tagGay MaleA Bodyguard's Secret

A Bodyguard's Secret


Just wanted to say many thanks to my editor LaRascasse, who helped me a lot on this story. Thank you for reading, comments are welcome.


"Not so hard," he whimpered and writhed beneath the hard body pressed above him as the thick cock was driven in his ass over and over again.

"Needy boy," the man above him chuckled and swivelled his hips, his cock nudging his prostate right triggered white cum to spurt over his chest. The man soon followed filling the ribbed condom with a hoarse moan. He barely gave the man time to pull out before he was off the bed and in the shower.

"What am I going to do with you, Michael Carson?" The other man stepped into the bathroom as he scratched at the hair on his stomach, grinning widely.

"It's over. I told you before we fucked, Harry," Mikey showered and dressed back into his suit quickly before he combed his dark hair back into place.

"I know. It's only time before you come back begging for my cock again," Harry's laugh seeped through him and made him shudder. He growled to himself and rubbed his ass as he left the bathroom. He loved rough but there was a limit. He grabbed his briefcase before leaving the hotel room, his room service tip left on the side.

"You can't keep fucking him, boss," Jackson said as he slipped inside the black sedan. Mikey frowned as he met Jackson's eyes in the rear view mirror. His bodyguard glared before he drove towards the building in lower Manhattan.

Jackson was six three with sandy blonde hair and piercing moss green eyes with small flecks of amber. His long frame was covered in roped muscle from tip to toe. Even his thighs bulged in the tight slacks he wore. Jackson's ears were stretched wide enough that Mikey bet he could fit his pinkie finger through one. His left eyebrow held a black bar as did both sides of his lower lip. He'd even seen a little blue ball poking out each time he spoke. Tattoos were from the back of his ear to the bottom of his ankle, so far he'd spotted three angels, a dragon, two crosses with names, and seven different skulls, a koi fish, Medusa and his name in Latin. And he was as gorgeous as sin.

"Last I checked I didn't need to ask your permission on who I fucked," Mikey tapped on his Blackberry frowning at the figures. He'd lost four different clients when he'd come out to People Magazine. They weren't really big clients but they were still clients. Hell, his company even now supported Pride NY.

"If the press sees you fucking about with Harry Stallone, they're going to know you're a bottom!" Jackson growled his hands clenching on the steering wheel, the silver ring on his finger standing out against the clenched flesh.

"I like cock in the ass, Jackson. It's not a mortal crime,"

"It's different if they think you're a top. As soon as you tell that you're a bottom, no one wants to know you,"

"I'm not broadcasting that I like to be pounded into the mattress by someone twice my size," Mikey grinned as Jackson shuffled in his seat, obviously uncomfortable with his term of language and the topic. The man was as straighter than a ruler. When Mikey finally announced he was gay, he expected Jackson to run but the man had stuck by him the whole time.

"Your two o'clock,"

"Thank you, Jackson."

Mikey laughed to himself as he stepped from the car and headed into his office on the top floor. The glass windows on one wall showed the stunning view of New York. His meeting took three hours before the client was fully satisfied that he would be getting his money out of their business.

He was glad to crawl into his king size bed that night, the silk sheets slipping over his body as he sighed in contentment.

**** Three Weeks Later ****

"What is this?" Mikey slammed the door closed as Jackson stalked into the room.

"It was on your doorstep this morning,"

"Thanks," He sat on his leather swivel chair and grabbed his head. He placed the box on the table and turned to his laptop.

"Aren't you going to open it?"


"The gift," Jackson nudged the gold wrapped present towards him. He shook his head and turned back to his laptop.

"Don't forget you have an interview with a Darius Marcus at eleven," Jackson glided from the room and Mikey stared. He couldn't help but stare as the muscled figure walked out of his office. His ass in those slacks made Mikey instantly hard and he couldn't think of anything but his ass being filled with the thick cock he'd seen straining under the tight fitting clothing.

At exactly eleven his door was opened and a hunk of a man walked inside, his dark hair shining in the light and his blue eyes reflected the world around him.

"Darius Marcus?" Mikey stood and gestured to the sofa, the man gracefully sat as he watched Jackson slip inside. "I'm sure you're not needed here, Jackson,"

"With all due respect, I think I should really stay," Jackson glared at the big man before he leant back against the wall.

"Fine by me," Mikey waved his hand at Jackson and sat on the other side of the big man, his pulled a notepad from his bag and smiled.

"So Mikey," Darius smiled a reporter smile and Mikey smiled back him.


"Care to tell me what made you want to get into your business?"

"Well, I was young and dropped out of college at eighteen. I couldn't think of anything to do and my birth mother had left me a healthy lump of money so...here I am,"

Jackson watched from the corner as Mikey smiled and laughed at the man. The lines of the suit played perfectly to his body, obviously Armani or Gucci. The Rolex glistened on his wrist and the small cufflinks in the starch shirt screamed of money. Mikey Carson was short compared to him and brown eyes blinked innocently at everyone who passed by, complete with boyish dark brown hair, Mikey was the perfect playboy.

"When did you know you were gay?" Jackson stood straighter against the walls and watched as the reporter rested his hand on Mikey's left hand, a flirty smile playing on his lips. Mikey grinned and played his fingers over the older man's hand.

"When I was fifteen,"

"Why wait for so long then?"

"The same reason you're waiting to come out,"

Mikey flashed his winning smile as the reporter laughed at him, his body tilting slightly to the left. Closer to Darius.

"Fair play, Mr Carson. Why were you adopted?"

"If I knew that I wouldn't have been adopted now, would I?"

"Wasn't there word that your biological father beat you when you were five?" Darius had his pen poised at his paper and Jackson saw the tightening in Christian's body as he tensed and shied away from the man.

"That was just a rumour,"

"Your biological father is a convicted abuser and thief correct?" Jackson saw Mikey lower lip tremble slightly as he struggled to hold his emotions in check.

"I do believe the only way you could have accessed that information was by accessing police records," Jackson stepped away from the wall and behind the man sitting on the couch, reading to escort him as soon as he made the wrong move or Mikey advised him.

"I can't reveal my sources,"

"So you're involved with police issues?"

"And you Mr Mikey Carmichael are a bottom. You like to take it from men almost double your size correct?" Darius smiled smugly and laughed as Mikey paled visibly. "Maybe that was something to do with your father? He did rape your mother didn't he?"

"Make him leave, Jack," Mikey turned and Jackson watched as his shoulders bunched then a small sob escaped. Jackson rested his hand on the other man's shoulder.

"You heard him," Jackson remained his hold on Darius as he was escorted from the building; the smug smile almost made Jackson hit him. Almost. When he arrived back in the office the box had been opened and Mikey smiled down at its contents.

"What's inside?"

"Bluebirds," Mikey picked the small cufflinks up to show him, the tear streaks down his face made him frown. Jackson smiled and took the small metal disks a small bluebird imprinted on them. Mikey loved bluebirds. He took each of Mikey wrists and slipped the gold ones from his shirt and placed the new silver and blue ones in.


"I'm going home. Tell Carly to forward all my calls to Gerard,"

"Would you like me to drive you back?" Jackson rolled his shoulders and smiled as he rubbed his hand over his chin.

"No. You head home to your girlfriend. I'm sure she misses you,"

"Hmm," Jackson nodded, waved and then slipped on his Harley. Little did Mikey Carmichael realise that he didn't have a girlfriend waiting at home. Just a little girl puppy named Roxy. As he hopped off the bike the little Chihuahua yapped at him until he picked her up. She was the runt of the litter with a scraggly black ear and mismatched eyes but she was beautiful to him. He'd found her on the side of the road a month ago and hadn't had the heart to give her away. She was small enough to still fit in the palm of his hand.

"Let's give you some dinner, hey?"


Mikey poked at the ribbon on the red box as he sat crossed legged on his sofa the next day, wearing just boxers and eating Cheerios from the box. The parcel had arrived this morning with a little note attached to it.

"Are you going to open it?"

"Later," he grinned up at his sister as she scrubbed the towel through her golden locks.

"The newspaper has you in it today," Carissa sat down and plucked the Cheerio from his hand as he glared at the suddenly offensive box. Some days he wished he'd never become a business man. Sometimes he wished he could just be a normal person, not be followed by different people every day.

"Jackson told me about that Darius guy,"

"How do you know Jackson?" Mikey scowled at her as he put the box on the table and lifted the other box from the table; he fingered the white ribbon as he nibbled on his bottom lip.

"He's been your bodyguard for like three years, Mikey. And he's damn hot!" Carissa laughed and wrapped her arm around his shoulder.

"You should ask him out. I think he's single," It hurt him as he said it but Carissa deserved to be happy and so did Jackson.

"I would if he swung my way," Carissa let out a depressed sigh and smiled at him, "Anyway Sebastian asked me out a few days ago,"

"Hold on. Jackson's gay?"

"Well, yeah. Have you seen the way he watches your other bodyguard's ass? Trent is it? I mean he might be bisexual,"

"That asshole!" Mikey kicked the box of Cheerios and watched they sprayed across his white fluffy rugs. The living room had windows as high as the ceiling and was painted in a pale grey, the sofa was black leather and a 54" TV stood in the centre next to the black stone fireplace. Photos littered the room, one of him in front of his first building, one of him and Carissa, one of him and his adoptive parents, one of him and Dominic, his older brother and finally one of all of them.

"What's the matter?" Carissa crooked her brow at him and frowned.

"He didn't even fucking come out to me! You would have thought for working with me for three fucking years he would have come out!"

"Mikey, calm down," she held her hands up and handed him his robe. "Put this on and go talk to him,"

"No. I'll speak to the asshole on Monday," Mikey reached behind him and pulled the Afghan from the back of the sofa and shrugged it around his shoulders. The soft wool rubbing against his shoulders sending warmth through him.

"Maybe he didn't come out for a reason,"

"What reason?"

"The same reason you didn't come out, sweetheart,"

"Mine was totally different. I'm always in the spotlight," Mikey picked the box up and plucked the card from the top, the writing delicate but manly at the same time.

"He's always with you, Mikey. The paparazzi will come to conclusions,"

"I don't care. He still lied,"

"He never lied if he never told you,"

"Hmm," He opened the cream envelope slowly and slid the small black coloured card from it the writing was white. Inside was, Mikey, I've fallen in love with you and you'll never know. I love you more than anyone. I just had to let you know. And if you ever stop and wonder why, I'll never know what to say. All I can say is I'll never stop loving you, each and every day.

Mikey placed the card on the coffee table as he cut the ribbon and opened the red box. The inside was covered with black velvet that was soft to touch, inside lay a small glass heart. He ran his hand over the smooth glass and the top slipped off. Carissa caught it before it smashed onto the floor. A dozen mini origami hearts fell out onto his lap. He picked one up and unfolded it carefully. I love you. The first one read. You're beautiful. The second one said, they kept going and going with small notes left on each of the pale pieces of paper.

"Isn't this kind of creepy?" Carissa asked as he placed the hearts back in the heart and smiled.

"Nope. Just lets me know someone loves me,"

"I love you,"

"I know you do. Now leave I want to sleep all day and not think about Jackson," Mikey scowled as Trent ushered her from the building.

"Have you fucked, Jackson?" he asked as Trent slipped silently back into the room.

"No. We're only colleagues,"

"Did you know he's gay?"

"He's bisexual," Trent shuffled his feet and kept his eyes trained on a spot above his head.

"You're free to go if you please." Mikey waved his hand at Trent and slipped inside his bedroom.


"You're fucking gay!" Mikey screamed on Monday as Jackson sauntered into the room. He froze and kept quiet as Mikey yelled at him. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't want people coming to conclusions, and I'm bisexual," he shrugged and pressed a button on his ear piece as it started to crackle.

"Everything is set for the live airing,"

"Got it. I'm taking him down now," Jackson released the button and arched his brow as Mikey glared at him.

"Your press conference is ready,"

"Really, you asshole?" Mikey stood and brushed his suit off; this suit was black complemented with a red tie.

"Are you going to keep insulting me because I didn't come out to you?" Jackson walked behind Mikey as he left the office and stepped into the glass elevator, pressing the ground floor button. His foot started tapping as he glared at him from the other side of the elevator.

"You could have at least told me,"

"I didn't know how. When you came out I was worried if I told you then you'd think I was pissing you about,"

"It's going to take a while to get over it you know?"

"I know," Jackson sighed and stood behind Mikey as he stood behind the podium.

"Mikey!" the crowd of reporters yelled at him, he pointed at a small blonde lady in front of him.

"Is it true that you're thinking about collaborating with Cookie Clothing to design your own clothing line for men?"

"Yes, but it's not just men it will be for women too. I am gay don't forget. I know fashion," Mikey laughed as the crowd laughed with him.

"There is word going around that you're a bottom in the relationships?" a young man from the front asked, his eyes sparkling blue.

"It's true. I'm not ashamed to admit it,"

"Have you ever topped?"

"Depends on the subject," Mikey winked at the man in the front row. He was short and slim, his blue eyes wide and floppy blonde hair. He blushed when he winked at him and Mikey laughed.

"Harry Stallone is spreading word that your bodyguard is gay? Is he gay and do the two of you have a relationship?"

"I'll let him answer for you," Mikey stepped aside and let Jackson step where he was standing.

"I'm bisexual. There is nothing going on between me and Mr Carson. Thank you," Jackson stepped back and glared at the back of Mikey's head.

"When do we expect to see the first item of clothing?" the young lady again.

"Well I have boxes piled up in my office at this moment,"

"What clothing is it?"

"There are suits, jeans, jackets, shirts and boxers for the men and dresses, lingerie, skirts and tops for the ladies," Mikey ticked the items off on his fingers. Jackson droned out of the conference as the questions got more about his business than his life. Rage flowed through his body like molten lava. Mikey had made him come out. He was perfectly happy with being in the closet and keeping his life to himself not the fucking press.

The conference finished and Mikey stepped up to the younger blonde man from earlier, Jackson glared at the couple. Mikey stroked his hand down the man's arm his grin flirtatious. Words were exchanged and the man nodded quickly before blushing.

"Be at the Hilton at eight tonight,"

"You can't go out tonight, boss," Jackson piped up as he pulled Mikey away from the man.

"Why not?"

"You've got a meeting with the Chinese at eleven remember?" Jackson smiled tightly as he slipped his back in his pocket, his teeth peeking out to chew on one lip piercing. How he really wanted to bite them piercing himself.

"Well, I'm sure I can have three hours of fun, have my meeting then come back. How does that sound, handsome?"

"Great," The man nodded and handed him a small card. "I'll be waiting for you,"

"He barely looks old enough to fuck,"

"He's nineteen," Mikey shrugged as he slid into the elevator.

"You're ten years older than him,"

"He's legal right? So stop bitching at me. I want to fuck someone not be fucked," Mikey sighed and ran his hand through his already messy dark hair.

"I give up,"



The next few weeks were awkward and difficult between him and Jackson. The little gifts kept coming though. The third was a Yankee candle that smelt of Vanilla lime, his favourite candle scent. The fourth was a pair of tickets to see Wicked on Broadway. They started getting more sexual as the fifth one came along, which was a pair of red silk boxers with a note that read I can't wait to have you spread out in these for me.

The sixth arrived when he was in a meeting with a possible client. It was waiting for when he got back. He shooed Jackson from the room and slipped the white ribbon off inside was once again black velvet but with a pair of suede cuffs resting inside. He slipped them back in the box before Jackson opened the door and slipped inside.

"Harry Stallone is here to see you,"

"Did you enjoy the presents my dear?" he asked as he leant against the wall.

"You were the one who's been sending them?" Mikey's heart plummeted into his feet as he watched Harry smugly smile.

"Of course. I'm the only one who knows you well enough," Harry waved his hand and laughed loudly his head throwing back.

Mikey turned as Jackson made a growling noise at the back of his throat. His hands clenched into fists at his side as the veins bulged in his arms and neck. Mikey shook his head at Jackson and turned back to Harry.

"I'll send them back with FedEx now leave,"

"Why, baby? You know we're perfect together," Harry stroked his hand down Jackson's arm. "I might even let your lapdog play since he's got such a hard on for you,"

"I know you didn't send them," Mikey whispered as he leant back in his leather office chair, his gaze flickering to Jackson.

"Yeah? What proof do you have, honey?"

"Never once in all the years we've been together have you told me you loved me or ever asked to tie me up,"

"True, sweetheart. Doesn't mean I don't want you under me again. You're so beautiful when you come," Harry grinned as he blushed and looked at Jackson again. He was angry. Mikey could see the fury blazing in his eyes as he watched Harry.

"I swear if you don't leave soon, he's going to hurt you," Mikey said as he pointed to Jackson. Harry turned then laughed, blowing a kiss over his shoulder.

"See you later, cupcake," Harry winked before he left the office.

"Jackson? Calm down," Mikey slipped from behind the desk and stepped in front of Jackson and the door. He hesitantly placed his hands on the broad shoulders and smiled as Jackson looked down at him; the amber in his eyes seemed to be glowing.

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