tagLoving WivesA Blackmail Tale Ch. 10

A Blackmail Tale Ch. 10

byTx Tall Tales©


The Hot-tub was fun, but it's time for Abby to help Alex break in Krista with some serious play time. That's all there is to this chapter. If you're looking for something other than hot, steamy sex between a married couple and a beautiful best friend they've invited into their bed, then you may want to skip ahead. :-)

A Bit of Blackmail, A Bit More Blackmail, and A Blackmail Buddy are the first 3 chapters in this saga. They are numbered after that. Enjoy.


Chapter 10: Basic Training

"Up and at 'em, lazybones," I heard through the mist of my morning daze.

I stretched languidly, then opened my eyes. My lovely bride of 12 years was tugging on the covers, "C'mon, I want to make the bed."

I reached for her wrist, and tried to tug her into the bed.

"Oh no you don't! If I get in there, we'll waste half the morning, and we've both got things that have to get done." She laughed, pounding me with one of the throw pillows, "Your shower is running; now get out of there."

I stumbled to the bathroom, my half-grown morning wood in hand, looking to empty an overfilled bladder. "God, I'm sore," I moaned, the meat in my hand feeling like it had been through the wringer.

"Serves you right, screwing those nasty little sluts, and leaving your poor wife to fend for herself," she called back from the bedroom.

I wasn't going to say a word. Any response would only get me in hot water. And the only hot water I wanted was coming out of the shower-head.

I cleaned up, and looked for Abby. Found her in the kitchen, getting ready to head out the door. "I'm going shopping; the cupboards are bare. Then I'm going to hit the gym. You should try to see if you can get your day cleared for this afternoon," she mentioned, casually.

"This afternoon?" I answered, curious.

"I'm meeting Krista for a late lunch. If she's up to it, I might bring her back for dessert."

With the incentive I had been given, I hurried to my home office. I tore into my workload like a madman, intent on completing the entire day's work before 1 p.m.


Somewhere around two o'clock I heard the door open downstairs and the silver lilt of laughter rising up. I couldn't help but smile. I hadn't quite finished everything, but I was done for the day. I set my e-mail to an away message. I changed my phone answering message as well. Then I shut down the system, and headed downstairs

I was sporting an erection before I made it to the bottom step.

"All caught up, dear?" My dear wife Abby asked.

"Your timing is perfect, I just closed everything up."

"Great! Then what do you say we take this pretty girl Krista back into our bedroom and see if we can't think of someway to pass the time?" she replied with a wicked smile.

Krista looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Her eyes were as big as saucers. I was almost as surprised. I figured we all knew where this was headed, but to have it put so bluntly was a little out of character for Abby, and I think it was a wake up call for Krista and me. Abby and I stripped the surprised little blonde naked within seconds. I picked her up in my arms and carried her back to the bedroom, while Abby rushed ahead of me, and pulled down the sheets.

There were no preliminaries this time. I just threw her down, spread her legs, and fucked her hard. At my wife's urging, I rolled over, pulling her atop me. With her sweet little butt exposed, Abby retrieved some toys from the bed stand, and went to work.

"Abby! What are you doing?" Krista asked - as if she didn't know.

My wife was lubing up her ass, and was using a small vibrator to open her up a bit. Krista looked me in the eye and smiled, then I saw her eyes go wide for a second and she held still moaning.

"That's a good start," Abby said. It's an inch and a half across. You get used to that one, and we can give you the two incher.

"God, it feels weird," Krista told her, "it feels like I have to go to the bathroom."

"You'll get used to it," Abby told her, wandering off to the bathroom. "Now that we're working on one of your hang-ups, let's start on another."

"What hang up?" Krista asked warily.

"First is your anal reticence, second is your oral inexperience." Abby answered, returning with a moist facecloth. She went behind Krista, and checked on her work. Content with that, she encouraged my partner to get up. Krista sat back gingerly, already glowing.

I started to get up, but Abby, pushed me back down, allowing me to prop a couple of pillows behind my head. I looked down to where she was using the washcloth to clean me up.

"Before you leave here today, you're going to learn to suck cock like you mean it, and not that crap you pulled last night." Abby told the observant Krista.

Krista stayed quiet.

"So, we're going to play a little game. We're going to play "Do-as-I-do". I don't think I need to explain the directions, do I?" Abby asked her best friend.

Krista just shook her head no.

Abby stretched out across the bed at an angle. Her breasts were resting on my thigh, and she was perched with easy access to everything. "Get comfy," she told the pretty MILF, "we're going to be here a while."

Krista obediently snuggled in, taking up a position the mirror image of Abby's. I was already so hard it hurt, just looking at those two faces down by my throbbing cock.

Abby gave me a little kiss on the thigh, a couple of inches away from my cock, and Krista followed suit. Another kiss a little closer, with Krista copying her every move, then a flick of the tongue, just barely touching me.

Suddenly she stopped. "There's something here I've just got to take care of." After a burst of activity, a bunch of running around, and the strategic placement of several towels and a bowl of hot water, Abby was back between my legs, this time with scissors and a razor in hand. I'd be lying if I didn't confess to being just a little nervous.

She started in, then paused again, and passed the scissors to Krista, "I think I'll let you have the honors here," Abby told her.

Krista took the tool in hand, and carefully sheared me of most of my pubic hair. Abby helped, holding my erection out of the way, using a small comb to clear out most of the stray hairs, and occasionally wiping me down. After just a couple of minutes I already looked kind of weird, with this little short fuzz all around my cock.

"That's a good start," Abby said, "don't you think?"

"Much better already," Krista replied.

The girls ganged up on me some more, taking my Edge shaving gel, and working up a lather, a little bit at a time. They worked their way slowly from the outside in, shaving me completely bare. They worked top down, and once they were parallel with my cock, they carefully shaved from the outside in. I had to spread my legs wide for them, and I tensed up quite a bit, getting teased for it, when they lifted my swollen balls, and shaved them as well. Handling my cock like a tree branch that was in the way, they pushed and pulled and leaned it from once side to the other, as their razor slowly started around the base and worked it's way up.

It had taken a while, but they finally leaned back and looked upon their handiwork with a smile. "That's better," Abby said.

"He looks even bigger," Krista whispered.

"Yeah, isn't it nice?"

I thought it was time to get back to lessons, but it showed how little I knew. That was just the first pass. They lathered me up again, shaving me easier this time with a new blade. I reached down and felt that I was as smooth as a baby's bottom. Then Abby washed me down, and applied some lotion. I was worried for a second she was going to give me a dose of after-shave down there.

Abby leaned over and rubbed her face against my cock. "Oh, that's soooo nice," she moaned.

She moved out of the way. Krista copied her actions, and smiled. "It makes me want to suck him," she said softly.

The girls left me there, and cleaned up after their activities. I heard them whispering to each other, giggling again, then they were standing at the foot of the bed, dressing. "We have an errand we have to run," Abby explained.

"Now?!" I cried, looking down at my aching hard-on.

"Aww, poor baby," Abby said. "Tell you what," she held out her hand to Krista, stopping her with just her panties on. "Promise me you'll be quick about it, and you can use up that one on our little friend here."

"Hey," Krista yelped, "don't I get a say in any of this?"

"Nope. You understood, once you entered this bedroom, I get to decide what you will and won't do with my husband. Didn't we agree?"

"Ok," she said with just a bit of a pout, "but someday I'm going to get my turn."

"Yes you will, and I'm looking forward to it." Abby laughed.

A few moments later I had Krista on her knees in front of me, and I was plowing her sweet little twat for all I was worth. I could now see the butt plug that Abby had used on her, and I got a little fun out of playing with it, tugging it until it was almost out, then easing it back in. She moaned delightfully. A couple of times I pulled it too far, and had to slow down and cram it back up inside her, but that wasn't such an awful chore. Abby helped me lube it up the second time, and it eased in like butter. Making progress.

I fucked her hard and fast, and combined with playing with her butt toy, and Abby's hands urging me on, I manage to squeeze one off in just a couple of minutes, feeling bad that I hadn't gotten Krista off.

"Oh, don't worry, she'll get hers," Abby assured me. The girls got dressed, and headed out the door, while I fell back, well pleased with myself, and napped.


The rumble of voices woke me up, and I peaked down to see the top of the girls' heads above the chest at the foot of the bed. Abby had taken the spare blankets and pillows out of the chest, and they were tossed to the side.

I scooted up on the bed to get a better view, and caught their attention. Abby looked at me from around the end of the lid. "Oops, didn't mean to wake you up yet. I actually had a fun idea for that," she told me.

"You looked so cute there, your wee-wee so innocent and harmless," Krista teased.

"My 'wee-wee'?"

They both giggled. "Just hold your horses a sec," Abby told me, "and we'll be right with you, ok?"

"Oh, I'm not going anywhere," I told her, "except maybe to take a leak."

"Why don't you take a shower? We'll be a few minutes longer," Abby suggested.

I didn't mind feeling fresh and clean for whatever they had in mind, so I started up the shower, took my leak, and stepped under the water to freshen up. I wasn't overly surprised when Krista joined me a minute later.

We have one of those high tech open showers, huge, with a single large translucent glass wall opposite the shower heads. Short L-shaped sides do a remarkably good job of stopping the water from getting all over the bathroom. There was a bench along the one solid wall, with recessed openings for storage. It had two overhead spray heads, and six wall-mounted spray heads. One simple controller on the wall, allowed you to select from about a dozen standard configurations. If you hadn't figured it out by now, I'm a tech-head, and loved all the devices I had access to through my business. I worked with hundreds of high-tech companies, and was often able to finagle some of the newest wares.

"No funny business," she said, "I need to clean up as well."

"I'll be happy to scrub you down," I told her letting my hands wander already.

"Alex, if you don't mind," she said almost hesitantly, "I'd like just a little privacy in a second."

"Privacy? Like there's any part of you that I'm not intimately aware of, or soon will be?" I asked almost laughing.

"Please, even now, it's really hard for me," she said blushing.

I was still wondering what she was talking about, when Abby entered the shower, which no longer seemed as huge as it used to. She was holding what looked like a large hot water bottle in her hand, with a long tube attached. Suddenly Krista wasn't the only one blushing. I thought I was a man of the world, but this was new to me.

Abby smirked, "You gonna help us? Maybe join us?"

"Uh, I think I'll wait in the bedroom," I said, sliding out and drying off.

Looking back, I could see what looked like Krista laying down on the bench with Abby huddled over her. I had mixed feelings. I was curious, but also a little squeamish. I let Krista's preference for privacy guide me, and left them alone. How did my darling wife know all about this stuff? Who was this wild woman?.

It took several, long, rife with anticipation, minutes for them to show up again, wrapped in robes, which seemed such a shame.

Abby quickly looked at the chest at the foot of the bed. "You didn't get into anything while we were busy, did you?"

"No," I told her patiently, "I've just been waiting for you two lovely ladies."

"Good things come to he who waits," Krista said with a smile.

"Good boys come, too," Abby laughed.

She bounced across the bed, and pulled out a bag from the day's shopping adventure. "Play things for today," she said with a smile. Then she was shedding her robe. "Krista?" She asked her friend with a smile, nodding toward the bed.

Krista slipped her robe off, and climbed into the center of the bed.

"Why don't you two warm up," Abby told us, "while I get a couple of things ready." I could hear her tearing at packaging, and her request was good enough for me.

I took the lovely, naked Krista in my arms and pulled her close. I felt her soft body pressed the length of mine. I kissed her softly, then nuzzled her neck, nibbled her ear. "Are we going to have some fun?" I asked her teasing.

"Your wife is a mad woman," she said. "But I think we're both going to enjoy this."

Then my lips were on hers, and I was kissing her for all I was worth. That kiss lasted an eternity, and I only stopped when Abby pulled me off of her.

"Wow! Looks like you're up for some action," she teased.

Then she was guiding Krista onto her stomach. "I'll give you the honors," Abby said to me, then she passed me a mahogany box. I placed the box on Krista's rear, using her as a table. It was like a wooden version of those boxes that a dozen long-stem roses come in. Engraved in the lid was the word, "Connoisseur." I opened the box, and the lid, which was about 2 inches deep, opened 180 degrees, the whole product lying flat, covering her butt and the small of her back.

"Damn," was all I could say. The bottom of the box contained 10 devices for anal play, each in it's own fitted compartment, and labeled with a small brass-plated plaque. They ranged from a slender anal probe, through a series of ever larger standard butt plugs, to some really unusual designs. One was clear glass, and one was mostly chrome, with a short rubber shaft attaching the plug to the base. Another had batteries next to it.

The top had several more items, a series of clear balls on a string, in three separate sizes. There were two rods, labeled 7" and 9" with a series of jelly bulbs every two inches or so. Finally there was a largish butt-plug with what looked liked a pony tail attached.

I selected the second in the "anal trainer" series, and showed it to Abby who nodded her approval. Then she passed me a pump bottle labeled Liquid Silk. I pumped a dollop of lube into my hand, and started playing with Krista's forbidden back entrance, while Abby put away the toy box. I shuddered to think how much money she had probably spent today.

"Be gentle there," Abby warned, "it's already seen more action than usual."

I was being gentle, and heard no complaints from Krista as I slowly opened her up, taking a couple of minutes to get one lubed finger, then two, inside of her. That seemed enough to try for the plug, and after smearing the thick lube onto the 1.5" plug, I was surprised how easily it slid into her. Then I massaged her ass cheeks, and watched it settle into place. The base was almost diamond shaped, the long ways lining up with her ass crevice. With the butt plug firmly in place, I tugged at it a little to see how easily it would come out. It was in there to stay, unless you really wanted it out.

Krista rolled onto her side, and smiled at me. "I never thought that could be so wild and sexy, but it was great." Then she turned to Abby, "And you're right, I'm a lot less self-conscious now. Your turn?"

"We'll save me for another time," she said. "I think it's time to play with Alex."

Sweeter words I never heard.

I adjusted my position in the bed, still stretched out, but with a couple of pillows behind my head so I could see a little of what was going on. Krista retrieved a bunch of small colored bottles and held them out to Abby. "Which?"

"You choose; anything but mint's alright by me."

"Aww, I like mint," Krista groused.

"Then use that when you're on your own, for now, choose cherry or raspberry."

Krista selected one, and then when she squirted a little on the head of my cock, I could see the bottle label - "Good Head." That boded well.

The stuff was pretty thick, and she slowly rubbed it all over my cock, then bent over and tasted it. "Mmmmm, nice!" she exclaimed.

Abby wasn't about to be left out. She gave me a small lick as well. "Oh! She was right, this isn't bad at all."

That was the beginning of the most prolonged blow-job of my life. Those two women licked and sucked and stroked me endlessly. Throughout the whole procedure, they continued to play the game of Do-as-I-do, with Krista matching every action of Abby's. I noticed Krista was still sticking to the blow-job novice act, as she gagged occasionally, sometimes hesitated, and often looked clumsier than I knew she was.

They moved around trying different positions, seeing how far they could take me without gagging, making almost a game of it. Through trial and error, they found that by laying almost in 69, their asses beside my head, their faces at my crotch, they could take me deeper than ever before. Coincidentally, it gave me pretty good access to the space between their legs. I let my hands wander.

"I think it feels just a little bit numb in the back of my throat," Abby said at one point.

"Put a little more lube just on the head, and see what happens." Krista suggested.

"Cherry this time?"

"Ok, by me," Krista agreed.

Abby squeezed out a little more lube and rubbed it on my cock head, then slowly pushed her face onto my cock. It was wild to watch. She was laying beside me, with her feet pressed against the headboard. Looking back I could see her pushing with her toes, and shoving her whole body downward. She managed to take me a ways into her throat after a few tries. She proceeded very slowly, and then she carefully rocked back and forth, fucking the opening of her throat with my cock.

"Wow, I can definitely feel the difference with that stuff. I only get a little tickle pulling it out, and it goes in real easy." Abby told her partner in crime. "Your turn."

Krista added a few more drops, rubbing them over the head, and took my cock deep. I felt her rubbing the head all around the back of her mouth, at the entrance to her throat, before she did similarly, easing me into her throat.

Abby encouraged her, and when Krista slid my cock out of her mouth, she said, "Look at us, we're halfway there. With a little practice I bet we can take the whole thing."

Krista looked concerned. "I don't know, there's still like three inches to go; that's a lot of cock to swallow."

"I almost wish Misty was here, I couldn't believe how easily she took him," Abby said, stroking my cock while they talked.

"Fuck her," Krista said almost angrily, "I don't want her here - if she's in bed with us, I can't help wondering if we're screwing half of Plano. God only knows who she's been with."

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