tagIncest/TabooA Brother & Sister Ch. 09

A Brother & Sister Ch. 09


Steve returned to the room and sat down on the other side of his sister so that she was sandwiched between he and Emily, Jordan left on his own on a separate chair, staring wistfully at the threesome on the couch, his mind tossing up memories of their last encounter when Adriana had been present and driving things.

As they continued to watch the movie, Julie found herself wanting more. She was wet from having sucked on her brother's cock and sitting in such close proximity to Emily was driving her to distraction. She put her hand on Emily's thigh, caressing it, letting her know that she was there, moving it up towards her crotch. Emily shifted her butt, sliding it forwards and spreading her legs slightly. Julie smiled to herself as she watched the movie and moved her other hand to Steve's cock, giving it a squeeze. She hadn't been sure how Emily would react, especially with Jordan in the room and was turned on by the fact that she was being complicit so far.

Jordan flicked his gaze from the movie to his sister and cousins on the couch and was surprised to see that at this point Julie had her brother's cock out and was stroking it with one hand, whilst her other was resting high up on Emily's thigh. His cock stiffened as he watched and he felt a surge of jealousy, being stuck on his own, away from the action.

He saw Emily reach across herself with her left hand and begin to caress Julie's wondrous breast and wished that he could do the same, or even get to touch his sister again.

Julie announced that she needed to pee and stood up, leaving Steve with his cock out and Emily looking across at him. He smiled at her and returned his attention to the movie. Emily tried to watch the movie, but found her gaze drawn again and again to Steve's exposed and massive cock. She remembered how big it had felt and decided that she'd like to know that feeling again. She leaned towards him and reached over and took it in her hand, moaning at the massive girth. She gripped the shaft and moved her hand up and down, feeling the smooth skin slide over the hard shaft beneath.

Steve moaned as his cousin started to manipulate his cock with her hand and reached around her so that he could cup her breast in his hand, squeezing it. He caught Jordan watching out of the corner of his eye and winked at him, just as he felt Emily engulf the head of his dick in her mouth.

Julie walked back into the room, greeted by the sight of Emily sucking on Steve's cock. "And here I was trying to be good and you just leap ahead to this!" she laughed. Emily stopped quickly and looked up in embarrassment.

"Um, it just kind of called to me," she giggled.

"Well don't let me stop you!" Julie laughed, moving to sit on the other side of Emily. Taking her advise, Emily resumed sucking on Steve's cock. Julie for her part, tugged at the track pants that Emily was wearing until she had them off over her ankles. Then she slipped her fingers between her legs and caressed her pussy, feeling the moisture build until she slid two fingers into her hole. She pulled them out again and sucked on them before positioning herself so that she could apply her tongue to her clitoris. Emily accommodated the positional change.

"You know, its not really fair of you all to just leave me over here on my own like this," Jordan said, stroking his cock through his pants as he watched the action transpiring.

"Well you'll have to ask your sister if you can get some satisfaction, because you already know my position," Julie replied.

"He could always suck or fuck Steve," Emily suggested, bringing a chorus of "Ewwwwwws," from the two guys.

"I don't know, guys have no sense of adventure," Emily laughed, taking Steve's cock back in her mouth. "God, I want this in me Steve, let me sit on your cock," she added.

Julie stopped licking at Emily's clit and Emily moved to sit on Steve's cock, sliding her way down until she had as much as she could take within her. Then she slid up and down over and over again, Julie watching closely. She reached out and played with Emily's breast.

"Come one Jordan, there's a spare tit here," she advised him, indicating his sister's other breast. Jordon moved over, asking his sister if she was ok with that.

"Of fuck, just do it to me Jordan," she said, her body already close to orgasm as she rode Steve's cock. Jordan took his sister's nipple in his mouth, sucking and pulling on it as Julie performed similarly on the other. Emily squealed and her body shook as she came. Julie stopped sucking on her tit and watched as fluid dripped from her pussy over Steve.

"Oh man I think you squirted again!' Julie said. "I want to see you do that without anything in the way!"

"God, you'll have to give me some time first!" Emily replied, falling to the couch, her body still shaking, Steve's erect cock slipping from her pussy.

"Fuck that looks good," Julie told her brother, indicating his cock spearing skywards, glistening with Emily's juices. She lowered her mouth down and licked and sucked all over his cock and balls until he was clean of the labours of Emily's pleasure. Then she assumed the position that Emily had just vacated.

As she rode up and down his cock, Jordan sat nearby, stroking his cock, clearly looking for some way to get himself off.

"Of fuck it Jordan, come here and I'll blow you," Julie moaned, the sight of a second cock driving her to the point of slackening her ban. Jordan all but leapt to his feet at the sudden concession and Julie soon found her mouth full of cock as her pussy was pounded as well.

She continued like this briefly before Steve announced that he was going to cum. Julie quickly got off his cock and was going to suck it, but found that Emily had beaten her to it and had to settle for watching as her brother's cock erupted into her mouth, his cum squeezing out of her mouth and oozing down her chin.

Julie turned back to Jordan, "I may as well finish you off then," she said and took him back into her mouth, using her tongue, teeth and lips to bring him to orgasm. As they all moved to return to watching the last of the movie, Emily told Julie that she needed to have an orgasm too!

Julie lay back and allowed Emily to kneel between her legs and caress her bald pussy with her tongue, telling the two guys to work her tits over whilst it happened. They willingly participated and soon, with both nipples being stretched, sucked and pleasured along with her clit, Julie too exploded with an orgasm.

"You know, I think its time that we brought Mum in on our little money-making operation," Steve said to Julie one night after their cousins had returned to England. "It will give our audience something new along with another reason to give us their money."

"Sounds like fun to me," Julie said as they went through the emails that they received from all of their admirers "Are you going to ask her?"

"Yeah, I'll do it," Steve said.

It was on the next weekend that Steve found himself alone in the house with his mother.

"Hey Mum, you know how Julie and I have been fucking and broadcasting it on the internet in return for money?"

"Yes?" she said, her body tingling at the memory of having watched her two offspring and the fun that they'd had together.

"Well we were wondering if you'd like to be part of an on-line threesome? We'd split the money with you …"

"Sure, it sounds like fun to me, I always enjoyed your shows and getting to be in one would be fun,"

"Cool. We just need to find a night when Dad isn't going to be home so that we can set it up. Can you let me know?"

"Only if you get that gorgeous cock of yours out for me," Olivia said to her son, part of her wondering at the chain of events that had led to a casual conversation about such an outrageous (in terms of the way most of the world thought) arrangement. But those parts of her that got excited at such prospects were already reacting as her son pulled his shorts down to expose his massive and rapidly hardening member.

Olivia got down on her knees so that she could truly appreciate her son's monster cock.

Steve stood beside his mother, his cock sliding between her lips as she sucked his length, slurping and licking in conjunction with her head movements, her fingers stroking his balls. She swirled her tongue around the swollen head before lifting his cock and running her tongue from its tip, down along the underside until she reached his sack. She sucked a testicle into her mouth and rolled it around before repeating the performance on the other.

Steve allowed his mother to pleasure him with her mouth for a few minutes before telling her that he wanted to fuck her.

Olivia stood up and Steve started attacking the various fastenings on her clothes until he was peeling her underwear from her body. Then he sat her back upon the couch. So that he could kneel on the floor between her legs and direct his cock inside her smooth, bare pussy lips.

Olivia crooked her neck to watch as her son slid his massive member inside her, feeling it stretch and fill her pussy until he pulled back again, beginning to slide in and out of her, each thrust sending waves of pleasure through her body.

Steve used his hands to fondle his mother's tits, as he too watched his cock sliding in and out of her pussy.

"That's it Steve, fuck my pussy," Olivia told him. "I want my pussy full of your cum, Steve." Steve thrust quicker and harder, his fingers now pulling and dragging on her nipples as he worked away at her, his orgasm building in his balls, ready to explode through his body.

Olivia reached out and pulled on her son's nipples as he pulled hers and the sensation was enough to topple Steve over the edge. His cock exploded and he shot his load of cum deep within her womb. Feeling Steve orgasm, Olivia dropped her fingers to her clit and began working it, telling Steve to hold his cock inside her.

It didn't take Olivia long and she soon exploded with her own orgasm around her son's cock, before allowing him to withdraw it, telling him that she'd clean him off. Steve stood up again and Olivia leant forwards to suck him, tasting their mingled juices on the smooth skin of his cock.

There was a sound from the front of the house, and Dave called out to see who was home. Olivia picked up her clothes, fleeing to the bedroom, hissing at Steve to tell his father that she'd been taking a nap. Steve dragged his shorts back on and headed towards the front of the house to head his father off.

"G'day Steve, are you the only one home?" his father asked as Steve appeared.

"Nahh, Mum's home, but I think she went to take a nap."

"What a waste of a glorious day," laughed Dave as he turned to head for the bedroom, leaving Steve to his own devices.

Dave opened the door to the bedroom and found his wife snuggled under the doona on the queen-sized bed that they shared. He walked over quietly and knelt down beside the bed, placing a gentle kiss on her forehead. Her eyes opened sleepily and she smiled as recognition passed across her face.

"Hey there," Dave said.

"Hey honey."

"Fancy finding you in bed on such a beautiful day."

"Well, I didn't come here to sleep … it just happened," she replied with a slight laugh.

"Oh? If not to sleep, why were you here?" Dave asked with a twinkle in his eye. Olivia took his hand in response and slid it under the doona to her naked breast, squeezing, assisting him to fondle what he found. Then she abandoned his hand and as he continued to manipulate her breast, reached out and attacked his pants until she'd freed his now hard member. She pulled him closer and took her husband's cock in her mouth, working him over like she had to her son not long before.

"Suddenly, being in bed on such a beautiful day seems perfectly natural," Dave laughed, throwing back the doona to expose his wife's naked body. He pulled himself away from her mouth and climbed over her, her legs separating as he moved between them, assuming a missionary position, the head of his cock probing at her saturated lips.

Olivia spread her legs and thrust upwards as Dave slid his cock home in one fluid movement. They moved together then in a well-practiced rhythm that never grew old, cock and pussy locked in a silken, moving embrace.

Dave quickened his pace as his arousal grew, until Olivia stopped him.

"I want to taste your cock again, I want to suck myself off of you." Dave grinned and moved so that Olivia could again take his cock in her mouth. She moaned in pleasure as his large erection was thrust within her mouth. Little did Dave know that what Olivia was truly excited about was the taste of her son's cum on her husband's cock.

She hadn't had time to get to the bathroom and so had jumped into bed and pretended to be asleep, her son's cum oozing from her pussy as she lay there. Now she was sucking that cum from Dave's member and the thought of it drove her wild, her fingers found and caressed her clit, working her to the brink of orgasm.

"Fuck me again," she said, giving her clit just a moment's respite before Dave again thrust home within her, building his speed until he was slamming his cock into her pussy time and time again. Olivia fingered her clit and brought on her orgasm, her whole being shuddering and shaking as it passed through her. Feeling his wife explode, Dave allowed himself to follow suit, filling her with his seed as his cock strained and spurted with each eruption.

As Dave lay recovering beside her, Olivia ran her fingers through the cum that was oozing from her pussy, bringing some to her mouth as Dave watched. She sucked it from her fingers, wondering what he would say if he knew that some of that cum wasn't his, but his own son's.

Julie sat in the doctor's surgery, eyeing the curve of the shape of the arse as it's owner bent over to replace something she'd been using for a previous patient.

"What a sexy arse," Julie thought to herself before the young female doctor turned and sat down in the chair opposite her.

"So Julie, what can I do for you, you certainly look well enough," she asked.

"Well, its pretty simple really, I want a prescription for the pill."


"You sound surprised," Julie said, genuinely amused by the reaction of the doctor.

"I guess that in the conversations we've had in the past, we've not discussed this," replied the doctor. I guess I never thought of you as sexually active, bizarre though it seems when I look at you … why wouldn't a gorgeous young woman of your age be active?"

Julie laughed and blushed, pleased by the compliment, surprised that she'd heard it at all from her doctor of all people. Julie had been seeing her for a while now after her previous family doctor had retired. She hadn't particularly liked the guy that had taken his place (she always felt that he was undressing her with his eyes and leering) but when he'd brought Carolyn to the practice, she'd been pleased. It had been just in time to stop her seeking an alternate to treat her!

Ever since she'd started having sex with Adriana, she'd found herself having the occasional fantasy about Carolyn. She was shorter than Julie and not overly buxom, but she had a beautiful curve to her hips that set Julie afire. And there was something in the way that she held Julie's gaze with her brown eyes that she found exciting. Julie was always the first to look away, though she couldn't say why.

"So, can I get a prescription?"

"Of course, I just need to advise you of the potential side affects and alternatives so that you can make an informed choice."

"Sounds, fair," Julie said. And with that Dr Carolyn proceeded to inform Julie of her various options, at the end of which, Julie asked her, "So, what do you use?"


"Yeah, I figure if a doctor chooses something then there's probably a good reason for it."

"Ahh, well that makes sense, but I don't use anything."

"What, you just risk getting pregnant?"

"Er, no …"

"What, you gave up sex or something?"

"Um, well actually, I just don't have sex with people that can get me pregnant." Julie stared at her for a while, somewhat mystified, before it dawned on her.

"Ooooooohhh, you're a lesbian!" Julie said, laughing.

"Uh, yeah, so anyway," the doctor said, blushing, "do you still want to go with the pill?"

"Yeah, I do." Julie said. "um, do you have a girlfriend?"

"Pardon?" Carolyn asked in the action of reaching for her prescription pad.

"I asked if you have a girlfriend."

"Well, no, not at the moment," Carolyn answered, surprised that she was so willingly giving up the information. She'd enjoyed Julie's visits from the very first one. She was hot and did things to Carolyn that she thought that she'd not have to worry about being a female doctor. At least, any other time that she'd felt attracted to a patient nothing had ever happened and they'd never found out she was a lesbian either. There were a few male patients who'd tried to crack on to her, but she'd always advised them that that sort of thing was forbidden between doctor and patient. One had even offered to go see another doctor so he could ask her out, but she'd politely declined.

"Hmm," Julie said.

"Hmm, what?" Carolyn asked, feeling a stirring in her loins as thoughts she shouldn't be having whisked through her mind.

"Oh just that every time I leave here I end up going home and wondering what it would be like if I asked for a vaginal examination and you ended up doing it with a lot of love, care and tongue," Julie said, her tongue flicking seductively across her lips, her eyes twinkling with excitement.

Carolyn stared at her patient, her mouth hanging open, unsure if she really had heard what she'd thought she had.

"Just because I want condoms, doesn't mean I'm immune to a bit of fun with a woman as hot as yourself you know," Julie answered. She moved from the chair and sat upon the edge of the examination bed, spreading her legs and moving the hem of her skirt higher and higher until the pink cotton panties that she was wearing were exposed.

"Julie, I can't do this … there are protocols …"

"You said can't, but do you want to?" Julie sensed the hesitation and as she had with her family, pushed and probed at the weakness, the thought of seducing her doctor sending her insides to mush, her loins tingling.

"Wait a moment," Carolyn said. "Jenny, can you please let the waiting patients know that there will be a delay, I need a bit more time with Julie," she said into her phone as Julie watched, her anticipation building.

Carolyn moved over to where Julie was sitting on the examination table, legs astride. She stood between her long, slender legs and her hands began to caress the smooth skin of Julie's calves, moving slowly upwards, touching her thighs.

Julie found herself holding her breath. She hadn't expected such a sudden turn around. She'd expected more resistance, denial, hesitation, but not the sudden commanding touch that she was now feeling sliding towards her panties and what lay within. The two women's eyes held each other, locked, daring, curious, piercing each other as each waited for any indication that they should stop. There was no such indicator.

Julie felt a finger run gently down the crotch of her panties, knowing that Carolyn would be feeling the moisture that had quickly accumulated there. Julie reached out and ran a finger down her doctor's cheek, then further down, along her neck, across her collarbone and down along the line of her blouse until she encountered the first button.

She released it, then the next, and then another, moving the sheer fabric of the blouse aside to reveal a pale blue bra encapsulating what Julie knew she would find to be a lovely pair of small breasts. Seeing them in the bra reminded her of her cousin Emily. They were of a similar size.

As Julie worked to undo the rest of the blouse, she gasped. Carolyn had just pulled aside the crotch of her panties and caressed her bald labia before sliding a finger inside. Julie worked quickly and managed to get Carolyn's blouse to fall from her shoulders so that she could revel in the sight of her upper body, only the pale blue bra hiding the breasts that she desperately wanted to see and caress, but Carolyn wasn't waiting and had dropped to her knees.

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