tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Blackmail Tale Ch. 06

A Blackmail Tale Ch. 06

byTx Tall Tales©

Part VI of the Blackmail tales. If you haven't already read them, you may want to start with parts I through 5, A Bit of Blackmail, A Bit More Blackmail, A Blackmail Buddy, and the Blackmail Tales. Just click on my name to find all my stories, and start from there.

* * *

Chapter 06: Hot-tub Hijinks

Our little plan to involve our spouses was working to perfection. Krista's boys were off at a weekend camp, and my daughter was at a sleep-over. The four of us had enjoyed a 'grown-up' movie, fine dining, and had returned to my place for a nightcap.

I had just finished adding landscape lighting to the backyard, and we retired to the patio where the guys could enjoy a cigar, and we could all relax over a couple of glasses of wine. We'd shared a single bottle of wine at dinner, and were looking to add to that at home. I cranked up the tunes just enough to drown out the sound of the road out front, made sure everybody was settled in, and using a cedar strip, lit up.

I'd had very little to drink, as the driver, and shortly headed to the kitchen to prepare myself a shot. While there I put another part of my plan into action, pulling out a tray of Jello shots I had prepared earlier. These were no ordinary shots. I had stopped by a friend at the gym who hooked me up with a little chemical assistance for the evening. The pink shots, for the ladies, contained Raspberry Jello, Vodka, and a half dose of GHB. Just a little to get them in the mood. The Blue shot for Rich had half a Viagra pill, and a half dose of GHB. Since the shots are swallowed whole, they shouldn't taste the surprises, and the additives should leave them ready, willing and able.

I headed back out poolside, shots in hand and passed them around. We drank a toast to regular evenings without the kids, and downed our shots. The clock was ticking.

"We should all go in the hot-tub," Abby finally announced, "It's such a beautiful night. And so quiet for once." My wife was a huge fan of the hot-tub. We went in all the time, and she often invited her friends over for a dip. I had been counting on that.

Krista was ready with her prepared response. "That sounds nice, my legs are aching. I think I overdid it in the gym."

Rich, as usual, was eager to find fault with his beautiful wife. "I bought you those personal training sessions. If you'd just call and make the appointments, you wouldn't have to worry about working out wrong, and maybe you could get in shape."

I don't know what kind of shape he was thinking of; as far as I was concerned she was bordering on perfection.

"I'm going to turn the spa on. We'll be going in sooner or later." I told them, excusing myself to turn on the spa and set the temperature. I also turned on the lights inside the pool, and turned off the lights inside the hot-tub, making it just a little more private once we were in.

Krista and Abby wandered inside as I returned to the table, working on my Opus X. I'd given Rich a decent enough Partagas Corona, not wanting to waste one of my few real good cigars on a guy who couldn't tell a Cohiba from a Camel.

"Krista won't want to go in. She'd die before she'd be caught in a hot-tub. She never goes in at home. Hell, she hardly goes in the pool at all. I'll be damned if I know why I built the damn thing," Rich lamented.

"Abby's the opposite. She probably soaks in the hot-tub at least 5 times a week. And you've heard her say it, her birthday suit is her favorite outfit. She wears it for swimming and house-cleaning. I kept having to remind her to shut the shades until I finally had to put up the solar screens on the front of the house just for privacy." I laughed.

"Damn. I wish. Krista's never naked," Rich said, regretfully. "She won't even let me in the bathroom when she's in there. I probably haven't seen her completely nude 5 times in the last year."

I almost wanted to say I'd seen her naked that many times in the last week. But the timing wasn't quite right, yet.

"Well, she might surprise you." I told him, offering him another shot, this one only half-strength and undoctored. I didn't want them to get too drunk; not a good combination with the G.

The girls surprised both of us. They walked out of the house wearing robes, and carrying a stack of towels, and then insisted we turn our backs to them. As soon as we were facing away from the spa, they both climbed in and invited us to join them.

"I don't have a bathing suit," Rich said.

"Neither do we." Abby laughed. "Come on, we won't peak. Much." Krista giggled along with her. "And bring our drinks."

I took my time, transferring the drinks to the area around the hot-tub, and turning off the light over the patio. I brought the outdoor cordless phone over, and I even brought over the Butane lighter in case my cigar went out. Only then did I step to the side of the hot-tub. Rich was already in, and from the soggy state of his underwear, I guessed he'd worn them into the water, and only removed them afterward. I, on the other hand, cheeky bastard that I am, casually undressed, taking off my boxers just before I stepped over the ledge into the spa. Right in front of the controller, and right between the two naked ladies.

"Alex!" Krista exclaimed in false shock.

"What? Everyone else is naked, right?" I asked.

"Yeah, but you could have given us a chance to look away!" She blurted.

"Oh, I don't mind." I teased, easing back into the water.

It's worth noting that my spa is raised about 18 inches over the level of the pool. It makes it easier to get in and out of, and leaves a nice water feature as the water spills over the ledge of the spa into the pool, when the filter is on. It also makes the interior very dark. The yard has a good bit of lighting, from inside the pool, and from the landscape lighting, but all of it at or near ground level, and on a moonless night, it can be pitch black inside the spa, while the whole area around you is lit up.

The girls broke back into conversation about the goings-on up at the school, as I asked Rich how things were going with this new real estate gig. During a lull in the conversation I asked if I should turn on the bubbles.

Abby started pointing out where all the jets were, as if we couldn't tell, with the hot water jetting out of them, and as we adjusted in the water, I reached over to the controller, and accidentally turned on the underwater light instead, giving everyone a quick view of all the nakedness in the water, before turning on the bubble jets and turning off the light again.

"Alex! I can't believe you!" Abby chastened me.

"It was an accident, really. You know I always sit in that corner over there. I'm not so good working the controller left-handed." And if you believe that, I've got some nice Kansas ocean front land for you.

Krista and I had a goal. Get our spouses worked up. Under cover of the darkness, we were to reach underwater and see what we could do to get them feeling good and randy. We were five minutes into that plan, and the conversation had taken a decidedly quieter and more teasing turn, when stage two kicked in.

The phone rang. I picked it up, looking at the caller ID, and answered it. "Hello?"

"Ok, just a minute." I passed the phone to Krista, while my other hand stroked the inside of my wife's thigh. "It's for you."

Krista took the phone, and listened to the message. "All right. You know I'm not happy about this. I'll be right over." She hung up the phone and passed it back to me. "Crap. Nicholas left his contact case and head-gear at home. He won't have it for the entire weekend. I have to bring it to him."

Rich griped, "But that's at least 15 minutes away!"

"I know, but what can I do?" She answered.

"You're in no shape to drive," Abby said. "Why don't you deliver it, Alex? You're the only one completely sober here."

"I don't mind. Where is this place?" I asked.

"If you've never been there, you'll never find it in the dark. I better go with you. We can drive over to our place, pick the stuff up, and be back in half-an-hour. I'm sorry to be so much trouble." Krista said.

"No. It's alright," I told her. "Let's just get this over with."

With that I climbed out of the spa, and wrapped a towel around my waist. I then held up Krista's heavy Turkish robe, and turned my head as she settled into it.

She and I walked into the house to get ready to go. She'd done her changing in our bedroom, so we both went there. "It's going perfect," she said, going over to the window and peeking out the side of the blinds into the pool area. I turned to my laptop, entered the password, exposing a grainy, black and white close up of our spouses in the hot-tub.

Krista looked over my shoulder. "What's that?"

"CCD, low-light, and infrared camera with PTZ, pan, tilt and zoom." I adjusted the picture, switching from infrared to low-light, and getting a dark but pretty visible shot of our spouses chatting amiably, only a foot or so apart.

"They're looking pretty chummy," Krista noted.

I turned to her, and dropped my towel, opening her robe.

"Alex, they're waiting for us to leave," she cautioned me, as she slowly dropped to her knees in front of my rampant hard-on.

"They'll expect us to take a couple of minutes to get ready, since we both need to use this room," I told her, easing my cock between her lips, while I watched the action on the laptop.

Krista sucked nicely, while we both watched the show from the yard. A couple of times you could see Rich looking towards the house, and then we saw Abby climb half-way out of the spa, and bending over the controller, her breasts dangling nicely just a few inches away from Rich. She turned off the bubbles, and settled back into the water.

I pulled Krista off of my cock, and told her to quick throw something on. I yanked on a pair of sweats and t-shirt, set the cameras on record, and logged out. Krista pulled on her pants, no panties, and shirt, no bra. We left the house via the garage, and I shouted over the fence that we were leaving, back in half-an-hour.

We drove to Krista's place, where we parked the truck, and went inside. Within moments I had her naked below the waist, and bent over the back of the couch.

"Feeling a little horny, Alex?" She asked, wiggling her sweet, tight butt at me.

I reached up into her sopping slit, and laughed. "I guess I'm not the only one," I told her, and then slid my cock into her giving a relieved sigh. "Damn, I needed that."

"Mmm, Hmmm," She moaned her agreement, pushing back to meet my thrusts. "God, I can't believe how drunk I'm feeling, I only had a couple of glasses of wine and that Jello shooter." She giggled. "I'm feeling tingly all over."

"Let's hope they're feeling the same," I told her, stroking in and out of her warm, sweet, pussy.

"Do you really think anything will go on?" She asked me, accepting my thrusting eagerly.

"They're naked, drunk and alone. I left Abby hot as a firecracker, I'm guessing you did the same?" I asked, lifting one of her legs up the length of the back of the couch, and opening her up wider.

"He was as hard as a rock, when I left that spa," she said.

"Then I'd say everything was running in our favor." I fucked her fast, wondering what was happening in our hot-tub at home. She moaned under me. That and the squishy slapping of our bodies together was all you could hear. I pulled out of my pretty little plaything, and laid down in the middle of her living room floor. She smiled at me, and then grabbed the phone off the wall before settling over my waist and lowering herself onto my waiting staff.

"Donna? Yeah, thanks. The call timing was perfect." She told her partner in slavery while she rode me steadily.

"I wish you were here now," she said into the phone. "He's really worked up and I sure could use the help," she giggled. "Mmm, hmm. Yep, well thanks, you don't have to call again." She hung up and worked a little more diligently at the task ahead of her, or inside of her, depending how you wanted to look at it.

She was beautiful, leaning over me, her shirt tousled, open at the neck. Her pretty face had such a look of fierce concentration, as if this job of riding my cock was the most important thing in the world. A series of tiny little grunts escaped her on the downstroke, as I bottomed out inside of her. She leaned over, resting on her outstretched arms, and rocking back onto my cock more insistently.

"Come in me, Alex. Make that big cock explode for me." She whispered, doing her damndest to ensure just that.

I grabbed her hips and fucked into her wildly, driving myself closer and closer to that peak.

"That's it, fuck me hard. Take me. Own me." She murmured, surrendering to my need.

I granted her wish, pummeling her pussy, until the urge was just too much. "FUCK!" I cried out, pouring myself into her, over and over again.

She collapsed against me, stretched out chest to chest, her head nestled in my neck. "God, that's so incredible. I can never get enough of that feeling, when I can feel you painting my insides, each burst from your cock creating little shocks all through my system. It's so wild."

Once my breath settled, I stood and put on my shorts, passing Krista her pants. "Shall we?" I asked.

"How long's it been?" she asked as she ran into the laundry room to grab some panties before pulling her pants back on.

"Barely 10 minutes." I told her.

"Great." She put her hand in mine and we walked back down the street to the front of my house.

"You know the story?" I asked her.

"Sure. I called back when I couldn't find the stuff. He had it all along. It was in the side pocket of his backpack." She repeated.

"Perfect." I told her, opening the front door. "Hello?" I asked softly to make sure the house was still empty. We walked to the rear wall of the family room and peaked out. It looked like they were still in the spa. We eased over to the Master bedroom, not turning on any lights, and I logged in, watching the camera output. With the keyboard, I zoomed in a bit more.

"Bingo." I announced.

"What?" Krista asked, looking over my shoulder.

I leaned back and let her see. Rich's hands were clearly on Abby's chest. And it looked an awful lot like her hand was in his lap.

"Oh my God!" Krista gasped. "Somehow I didn't believe they'd actually do anything."

"Oh, they're doing something all right," I laughed as I started to undress again. I encouraged Krista to do the same. As we watched, Abby leaned way back, and Rich leaned over and placed his mouth over the nipple of her left tit.

"Jesus! That bastard!" Krista growled as she stripped back down to nothing. I pulled her face back onto my cock, which had gotten hard once more. She sucked me slowly and thoughtfully, while Rich spent a couple of minutes man-handling and suckling at Abby's incredible tits. Then we saw her lean over and say something to him. He leaned back from her, and she leaned forward, and we could see her hands moving up and down in the water.

Krista sucked more aggressively as Abby worked on Rich. I saw he was talking to her, and she shook her head repeatedly, but then he crawled up and sat on the edge of the spa, and she followed, stroking him. His hand reached out to the side of her head, pulling, but she shook him off, a couple of times while he leaned over and talked. Then she leaned in and licked his little cock. Once, twice, and then lowered her face, pushing her lips down to his pubes, taking all four inches of him into her mouth, and slowly pulling back.

I pushed Krista off my cock, and tossed her the robe. "Now, now!" I told her, wrapping a towel around my waist, ignoring the obvious tenting for the moment.

We eased the back door open and stepped out into the yard, to see my wife's face buried in the lap of my little slave's naughty husband. Rich's head was thrown back as he enjoyed his first blowjob in years. Neither one noticed us until we were almost upon them.

Rich's head came forward and he looked up. His eyes were like saucers as he said, "Shit!" and quickly slid back into the spa. Abby was almost forcefully pushed off of him, and shuffled sideways.

"Fuck, Rich!" she whined, and then saw his look. She turned to see us stepping up to the side of the spa. She quickly slid away from Rich, and turned back to a normal position sitting in the spa.

"False alarm," Krista announced as she took off her robe, and stepped into the spa, just ahead of me. "He had the stuff all along, it was just in a side pocket. I called the camp when I couldn't find the stuff at home."

"That's great," Rich answered anxiously, "saved you a wasted trip all the way out there."

Krista made her way to the far side of Rich, and sat beside him. I made my way opposite her, sitting beside Abby.

"Everything Ok, while we were gone?" I asked. I looked over to see Krista reach down between Rich's legs, doing nothing to hide the fact, and stroking his erection. She whispered in his ear, and he turned bright red.

"Sure. Everything was fine." Abby answered quickly.

"Great," I told her, my hand on the back of her neck, my thumb idly caressing the edge of her jaw. "I wouldn't want anything to mess up such a nice evening." I let my hand slide along the side of her face, and my thumb caressed her bottom lip. Then I slid it between her lips, brushing against her teeth, and she sucked on it cautiously. Her eyes looked fearful.

I leaned forward and whispered to her, "Should we leave? So you guys can finish up?"

She sniffled, and I heard her barely croak out a "no".

"Man, he really was into your tits, though I can't blame him," I continued, reaching out and cupping her breasts, right at the waters edge.

"I'm... I'm sorry," she said softly, her head inclined, speaking to the water.

I turned and spoke across the hot-tub. "No, really. I'd like to see you guys finish. Not behind my back, but right here in front of us. Wouldn't you like to see that Krista?"

Krista didn't answer.

"Come on. I know you, Rich, would love to finish up. Wouldn't you?" I teased, my hand still squeezing Abby's breasts. I turned her to face them, and sidled up behind her, reaching my hands around and fondling her tits, bringing them right up to the top of the water, more than half-exposed.

Rich looked worried. He looked at his wife, than at me and at Abby. "Maybe we should go," he mumbled, standing up to get out of the spa.

His wife pushed back at him, causing him to sit down on the side of the spa. She climbed up beside him, one arm around him, one hand in his lap. She was completely exposed. "I'd like to see it," she said in a scary, calm voice.

"See baby," I told my wife of 14 years. "We all would love to see you finish what you started." I urged her forward, closer to our neighbors. Krista was pulling at Rich's legs, separating them, making room for my wife to take up position.

I whispered to her again, "Blow his mind, she's never given him a BJ, do it."

Abby leaned over and as she reached out to touch Rich's member, Krista pulled her hand away. Abby stroked him slowly at first, and then finally she leaned in and took him in her mouth. She sucked his little cock tentatively at first, and then more and more aggressively. And all the while, Krista spoke to him.

"You like that? You like that strange mouth sucking your cock. Taking that whole dirty cock of yours in her nasty mouth. You'd like me to do that wouldn't you? You want me to let you poke your dick in my mouth. That and in my butt, too, right? She takes it in her dirty little ass. I bet she'd let you fuck her there. In her filthy tight little butt-hole. Is that why you had to have her? Because I wouldn't suck you? Because I wouldn't let you stick that prick of yours in my butt? Is that why? She doesn't mind though, does she. She likes it that way. She likes to have a cock in her mouth. Slut." Krista's monologue was spoken softly, and almost without feeling.

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