tagRomanceA Box of Chocolates

A Box of Chocolates

bySean Renaud©

"You're sure that these chocolates will make anybody who eats them fall madly in love with me?" Lisa asked starting at the red and pink heart shaped box. It housed a bakers dozen innocent looking pieces of chocolate.

"Yes deary, yes. Anybody who eats them will love you. Man. Woman. Makes no difference." The silver haired salesman explained. The man's accent was so thick that Lisa could barely make out his words. "Remember girl, love do what love want. Not what you want. Understand?"

Lisa nodded that she understood what he said but she wasn't really paying any attention to his words. She was just staring at the box of chocolates that would get her everything that she ever wanted. "This is not toy. I would not sell, but you. So much pain. Perhaps you will use well?" Lisa nodded her head again and closed to the box.

"Is there anyway to stop it?" She asked picking up the box and replacing it with a stack of twenty dollar bills a few inches thick.

"To stop spell? You feed them another chocolate. One make them love, one make them not love." The man continued looking at her then down at the stack of bills which he slowly picked up. He tried to keep a casual look as he stared counting the stack of bills. Occasionally he stopped to lick his thumb and continue counting the money.

"Do I need to be in the room. First person they see of anything?" Lisa asked.

"I already explain. No. Anybody who eat chocolate will love Lisa most. Man, woman, blind, deaf. Makes no difference to chocolate. Now go." He finished counting the money and slipped it into an old fashioned cash register. "Remember, first chocolate make them love, second make love go away."

"What happe-"

"If you give third chocolate? Same a first. It make them love and four make them not love." He turned his back and walked between a curtain of beads leaving Lisa alone in his shop.

Lisa looked around one last time at the contents of the shop. There were several bookcases lined with books, many of them written in languages she couldn't understand, some of them she wasn't even sure were real. Candles and strange rocks lined the rest. The place even smelled lightly of sage. "Go!" Lisa clutched her chocolate to her chest and quickly ran out of the shop squeezing through the door and out onto the street.

A pair of men, one white and one black quickly turned away from her paying attention to something in the street and laughing at it. Lisa felt a familiar warmth spread across her face. She did the polite thing and pretended not to notice them as she walked towards her car and they did the same. It was obvious that they had noticed her though, they nearly stepped into the street as they passed her. Lisa closed her eyes and tried her best to ignore the shocks of her car groaning as she put her full weight down on it. The result was another fit of laughter from the two young men. She was tempted to offer the men a piece of chocolate each but she had a particular man in mind for the first piece and she knew where he was going to be.

She pulled into the parking lot of her single room apartment. "Hey Lisa wait up." Lisa glanced over her shoulder at Tyler and quickly turned away picking up the pace slightly. "Wait up!" She tried to keep from making a disgusted face as she stopped walking and let the skinny redhead catch up to her. "Hey if you're not doing anything on Valentines Day I thought. . .maybe."

"Yeah I'll think about it Tyler." Lisa snapped and started walking away from Tyler. She was on her way to the pool where Gil spent most of his time. Her blonde Adonis was lying on a lawn chair reading a Playboy, or at least looking at the pictures in it. If he noticed her, he didn't even bother to look up at her. Lisa noticed Gil though. He might have been the only thing in the world to her. If it wasn't for the fact that she would gather a lot of attention if she'd stared at him all afternoon she would have. She would have stared at him and counted the number of sweat droplets lazily rolling around his six pack.

Gil looked up over his magazine at Lisa for a moment then lowered them again. "Can I help you?"

"Oh sorry, I didn't mean to stare." Lisa blurted. "Would you like a chocolate?"

Gil looked up at her again then smiled. "Sure come on over." Gil looked down into the box. "Are these from Tyler?" He teased. "I know he likes you and all but usually people wait until the fourteenth to start giving out boxes of chocolates. I feel bad about taking the first one though."

"Don't worry about it." Gil looked at the box for a moment longer then reached in and took one of the chocolates popping it into his mouth. "So how is it?" Lisa asked as she watched his jaw clench and relax and finally send the chocolate down his throat.

"It's kinda bitter actually." Gil twisted his lip slightly as he swallowed again forcing the last of it down his throat. Then he picked up his magazine and went back to reading again. Lisa waited for a moment then frowned realizing that the old man had scammed her. Those chocolates didn't do a goddamned thing! She was turning to walk away when Gil gripped her arm. "Hey would you like to go to dinner with me, tonight and then maybe again on Valentine's Day if nobody else is taking you?"

Four agonizing hour later Gil knocked on her door dressed in a black button up shirt and matching slacks. "Wow, you look nice." Gil whispered while his eyes cut away from Lisa.

"Sorry there wasn't time to get reservations at any place nice, but On The Border is always fun." Lisa wouldn't have minded if he'd taken her to McDonalds if he was taking her with him.

Dinner was fine, great even for a pair of friends out for a meal. When Lisa a bit of water on her chest he pulled her chair out so she could get to the ladies room. When she got a bit of whipped cream on the corner of her lip he dabbed it away with a napkin. Gil smirked innocently when she ordered a Sex on the Beach. Aside from him ignoring every single pass she made though, the night was great.

When they arrived at the apartment Gil walked her up to the door kissed her on cheek and turned to go. "You don't have to leave Gil. You could always come inside and get something to drink."

Gil turned slowly toward her chewing on his lip. "I love you Lisa. You're one of the best people that I've ever met but I'm not attracted to you like that." He looked down. "I'm sorry." Tears formed in the corners of his eyes. "I wish I did because I can't think of anybody I've ever met that I would rather have around."

"I'm sorry too. Here have one of my chocolates before you go." Lisa said and handed Gil a chocolate from the box.

"We still on for Valentine's Day?" Gil asked as he popped the treat into his mouth. Lisa watched him chew and swallow the treat grimacing slightly. He blinked several times and braced himself against the wall. "Whoa. Lisa." He blinked a few more times before pushing away from the wall and looking down the hall. "Sorry I zoned out for a moment there. What were we talking about?"

"Nothing Gil, I'll talk to you later." Gil smiled and ducked away from her door and down the hall leaving Lisa to spend the night alone.

Lisa was nearly big enough to fill the full sized bet on her own but she was still aware of the void beside her when she woke up. He was supposed to be there! The chocolates were supposed to make him fall in love with her, not love her as a friend! Lisa fought a set of tears as then looked to the side of her bed. A half empty carton of ice cream and several beers was an unpleasant reminder that she hadn't gone straight to sleep last night.

Lisa tossed on a khaki pantsuit and walked out to her car. "Hey Lisa!" It was Tyler again. He was still dressed in his Von's uniform the bags beneath his eyes were a strong indicator that he still hadn't gotten to sleep. "Did you think about maybe going with me to dinner?"

"Later Tyler." Lisa spat quickly trying to pick up her pace just a bit.

"You look great by the way!" Tyler shouted again then disappeared into his apartment.

Lisa took a deep breath as she pulled into the driveway of her office building. A tower of glass and steel that she'd never actually seen the top of. The elevator claimed it was thirty stories tall and six deep with parking. She worked on the thirteenth floor as a receptionist.

Ron Michaels was her boss. Six years her senior he was just thirty three years old and already the regional manager of Conway & Turner Legal. He'd attended Harvard Law and had gotten a reputation as a great lawyer as soon as he'd gotten out of college. He kept in shape with a strenuous regimen that had him take lunch from eleven to one for a trip to the gym and he usually ate vegetarian or fish for dinner. He was literally all that a woman could ask for and probably more than many deserved.

He was already in the office when Lisa arrived walked into the office and sat behind the desk. "You're late." He said casually without looking up from his computer.

"I'm sorry Mr. Michaels." Lisa replied and sat down behind her desk and started going through her papers.

"Punctuality is important Lisa. You're a great typist, you usually have a great attitude but all that doesn't matter if you can't show up on time." Ron got up from his desk and walked over to Lisa gently resting on hand on her shoulder. "Who's the lucky guy?"

"Huh?" Lisa asked looking for a moment.

"The box of chocolates. Who's the lucky guy who gets to call you his Valentine?" He motioned to the box.

"Nobody." Lisa mumbled looking at the remaining chocolates. "You want one?" She asked hoping up the heart shaped box.

"You bought yourself a box?" Ron smirked slightly. "I guess I can help you finish the box." He took on of the chocolates and popped it into his mouth. "It's not easy being single on Valentine's Day, I'm sorry I really should have been a little more sensitive Lisa. How bout I skip my afternoon work out and we go grab a bite to eat. My treat." Lisa accepted.

A few hours later she blushed as Ron slid out of his BMW and hurried around to open the door for her. "A true gentleman." Lisa commented as he helped her to her feet and lead her into the Palianos.

The moment Lisa stepped into the restaurant she felt the heat rise up under her collar. Palianos was the kind of restaurant that requires a reservation. "You know I had to call in a favor to get these reservations on such short notice. Marian, the owner, I introduced him to his wife. I got him in touch with some other guys to. Helped him out big time when his business was on the rocks." Lisa nodded politely.

The next forty five minutes revealed that the chocolate had worked on Ron exactly as the man had told her it would. It didn't however didn't have anything to do with how much he loved himself. It was just an hour and a half of listening to him talk about how wonderful he was. By the end of their date Lisa was ready to cram the second chocolate down his throat. It was particularly interesting because she was so bored she wanted to scream by the time he took her back to the office. It was the first time in her life that she'd ever been happy to be back to work instead.

Lisa cried nearly the entire way home. "What the fuck is wrong with me?" She ran three red lights, had five near crashes and nearly put her curbed her own car, and that was just what she could remember. Lisa only remembered the things that could have cost her her life, the rest of it was just lost in a blur of tears McDonalds, Jack in the Box and Starbucks.

"It's these fucking chocolates. They never work quite the way they are supposed to!" She screamed as she ran into her apartment and started pulling the chocolates out one at a time and feeding them to the garbage disposal. One after another she tossed the cursed candy down the drain happy to be rid of it all until she found herself staring at one last piece. "I am curious how they taste and what's the worst that could happen?" Lisa asked and ate the final piece of candy.

She'd never experienced a piece of candy quite like it. It was a thick dark chocolate that melted over her tongue. It took a moment but the flavor seemed to just explode over her tongue and flow down her throat and when it did the world blanked out for a single moment and everything suddenly made sense to her.

Gil wasn't worth her time. He was handsome but he didn't love her, not the way that she wanted to be loved. Even if the chocolate had worked it would have been a lie. Ron was too in love with himself to ever truly love anybody else. The chocolate had made him love her as well but she was going to be second in his life and she deserved better than that. She deserved a man who loved her and only her.

When there was a knock at the door Lisa knew who it was before she opened the door. She didn't know if he was really the one, if he was the man who deserved her but she knew that he deserved a chance. She opened the door and before Tyler could speak she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into a kiss. The slender man didn't try to fight her, he melted against her body already swooning. "Tyler, I'm sorry I didn't go to dinner with you but if its okay with you I'd like to have a few drinks." Lisa said pulling him into the apartment.

It was hard to get Tyler to form coherent sentences. Lisa was having too much fun with a man who was completely focused on her, not just her personality but her body as well. The slender man was eager to get her out of her clothes. He tried to pretend like he could be patient as she peeled her shirt up over her stomach and tossed it aside but it was obvious he couldn't wait from the ravenous look in his eyes. He could barely keep himself still as she stripped down.

"Lisa." He whispered as he hungrily drank in her body. She pressed a finger to his lips hushing him before her lips replaced her finger kissing him deeply. Lisa lead him back to her bed room stripping her clothing as she went, completely nude other than her ankle length white socks by the time she made it to her bed. Tyler didn't quite know what to do until he saw her lying on her back, legs splayed open. She had one hand between her legs spreading her moist pink lips open for him.

Tyler stripped his clothing away so quick Lisa hardly noticed and lay on top of her. "You are so beautiful." He aimed his cock at her sex and eased into her. Slowly pushing until every bit of his manhood was inside her tight wet tunnel. It took him two hands to handle a tit but he managed to bring her flesh up to his lips suckling hungrily on her sensitive flesh.

It was the most amazing moment in Lisa's life when she felt him starting to pick up speed inside her. She wasn't a virgin, she'd been fucked before but she'd never been with a man who truly wanted her. Tyler was the first man who'd thought she was beautiful and wasn't just taking one for the team. This was the first time that Lisa hadn't settled for whatever she could get but she was sleeping with a man that she wanted to be cause he wanted to sleep with her and it was amazing.

Lisa felt her entire body collapse into spasms as Tyler continued to thrust against her. Over and over again, faster and faster. When he came wh rapped her arms around him pulling him as tight against her body as she could manage. The warmth flooding her insides was amazing. It didn't take long for her own orgasm to crash against her body.

The orgasm was like an out of body experience. She'd never had the kind of mind shattering, leg numbing orgasm that felt like you were watching it happen to someone else because it was simply to amazing g to be true. Lisa lost control of her self, digging her nails so deeply into his shoulders that he'd remember what he'd done for the rest of the week if not a little longer. Her toes curled and the bed groaned as well to add to the evidence that they had been together.

"I love you Lisa." Tyler whispered in her ear as he rolled off Lisa and wrapped his arms as far around her as they could get and kissed her shoulder.

"Thank you." Lisa responded and she knew that it wasn't the candy talking. In fact she knew it wasn't for the candy making her love herself she wouldn't have experienced this night. "Thank you."

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