tagInterracial LoveA Broken Shell

A Broken Shell


Charlotte Summers sat quietly at her desk in the library, sorting through returns and check-outs. Though it seemed mundane to most people, Charlotte loved her job as a book store clerk. She adored books and the owner let her live in the small loft above the store.

The rain and hail were falling heavily outside the store. Charlotte finished all her days work and got up to close shop. As she flipped the sign from OPEN to CLOSED, there was a loud banging on the door. Charlotte jump in fright and looked to see a large shadow of a man banging on the door.

"Please ma'am! Let me in. It's pouring out here. Please?" the man pleaded to Charlotte through the door. She hesitated, considering the possibilities of a robber or serial killer. After some thought, she opened the door. The man rushed in and reached over Charlotte to close back the door. In the light now, she got a good look at him. Standing at about 6 ft. 5 in, he was gorgeous. He had warm brown hair wet hair that fell around his face. His wet dark blue t-shirt clung to his torso, revealing a lean, muscled frame that made Charlottes mouth water. He had long legs and warm tan skin were like those of movie stars. Charlotte didn't realize she was staring.

"Um...hello?" said the man in a deep voice.

"Oh I'm sorry!" Charlotte finally spoke, broken from her trance. The man chuckled when he saw that she had been checking him out.

"It's alright. Thanks a bunch for letting me in. It's like cats and dogs out there and I can't find a cab. I'm Daniel Gavins. But you, kind lady, can call me Danny." He said with an extended hand and a smile.

"Charlotte. Char for short." Charlotte said while shaking Danny's hand. She noticed that he held her hand a couple seconds longer than necessary.

"Oh you must be freezing! I'll go get you some things. Have a seat if you want." Charlotte rushed upstairs to her loft, feeling flushed. Danny stood in the doorway and watched the cute black girl rush away. He'd been happy when he finally got into a warm place out of the rain, but even happier when he saw how pretty his savior had been. Char was a petite 5ft 7in woman. She had raven black hair that fell around her shoulders. Her smooth milk chocolate skin tone made Danny want to lick her all up; inch by slow sweet inch. Before she had left he saw, through her tight shirt, a nice full pair of breasts. He guessed they were about C size. Her wide brown eyes were hidden behind frameless glasses. When she'd rushed up the stairs he couldn't help but check out her ass in her tight jeans. "Very nice." Danny thought to himself. Char returned with a blanket and some baggy clothes that had been left in the loft when she moved in.

"There is a bathroom to the left so you can change." Char told him without looking at his face. She knew it would distract her. Danny gave his thanks and went to change. While he was gone, Char took deep breaths to calm her down. She was becoming so flustered over a man she'd just met. "Oh well." She thought so herself. "He probably doesn't like me in that way anyhow." She sighed and sat down in a chair by the B section of the book shelves. Char had never had a lot of confidence in herself. She'd been know as the shy girl all her life (and as the cute girl, but she never noticed that part of her image). She didn't mind particularly, but her self esteem had room for improvement. Danny returned looking dry and happier. Char noticed that the new shirt he had on was a bit snug, but she had no complaints.

"Thank you Charlotte. This is very generous of you." Danny said in gratitude. He walked over to Char, kneeled down and hugged her. He felt her tense up for a second, but he didn't pull away. He held her close, trying to ignore the fact that her tits were pressing against his neck. He felt her arms go around to his back. He inhaled her scent of vanilla and rain and enjoyed the warmth radiating from her skin. Danny felt his cock stir a bit and pulled away, as not to offend Charlotte. She looked a bit more flushed than before, but she had a smile on her face.

"Um...if you're hungry, there's a kitchen in my loft upstairs. I wouldn't mind making you something." Char spoke shyly. Danny rubbed his tummy. He was hungry but he didn't want to take advantage of Charlotte's kindness. But then again, she did offer.

"That would be wonderful Char, but only if I can help. Lead the way." Danny said cheerfully. Charlotte led him to the stairs. Still a bit dizzy from the hug, Charlotte didn't watch when she stepped for the 1st step. She fell backwards onto Danny's chest. Danny bent a bit to catch her and in the process, his hands slipped upwards on Charlotte's stomach, sliding up her shirt. Charlotte leaned against Danny; his hands hold her up by the underside of her breasts. Danny looked down and saw her smooth flat stomach. He licked his lips in wanting. His eyes traveled lower and he noticed that shy little Charlotte had a heart with an arrow threw it tattoo on her the lower abdomen. "Well, well, well" Danny thought to himself. "There is more to this girl than meets the eye. Without realizing it at first, Danny gave her breasts a gently squeeze. Charlotte bit her bottom lip to stifle a moan. She pushed back on Danny and stood up, straightening her shirt.

"I'm sorry." She said quickly and hurried up the stairs. Danny followed her, smiling to himself. "This is the start of a beautiful friendship."

6 weeks later

Charlotte laid lazily in her bed, waiting for Danny to come by the store. Over the past couple of weeks, the 2 of them had become best friends. Danny came by the store every day after work, either to buy or check out a book, or just to see Charlotte. They talked about everything. Char learned that Danny worked as an editor for a publishing company in the city. She learned that they had almost identical tastes in music, books and movies. Everyday they'd talk and laugh and enjoy the company of one and other. Charlotte especially like that at times, Danny would tease her. He'd call her sexy or pinch her bottom or purposely stare at her chest just to make her smile or blush. He made her feel more sensual then she'd ever felt with any other man she'd been with. He also brought out her naughty side. During long nights, she'd change into skimpier clothing just to tease Danny; shorts that were a bit too short, shirts with low V collars, and sometimes she'd just wear a big t-shirt.

"I'm warning you Charlotte." Danny would say when he saw her. "I am a red blooded male and when you prance around so scandalously, I can't be held liable for what I may do."

"Well Daniel dearest, what ever do you mean?" Char would respond coyly. They often played games like this to toy with one another, but sometimes it would feel like more than a game.

Charlotte still lay on her bed, thinking about Danny. He was so kind and sweet with her. She closed her eyes to picture him better. She pictured his warm honey skin, his deep blue eyes and his sexy body. Charlotte was sure God took his time when he created Danny. She thought about times when he would whisper in her ear; his warm breath against her skin; or times when he'd hug her tight on purpose, when her breasts would be pressed against his hard chest. As Char thought about this, she slipped her hand down her shorts absently. She imagined Danny was there with her, kissing down her tight body. She slipped her fingers past her panties to her now wet mound. She thought about Danny begin on top of her, sucking at her nipples. With her free hand, Charlotte pushed up her shirt and squeezed her aching tit. She pinched her nipple gently between her fingers, moaning Danny's name. Her other hand began rubbing against her clit. Just then, the jingle of the door bells sounded from downstairs. Char sat up quick and tried to fix her clothes.

"Charlotte? Are you upstairs?" Danny called as he entered.

"Yeah! Be down in a sec." Charlotte called back to him. She zipped her shirts back right and took deep breaths to call herself down. She ran down stairs to meet Danny smiling at her.

"Hi there stranger. Have you seen my friend Charlotte? I mean it can't be you because my shy little Charlotte doesn't dress so...." Danny paused. "So inviting." Charlotte rolled her eyes. She stood in front of him, admiring the silliness in his eyes. She wondered what his childish eyes would look like when he's all hot and bothered. Danny came up to her and snaked his arm around her waits and pulled her close. With his other hand, he traced down her front until he got to the bottom of her shirt. Charlotte stood dazed, but not wanting it to stop. She felt herself getting wetter where she was most sensitive. His hand pushed up her shirt.

"Ah, there it is." Danny said referring to Charlotte's tattoo. "Yes, you are my Charlotte." He said with a smile. They stood for a moment, looking into each other's eyes. Danny was overcome with the urge to kiss Charlottes full lips. But instead, he pulled away, leaving them both unsatisfied. Charlotte let out the breath she had been holding and slumped down into the chair behind her desk. She noticed that Danny had yet to turn back around to face her.

"Danny? You ok?" she asked.

"Yeah. 1 sec." He answered briefly. Charlotte had no idea how much she effect him. Just that moment with her had gotten him hard quick. He took deep breaths and shook his hands, trying to expel the boner. Once he was calm again, he walked to Charlotte and knelt down next to her. He grinned wide and looked into her eyes. Char rolled her eyes and asked "What do you want Danny?"

"What makes you think I want something Charlotte my dear?" he asked with false innocence.

"You have the look."

"What look?"

Char looked back at him. He was still sporting the goofy smile. "That look!" she said pointing at his face. "It's a look that means you want something. What is it?"

"I can never hide anything from you Char." Danny said. He took more comfort in that fact than he let on. "Actually, I was hoping you would be my date."

Charlotte stopped what she was doing and looked at Danny. "Come again?"

"There is a book signing tonight." Danny explained. "And afterwards my bosses are throwing a party at Stars Hollow Hotel. I was hoping you could accompany me to that party. Please?" Danny pleaded with his hands clamped together. Charlotte's mind was screaming YES! YES! YES! over and over, but the words wouldn't come out.

"Um...s-sure Danny." She finally stuttered out. "I'd love to." Danny jumped up with excitement. "He's so adorable." Charlotte thought to herself.

"Ok, I gotta go now but I'm going to come pick you up around 7 tonight. Is that ok?" He asked, still jittering.

"Yes Danny, it is. See you tonight." Char said with a smile. Danny was so excited that he forgot to open the door and walked right into it. Charlotte busted out laughing and didn't stop, even after he said "I meant to do that." He staggered out. After he left, Charlotte sat down and tried to calm her racing mind. "I'm going on a date with Danny." She said aloud, trying to make sure this was real. When she realized it was, she squealed and fell backwards into her chair. Then she snapped back upwards and said "Oh snap! What am I going to wear?!"

Danny arrived at the shop right on time. He was told that it was sometimes good to be fashionably late, but not tonight. This date was way too important to him. He could barely contain himself at the book signing, in anticipation. Charlotte had become so important to him over the weeks. It amazed him how fast and how strong his feelings for her had become. He sat in his car for a moment, staring at the window above the shop where Charlotte's room was. He thought about her and how much he cared for her. "Do I love her already?" he asked himself. Before he could come up with an answer he saw the light flicker off. He got out of his car and headed for the shop.

Charlotte had spent the whole day trying to find a dress. She closed down the shop because it was a Saturday and went shopping. Finally she settled on a strapless white and silver cocktail dress with an accented layered detailing and a short skirt that began at the waist and ended mid-thigh. She coupled it with black sling backs. Her slick hair fell curly around her shoulder, framing her pretty face. She decided to try out her contacts tonight. She gave one final examination in the mirror and liked what she saw. She just hoped Danny would too. She grabbed her sliver clutch purse and flipped off her lights. She went downstairs to see Danny approaching from his car. Once inside, he stood with a shocked expression on his face. His mouth went dry at the sight of Charlotte. She had always been sexy to him, but the way she looked now made him want to attack her. And the look on his face didn't hide that fact. Charlotte blushed.

"Is it ok? The dress I mean." She asked. Danny still didn't speak. Once he snapped back into reality, he took 3 long steps till he was in front of her. He slipped his hand to the back of her neck and placed his lips on hers. She tensed up again, but he'd be damned if he stopped now. He kissed her and tasted how sweet she was. He'd only dreamt and fantasized that she'd be so delectable. She relaxed a bit so he seized the chance and slipped if tongue into her mouth. She kissed back and pushed herself against him. Their mouths fit so perfectly. Danny wants to taste every part of her, and he intend to later. He reluctantly pulled away.

"Danny...I...." Charlotte started to speak, but he shushed her.

"Not yet Char. We have to go now, but later ok?" she nodded.

They reached the party after a long silent drive. Charlotte was still a bit shaken from the kiss, but in the best possible way. Danny had caught her smiling to her self several times and sneaking glances at him. He was just happy he didn't scare her off. Once at the party, they clicked like magnets. Charlotte liked seeing Danny mingle with his co-workers. Danny was enjoying the praises he was getting for bringing such a beautiful woman to the party. Charlotte shined among his friends. Through out the night they held hands whispered to each other like teenagers. Danny couldn't get enough of Charlotte. It wasn't a surprise to her when he asked her to dance. They had a few moments to talk once they were out on the floor.

"Did I tell you how beautiful you look tonight Ms. Charlotte Summers?" Danny asked genuinely.

"No. I think you were about to, but you attacked my face instead. But it took it that the kiss meant the same thing." She said to him. Danny laughed and pulled her closer to him. He didn't expect to Charlotte to grind against him. He let out a low growl and looked down to see Char smiling modestly at him.

"Charlotte, my darling, do you remember the multiple warnings I gave you about such behavior?"

"Well you haven't done anything about it Danny." Charlotte said, challenging him. She pressed her chest against him as she spoke. At that point, Danny was more than happy to make due on his threats.

"Remember your asking for it sweetheart."

And with that, Danny grabbed Charlottes hand and the 2 of them bid his friends farewell. Danny drove a bit manic like, which just made Charlotte laughed. Once they were back in the shop, Danny grabbed Char and planted a hot kiss on her lips. It was no longer sweet and gentle, but lustful and carnal. Char responded with the same amount of aggression, this time slipping her tongue into his mouth. Danny moaned against her lips and wrapped his arms around her waist. He lifted her into his arms. Charlotte felt like that was the perfect place to be. She slipped off her shoes and wrapped her legs around him. Danny carried her upstairs to the loft and into her bedroom. He set her on the bed and removed his shirt and slacks. Char started to remove her own clothes but Danny said no.

"I want to do that."

He got down on his knees in front of her and pulled her to the edge of the bed. He hugged her so he could zip down her dress. While doing so, Danny felt Charlotte place warm kisses down his neck and on his chest. He stopped for a second, closed his eyes, and savored the feeling of Charlotte against him. She continued to kiss him lower. She flicked her tongue against his nipple, causing him to take a sharp breath. Danny remembered that he should be undressing her. He finished unzipping the dress and slid it down her body. He smiled when he saw she had no panties.

"My, my Ms. Summers. I thought only sluts went panty-less to parties." Danny let his words out before thinking. He was about to apologize, but Char sat up and kissed. She went to his ear and whispered "Well I'm your slut as of now." Danny was pleasantly surprised. Her words caused his hardening cock to twicth. Still kneeled in front of her, Danny pushed Charlotte so she lay back on the bed. He got up laid next to her. He kissed excruciatingly slow down Charlotte's neck. He ran his tongue over her perfect chocolate globes, purposely avoiding their tight buds. Char was withering beneath him. She tried to pinch her nipples herself, but Danny pushed her hands away.

"P-please..." Charlotte moaned. Danny adored making her beg. He latched onto her nipple and pinched the other. Charlotte called out his name and arched her back for more. He suckled harder. He let go of her nipple and slipped his hand down to her throbbing pussy. Char opened her legs to grant him access. Danny rubbed her sensitive clit, causing Char to get louder. Her breathing was labored. He went down further and pushed 2 fingers into her cunt.

"Jeez, your so wet baby." Danny said softly. "All for me?"

"Yes Danny," Char said, barely able to talk above a whisper. "You're making me like this. I want you so bad."

Danny's heart jumped. He detached from her tit and crawled downward. He placed a kiss on her tattoo before descending to the floor. Face to face with her wet cunt, Danny fingered her faster, loving the contrast her dark skin made with his ivory fingers. He replaced his fingers with his tongue, loving her scent and especially her taste. Danny lapped at her pussy hungrily. He wanted to devourer her, and he was sure Charlotte wanted that to.

"D-Danny... you're going to m-make me c-cum!" Charlotte stuttered terribly.

"That's it baby. Cum for me. I want you to. Please" Danny spoke into her pussy. Char couldn't take it anymore and she came hard, screaming out to Danny. Her body convulsed, but Danny held his iron grip on her waist and licked up as much as Charlotte could offer. She laid slumped on the bed, trembling. Danny got up next to her and kissed her. Tasting herself on his lips, Charlotte kissed him deeply. She pulled away and made a pouty face.

"What?" Danny asked in confusion.

"I butt-ass naked and you still have clothes on. We need to remedy this situation". Danny laughed as Char slide down the bed and tugged at his boxers. He lifted his ass up so they would come off. His cock was a good 8 in. and Charlotte couldn't help but stare for a moment. Her mouth started to water and on instinct she traced her tongue against the tip of his cock. Danny groaned and pushed his hand through her soft hair. Charlotte licked up and down the sides of his cock and stroked him with her hand. Precum seeped out of him, which she lapped up nicely. Danny let his head fall back against the pillow. He felt Charlotte's warm mouth take in more of his cock. He pulled at her hair a bit to get her off.

"What? Am I not doing it right?" Char asked, sounding worried. Danny smiled and said "No darlin'. But if you keep doing that, this will be over before we get to the fun part."

"But I'm having fun doing this." Charlotte said with a grin. Danny smiled back and pulled her on top of him. He kissed her and held her close to his chest. He rolled over with her so he was on top. He rubbed the tip of his cock at her entrance. Char wiggled beneath him, trying to get his cock into her.

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