tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Blackmail Tale Ch. 07

A Blackmail Tale Ch. 07

byTx Tall Tales©

* * * *

Wherein Alex, a man of less than ideal morals, maneuvers to convince his wife that she should bring another woman into their marriage bed. One of his 'girls' is also further indoctrinated into what is expected of her behavior, in a public park.

There are six more stories before this one. They should be read in order. Why not click on my name, and do that now. Start with a Bit of Blackmail, then A Bit More Blackmail, and A Blackmail Buddy. They're numbered after that.

* * * *

Chapter 07: Hard Lessons

Abby was quite considerate in the morning, letting me sleep in, and preparing breakfast while I was in the shower.

While lathering I took inventory of my new situation.

Krista was still my fuck toy, but I'd lost a lot of leverage. I still had some. Although Rich was currently in the doghouse, if he found out that his wife had been fucking me well before our little party, or that he'd been set up, he probably wouldn't take it all that well. And there still was the societal pressure - photos to friend and family that would be embarrassing as hell.

With Donna I still had my leverage, but by bringing her into the equation, and letting her know a bit of what we were up to, she had acquired some counter-leverage. If she thought to apply it. I was still convinced she'd be obedient, if a little recalcitrant, as was her nature. I wanted to reinforce the situation, and soon, with that one.

Abby was now under control. I'd caught her in a bad position, and confronted her with it. I should be able to play that up, and it was looking likely that she was a little wilder and more willing to play outside the marriage than I'd ever dreamed. More testing there was needed as well.

Rich was in the doghouse, and I was dying to hear from Krista just what had happened afterwards. He'd also been given a taste of the good life, and I imagined that I could use that to wheedle more out of him if needed. I had to keep Krista from fulfilling any of his desires, to make the possibility of Abby repeating her attention a huge temptation, yet just out of his reach.

My wife worked four days a week, with Tuesdays off, and half-days on Saturday. I knew she'd have to head in to the office by noon. Rich was in real-estate, working for a builder, and also worked Saturdays, so seeing Krista would be no problem. I was dying to get the scoop.

While I ate breakfast, Abby sat across from me, nibbling on a rice cake. We were pretty quiet.

"I don't know what came over me," she finally blurted. "Are you angry?" She looked on the verge of tears.

I felt a tiny bit sorry for manipulating her. For about a full second.

"Not angry, no. Just a little disappointed and a lot surprised. I didn't think that Rich was your type. And even if he was, I'd never have guessed that you'd act on it. Right under my nose." I told her between bites of my eggs.

"He's not. Not at all! I mean he's not bad to look at, but he's a pig, and mean as shit to Krista. But when you left I was so damn horny, and when he reached out and touched my breasts, it was like I lost all sense of right from wrong."

"It didn't take you long, I don't think we were gone 10 minutes, and I came back to find your face lodged in his lap." I told her.

"It was just a hand job!" She whined, defensively. "He was begging for it, and it seemed harmless enough. Then the more he whined and begged, well, I was disgusted, yet I still wanted to see what it was like to be his first, to swallow that whole weenie of his, to make him want me so bad he could taste it. When I sat in front of him, his dick hard, and poking up like that, I just new I could take the whole thing in my mouth without any trouble. It just seemed to make sense. Today it just seems so crazy, like a dream. Like it happened to somebody else."

"Do you want to do him again?" I asked her, as I tucked away the last of my breakfast.

"God no! What I said last night about letting him do me, it just seems crazy. The thought almost makes me want to throw up. I don't want his thing in me. Never." She was most adamant.

"Ok," I said as I cleared my place. She took the plates from me and rinsed them, loading the dishwasher. I sat back down and watched her. She hadn't cleaned up for work yet, and I knew she had to start getting ready soon if she didn't want to be late. But she was still lingering there, looking torn.

"Are you..., I mean do you..., uh, are you going to do Krista?" She blurted, not even facing me.

"Should I?" I asked in response.

"I swear I'll never do anything like that again. I'm so sorry." Her eyes were welling up now, and she was on the verge of losing it.

"I'm sure you're sorry now. Since you got caught. If we'd been gone 30 minutes I wonder how sorry you'd be." I told her.

"Really. I'm just sick about it. Please believe me." She was standing nearby, and I think she wanted to come to me but was still hesitant.

I stood and reached for her and she fell into my arms sobbing. "God, I'm so, so sorry. Please forgive me. I swear I'll make it up to you. Don't go crazy about this. We've got 15 years and Maddy to think of." She was gasping through her tears.

"I've just got to come to terms with it. I don't know how I feel," I told her.

"If you need to do something, don't hide it from me. Please. I'll... I'll go along. I'll help if you want. Just don't make things worse, please, please. You know there's nothing I won't do for you. Nothing she could do for you that I won't do better."

It was so strange to hear her like this. She was a woman that saw the world in black and white. Now that she'd stepped across the line, everything looked to be taking on shades of grey for her.

I stroked her hair, calming her. "I know you have to get ready; go ahead. We can talk about things later tonight."

She left me reluctantly and headed back to the bedroom. I needed to speed things up. I had to pick up our daughter before three, and there were a few things I wanted to do before then.


I sat in Krista's kitchen, sipping a beer, while she told me about her evening after leaving us.

"I gave him the cold shoulder. I made him sleep in the boy's room. This morning, he came down early and tried to make up, but I wasn't about to let the bastard off the hook. It was pretty easy to act mad - I was furious. I didn't think he'd really do it." She told me.

"Did you confront him being a cheater?" I asked her, contemplating taking her back to the bedroom for a little play in a few moments.

"Absolutely. I told him I knew there were others, but to do what he did in front of me was the last straw. He denied it at first, but I just kept throwing in his face all the late evenings, and the women he worked with. and he finally admitted fucking that cow of an assistant of his two years ago. He claimed it was just once. He was all apologetic, then he tried to blame it on me for not satisfying him. I told him he'd be lucky to ever be allowed to touch me again. When he left he was all in a huff. How about you?"

I gave her the 5 minute recap of my dealings with Abby, including her asking me if I was going to do Krista. We laughed at that for a bit.

"Is there something wrong," she asked me, giving me an odd little look.


"In the last two months, you couldn't be alone with me for two minutes without sticking that monster cock of yours in me somewhere. Is something the matter?" She seemed genuinely worried.

"I don't know. I'm sitting here, hard for you, and thinking about taking you back into your bed for an hour or so, but at the same time, I feel kind of odd. I'm almost tempted to wait to fuck you until Abby can be here." I confessed.

Her eyes were like saucers. "Really?"

"Almost," I told her smiling. Then I stood and went to her, peeling her shirt off. "You look so much better like that. Take off the rest."

While I was fucking my hot little minx, I had to ask her what she thought of Abby getting double-teamed in the hot-tub. "Ever have any fantasies like that?" I asked her.

She hesitated. "Maybe."

"I bet you were thinking about it last night," I teased her, while she lay under me, legs spread deliciously wide.

"Maybe. But not with Rich. I wouldn't give him the pleasure." She admitted, while we screwed away like old lovers. She was quiet for a bit. "It was pretty hot. I was so damn horny when I left your place last night, I considered going back for a little dose of my own."

"I was thinking of it as punishment for him. Imagine if you were to do both of us, but you only let him in where he was used to, while I got to enjoy one, or both, of your other openings, while he had to see it. He would be crushed." I fucked her a little harder, the thought of cuckolding him getting me even more worked up.

"I hadn't thought of that," she giggled. "It would kill him to see me suck you, even if he was screwing me. Or if he had to watch your fat cock plundering my poor little bottom, and you made me come like you alway do, that would be a suitable punishment for fucking behind my back, don't you think?" She ground up into me, while I pounded her, her words a little more broken up as she spoke.

"You know I can't remember the last time I came while he was screwing me. On the rare occasion that he can get me off, it takes him a long time of parking his face down there. He doesn't seem to mind it much, he loves to eat me."

She never talked about her love life, and this was as open as she ever got.

She giggled again. "You know, he thinks that now that I'm shaved down there, I get so much more excited when he goes down on me, because I'm so wet. I'm so tempted to tell him it's your come he's chowing down on, not mine. I only let him go down on me now if you've been over that day." She was giggling almost uncontrollably, and I realized just how vindictive a little wench she was. "He loves the way you taste. He just doesn't know it."

"You're rotten," I told her, teasingly.

"Really? You always tell me I'm so sweet," She feigned innocence.

"So I was wrong. Now shut up and fuck me, so I can leave your husband a little gift in case you decide to make up with him tonight." I told her, pounding her hard.

She just smiled and pulled her legs back, opening herself up to me even more, until I could fulfill my commitment. Happily.


That evening I avoided my wife, putting in some extra hours in my office, getting caught up on administrivia, and writing a presentation I'd been putting off. Since I work at home, and my company HQ is two time zones away, I tend to work shifted hours, rarely starting before 10:00, but often working until 7:00 pm. I also often went to bed later, well after midnight, and nights that I was working after 11:00 pm, Abby usually went to bed before me.

I didn't come downstairs until almost midnight, but Abby had stayed up. When I came to bed, she turned off the TV she'd been watching, and tried cuddling up to me. I started a bit standoffish, letting her try to ingratiate herself to me.

"Krista said you came over today." She told me, dropping a small bomb.

"Yep." I answered non-committaly.

"Any special reason?" She asked, her hand down below my waist, gently stroking me.

"I wanted to see how things had ended up with her and Rich," I told her, which was true, if only a partial truth. "I'm kind of surprised you had the nerve to call her."

"It was hard," she admitted. "But I wanted to apologize for last night, and assure her it was a one-time mistake. I told her I wanted to stay friends, but I could understand if there were issues."

"So how did that go?" I asked her, slowly responding to her hands actions.

"Much better than I'd hoped. She doesn't seem to blame me much, but she's really pissed at him." She peeled back the covers, and slid down the bed to continue working on me, with more than just her hand.

"I know. She said that once she confronted him he admitted to cheating on her before," I told her, while she planted some small kisses down below.

"Really? She didn't tell me that. Though it doesn't surprise me." Then her mouth was too full to speak.

"Yeah. He slept on the couch last night. She even told me she'd considered coming back over here without him last night, for revenge."

Abby almost choked at that, and pulled back for a second. "It would serve him right."

"I didn't say that. Didn't want to encourage any thoughts down that path. It's bad enough one of us is cheating." I told her, while she resumed the sucking.

She seemed to be thinking hard, while she sucked me. I didn't talk, waiting to see how she'd eventually respond.

After a couple of minutes, Abby climbed up and mounted me. "It was just a mistake, Alex. A mistake. I'm not cheating on you. I made one stupid mistake."

I didn't say anything, as she slowly rocked back and forth a while.

"Two mistakes," I finally reminded her.

She didn't answer at first, although she kept up the fucking. Then she dropped another bomb, "It wouldn't be cheating anyway, if I was here when she came over."

I reached down and held her hips still for a second. "Why do you want me to fuck Krista? You keep bringing it up. Do you think that will make us even? Wipe the slate clean?"

"I don't want you to fuck her. I don't want you to 'fuck' anyone but me. And I don't want to be with anyone but you. But if it happened, and I was here, that would be better than you getting even behind my back." She started on me again, bouncing a little this time, an up-and-down fucking instead of the slow rocking she'd been doing.

When I didn't answer she started in again. "I know you like her. I know you think she's pretty. You've said so yourself."

"She's not especially pretty," I denied. "She's got a nice body, but she's a little funny looking, with that space between her teeth, the bump on her nose, and if she doesn't have her makeup on, she's pretty washed out." Lies, all lies. So there were some minor imperfections, but Krista was beautiful, by all accounts.

"I've seen you check her out in her bathing suit. Don't you think I notice things like that?" She answered, screwing me nicely.

"She's attractive. She's got a great body. There I said it." I admitted, "Most of your friends are damned attractive, and you know it. And all that time in the gym isn't wasted on any of you."

"That night they were all in our hot tub, you couldn't take your eyes off of her." We had never spoken about that event, which had given me such a great opportunity in the first place.

"I was kind of in shock. Coming out and finding four naked women in my hot tub. I wouldn't be a man if I didn't look. Besides, I was curious. I'd never seen fake boobs up close, and I know that Misty and Donna's were both store bought, and I was wondering if Krista's were as well. I kept looking for marks from the surgery, but couldn't find any." I answered.

"Not for lack of looking." Abby reminded me.

"But I did manage to restrain myself, which is more than some people can say." I reminded her.

She ignored the barb. "If you could do any of those girls, if one of them could be here right now, which would it be?"

"Would you be here, too? Participating?" I asked her, holding her hips as I thrust up into her.

"Which would you prefer?" She answered softly.

"Participating." I answered.

"Ok, then with me here. Which would you want?" She insisted.

"Which would you prefer to be here with us? With you?" I asked in return.

She looked at me with a look of reproach. "With me?"

"You never know."

She was leaning over me now, her face above me, her breasts in reach. I fondled them while I thrust into her, her hips counter-thrusting. She closed her eyes, and I leaned forward and licked her nipple. Then I sucked on it.

"Krista," she finally answered.

"Me too." I told Abby, fucking her hard while she dropped down on top of me. I held her hips and screwed her like there was no tomorrow.

"Are you thinking of her now. Imagining her here on top of you, instead of me?" Abby asked, cautiously.

"No. I'm imagining finishing inside of you, and then having her eat my come out of you." I told her.

"Oh shit," she moaned, and I felt her orgasm at the thought. I was close enough that it pushed me over the edge as well.

I went to sleep wondering how much more I'd have to do, before my darling wife invited one of her best friends into our bed.


I had only been with Donna three times. The two times I worked up the blackmail, and once more at Krista's house. She was resistant to my coming over to her place, and I was similarly disinclined to have her over at my place. Krista's was so much easier, just a few doors down, and almost invisible, walking down the alley between all the high fences. No parked cars, no prying eyes, unless someone happened to peak out their back upstairs window at just the right time.

But I wanted to fuck Donna. Alone.

The nearby lake has several parks, and one of them is almost unknown. It's hard to get too, and I'd only found it while doing some geo-caching with my daughter. I told Donna to meet me at the parking lot at the entrance, which had been empty every time I'd been there.

She was hesitant at first, but then I asked her if she'd prefer that I come over to her place. That was enough to get her to go along.

When she pulled up she rolled down her window and gave a long look around. "I've lived here all my life and didn't know this place was here," she admitted.

I already had the ramps down, and was backing my Quad ATV out of the bed of my truck. I looked over when she pulled up and watched as she stepped out of the Suburban. Donna had dressed for play. She had a short skirt on, and a light weight tattered tee. When she stepped down I could see that she was wearing plain white panties, and her boisterous nipples confirmed she was sans bra. Good girl.

I went to her and took her in my arms. She smelled good. "God, I've missed you," I told her, before pressing my lips down on hers forcefully.

"It's only been like 4 days, since we were at Krista's," she answered, blushing.

Blushing. How sweet.

I let my hand wander down under her skirt, and I cupped her mound. "Take off your panties. Leave them in the car."

She seemed to ponder it a second then she opened her door, sat on the edge of the seat and removed her panties, tucking them under the seat.

"In the future, when you're meeting me, don't wear bra or panties unless I tell you to. Understand?" I asked her, my hand cupping the back of her neck massaging the nape where hair met skin. She rolled her head in pleasure, and murmured "Mmmhmmm." Sounded like a yes to me.

I drew her by the hand over to the ATV, and I sat down and beckoned her on. She started to climb behind me.

"Not back there. Come up here. Ever driven one of these before?"

"Me? Drive it?" She asked incredulously.

"Sure." I introduced her to the BF650, one of the bigger quads out there, a little high on the HP scale for a new rider. She also balked at putting on the helmet, even if it was only an old shorty that would sit on her head, rather than encase it.

She enjoyed tooling around the open field beside the parking lot, getting a feel for the throttle and braking. She was a bit exposed, wearing a skirt as she was. At first she was constantly grabbing at it, trying to hold it down, sitting on it, trying to keep it from flapping in the wind. It was a hopeless case, and she eventually gave up. After that it was almost constantly up around her waist, leaving her completely exposed.

When I felt she had a feel for the ride, I indicated a main trail to head down. Obviously not very used, it wasn't in horrible shape, and taking it slow it was a pretty easy ride. While we rolled slowly along, I let my hands wander up under her shirt, and eventually pulled it up over her breasts, leaving her exposed both top and bottom. She gave no resistance. Far from it, she leaned into my hands while I toyed with her breasts. About a mile up the trail it opened into another clearing and I had her stop.

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