A Cane for Cuffs


Her bare breast spilled over, trembling in the chilly air, nipples growing taut even more. Her hands pulled her shoulder back thrusting her tits even more forward. The railing dug into her belly, cold, unyielding. She faced distant buildings and trees swaying in the wind. The late afternoon light was ruddy.

He felt him pressing into her, his jeans roughly rubbing her tenderized ass, his breast on her neck, making the hair on the nape rise. Wolf's hand slid down her mons and tightly grabbed her soaking pussy, almost squeezing it. He slid two fingers into her. It was easily going in.

His other hand slid up her moist thigh and unerringly found her pulsing asshole. His thumb pushed in, rotated and ripped out.

Suddenly, with blinding pain he drove into her...deep. He was unforgiving, searching the depths, churning her innards. The frightening strength of her arousal was breathtaking.

"Tell them what are you!" he hissed in her ear, panting heavily.

She had trouble breathing herself and was in no mood to talk. Their breathing synchronized.

Suddenly he pushed hard and she screamed as the pain engulfed her sphincter then ripped upward. SHE SCREAMED.

"Tell me. Tell them!"

She gulped, looked with glazed eyes the empty space in front of her, the world, as Wolf put it.

"I am a misbehaving brat!" she screamed to them. "An Uppity, horny brat!"

He pushed even deeper into her ass and she bucked again, almost falling over the railing. Wolf held her. Tina screamed again, this time not needing the urging of his hard cock.

"I am slut for you! Fucking nasty SLUT!"

He kept reaming her.

"Fuckkk I am a bitch! BRAT BITCH!"

Wolf almost lifted her from the ground, completely squashing her imprisoned wrists.

"Exhibitionistic SLUT."

"Exhibitionistic sluts need to exhibit themselves," he panted, plowing her asshole.

"You needed to show off, Tina! Hnnnnghh!"

"What is showing ... off -- without spectators ... to get aroused.... Then the slut ... has to assuage their lust -- " he was close - pushing into Tina like there was no tomorrow (and there was none).

"The lust she caused! She has to drink in what she stirred -- show off! In the strip club!"

She screamed. They started to cum together.

** *

"Calling all units. We have 10-11! Repeat 10-11. All units respond!"

A cop grabbed the mike and thumbed the switch. "Vehicle 101 here! Where?! What's the nature of 10-11?"

"A woman is screaming her head off! Sijambok Street 69! All units! Sounds like bloody murder! Or rabid beasts!"

The copmobile burned rubber.

** **

She was still bent over the railing, breathing heavily. He held her, making sure she will not go over.

She lifted her head and looked into his eyes.

"The club." She was flying so high that she could barely control her quivering lips. The club was just an arousing notion at the moment. The dread will come latter. And with it --- the heat.

Wolf's head was in the shadows.

He smiled.

His eyes glittered darkly, reflecting the sundown.

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