tagNonHumanA Blaze of Crimson

A Blaze of Crimson


"Fifteen dollars." The girl behind the sliding glass held out her hand. Valerie, dug through her purse and paid. She stuck a taped receipt to her windshield and drove through the Lowendale State park's gate. In the back of her car were a tent and a sleeping bag. Valerie brushed a few strands of hair out of her eyes. She was going camping because it was beautiful here , the weather was nice and...Well and she needed space and privacy. It had been more than a month since Jack had packed up his stuff and just left . She had come home, it was a Friday, and he was gone so was his car and all of his clothes. The bastard even emptied out their checking account. Jack was gone, but not forgotten. She knew deep inside that if he had shown up on her doorstep, she would have taken him back. After this weekend...no friends...no worries...no Jack. Valerie was certain she would be over him.

"Sure you will" a little voice whispered in the back of her mind. Her eyes narrowed. She slammed her brakes and the car jerked to a stop right by a little metal sign. Number eleven, it read.

Her tent was new a Wal-Mart fifty dollar special, the sleeping bag old and still had the smoky campfire smell, which all well used gear gathered about itself. A blue and grey dome tent, set up quickly. Stacking the kindling into a pyramid shape, and stuffing it full of newspaper, Valerie struck a match and lit it. A smile played on her red lips, Valerie was proud of herself. Here she was in the middle of the great outdoors. She glanced over at the gravel road, and the showers . Well, okay at least she was out of the house and could stop thinking about.

"Dammit!" Valerie screamed. Even here that son of a bitch still crept into her thoughts. Blushing, she glanced around. Thank God the other sites were empty.

Sparks flew up as she tossed another pine cone into the fire and crackled as the sap flared up in sudden flash.

"Hello." A voice spoke deep and softly. Valerie jerked up her head, snapping out of her thoughts. He stood, just by the Number eleven sign, the fire light danced over his body. He was wearing a light jacket and dark slacks. His clothes seemed more at home, well at home, not out in the woods at night. Valerie stood up and brushed pine needles off of her legs.

"I thought, I was the only one here." The stranger nodded his head.

"You were, I just got here, number seventeen. " Valerie looked over and saw a tent. How did she not see him, or hear him setting up.

"Too engrossed in your private pity party." The little voice whispered again from the back of her head. Valerie forced a smile to her lips.

"Valerie," she held out her hand to him. He paused, and then shook her hand.

"Yuri" His voice had a slight Russian accent.

"No luck getting your fire started? " Valerie couldn't stop the smile on her lips. Yuri frowned and touched his forehead and chuckled.

"Do, I have to answer?" His smile was white and flashed in the light from her campfire.

"Yes, err or a good lie." Yuri laughed again.

" A good lie then, see a fire blocks the view of the night sky and I came out here to look at the stars. City lights are so distracting." It was a good lie, many a trip Valerie had foregone a fire just for that reason.

"Okay, stargazer sit down and I will make us some coffee." She hoped the fire hid her blushing cheeks. What had come over her?

"Are you inviting me over? " Again the white smile. Valerie nodded, for some reason he needed her to answer the question.

"Yes." The answer was barely a whisper almost lost in the crackling roar of her fire. Yuri, stepped forward past the number eleven sign. The air around her moved, like the sudden change when a door is opened in a small closed room. She set some water, in a blue tea pot, to boil over the fire. "All, I have is instant" His gaze fell on her, it seemed to have weight, a presence, like a hand caressing her. Valerie, was thankful her back was to him at that moment. Afraid of what his eyes could do to her. "Afraid or curious?" The little voice whispered again in her head. Shut up, she told the voice.

"Why," Yuri asked. "are you here?"

"I needed to get some private time." She had to turn around to face him. Yuri nodded, he was standing by the fire his eyes staring at its dancing yellow and red flames. Yet it still felt as if he was staring at her. Her blush deepened, her face almost hot. The kettle whistled, the steam scream shattering the quiet and breaking her out of her trance. She had moved closer to him and not even realized it or had he moved closer to her? Valerie shook her head and started to spoon Folgers's instant coffee into two steel mugs. His hand closed around her wrist. She looked up started to say something..but looked into his eyes, dark black, deep.

"You don't want to be alone though, do you?" It was more of a statement than a question.

"No." She whispered, Yuri's eyes seemed to drink her in, to hold her, stroke her. Yuri's smile widened. "I want it." Her lips whispered again, what the hell has gotten into her?

"Ask me." She smelled pine and knew that he wouldn't touch her unless she asked him to, her body quivered in want and fear.

"Please." His fingers brushed her hair from her eyes, they traced a line down along across her ear and along her jaw. He tilted her head back and up, his eyes on hers. His smile now a thin line, all lip. Valerie closed her eyes, and leaned against his hand. She could still see his eyes, even though hers where closed.

"You need to do better than that." Yuri's voice floated around her. "How does a girl ask?"

What am I doing, Valerie asked herself. She felt, the words come up into her throat. "Please touch me, sir." She knew better than to use his name. She felt the amused chuckle rumble through him, almost like a cats purr. The air was cool, as fingers unbuttoned her shirt exposing her skin. The fire roared behind her its heat on her back, night air cooling her skin. Full of need, gasping it, he traced a line down between her breasts.

"Better, but you need to ask again." Her mind reeled. What did she need to say, or do? Valerie , leaned back the pine needles pressed against her back, she stretched out her arms, completely open, vulnerable, to do with as he wanted. Something in her mind clicked.

"Anything, anything" Valerie whispered. Yuri's lips warm wet, touched her cheek, his body on top of hers, his hands on her wrists holding her down against the cold ground.

His shirt the material rough against her aroused nipples . A whispered...oh...escaped her mouth...his lips kissed and licked down her jaw and rested on her neck. His tongue licked, rough, smooth warm on her throat. White teeth, flashed into her head. Panic swirled up, started to scream at her..breaking through the warm darkness holding her. Valerie tried to get up his body held her down his hands pinning her wrists.

"No...no" Before she could say it again, a sharp pain, and then a deep sweet burn. She felt herself tilting her head back letting him..letting Yuri. Feed. Her eyes flickered open up into the night sky. He's right the fire does hide the stars. Valerie laughed, it turned into a moan in her throat. Her eyes shut again, the burning turned into a white hot glow. The heat traveled down her throat. Another half-moan, a lick at her throat. She felt his fingers pinch...and twist her nipples...his teeth on her throat his tongue licking, her life pouring into him. "Oh God" Her hips bucked under him, her pussy pulsed rhythmically, his mouth bit again. Waves of pure pleasure washed over her, she felt as if she was drowning, more and more her body tensed up and released as the orgasm struck.

Valerie tried to move her arms, she couldn't. Her hands were tied when, how did that happen. She didn't care now. Yuri's lips pulled away from her throat. He looked down at her his black eyes holding hers. His lips a smeared with a crimson blaze of her blood. Fingers unsnapping her shorts. Valerie raised her hips. His face dipped down, she felt his lips warm wet on her nipples the sting again...and the sweet black burn. Fingers opened her up; her pussy wet open swelling with need. His fingers touched her. She screamed again hips bucking under his stroking fingertips. Another orgasm ripped through her, like a flame eating her.

A long deep tiredness swept up and over her. Darkness closed over her, Valerie barely had the strength, to spread her thighs, Yuri's length cold and almost impersonal slid into her. Like a rag doll...her body bounced under his thrusts. He growled her name once, and started to cum inside of her. Blackness swallowed her up.

A bird singing woke her. Valerie groaned and looked over. Yuri wasn't there. She touched her neck.

"Ow." Sore it stung, she felt her pussy moisten. What the hell did he do to her. Unzipping her tent she looked out, across to campsite seventeen. There was a lone tent an old one canvassed and patched. Valerie summoned up her courage and quickly dressed. I need an excuse, a reason to stop over. He fucked her last night, she didn't need any reason. Steeling her nerves she walked fast before self-doubt could convince her it never happened it was just a dream.

No one was there, just a tent. A rolled up sleeping bag rested inside of it. Next to the sleeping bag was a dark green envelope. Valerie picked it up, her name was written in thin neat cursive. She opened it, a card fell out. It was a business card, a restaurant , named " The Teal Station" and an address for it in Pearton. She flipped the card over, the words "Eight PM" and "Tonight" were written on it.

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