tagRomanceA Boat Trip

A Boat Trip


Pulling away from the dock a smile lights up our faces as we realize that we are in for one hell of a weekend. Out in basically the middle of nowhere in the Pacific on our new 25 foot yacht, scuba gear, and the beautiful blue/green waters of the Hawaiian Coast. It can't really get any better than that.

As we pull into deep waters and anchor the boat you walk down to the sun deck and rub yourself down with sun tan oil. The way your skin glistens makes me stare blankly at your chest. You call up to me snapping me out of my stare. When I respond your hands slip to bottom of the bathing suit top. Quickly you pull it off flashing me just long enough for me to get a good glimpse of your chest.

I decide I don't need to spend any more time messing around with the controls of the boat and join you in sun bathing. We both laugh as I lay down beside you. Slipping my sunglasses over my eyes and propping myself up on my elbows I survey the ocean and the sun and emptiness of everything around.

Reaching over I massage your thigh, the oily feel of the lotion makes my hands slide easily all over your leg. Sliding my hand upwards I slide my palm across your stomach and up to your chest coming to rest on your shoulders. Rubbing your shoulders I can feel your shift slightly and let out a relaxing deep breath. Leaning over a kiss you softly on the lips and begin to pull away. With the gentle touch of your hand behind my head you gesture for me to kiss you again. Not wanting to argue and definitely caught up with your oiled body in a sexy bikini I am more than happy to oblige your request.

Our kissing becomes more passionate and soon I am moving closer and closer to being on top of you. Finally, I find myself parting your legs and planting both my knees in between them, my arms each on one side of your body propping myself up as our kissing becomes harder and longer, our tongues diving deeper into one another's mouths.

Raising up off the deck of the boat I pull you up and into my arms. Picking you up and carrying you into the bedroom of the ship. By now the sun has begin to set on the bedroom which is lit by a purple and orange sky. I lay you down sliding onto the bed with you. My hand slides to your chest, moving your bathing suit aside as my hand cups your breast, a quick breath escapes your mouth as my hand massages your breast. Rubbing your nipple I feel it get hard under my touch. As my tongue moves down to begin licking your nipple it is already fully erect.

I hold myself up with one hand and with undo your top. Sliding it aside your chest becomes fully revealed. Your hand slides to the top of my bathing suit sliding a finger inside the top moving it back and forth from hip to hip. Your other hand massaging the back of my head, your fingers running through my hair.

Pulling myself up on my knees my hands slide to the sides of your bathing suit bottoms. I look at you and you bite your lip as you shoot me a sly look. I slide your bottoms off slowly and toss them to the side of the bed. Running my hands from your knees to your thighs, from your thighs to your hips I lower myself until my tongue touches your inner thighs. Sliding it up slowly in circular motions I get closer and closer until my tongue finally runs across your clit. With long and slow licks my tongues run over it and I slide a finger inside of you as my tongue movements quickens.

Your hands run wildly through my hair as you come closer and closer to your orgasm. Your moans become louder as I continue. Sliding your hands to my arms you pull me away and your hands then move to the string on my bathing suit. Undoing the knot you slide them to my knees and I remove them the rest of the way. You rise up and your head comes down taking me into your mouth. My head leans back in pleasure as your tongues slides over me.

My breath begins to quicken very rapidly and just as it does you pull away and lay back down. Sliding up to kiss you I slide inside of you. My tongue slides into your mouth as I press firmly against your lips as our hips rock, thrusting me out of you almost completely and then back in. One of my hands slide to your chest rubbing your breast as my hips thrust ever faster.

Your orgasm comes first as I kiss and nibble on your neck and collar. As I feel you contract around me my orgasm comes quickly thereafter. Continuing my thrusting you come again letting out a loud moan, nails running across my back. I lay on top of you resting my weight on you as I try to catch my breath. Your arms wrap around me as you do the same, we lay there for a while sweaty and happy until we have enough energy to pull apart from each other.

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