tagIncest/TabooA Brother & Sister Ch. 11

A Brother & Sister Ch. 11


Ch. 11 - The RV

"You booked a what?" Olivia asked?

"An RV holiday," Dave laughed. "I've always wanted to do it, you me, Julie and Steve on a road trip, cooking over an open fire at night ..."

"Oh my god, the kids will have a fit! I mean we haven't done anything like that since they were kids," Olivia groaned. "I can't believe you didn't talk to us first and just booked it. I don't exactly find the idea of camping fun you know."

"Hell, it won't even be camping, the RV is massive it has a shower, toilet, hell it's even got a big screen TV in it, you won't be missing out on your luxuries."

"Well thank God for that. With all that on board, it might just be bearable, but I'm not going to be the one to tell the kids that they are expected to come too."

"Hey, I'll tell them, don't worry about it," Dave assured her.


Julie sat staring out the window as the RV cruised along the highway. There wasn't much to look at outside, just small trees and shrubs and a seemingly endless amount of nothing. Steve sat across from her at the small table, PSP in hand and ignoring everything that was going on around them. Julie sighed. She knew that there was going to be boring bits on the trip, but it was the first day, so as much as the thought of a campfire and night amongst the stars might be appealing, she really couldn't be stuffed sitting through the endless nothing that would lead up to it.

As she sat there longer, listening to her parents reminisce about the trips they'd taken when the kids were young, Julie laughed inside her head. Her mother had been the most reluctant of them all to go on this trip, but as soon as they'd set off, she'd been the one that seemed happiest with the arrangement.

Julie looked around for something to do and eventually decided to get a magazine. She unclipped her seat belt and went to where she'd stashed her back pack full of 'might need that to survive the drive' supplies and saw Steve's next to it. She opened it quickly, wondering if he had anything interesting in there. She found a porn magazine and grabbed it, returning to clip herself into the seat. Steve glanced up briefly but obviously didn't know what she'd done. She placed the magazine inside one of her own for fun and hid the fact that she was looking at it from him.

She eyed her way through the magazine, checking out the pictures before bothering with any of the words. She quickly found herself squeezing her legs together as her body started to react to the mag's contents. She attempted to let one hand to drift down between her legs to rub the crotch of the daisy dukes she was wearing against her pussy, but then she couldn't hold the magazine properly.

When she reached a picture where two guys had emptied nice thick loads of white cum over a girl's tits she almost moaned aloud, wishing that she had some cum to rub into her own breasts. She settled for flicking at her nipples and making them nice and stiff within her bra.

By the time that she'd been through all the pictures her panties were wet and Julie was horny enough to be looking for more than just mental stimulation. She glanced to where her brother was still engrossed in his video game and decided that he needed distracting. She raised her bare foot and slid it up the inside of his thigh, feeling his bare skin with her foot. It was enough to get him to look up and smile as he saw the look on his sister's face, but not enough to keep him from returning to his game.

Julie grinned as his gaze left her. Steve's legs parted to allow her whatever access she desired, but he wasn't going to make it any easier than that. Julie worked her foot up the inside of his baggy shorts until she could feel his massive cock with her toes and teased him as she returned her attention to the magazine, now reading some of the reader's stories that had been submitted. She felt him harden beneath the attention of her foot and she squirmed on the seat as she imagined his truly enormous cock hardening against his thigh, trapped by the leg of his shorts. Her toes caressed his firm cock as she read the magazine.

Steve tried hard to concentrate on his game. It wasn't easy with Julie working his cock with her foot, but he wanted her to be the one to come to him. He knew from the look on her face when she'd first touched him that she was horny as hell. If he could hold out long enough, she'd do anything to get his cock in her pussy. So even though he would have liked nothing more than to have put the game down and have some fun, he kept playing, losing badly as her foot worked inside his shorts, glancing up only occasionally, but noticing that her nipples were stiff even through her bra and blouse.

Julie couldn't believe that her brother was doing such a good job of holding out against her attentions and decided that she needed to push things up a notch if she was going to get him going. She undid the buttons down the front of her blouse until only the lowest two remained fastened and shifted it so that the next time that Steve looked up he'd see the bare skin of her breasts crushed together, her Victoria's Secret bra amplifying her already considerable cleavage.

Steve did glance up and quickly looked back down when he realized that Julie was trying to take things to another level. He knew that if he allowed himself to stare at her cleavage too long, he'd cave in and throw himself at her, being a sucker for her C cup breasts and perky nipples. Julie's foot renewed its teasing and Greg bit back a moan as he started yet another game, quickly bombing yet again.

Julie worked her foot up and down Steve's shaft as much as she could and at the point that she realized that she could feel precum, thought that she had him. Yet still Steve persisted in ignoring her. Julie couldn't take it any longer and decided that she'd had enough. She undid her seatbelt and stood up, stretching herself a little before kneeling down on the floor of the RV, pleased that Steve at least had the decency to glance up as her breasts were thrust out toward him. There wasn't much room under the table, but she worked her way in there anyway, her hands pushing Steve's legs apart and sliding the left leg of his shorts up so that the end of his cock was accessible. She grabbed him through the fabric with one hand, pumping his shaft and then ran her tongue delicately over the tip of his cock. When she took him deep into her mouth, she finally heard him gasp in reaction, his cock twitching as she sucked it.

Steve felt his sister's mouth close over the head of his cock and couldn't help but moan as her tongue swirled around it, teasing him delightfully. Now that she was under the table, he gave up any pretence of playing his game and slid his butt forward, thrusting himself at her mouth. He glanced back toward the front of the RV, wondering if either of his parents had any idea that mere hours into their holiday, Julie was up to her usual antics. They had pulled across the privacy curtain to keep the light from the rear of the RV from distraction to the driver though and as far as he could tell, they were both focused on the road ahead and not worrying about the kids. From where he sat, Steve leaned back into the corner of the window and focused on enjoying the talents of Julie's mouth as she sucked him off.

Julie loved her brother's enormous cock, but could tell that things were getting a little uncomfortable for him as he worked toward a full erection. His shorts were restricting him and so she pulled at them, letting him know that she wanted him to take them off. Steve lifted his arse and allowed her to pull them down his legs, moaning as his cock was freed. He had to adjust himself so that it didn't just push up against the underside of the table and found that it was now lying up against his belly, past the edge of the table.

Julie eyed off the monster before her as Steve freed himself and adjusted his cock. She sighed though as she realized that she wasn't going to be able to suck him now that he was pointing back up over his belly. There wasn't room to get her head past the edge of the table. She pushed his legs apart and sucked at his balls instead, drawing one then the other into her mouth, allowing them to pop out again as she pulled her head back. Frustrated by the lack of access under the table, Julie extricated herself and sat back down on her seat.

"Want to go back to the bed?" Julie asked her brother.

"Kind of illegal isn't it? We're supposed to have seatbelts on," Steve replied, a sly grin splitting his face.

"Oh, so you're worried about that even though you're quite alright with your sister gulping down your cum?" Julie retorted.

"Well, one's more of a safety issue really."

"Well, I'm going back there, so you can either join me or stay, but either way, I'll be cumming real soon," Julie said, standing up and moving into the back of the RV. The bed that was back there was segregated from the front of the RV, with a privacy door to close and Julie quickly stripped her clothes off, lay back and allowed her fingers to provide the pleasure, feeling her slick wet pussy as she explored.

Julie grinned when she saw her brother come around the corner to stand at the foot of the bed. He wasn't fully erect, but she'd left him horny enough that his erection was evident enough (at his size it was pretty evident even if he wasn't hard!). Julie expected Steve to drop his pants, but instead he climbed up between her legs, kissing and licking at her thighs. Juile moaned as he closed in on her pussy and ran his tongue teasingly over her pussy lips.

"Oh God Steve, eat me," Julie begged as her brother's tongue parted her lips and delved between them, flicking and teasing. She grabbed his head as she thrust her pussy at him, needing the pleasure and desperate for relief.

Steve sucked and nibbled his sister's pussy lips and clit, tasting her and pausing occasionally to see the light glistening off her wet lips. He loved getting her so worked up that her pussy juices ran from her pussy and down between her butt cheeks. When he could see the trail, he stopped, much to Julie's disappointment. He leaned over her, sucking on her nipples as adoringly as he'd done to her pussy and busied his hands with the task of removing his clothes.

"Oh yes Steve, I want the monster. Give it to me please," She begged him once she realized what he was doing. Steve discarded the last of his clothes and knelt between her legs, holding his erection before him.

"Suck it first Julie," he said. Julie sat up and dropped her mouth over the top, stretching her lips wide as she took him. She wrapped both hands around his shaft and pumped it as her mouth slid up and down. She felt Steve's hand on her head pushing her down and his massive cock was pushed to the back of her throat. He held her until she gagged, her oral fluids sliding down his shaft. She ran her hands up and down, using it as lubricant.

"Dirty fucker," she grinned up at him as she got her breath.

"Yeah you love it," he teased back, pushing at her head again. Julie allowed him to again force her mouth down over his cock until she gagged a second time.

"Fuck me Steve, I need you inside me," she begged when she was allowed to release him again. She lay back on the bed, pulling her knees wide and away, exposing herself to him completely. Steve grinned and positioned his cock to slide it inside, groaning as he felt her tight pussy glide along his shaft. Julie moaned luxuriously as she was invaded. Steve managed to get about half of his cock in her pussy before she had to stop him. He pulled back out and drove it in again, beginning to build up a rhythm as Julie encouraged him, asking for his cock in her wet pussy. Steve was only too happy to oblige, pumping his sister with his cock as her hands moved to her tits, squeezing and pulling at her nipples. Steve loved it when she pulled her nipples hard, distending them. He leaned down to suck one and Julie pushed it at his face, arching her back as his cock filled her as well.

It was enough for Julie and she whimpered as she came, her pussy clutching at the cock that continued to invade her, heedless of her orgasmic state. Julie wrapped her legs behind Steve's back, holding him from further action, keeping his meat inside her. Steve kept trying to pump her full of his cock, close to cumming and desiring his own relief. He felt his balls tensing and the instant Julie allowed him some movement, worked his cock furiously in and out until he was exploding, filling his sister's cunt with his cum. He gushed and gushed and Julie felt it seep around his cock and down between her butt cheeks.

"Oh fuck!" Steve said when he was sated. "I guess mum and dad will be pissed," he laughed as he stood and surveyed the mess that they'd left on the bed their parents would share.

"Well we can't let them get too angry, can we?" she said and quickly moved from the bed. Steve wondered what she'd do and choked in amazement when she leaned over and started licking and sucking his cum from the bed cover.

"God Julie, you are such a filthy whore!" he laughed.

"Want some?" she asked, looking at him with her tongue swirling in the thick white seed on the bed.

"No fucking way!" he laughed.

"hmm, I wish Adriana was here, she'd help me get it all cleaned up," Julie sighed wistfully. Steve thought of his hot cyclist cousin eating his cum with Julie and sighed as well.

"Yeah, that would be fucking hot," he agreed.


Dave pulled the RV into the park at last, smiling at Olivia.

"Here we are!" he declared, stretching. "Time to get some sleep so we can enjoy the day tomorrow! Olivia threw back the curtain that had been separating them from the kids and smiled at them, sitting at the table.

"See that wasn't so bad, was it?" she asked as if seeking confirmation. "Find enough to keep you busy?"

"Yeah, we survived," Steve answered.

"Well, time to turn that table into a bed then," Dave said, coming through to the back of the bus. Steve and Julie busied themselves with getting ready to sleep and their dad declared that he was off to find a tree to piss on. Olivia headed to the toilet of the RV before going to the rear bed that she'd share with Dave

"You dirty little fucks!" she declared from the bedroom when she made it that far. Steve and Julie exchanged a glance and laughed as their indignant mother came back to where they were.

"Did you really have to mess up the bed before I even get to sleep on it?" she asked.

"Sorry Mum, it was Julie's fault, she made me so horny I couldn't help it!"

"Oh yeah, I'm sure you were totally reluctant!" Olivia laughed. Dave came back in at that point and Olivia just rolled her eyes at the kids before moving back to make the bed suitable.

"Where are you sleeping?" Steve asked Julie.

"Right here on the table, you can have the fold out couch," she told him.

"Oh shit, I want the table," Steve said.

"Too bad. You don't get it," Julie said. "But if you're nice, you might get to enjoy the fact that you let me win." Julie winked at him. Steve gave up with a melodramatic sigh and threw his sleeping bag down on the couch.

"Put these on for me," Julie said to Steve, holding out the jeans that she'd just turned into cut off shorts.

"Oh come on, no guys wear cutoffs anymore!" Steve complained. "And besides, swimming in denim isn't exactly going to be pleasant."

"A bet's a bet and you lost, so put them on," Julie insisted, enjoying her brother's discomfort. Steve dropped the shorts that he was wearing to the floor, revealing the fact that he'd worn no underwear. Julie smiled, admiring his long cock, hanging substantially down his thigh as he took the cut offs from her. He pulled them on and settled them in place. Julie stepped close to him and ran her hand down his cock until she had the end in her grasp. The material hung another inch or two beneath his cock which was further than Julie wanted. She knelt down in front of him.

"Ok, almost perfect, I just need them for another minute" Julie told him, undoing the button and fly and sliding them down his legs. She eyed off his cock as he stepped out of the shorts and couldn't help but caress it. It instantly started to harden beneath the attention and Julie grabbed it and sucked the head into her mouth, moaning as she felt her brother's cock grow harder in her mouth.

"I thought we were swimming," Steve commented as he watched his sister slide her mouth over his cock.

"We are, but not just yet." Julie told him. She sucked him until he was fully hard and then let him go, skipping off to the back of the RV and shutting the privacy door despite his protests. She grabbed the scissors that she'd used to trim the jeans and took another inch and a half from around each leg, knowing that this would now mean that they'd be dangerously close to showing his knob when he wore them, which was of course the entire purpose of her plan.

She stripped out of her own clothes and slid on her white bikini, knowing that the top went see-through when it was wet. She just hoped that there'd be some talent down at the pier so that it wouldn't be wasted and only seen by ugly lecherous old me. Good looking lecherous old men was another story, she thought to herself with a giggle. She adjusted the bottoms, the back being nice and small; not a thong, but certainly revealing plenty of the taut flesh of her smooth round butt.

"Damn," Steve said when she reappeared in her bikini, holding the shorts out for him. Steve took them and changed again. "Geez Julie, I almost hang out the bottom!" he noted, feeling the air on the end of his cock. He sat down and Julie smiled. She could see his knob as he sat. Julie pulled on a pair of scandalously short daisy dukes before grabbing her brother's hand and leading him from the RV so that they could walk to the pier.

"Remember, you're my boyfriend, not my brother," Julie told him as they walked.

"Why?" Steve asked, enjoying the fact that they were holding hands as they strolled down the street of the small country town.

"Because no one knows us here and we can be nice to each other without anyone being the wiser," She smiled, stepping in front of him and stopping. Steve stepped into the arms that were held for him and lowered his face to where Julie's. They kissed passionately.

"I can see how it might have its advantages," Steve smiled as they broke apart and kept walking. He had to adjust his cock as it momentarily stiffened in response to the kiss. The two of them strolled down the pier to the end where there were a couple of kids hanging around; some of them leaping from the pier into the cool ocean water below, others just sun bathing.

Steve and Julie found a place to dump their stuff, Julie happily conscious of the looks that the two of them were receiving from the people that were already there. It pleased her that the girls were checking out her brother just as much as the guys were ogling her. Julie laughed at Steve, because when he sat on his towel, the knob of his cock was clearly evident at the close range she was at and he was very very self conscious about it.

"Hey, don't worry, just flaunt it," Julie said, leaning in and kissing him, her hand slipping inside the leg of his shorts to touch it.

"Aww crap Jules, I don't know if I can take it if you get me horny," Steve laughed. Julie gave him a break for a moment before asking him to put her sunscreen on. While Steve fumbled with the container, Julie stood up and slid her Daisy dukes down her legs, bending with her arse pointed to the group of guys that she considered hottest. She glanced behind to confirm that all of the boys were staring at her arse. Pleased with herself, she lay down in front of Steve, ready for the sunscreen.

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