were gone from my mind. I kissed his face, his neck and caressed his chest. I licked his chest hairs and nibbled on his manly tits. I kissed a path down to his pelvic region. Once I got there, I breathed in the manly scent of his cock and balls and almost salivated in anticipation of their taste. I took his cock in my hand and slowly I gave it a good lick. Thomas groaned and grabbed my neck. I took this as encouragement and proceeded to take as much of his cock into my mouth as it would allow. I sucked his cock, loving the taste and feel of it. Every man's cock has a different smell and taste. Thomas had a lovely organ, one I aimed to please with every fiber of my being. I licked Tom's balls and he almost cried out. I knew he was restraining himself. I looked at Sarah and saw that she seemed very excited by what she saw. If I could have smiled, I would have.

It wasn't long before my technique made Thomas surrender, and he came inside my mouth. I drank his seed, his manly essence. He screamed in pleasure and cried out my name. His body shook with the rush of it. I held him until he calmed down. He looked at me, smiling. I smiled back. I could tell that he wanted me. Well, I wanted him too. I wanted to feel him against my body.

We made ourselves a comfortable spot on the floor by throwing some sheets and cushions on the floor. Thomas kissed me again and then wrestled me down on the floor. I climbed on top of Thomas and we embraced. I felt his hard cock underneath me. He put his hands on my hips and looked up at me. I smiled at him. Slowly, I lowered myself onto his member. Thomas held me by the hips and entered me with one firm thrust. A grunt escaped my lips when Thomas's thick member penetrated me.

From where she sat, Sarah was watching the whole thing. I watched her as she slipped two fingers up her pussy while watching the two of us going at it. Thomas thrust into me with all the energy of a wild buck and I rested my hands on his shoulders as he fucked me. I felt his hard cock inside me and it was unlike anything I had ever felt before. It filled me up so completely. I simply couldn't get enough of him. The feel of him inside of me, pounding into me, it was almost magical. I rode him like a cowboy on a fiery steed. Thomas made sexy grunting noises while fucking me. It wasn't long before I came. Moments later, he did too. I felt his hard cock squirting hot seed inside me. I cried out in sheer pleasure, loud enough to wake the dead, not caring who heard me.

A few moments later, we both lay there, spent. That's when Sarah joined us on our makeshift bed. She was going on and on about how exciting what she had just seen was and how badly she wanted the both of us. Thomas and I looked at each other. We both smiled. That could certainly be arranged.

We tried different positions until we found one that worked for us. Thomas lay on the sheets, with his mighty cock sticking upward. Sarah lowered herself onto him as I had done earlier, except that his hard cock went into her pussy instead of her ass. I watched as she got used to his girth inside her and then began to ride him, slowly. She picked up the pace quickly and I smiled, loving the sight of her sexy buttocks flapping as she rode him. I caressed her butt and pinched one of the cheeks. Sarah winced and turned around. I smiled and licked my finger before sliding it into her anal cavity.

Sarah gasped and almost froze. I fingered her ass and twisted my finger around it. Meanwhile, Thomas kept thrusting into her pussy. I slid another finger into Sarah's asshole. Clearly, this girl was no stranger to a little back door action. An idea blossomed in my mind. I got up and went into the kitchen. Sarah turned briefly, looked at me and winked. I smiled.

I darted into the kitchen and looked for what I needed. Everything was arranged neatly and I soon found what I wanted. I could smell it from a distance. A small bottle of cooking oil. I took some and rubbed it all over my cock and then coated my balls and hands with it. I returned back to the living room. Sarah was still riding Thomas for all she was worth. I looked at the globes of her butt flapping and smiled wickedly. I came up behind her and slid my finger up her butt hole again. She gasped in surprise but didn't protest. I took my cock and rubbed it against her butt. She smiled and nodded. I grinned. I knew she'd be down for it!

I spread Sarah's butt cheeks and pressed my cock against her pink little asshole. Slowly, I inserted my member into her. Sarah gasped when she felt my cock enter her ass. I put my hands on her fleshy hips and thrust into her. I paused. I knew this had to be a lot for her. Having Tom's big cock up her pussy and mine in her ass would be a challenge for any woman but after a while, Sarah seemed to be up for it. She continued to ride Thomas while pushing back against me. This girl was adapting quite well to the situation. I thrust into her. There's nothing I love more than fucking a hot ass, and I don't care if it belongs to a man or a woman. There's something primal about anal sex. No wonder so many people think it's so forbidden. It's a pleasure I've enjoyed with many men and women over the ages and it's not something I plan to give up any time soon. We continued our hot little encounter for many long, sensual and terrific moments before all three of us finally lay, exhausted in a sea of our own fluids.

When dawn came, Thomas and I left. We would go on to have many adventures together after that. Sarah became our regular companion at night. There was no limit to what we could do together. I had seldom met a more open-minded woman, especially in such repressive times. I could understand why Thomas was so smitten with her. The young man confessed to me that he had dozens of male and female lovers during his lifetime but he had never met a woman quite like her. Underneath her civilized veneer as a schoolteacher was a woman of extraordinary passion and intelligence. He was in awe of her. I could readily tell this about him and I was rather taken with her myself.

We got along great him and I. Still, like it happens to all great friends, there came a time when we had a strong disagreement. Would you have guessed that it was over a woman? Thomas wanted very much to turn his fiancée Sarah into one of us. I did want him to add her to our handsome twosome. I did not think Sarah would be suited to the life of an immortal, though she was certainly a woman of exquisite carnal talents. Thomas of course strongly disagreed. The young man, or rather, young vampire wanted to be with his lady forever. He wanted to share his eternal life with her. Unfortunately, he did not quite know how to turn her into one of us. I warned him that if he attempted to do it on his own, he may very well kill her. Unfortunately, he paid no heed to my warnings.

Thomas's feeble and clumsy attempts at siring his first vampire resulted into a horror. There are some humans who possess inside their blood something which rejects the vampire's bite. Most humans don't possess this genetic anomaly. We call these anomalous, bite-resisting humans The Strange Blooded. Upon meeting Sarah, I couldn't have known that she was one of them but later, I discovered that she was. When Thomas shared his blood with her, he who sought to create an immortal wonder created an everlasting horror. The blood of the Strange Blooded is toxic to any vampire. The bite of any vampire is toxic to any of the Strange Blooded. Thomas, being a novice, did not know this. When he shared his blood with Sarah, he nearly killed her.

Instead of dying, however, Sarah became something else. She was unlike anything I had ever seen before. Vampires crave blood. Most are content with drinking animal blood since their predations upon humans often resulted in them being hunted down and slain. Sarah became a monstrous creature, even by vampire standards. She craved the flesh and blood of the living. She was a mindless monster. A strange bestial creature that was barely above an animal and certainly beneath humans and vampires.

Sarah had become a ghoul. Vampires are beings not unlike humans. They have intelligence and personality. They also have needs. Ghouls are a lot like mad dogs. They're a threat to anything in their path. Those creatures are fairly rare. Creating them is a major faux pas in the vampire community. I had seen a few ghouls in my days. Most of them wind up killed by humans. Sarah was different, even as a ghoul. I don't quite understand why or how, but she was.

Most ghouls were mindless monsters hell-bent on devouring the flesh of the living. At first, I told Thomas that he should put her out of her misery. Naturally, he didn't listen to me. He went and acquired some food for her. He wounded a horse and brought it back to the barn where he kept her. Sarah fell upon the wounded animal and devoured it. It was a ghastly scene. The most alarming thing of all was that once she had fed and rested, Sarah demonstrated signs of retaining her human intelligence, which was something that ghouls weren't supposed to be able to do. She could still speak to us as clearly as she had back in her days as a human.

This was unprecedented. In all of history, no ghoul had ever retained its human intelligence after its transformation. Sarah was unlike any ghoul I had ever seen. She was asking questions about her new state and vampire life, questions which Thomas readily answered, the fool. I thought his attachment to her was dangerous. I have seen packs of ravenous ghouls devour weakened or wounded vampires. I had lost friends in this fashion. I was no friend of any ghoul, not even Sarah.

I was still advocating to Thomas that he should get away from her and put her out of her misery. I didn't know why she retained her mental faculties but if there was a chance that she might regress to her animalistic state, I thought we should kill her now instead of waiting later. When I voiced my opinion, Thomas got in my face and threatened me with violence. I was shocked. Oh, I wasn't afraid of Thomas. I was his maker and as strong as he was, I still had thousands of years of experience to draw upon. I did not fear him if we had to fight. I would prevail. No, what shocked me was his actions. He had dared to stand against me. I was the master and he was my fledgling. How dare he!

I decided to show this fledgling once and for all who was boss. He stood his ground. I seized him by the shoulders and shoved him away. He fought me like a raging lion. He was stronger than any vampire his age ought to be but I was still far older and more powerful. I lashed out and hurled him against the wall with all of my strength. I stood over him, gazing down into the eyes of the young man I was beginning to love. Why did he raise his hand against me?

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