tagRomanceA Cabin Far Away

A Cabin Far Away


We can hardly contain our excitement as we head north to the cabin in the woods, far far away. The drive is long, about nine hours, but it doesnt seem like it as we make small talk, giggling and acting like the hopeless romantics that we are.

I've never taken you there, but we've talked about it for hours. Describing the A-framed cabin, with the huge fireplace right in the center of the cabin, the deck that surrounds three quarters of it and the beautiful scenery just a hundred or so yards from a flowing river, surrounded by Birch trees, Elms and Maples, amongst others.

I've built a little bridge that expands a small creek half way between the cabin and the river. I tell you it's a short hike from the house, all down hill.

As we make the few final turns, we come to the driveway. I get out of the car to unlock the gate. As I do, you can feel the excitement building. You know that you've wanted to spend a quite weekend away from all of lifes little cares, and this looks like just the spot for it.

As we make the final turn, we see it, sitting back off the road, cosey in it's setting, yet larger than you expected. I quickly unload our baggage and groceries, allowing you time to acquaint yourself with the cabin.

As you look around, you notice little baubles, and souveniors. Glass trinkets adorn the cabinets, oddly placed next to and ax and maul.

You think to yourself that this is not a cabin that is accustomed to the presence of a woman, yet there are subtle things around the cabin that you recognize have had a womans touch. No this is not your ordinary man's man type of cabin, but neither is it a cabin adorned by women either.

As I bring in the last of our provisions, you ask if me start a fire to warm up the place a bit. I tell you that I'll have to chop some wood first, but you can turn on the stove if you want.

As I go off to begin chopping wood, you decide that your hungry and ask if I would like you to make something to eat.

It takes me about twenty minutes to finish chopping the wood and I bring in several logs, before placing them in the fireplace and starting a fire.

You notice the sweat that drips from the tip of my nose as I stand there making sure that I've got a good fire burning.

I turn to look at you noticing your hair, your face, your sweater, sleaves pulled up to your elbows, as you busy yourself with what looks like a feast.

I quietly walk up behind you and wrap my arms around your waist. You place your hands and arms on top of mine, cuddling up to me briefly and then telling me to go take a shower.

I laughingly oblige and head off. You decide that it's too quite, so you look thru the cd collection that I've brought and find a couple of your favorite artists. You place them in the player and turn the volume up. You begin to sway back and forth as you listen to Diana Krall's, "The look of love".

In the background you hear the shower running, as you realize that I left the bathroom door open. You dance your way toward the door and lean against the doorframe watching me thru the glass door of the shower.

You think to yourself, what a perfect setting, a perfect place to unwind, a perfect place for a romantic weekend, full of sex, full of soft kisses and caresses, full of.

After I turn off the shower, you decide that you wanna watch me towel off. You stand there, your arms crossed, watching this man who you've only just begun to know. His short hair, the goatee, graying somewhat, his hairy chest, his strong arms and back. No, he's not cut, but he's still sexy as hell you think.

I quickly towel off, unaware that you've been watching me all this time until I open the shower door and see you standing there looking beautiful as always. Your smile tells me you like what you see, but I sheepishly wrap the towel around my waist and bashfully grin and turn to look into the mirror so I can shave the stubble from my face.

"Hmmm, something smells good", I say.

The delicate smell of herbs and spices permeates the cabin.

"Oh shit!", you exclaim, "I forgot all about it"

You rush off to the kitchen.

I can hear the music in the background, a nice saxafone laced instrumental from Roy Hargrove, lilting in it's melody, yet lively enough to keep the listener interested. Then I hear another shout,


I look thru the door to see you holding a smoking pan and dumping what was to be dinner into the garbage.

I quickly finishing shaving, put on my jeans and rush to see if everythings alright. You look at me and we both laugh, knowing that the only dinner tonight won't be found in any store, or on any restaurant menu.

No, tonights dinner will consist of soft kisses as appetizers, warm caresses, hard cocks and soft wet pussies as the main course, followed by cuddling on a bearskin rug next to a fire as dessert.

Taking you into my arms, I hold you tight, giving you a soft squeeze but not letting you go. You reach around my back, placing your head upon my bare chest and we begin do dance around in short little circles.

Taking your hand in mine, I give you a quick twirl watching your hair fly around as I do, then I pull you back to me. I smell your hair, your skin and taste your lips as we kiss. The music stops then continues with a new song.

It doesnt matter whats playing now, we've become to engrossed with each other to even notice. The fire in the fire place is burning hot, the flames are blue and white with glowing red embers from the pieces that have fallen off the logs.

It's intensity pales compared to the intensity that is building between us. Our kisses have become harder, longer, deeper. Our hands are doing their own dance, mine reaching up to unbotton your sweater, yours reaching down to unbutton my jeans.

We kiss and caress our way closer to the fire, closer to the soft rug that awaits our passion. Lost in desire, we continue our dance of hands and lips, of teeth and nails, our tongues intertwined pleasing each other.

The fur from the bearskin rug makes for a soft and warm place for our interlude. It's warm from the heat of the fire and warmer still from the heat of our bodies.

I slide mine between your legs. Kissing your lips and chin, your neck and shoulders, licking and sucking each breast.

You can feel your own fire burning deep within your loins, your body telling you that you want, no need this man. You need the fulfillment that you know awaits, your own desire making you squirm beneath me, beneath my chest as I work my way down to your swollen clit.

My hands reach down to you finding your hand already there caressing your clit in little circles, round and round you go, increasing the pressure as the stimulation builds.

Not wanting you to stop, I remove my hands replacing them with my tongue. I lick your pussy between your fingers, it's soft wetness only serving to increase my already uncontrollable desire that I feel for you.

My needs take control of the situation as I struggle with my own desire and wants, but I dont wanna put myself before you.

I tell you how sexy you are, how much I want and desire you, how badly I have to have you. Urging each other on, we continue to talk and whisper just what we want.

"Oh God, you make me feel so good" you say,

"Oh baby, you taste so good, I cant stop licking you", I reply

"Oh baby, dont stop, dont ever stop" you return.

Bringing you to an earth shattering orgasm, one that feels so good it almost hurts, you beg me to stop, only for a moment to let you catch your breath, but I tell you that I have to have you, right here, right now.

I climb up and slide my very hard, very swollen cock easily into your waiting pussy. As I begin to pump inside you, that familiar sensation builds within you again, you know that your only moments away from another screaming orgasm, but you want it to last, so you roll me onto my back, taking control of our love making.

You lower your body onto my awaiting cock, lifting back up again, then back down. Our rhythm is in perfect harmony, our bodies intuned to each other. As your orgasm builds, so does mine. I try to concentrate on something else, but your sensational body and lucious pussy, gyrating and grinding on me brings me back to reality.

I tell you that I cant hold out much longer, which seems only to inspire you to bounce on me harder and faster, bringing your own orgasm that much nearer.

I close my eyes and lean my head back as I can feel myself getting ready to explode. My loins aching, I yell out,

"Oh babe, God that feels so good, oh yah, thats it, I'm cumming".

My cock pulses with every pump, deep within your pussy, filling you with my cum. At that same moment your pussy is working furiously against me, grinding harder and faster still, your hands reach up to your breasts, squeezing your nipples, and then, the rush of wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure.

Your body quivers, your hair and face wet with sweat, your soft voice cries out softly,

"Oh, yes, oh, it feels so good , oh, ohhh, I'm cumming, I'm cumming too".

You collapse on top of me.

After several minutes of catching our breaths, we sit up leaning against each other. I grab the blanket that sits on the couch behind us and wrap us up, allowing the heat from the fireplace to keep us warm from the outside, as our sexual desire is keeps us warm on the inside.

Placing my arm around your shoulder, I look at you and ask what we should do for an encore. You look back up at me, smiling, you say,

"How about seconds? I'm still hungry".

Laughing, I say,

"Sure, I always was a big eater".

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