tagIncest/TabooA Bulgarian Story Ch. 01

A Bulgarian Story Ch. 01


As he sat on the plane, Ben's large penis throbbed inside his trousers at the thought of being back in Bulgaria. He had lived there before for six months, around four years before, and had enjoyed some good sex with his then-girlfriend Evgeniya, Geniya for short (pronounced Jen-ee-ah). Of all the women he had fucked, Geniya had the prettiest cunt, and he had thought of it frequently over the four years since he had seen her. It was tight without being small, a snug fit, nearly always wet for him, and smelt and tasted delicious. The rest of her wasn't too bad either: she had a tall, skinny body with cute little tits; a mouth he enjoyed kissing, with really sexy natural breath; and skilful hands that liked to play with his cock for hours. Oh, and she made really great sex noises when she came. It took her a long time to come from fucking, but he was more than up to the task of drilling her for sometimes up to an hour, and besides, he much preferred longer fucks where he could take his time, savouring the feel of a woman's cunt, and taking it and making it his.

She wasn't that pretty, but she had a cute smile and a sexy laugh, and anyway, he had a bit of a fetish for plain and even somewhat ugly girls if they had sexy bodies and loved to fuck. Geni did seem to love that; in particular, she liked having him fuck her slowly from behind, first gently and steadily, then building monotonously towards a heavy, animal finish in which he fucked the shit out of her while gripping her sexy hips and crying out unrestrainedly. He may have loved her sex noises, but she needed his. If he had stayed silent -- which would have been almost impossible anyway -- her enjoyment would have been a lot less. More than anything the reason he came to love her was that of all the women he had known, she had the greatest appreciation for his manhood. Although he wasn't extremely well-endowed, his seven inches was quite thick and had a pleasing shape and proportion. He had never had any complaints, but Geniya truly adored his cock. It was apparently the biggest cock she had actually taken inside her, and I guess that is what made the difference for her. She had been with a guy with some monstrous nine-incher, but his over-sized piece made it practically impossible to achieve much actual penetration, and, as with many extra-large dongs, he had found it difficult to keep hard all of the time. Conversely, Ben had always been blessed with the ability to get it up pretty much on demand, and keep it up as long as he wanted.

Back in the plane, he could actually feel a steady stream of pre-cum oozing out of the tip of his now boiling hot and pulsating cocks as he remembered how Geniya would worship his cock, and praise his stamina and size, and its effect on her. He thought about how it had sounded to have her whisper, in her Balkan accent, about how he stretched her open and filled her up. He was going to have to take care of this erection very soon, he thought.

Looking around him on the plane, he saw several sexy Bulgarian women. Bulgarian women all had such pleasing, healthy, feminine bodies, he thought. Not like the bloated and shapeless women that were becoming the norm in Western Europe and America. One women in particular, across the aisle from him and two rows up, had on show most of her thigh as she sat, legs uncrossed, in a simple summer dress which he began to imagine lifting up to discover a panty-less and hairy fanny. Mmm, he liked them hairy, did Ben.

In fact, in the sex chat and emails he had swapped with Geniya in the years since their last meeting, Ben had told her that he would love it if she grew her pussy hair for him, nice and long and thick, but tidily arranged in a triangle above her slit, with a little bit either side of her juicy lips. Mmm, he was really hard now.

He picked up his jacket from between his feet, and held in front of his crotch, then asked to be excused by the old man sat next to him, and squeezed out, then shuffled down the aisle and quickly locked himself in the aeroplane toilet. Though mildly embarrassed by his desperation, he quickly got down to business, bringing his meat out of its confinement, and giving it a few gentle strokes of apology before gripping it tightly and beginning to pound it steadily. The rhythm and vigour would have been brutal were it not for the copious amounts of fluid leaking out of his pisshole, and trickling over his fat shaft. He knew it would not take him long, so he conjured to mind and image of the last time he had fucked Geni.

It had been in a hotel in Veliko Tarnovo, the old capital of Bulgaria, and he had shelled out for a really nice suite. The bed had been absolutely great, and the sex was pretty good too. Though he himself had enjoyed better, even with her, for Geniya it was the best fuck of her life. She had talked about how, during her climax and for some time afterwards, she had no sense of self or where she was or anything.

Then it also flicked into his mind about how, during that fuck, Ben had begun to fantasise that Geniya was his daughter, and how it had excited him. Ben had long been interested in incestuous fantasies, and had been reading incest stories on the net for years before this point, but it was, he remembered, the first time that he had let himself go with a fantasy that the woman he was giving such a royal seeing to, was in fact his daughter. Maybe it was the strength of his feeling about such a taboo but arousing notion, that she had picked up, and had made her enjoyment of his lovemaking so heightened. As he brought the scene into full recall, and replayed it in his mind, re-imagining the shafting of her cunt, his daughter's cunt, he groaned softly and began to spunk into the bowl of the toilet. There were several big jets, each firing several dollops of thick sperm that dropped into the water with a plop. He couldn't contain another small groan, and, sensing that he could provoke a rare multiple, quickly wetted the middle finger of his left hand, reached back, and slid the finger into his asshole. His right hand never stopped wanking and he soon found himself racing into a second, more powerful orgasm. His already thick cock swelled to new heights of blood-engorged girth, and the jets became fiercer, and he came long and hard as the first knuckle of his finger fluttered in his bumhole.

As he cleaned up afterwards, still thinking about sex, Ben remembered that Geniya had also been one of the few women that liked to finger his ass. As his train of thought paused on the subject of asses, he also recalled how she had promised in her emails to let him properly fuck her up the bum the next time they met. It would be great session, he thought, there was no doubt about that.

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