tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Broken World Ch. 01

A Broken World Ch. 01


You are Camdra Abott, a 19 year old guy studying Physics and maths at college. You are just shorter than average height, with short curly brown hair and blue eyes. Though you do have a well built body and a charming personality (well you believe you do) you have always found it difficult to make friends and therefore are relatively unknown to most of the people who you spend time with. You have often commented that your only two skills are martial arts and physics, and this is absolutely true: you have trained in ancient martial arts for your entire life and therefore know how to, through intense concentration, effect the world around you, a power which has been sometimes been called magic.

You are a very solitary guy, and you prefer to spend most of your time training your martial arts in an unused dojo not far from your home, and as such have only a single friend and no close relationship with any of your family.

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

A familiar annoying wakeup call shakes you out of your sleep. A slow turn of your head shows you that there is some glowing thing floating by your bed. Slowly this resolves itself into an alarm clock display showing numbers that suggest that the time is 7:00, wake-up time according to the alarm.

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep* *Be* SMACK.

With the alarm clock taken care of, you clamber out of bed and jump in the shower. As the hot water runs over your body, you feel the fog of sleep clear from your head.

Holding out your hand you focus your mind on the water falling towards your hand and whisper to yourself a few words to help your concentration.

"no unda"

With this the water above your palm stops its fall and floats suspended above your hand, the spherical balls reminding you of little crystals. Your mind wanders slightly and the water suddenly begins to fall again. Pleased with your abilities you finish washing and climb out the shower and get dressed.

Moving downstairs you notice that once again both your parents have disappeared off to work, leaving you alone in the house, a situation that you spend most of your time in. Having spent most of your life without the company of any family you feel unconcerned at the absence of anyone and make yourself some breakfast.

Checking the time again shows you the surprising figure of 7:43, and this figure also has the meaning of only 5 minutes before your morning college bus leaves.

"Holy Shit!" You shout and dash around the house getting all your stuff. As you approach the bus stop you are relieved to see that, though the bus is already there, the long line of people getting on will hold it up long enough for you to get to it.

As you run up to the queue you are greeted by a familiar male voice.

"Yo Cam! Sure cutting it fine today aren't ya? I can't wait for the day you miss it entirely, you lazy git."

The voice belongs to your only proper friend, a fellow martial artist by the name of William Halfpelt, a childhood companion and your sparring partner. Together with him you originally discovered your abilities to use this 'magic', though your power is greater (as he has often commented, it's over 9000).

"So how you feeling this morning mate? Decided to drag your arse into college after all?"

With that he playfully punches you on the arm, an action that that starts up one of your mock play-fights. You and he flick punches at each other for a few minutes before moving back to the queue and climbing onto the bus. You wave your pass at the driver before climbing up the stairs to the top deck of the bus.

At this early stage in the morning the bus is virtually empty, and so you take a pair of seats at the back of the bus, and Will sits at the front next to his current girlfriend.

You sit staring out of the window aimlessly, looking out into the cloudy countryside, coloured a dull grey by the lack of sunlight and the cold. Sighing you turn around to put your back against the window and spot a girl sitting opposite you.

She has a great figure, your body instantly realises, and the short miniskirt and tight t-shirt just go to accentuate this fact. Long, silky black hair falls down her back and from looking at her face and legs you can tell she is rather pale-skinned. As you look up her legs you notice with a distinct pleasure that her position of seating has drawn up her already short skirt to nearly expose her arse.

Pulling up your knees to your chest to hide any potential embarrassment you continue to observe the girl. She turns her head toward you so you look away, not wanting to be noticed to be staring.

The bus journey drags on and on, and you keep glancing at the girl, maybe you could think of something to do to pass the time?

Deciding that teasing this girl will be much more enjoyable than staring out the window you turn your head and take another long look at her. The tight t-shirt she is wearing displays her ample breasts nicely, so you decide to start there.

Obviously doing anything noticeable will get you in a whole pile of trouble, so you decide to make good use of your 'magic' abilities. A little bit of telekinesis would be perfect in this situation.

Focusing your mind on the desired goal, you whisper a few words to yourself:

"trucido pectus"

Then with another quick flick of your mind, you attach the telekinetic hand's feeling to your real one, and then send it over to the girl. As you position the hand over her breast you squeeze, feeling the softness of her.

The girl jumps at the sudden feeling and looks around in slight panic before settling down again.

You decide to give another squeeze with your telekinetic hand and the girl jumps again, though slightly less this time. After she settle down you continue to massage her breast, and the girl settles down and takes it, the only indication that you are doing anything is a slight blush spreading across her cheeks, and a slight increase in her breathing rate.

You pick up your massaging, beginning to properly knead her big tits, and the girls breathing increases in response, her heavy chest rising and falling with each breath. You are glad you are sitting at the back, out of view of most people, as the girl would probably be noticed otherwise, and that would ruin your fun.

Seeing the girl begin to enjoy this so much gives you an idea. The girls shifting has hiked up her short skirt even more, you notice on further inspection. Your curiosity of what lies under that piece of fabric rises, and you decide to take a little look.

Again resorting to the magic you have so meticulously trained yourself in, you focus your mind to craft a difficult spell. With the image of your intended result fixed in your mind you whisper a string of words,

"patefacio meus visum quod permissum mihi animadverto"

With this you close your eyes, and open your magical ones.

A front-on vision of the girl greets you, almost as if you were sitting right in front of her. You slowly move your vision down her body until you are nearly beneath her, and are looking up at her crossed legs. Moving your telekinetic hands down her body you grip her legs and gently push them open. The girl doesn't resist even in the slightest, and eagerly spreads her legs for you, obviously your earlier groping has excited her, even though she is unaware of its source.

Lifting up her tiny skirt you can see a small pair of lacy black panties, which you promptly grip and pull off. You push the girls legs further apart and lift her skirt up higher, completely exposing her pussy to your probing hands. You slowly move your hands up the inside of her thighs, and by the increase in the breathing of the girl it's obvious she can feel your hands as well. A glistening on the lips of her pussy tell you that she is extremely aroused by your exploration, and perfectly ready for your next move.

As your hands touch her slick pussy you begin to massage the outer lips, eliciting a gasp from the girl. You continue to tease her slit, taking pleasure in the fact that the girl keeps pushing her hips forward in an attempt to make your hands finish the work that they started.

You decide to finally follow her suggestion and move your right hand to press into the top of her pussy, searching for her hard little nub of flesh that will bring her to an orgasm. A sudden jerk from the girl, accompanied by a loud gasp tells you that you have found her clit, and with this knowledge you start massaging and working the sensitive little bud, making the girl have to cover her mouth to prevent any loud noises betraying her to the surrounding bus.

Focusing your mind you modify the shape of your left hand into that of a rounded tube about an inch and a half in diameter, with ridges up its length, and bring it up to the girls pussy lips. Poking her hole with the telekinetic dildo you let the girl prepare herself for the large object.

You begin to push the dildo into the girl's soaking slit, making her emit a muffled gasp, a gasp that is repeated as each ridge slides into her slippery core. You begin to slide the dildo in and out of her slit, whilst using the other telekinetic hand to continue rubbing her clit. The dual pleasuring that you are administering to the girl, coupled with the eroticness of the public place, rapidly bring the girl to her climax, and her tight cunt begins to spasm around your dildo, her body shaking and her hand clasped firmly over her mouth, letting only muffled moans sneak out.

Her convulsions soon cease, and she collapses down, spent from your attentions, and you dismiss the summoned appendages. Opening your actual eyes you look over at the slightly dishevelled and exhausted looking girl opposite and smile to yourself, this wasn't such a boring bus journey after all.

Looking back out the window you notice you are approaching the college grounds, and the bus journey is nearly over.

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