tagNonHumanA Blaze of Crimson Ch. 06

A Blaze of Crimson Ch. 06


The safe was a long cylinder, silver and grey, a keypad on one end. Valerie felt Tom's eyes on her, her hands shook.

"Haven't tried to open it, because;" Valerie finished his sentence.

"She booby trapped it to destroy everything in it." Tom nodded and tapped several grey masses on the end and sides of the floor safe.

"Thermate, probably TH-3." Tom's voice held a bit of an edge in it his hazel eyes glanced up at her. For a moment Valerie saw the shadow of confusion in them. She heard laughter in her head, Stephanie's voice seemed to float, to whisper right by her ear."

"Tom likes his toys. Oh, I want to look in the mirror." Valerie, picked her way through the burnt out bedroom and wiped at the soot covered heat shattered mirror. A black haired smiling woman looked back at her. Grey eyes of the reflection stared back into hers. Perfect white teeth in its mouth, sharp ones spoke.

"Yuri picked a nice one for me." Valerie stared into the grey eyes, she could feel the earth start to fall away. A hand was on her shoulder suddenly breaking the stare. She could feel Tom's voice whisper in her ear.

"What is going on?" Valerie blinked hard, she leaned back against him.

"Stephanie, she's in me." Valerie looked into the mirror again, just her face stared back. Tom pulled her back into the kitchen where the safe sat on the remains of a butcher block like the rest of the kitchen charred from the fire that had engulfed the bedroom. "What is happening to me? Tom?" Again the shadow of doubt and confusion was in his eyes.

"Can only guess, you are in touch with her dead ghost." Valerie laughed, a bitter sound that threatened to turn into sobs.

"No kidding. Its more than that she is in here." Valerie tapped the side of her head, her voice breaking. Awkwardly, Tom hugged her to his chest and patted her back. She could smell burnt wood like a campfire, on his clothes. Her mind swam a wave as a of dizziness washed over her. She could feel pine needles on her back, Yuri over her naked body. Someone else was with him, someone was tying her wrists. Valerie's mind twisted over and over lost in memories. Blonde hair and blue eyes. Someone, a voice just outside of her vision. Oh God and then Yuri was in her, her cheeks redden her neck tingled, her pussy throbbed again. She breathed in deep, the smell of burnt wood she pressed herself harder against Tom. He cleared his throat, the back of her head buzzed and reality crashed around her bringing her back to the burnt out kitchen.

"The safe." Tom gently reminded her.

"Yeah the safe," Valerie looked away her face flush she pulled from his hug and stared at the silver grey tube. Her fingers brushed against the keypad. 1 2 5 7 8 1 5 9 5, she entered and the safe popped open. She reached in and pulled out a slim black journal, a metal flask and a small purple velvet bag. Valerie opened the black journal, Tom pulled it out of her hands suddenly. "What?" Tom snapped the book closed.

"She went to lengths to prevent this from being found. It could be trapped as well." Valerie shook her head.

"Its okay," Valerie held out her hand for Tom to return the journal.

"And you know how?" Valerie tapped the side of her head.

"So, Stephanie said its safe then?" Valerie nodded. Tom's lips pulled back into a smile and tucked the journal into a pocket on his coat. "Good." Valerie poked the flask;

"She won't say what the rest of this is for;" Her fingers brushed the velvet bag it felt familiar some how to her.

"I can guess what is in the flask." Tom's voice was thick. His hand reached for it.

"No! Not for Tom! No!!!!!"

Valerie grabbed the flask, Tom's eyes flashed with anger and, hunger.

"No," she quickly put the flask into her purse next to the jade green journal. Tom's hand grabbed her wrist.

"Tell, Stephanie not to worry, I am only going to pour it out into the sun." The emotionless Tom was back, Valerie shuddered. Tom's hand tightened on her wrist. Inside of her a voice shrieked, in anger and fear.


"Tom, you are hurting me and scaring her." Tom's eyes narrowed. She twisted suddenly breaking his grip on her hand. Valerie moved putting the charred butcher block betwine her and Tom. A loud chirping filled the room, Tom shook his head, and pulled his cell phone from his pocket. He answered it.

"Yeah? Yeah I have her here at Steph's, now?" A snarl filled his voice. "Yuri, I am trying to, yeah alright here she is." Tom dropped the cell phone on the block. "He wants to speak with you." Valerie snatched up the phone turned her back to Tom. Tom walked out of the kitchen. She breathed easier.

"Valerie?" Yuri's voice spoke .

"Yes. What did you do to me, Yuri?" He chuckled over the phone.

"Teal Station tonight 8 eight o' clock. Tom will drive you."

"He almost killed me, Yuri we found.." Her voice trailed off, should she tell him?

"Eight o'clock Valerie, be good." Yuri hung up. Valerie started to press redial, she put the phone into her purse instead. She walked out of the mansion, Tom stood leaning against the Bently. She walked warily towards him. Tom was staring at the ground a frown on his face.

"Yuri, wants;" Tom interrupted her.

"Eight o'clock, right." She nodded. "Despite what you thought, I wouldn't have hurt you, I wanted to " He let the words trail off. He glanced at his watch. "Better get in, you may want to change, and I have an errand to do before, we see Yuri tonight."

"We?" Tom nodded.

"Yeah, Yuri said both of us."

"Sir? Sir!" The maitre'de called after Tom, he had left his shoes on, and was crushing the grass. Tom ignored him and kept walking, Valerie struggled for a second and shrugged and followed behind him. Tom grunted a hello to Andrew. Andrew smiled and opened the curtain to Yuri's private hedge room. Tom walked in, Valerie followed almost on his heels. Yuri smiled and ran a hand through his short blond hair.

"Please, " Yuri waved them to sit down. Tom sat down on the black leather chair. "First business, what progress have you made?" Yuri's gaze held her eyes, a small sigh escaped her lips.

"Found this" Tom, tossed the black journal onto the table.

"Where do you think she is Tom?" Yuri idly traced patterens on the cover of the book.

"I found reservation records for a flight to Istanbul." Yuri's eyes broke their hold from Valerie's. She struggled to keep her eyes open, she felt as if she was going to slide off the seat.

"I asked you a question. Perhaps I haven't made myself clear. Tom, where is Elisabetha?" Tom shrugged.

"I think she is still here in the country but for how long I don't know." A slight frown formed on Yuri's lips.

"So you think the ticket to Constaniople to be a ruse?" Tom leaned forward.

"Yeah I do Yuri, of course feel free to send me or someone." Yuri sighed, and shook his head.

"No, not with the war coming, Tom. I am going to need all of my troops here. Keep, me informed about what you find. Understood? "

"Yeah, I will do that Yuri." Tom stood up, and started to leave. Yuri stopped him, the vampire was suddenly by Tom and whispered in his ear. Tom jerked away from Yuri. Tom ripped open the curtains and stormed out.

"Knees, valerie." Without a second thought she slid out of the chair and onto her knees. Yuri sat down on the now empty chair. "Andrew, come here." The tall man slipped in.

"Yes sir?" Yuri ran a hand through Valerie's hair.

"Tie this on the table." She shuddered. Andrew's strong hands closed on her wrists and pulled her to the table. She heard the clink of chains, and the racheting of handcuffs being secured to her wrists. She swallowed hard, what was he going to do next to her? Another chain ran through the cuffs. Andrew picked her up as if she was no heavier than a feather. He dropped her onto the large oaken table in the room. Valerie was slowly pulled back until her back was flat against the polished surface, only her legs hung off the tabletop. She felt a length of chain run between the handcuffs securing her wrists and her helpless to the table top. "Strip her." The tall blonde man's hands ripped open her black dress, then reached down and tore her panties from off her. She gasped. "Thank you Andrew, return to your post. Yuri stood over her and his hand caressed teasing a nipple erect. "valerie, or is it Stephanie now?" She moaned as Yuri's fingers worked lower, teasing her clit. Her mouth opened, her back arching lifting herself off the table, the chains clinked holding her down the table's wooden surface rough almost scratching.

"You know?" She fought to keep her eyes open, to stop from the need building inside her body, her hips bucked as Yuri's fingers suddenly pinched.

"I told you I took everything from you," Yuri's lips were by her head his voice warm heavy, the smell of iron on it. Valerie was torn and confused part of her didn't care what Yuri said, the other part of her tried to focus on his every word. His fangs sharp against her throat, almost but not quite. A chuckle, like a purr or better a growl against her throat. "I never said, I would not give back." Dragging just the tips of his fangs down her neck, chest , lower his fingers never leaving her pussy flicking, stroking. Valerie moaned, damn him, she could feel his thoughts wrapping themselves around her. Like the hands of violinist her body thrummed and was strummed. The first orgasm came suddenly, it spirled up from her pussy without warning. Valerie screamed, arching her head back her body taunt as a bow string. Before collapsing with shuddering crash, onto the table. Only the chains kept her from wrapping herself around Yuri.

"I am just a vessel, to you?" Valerie's body was completely limp. Yuri's smile grew whiter and sharper.

"A vessel, what a poetic turn of phrase." Yuri's hands gripped her thighs, spreading them apart. "But no longer empty or alone hmmms". She felt his cock press against her pussy and then up and in his hunger feeding off of her exhaustion, hard and warm inside of her. Out, her body aching powerless, back in each stroke emptying and filling her. "Does it feel like you remember? " Yuri hissed in her ear.

"Better, better oh God." Valerie heard herself whisper back. As her hips tried to open wider, she was too tired to arch up against him. It seemed as if he had enough energy for them both. Fucked was the word that came to her mind. She was being fucked, like an object, like a hole with a name. Every piece of her wanted him. He was above her his hands on her shoulders almost painful holding her in place, his hands stronger than the chains, on her wrists. His cock erupting inside of her. "Please, please." Her cheeks reddened as she begged for him to bite her again. He pulled himself, out of her.

"I know you are in there, when you are done." He smirked. "Unpacking, I have things I want to ask you." Valerie felt something deep inside her laugh, again the smell of oranges and almonds filled her nose. Her mouth opened and another's she knew it was Stephanie's spoke.

"Unchain me Svia and I will show you if I am done unpacking."

"There you are," Valerie shivered at the fury she felt coming from Stephanie. Yuri laughed. "All warm and fuzzy? No go back to sleep Stephanie. Real people are talking." His eyes locked onto hers and the feeling of lassitude crept over her. "Andrew, have Tom take my good girl to the dacha."

"The dacha sir?" A note of puzzlement filled the blond man's voice.

"Yes, I think so." Yuri's voice held a slight edge to it. "I want to personally review my handiwork and she has work of her own to do." Valerie's eyes closed, as she drifted off lost in his voice.

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