tagIncest/TabooA Boo-boo for Daddy

A Boo-boo for Daddy


"Hi, Daddy."

"Hi, honey. How's your new dorm? And your new roommate?"

"This on-campus apartment is a lot better than that little room I had last year. We have a nice living room and a kitchen. Heather and Jennifer share the one bedroom, you met them last year, and Jasmine and I share the other. Jasmine is a transfer student from L.A. She's a black girl, totally cool. We really get along. Very pretty. She did some modeling in L.A."

"What's she doing all the way across the country?"

"Well, they say we do have the best plastics engineering program. That's her major."

"That's a tough program. She must be intelligent."

"Oh yeah, Daddy, she's real smart. Hey, do you mind if she comes home with me for Thanksgiving? She doesn't want to go all the way to L.A. for only a few days when she's going to be home at Christmas for three weeks."

"Of course I don't mind, Sarah. Are you coming home this weekend? It's the Labor Day holiday, you know. Reason I ask is that UPS just delivered your new computer to the house."

"Do you want to bring the computer up here? You could see my new accommodations and meet Jasmine."

"I can't. Working the long weekend. I got my choice due to seniority and took Labor Day over Thanksgiving and Christmas."

"Okay, well, I'll be there around noon on Labor Day to pick up the computer. I guess I'll miss you, though. Would you set up the computer and make sure everything works?"

"Sure, honey. I'll put some software on it you can probably use, like Microsoft Office."

"Thanks, Daddy!"

* * *

Sarah's father had put together the computer the previous night but he forgot to load Microsoft Office and the other software he thought she might like. So he took an early lunch on Labor Day and went home to do it. It didn't take him long.

He sat on his daughter's bed for a few minutes and began to think about her. For some reason he was possessed to go through her drawers. He, rather than his late wife, had always done the laundry and always neatly folded his daughter's clothing and placed it in her drawers. He began to fondle her lingerie and soon decided to take off his clothes and try on a pair of panties.

Suddenly he heard Sarah and Jasmine come into the house, talking and joking loudly. Startled and embarrassed, he grabbed his clothing and hid in the closet, still wearing nothing but the panties. The closet door had louvers. He could peek through.

"Wow, that's some computer!" Jasmine said in admiration.

Sarah got on the computer and played with it a bit. "I love it! So much faster than my old one. Well, let's pack it up." They did, as they chatted about a variety of subjects.

"You'll never guess what I made at the plastics engineering lab yesterday."

"What's that, Jasmine?"

Jasmine pulled the big red dildo out of her purse. "If Dr. Montgomery only knew for what purpose I utilize the university's resources." They both began to laugh.

"Maybe you should show him. You'd probably get an A."

Now they got hysterical. "I think he really likes it in the back door, Sarah. I can tell because he ogles the boys more than he does me, even when I wear that little white miniskirt of mine and sit in the front row. But I better test the equipment before I offer to pack his fudge. Make certain that it is fully functional."

"Yes, by all means Jasmine, let's test it!"

Both girls began to undress. Naked, they embraced in a long passionate kiss.

"Sarah, you have to promise me something."

"And what is that, Jasmine?"

"Promise you won't fall in love with me."

"Jasmine, I'm not going to fall in love with you! This is just a buddy suck and fuck. I dig men. I just wish I could find someone like my dad. He's a man's man, just oozing testosterone. I think most of the dudes at our campus just sit in their rooms playing computer games and jerking off."

Sarah's father, in the closet in panties and pulling his pecker, choked when he heard the last comment. For a moment he feared they might have heard him.

"Yeah, I dig men too, Sarah. A buddy suck and fuck. I like the sound of that! What's a buddy for, anyway?"


* * *

My father's birthday just happens to fall on Halloween and I never, ever have missed it. Not in over twenty years. I don't recall the first few but we have always had quite the tradition ever since I can remember. I dressed up in a costume like a witch or a little red devil and scared my father. "Boo, Daddy!" I'd squeal. "Boo!" And he'd pretend to be frightened silly and faint in terror. I revived him with kisses only to find he had hurt himself. "Oh Daddy, let me kiss your boo-boo!" I would insist. The first time I can really recollect clearly all our fun was my kindergarten year. Daddy dislocated a finger. He could at will pull it out of the socket and make it look grotesque. When I was seven he sprained his ankle and playing it to the hilt, he took me trick-or-treating wearing crutches. Of course I kissed his boo-boos and made them better.

Away from home in my senior year of college, I made online reservations for the flight home a week before my father's birthday on Halloween. I could only be gone a day because of my class and work schedule. My flight was scheduled to arrive at 5:00 PM on the 31st and depart the next day at noon. Right after making the reservations I called my best friend Laurie who attended a college a couple hundred miles away.

"Sarah, what are you wearing?" Laurie asked, first thing.

"Just panties, that's all. Why?"

"Did you ever do phone sex? I miss you!"

"Laurie! Didn't we decide no more sex? With each other, I mean."

"Yeah, I know, but you were my first girl and I—"

"Dammit Laurie!" I interrupted. "I have a big problem here. I want to make my father's birthday on Halloween very special this year. This is his first birthday since Mom passed away. Do you have any ideas what I could do for him?" I listened for a few minutes while Laurie spoke. And then I screamed into the phone, "Laurie, I can't do that! Why . . . why . . . it . . . I ... that . . . I . . ." I hung up on my friend, shocked by the mere thought about it. "Damn, that girl has a very dirty mind."

And then I thought about it, and thought about it more, and thought about it even more. I know I blushed. My panties felt damp. I masturbated.

* * *

My father picked me up at the airport. When we hugged it seemed different than our past embraces. He didn't say a word about what I wore. Not until we got home and he fixed us each a drink and we sat on the couch in the living room.

"Boo, Daddy!" I jumped at him.

"You're not scaring me, Sarah. Not this time. They let you on the airplane wearing that?"

He carefully examined me in my parlor maid costume. It consisted of a lace and satin crop top, flared miniskirt with a detachable apron, ruffle panty, headband, choker, leg garter, lace gloves, feather duster, and fishnet pantyhose.

"Oh Daddy, don't be such a prude! I'm not showing anything you wouldn't see if I wore my Nina Ricci lime green miniskirt and matching tank top. You know, the ones you bought me."

"I didn't actually buy those, Sarah. You charged the $495.99 on my credit card after I let you borrow it because you said you needed feminine products real bad and didn't have any money."

"Whatever. Nobody complained about my outfit on the plane. Most of them were members of a football team or something. I just said I'm on my way to a Halloween party. The coach yelled at them for talking to me. He screamed something like, 'No more scandals!' Whatever that meant."

"Well . . . you look rather . . . uh . . . you . . . uh . . ."

"Daddy, I'm not your little girl any more. I'm a woman. Well, I am your little girl. But you know what I mean."

"Yes, honey, I think I do."

"Daddy, would you get me another drink, please?"

"No, I don't think so. You're not old enough to legally drink in this state." He looked down self-consciously at his crotch.

"Daddy, you know damn well I was twenty-one in April." I could see the bulge in his pants and knew he didn't want to get up because he had an erection. "Never mind, I'll get it myself. Do you want another one?" He nodded.

Returning with the drinks I sat back down on the couch. We just stared at one another for a few minutes, not saying anything. My father glanced at the suitcase I had dropped by the door. What do you have in the bag, honey? You usually don't bring clothes when you come home since you have so many here. As I well know since I paid for them."

"My sorority did a Halloween show to benefit hurricane victims. We raised a lot of money. Skits on movies and such. I was costume director." I reached into the bag and pulled out some items. "Here, Daddy, put these on." I handed him a doctor's lab coat and headband mirror. "Now close your eyes." He did and I slipped off the parlor maid outfit and got into the naughty nurse costume with a halter front and zipper, which I didn't zip up much at all.

Daddy opened his eyes quite widely and asked, "What kind of nurse are you, RN or LPN? I've never seen a nurse who looks like that and I've in the hospital a half dozen times over the years for various ailments."

"I'm a head nurse, Daddy."

"Oh. And what skit did you do wearing that?"

"There's this funny sex video Hypno Fucked 1 that is a cult hit on campus. We did a little skit on that. There's a huge paper clip that goes with your costume but some frat rat stole mine. He won't give it back because he says it's now his 'get lucky' charm. Dang, you really look like Dr. Mesmer in the video. Hey, I think I'll put some music on. I feel like dancing. My friend at school burned me a CD with some Halloween tunes and other stuff I like."

"You dance, honey. I'll watch."

I put on the "Monster Mash" by Bobby "Boris" Picket and started gyrating like crazy, stripper style. I could tell Daddy was impressed. Then it advanced to another song.

"Honey, where did you learn to dance like that? What's this song? It sounds familiar."

"One of my sorority sisters is an exotic dancer. Pays for her tuition. She taught me a few moves. I think the name of the song is 'Purple Pecker Eater,' Daddy. "

"It is not! I recognize it now. 'Purple People Eater' by Sheb Wooley.

"Whatever. 'Danny Boy' is playing now, a slow one. Please dance with me, Daniel. Or would you like me to call you Danny Boy like Mom did?" He shrugged and reluctantly rose and we danced. I held him tight. I looked up at him. His eyes had gotten misty. I saw a tear. It fell on my breast.

"Uh . . . sorry, Sarah, he mutter apologetically as he pulled his handkerchief from his pocket and wiped it off, unzipping my top down further so he could get it all. One of my boobs slipped out and he pushed it back in.

"Don't cry, Daddy. It's your birthday! It's Halloween! Let's party!"

He frowned, and then whispered, "I miss your mother."

"I miss her too, Daddy. She'd want you to have a good time. She loved to watch the fun you and I had with me scaring you and your boo-boos."

"Yes, that she did, honey."

"Well, we should have some fun now. For Mom."

Suddenly I pulled away from my father and grabbed the family jewels, playfully but firmly." Yeow!" he yelped.

"Oh my, Daddy, do you have a boo-boo?" I knelt in front of him, undid his pants, and let them fall to his ankles. "You wear pink boxers? I never would have guessed."

"They used to be white, but I accidentally washed them with a brand new red sweatshirt."

"Well, let's just take them off and I'll soak them in bleach. I pulled them down. "But let's take care of that boo-boo first, shall we?"

"Ahhhhh," he groaned at the first teasing touch of his cock with my warm, wet lips.

"Please watch your teeth, baby. Your mother's were rather sharp. She had these incredible incisors."

"Not to worry, Daddy. I'm a head nurse, not a vampire." Some dudes like a little biting action but I guess not him so I covered my teeth with my lips and took him in my mouth. "Now you tell me if you want it softer, faster, or slower. Communication is essential to giving great head, you know."

"I will, honey. But somehow I don't think it will matter much. Just watching you put my penis in your mouth has me about ready to blow a big load already."

"That's what I want, Daddy. Cum in my mouth and all over my face."

I brought my right hand all the way up and all the way down his shaft to follow my mouth while I fondled his balls with my left hand. Up and down, up and down, mouth and hand in unison. I removed my mouth momentarily so I could talk, and used my palm to slide and twist over the head of his cock as if I were juicing an orange.

"Ohhhhh . . . my . . . that . . . feels . . . ahhhhh . . ." he moaned.

"So you like blow jobs, do you, Daddy?" He nodded enthusiastically. "Ever wonder why we always had so many vegetables in the refrigerator? I spent hours and hours practicing on carrots, zucchini, and big pickles. Bananas are too obvious."

I tilted my head back and pulled him to me by his butt cheeks. His cock slid down my throat, all the way. My lips pressed into his coarse bush as I deep-throated him. I alternated between kissing, licking, and stroking his cock and taking him all the way down my throat.

"Ahhhhh . . . I . . . I'm . . . ohhhhh . . . it . . . I . . . oh . . . oh . . ."

At the moment of truth he grimaced in ecstasy and gritted his teeth as his body shook and he exploded down my throat.

"I love your cum, Daddy," I cooed as I held his cock and let every last drop fall into my open mouth. "After all, this is the stuff that made me."

"I can't believe you got it all in your mouth, Sarah. Your mother couldn't do that. And she had her tonsils removed when she was a child."

"There's a trick to it, Daddy. I call it 'pop the weasel.' How's your boo-boo?" I joked, wiggling his flaccid penis.

"All better, thank you very much."

"Yes indeed, fellatio sure cures a multitude of health-related problems, doesn't it Daddy? Like blue balls." He nodded happily and gazed upon me lovingly. "And what would you like to do now?"

"Well, what other costumes do you have?"

Into the bag I went again and handed him the big bad wolf costume. Latex mask and fur jumpsuit. He put it on. "Close your eyes again." I put on the red 'wet look' mini-dress with the matching cap and hood.

He opened his eyes and said, "Oh, I know this story."

"Me too. I mean, you used to read this story to me when I was little. Grandmother, what big ears you have."

"All the better to hear you, my dear."

"No Daddy, you're supposed to say, 'All the better to eat you, my dear.' Because I'm going to pull you by your ears while you're eating at the Y."

"I think I'm hungry now, honey. Real hungry."

I hadn't bothered with the panties to the costume, anticipating what might be coming next. Me, I hoped. My father pushed me gently on my back on the couch and lifted up the skirt for a peek.

"I want to eat you, my dear. I want to put my tongue right between your long, lovely legs and stick my nose in that little red bush."

"Please do, Daddy! Do me! But please take off the mask. I don't want rubber burns on the inside of my thighs."

My father ripped off the mask and stuck his head under the little dress. He began to lick, nibble, and kiss the inside of my thighs from my knees to my crotch. Very tenderly. I lifted up the skirt so I could watch him eat me. Oh my, I wanted so badly for him to put that probing tongue of his right on my hot spot. But no, he played with me a little longer.

"Oh fuck, Daddy! That feels so fucking good. Oh . . . oh . . . oh . . . yeah. I'm ready now, Daddy. Stick your fucking tongue inside me."

He began to lick my pussy from the entrance up to my clit. His tongue was soft. He ran his tongue between my inner and outer labia on one side, while holding the two together with his lips. Then he did the other side.

My moans got louder. I began to thrust my hips and pull him by the ears down on me. Just like I said I would. "Fuck . . . fuck . . . oh fuck . . ."

He began to suck on my clit. Pulling on it and then letting it go. Then he alternated the sucking with flicking his tongue all over and around. As he felt me respond more and more he picked up the pace. Harder and faster.

"Oh my fucking God!" I screamed over and over. "Don't stop! Keep doing what you're doing, Daddy! Don't stop! Oh yeah . . . oh fuck . . ."

And then suddenly I lost it and squeezed my legs on his face as he kept right on muffing me until I quit quivering. That wasn't until I had three fantastic orgasms. Then he pulled up off me, gasping for breath. "Geez honey, you sure use a lot of bad words when . . . you're . . . uh . . . you know."

"You made me cum three fucking times, Daddy! And you know, my knee had been bothering me but it doesn't hurt anymore. I twisted it playing tennis. Cunnilingus does me far more good, medically speaking, than those pills."

"You're such a bad little girl, Sarah. Maybe I should punish you for using very bad words."

"I don't want to stand in the corner right now, Daddy. But you could spank me. You know, you've never spanked me." I didn't wait for an answer. Quickly I lay across his lap and pulled the skirt to the nurse costume up past my bum.

"Aren't you going to put on another costume?"

"Well, I could put on the monkey costume and you could spank your monkey, but that thing is too fucking hot. I'm fucking hot enough, for sure. See Daddy, I said some more bad words. Now spank my heiny!"

My father licked his lips rather oddly I thought. "You shouldn't use words like 'fuck' my little one." Whack! Whack!

"Hey Daddy, that hurts!"

"It's supposed to hurt, honey." Smack! Smack!

"Yeow! Oh Daddy, I try to be good but it's so boring."

"Your cute little ass is getting red." Whap! Whap!

"Daddy, this spanking is really turning me on. Could we fuck now?"

"Do you promise not to use that bad word 'fuck' again?"

"Sure I do. Now screw me, Daddy! Give it to me good!"

My father rolled me off his lap. "Do you have a costume for this, too?"

"Of course. Close your eyes again. "I slipped off the naughty nurse costume, and put on the catwoman outfit. It was a little different than the one in the movie. Black vinyl mesh bustier top and matching miniskirt. I didn't bother with the thong. He opened his eyes. "Boo!" I screamed. "Did I scare you, Daddy? Look, I'm pussy woman!"

"Wow! Sure you scared me, honey, but not enough to make my dick limp. But don't I get another costume?"

"Why sure you do." I reached into the suitcase. I showed him the Virgin Mary garb. "I'd wear this one but it's too sacrilegious for me."

"Oh, are you 'technically' a virgin?"

"You wouldn't buy a car if you didn't drive it first, would you? I want to marry a man just like you. So far the auditions have been disappointing. I want you to fu . . . uh . . . I want you to screw me, Daddy. Now! Here, take off all your clothes and put this on." I handed him the sheer nylon stocking. He tugged it over his head.

"What am I supposed to be?"

"A condom. I always insist on protection. Now fu . . . uh . . . screw me, Daddy!" Anxious, he pushed me down on my back on the couch, pulled down the bottoms of my cat woman costume, and got between my legs with his big dick in his hand. "No!" I protested.

"What, honey? I thought you wanted me to."

"Not like this. Missionary? I'll never get off. You want your baby to have an orgasm, don't you?"

"Well, of course I do. Your mother liked to do it this way. She would cry, "Oh baby!" about a hundred times.

"Yes, I'm sure she did. You get on your back on the couch and I'll get on top. I mean, it doesn't really make any difference to you which way you stick your dick in me, does it?"

"No, I guess not."

He complied with my request and I straddled him, reverse cowgirl, and slipped his penis in my hot, wet pussy. He pulled down the bustier top to the catwoman costume and squeezed my breasts and tweaked my nipples playfully. I pulled up the miniskirt so we both could watch his big cock go in and out. And then I fucked him, but good, until both of us were screaming f-words and we got off simultaneously like a volcanic eruption.

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