tagNonHumanA Cat Among Wolves Ch. 05

A Cat Among Wolves Ch. 05


"We're heading to Paradise City. I have a friend we can stay with there, and I think we can be of some use to him with his business enterprise." Marcus explained while Sabeen, Finn, Rob and Bucky helped pack up some of the valuables in the house.

They had all spent the night there in preparation for leaving the next afternoon. Marcus had listed his house for sale that morning, and had gifted his furniture and stuff to the wolves. They would be walking out the door with a few boxes of personal items and some small trinkets from the house each.

Rob and Bucky looked at each other before Bucky spoke up. "Rob and I would actually prefer to find a place of our own nearby if that isn't going to be a problem. I was offered a job at an accountancy firm a few months back, and they may still be interested in hiring."

"Of course thats fine." Marcus said.

"Gabriel has a huge place though, and he's more than happy to have you around if you change your minds. He's surprisingly eager to have us on board, he probably doesn't realize how much trouble Sabeen's going to get everyone into." Marcus joked, dodging the half-hearted kick she sent his way.


After a solid few hours of driving Marcus, Sabeen and Finn reached Gabriel's place. It was about an hour from the city, and forest stretched for miles around them. The driveway was a long one and right at the road it had an automatic gate rigged with all kinds of security to discourage curious visitors.

The place was the biggest house Sabeen had ever seen. It was relatively new looking, and probably would have cost millions to build. The driveway had its own parking lot, and that was full of cars. This was not the average home...

A big muscled and tall male opened the door and smiled warmly at them. He had dark hair pulled back out of his face with a leather thong and he looked damn dangerous to Sabeen's eyes. She was glad that he seemed to be on their side.

They were ushered into a huge room, with three separate staircases heading to different parts of the house. The room was wide airy and warm, with a couple of camera's focused on the doors. Gabriel saw Sabeen inspecting them and explained.

"This place is where I and most of my employee's live, as well as being my office. There's surveillance all the way down the driveway, and all the areas to the right on the first floor" He pointed towards an office set up through one of the hallways.

"Our offices are through there, and we like to keep a close eye on our clients."

Gabriel greeted the group warmly. Finn and Marcus shook hands with him, before Marcus introduced Sabeen. Generally she didn't shake hands with people... But at Marcus's look she extended her hand and tried for some semblance of a smile.

There were no indications that Gabriel wasn't friendly, but as he clasped her hand she took a quick peek at him with her mind and what she saw there relieved her to no end. This guy - as threatening as he looked - was one of the good guys.

Gabriel gave her a long look with raised eyebrows. "Sabeen Moon. Thats interesting..."

"You arrived just in time. Everyone's in the lounge waiting for dinner, so come through and meet them. There are a few people that aren't going to be very pleased to see you for a bit, or at least until you've had a chance to tell your story." He explained, leading them to the back of the house through a wide hallway.


Entering the lounge they were greeted by a big group of people, some of them looking very defensive and one female was playing with a gun - although she looked quite disinterested in them.

Sabeen took a good look around the room, and decided against unsheathing her claws. Few people were sitting, but there were some friendly looking faces in the bunch.

Gabriel took a step forward and growled in frustration.

"There will be no damn fighting, so you can all sit down and listen. If anyone doesn't like the idea of staying after Marcus and his group have said their piece, then you are more than welcome to leave. "

Gabriel launched into introductions by starting with the stunning looking woman next to him. She had arresting green eyes, long wild inky black hair and long flexible looking body. She also looked pretty unhappy to see Sabeen.

"This is my partner Max Seris. Her mother was bullied into Royce Moon's pack and after her death in one of his little wars Max was kicked out. Max is our thief extraordinare and our 'retrieval agent'. She's a leopard."

Sabeen examined the woman with her head on the side. She could take her in a fight, but she really wasn't interested in doing so. Making her decision she took a step forward and held out her hand.

"Sabeen Moon. I remember your mother, she was absolutely lovely. I'm no longer a part of the Moon pack, and have never held any real desire to be one of Royce's minions."

Max regarded her, the green eyes boring into Sabeen's grey ones. Nodding she shook her hand.

"Nice to meet you Sabeen. I won't judge you on your past." The girls' mouth curved enticingly upwards into a cheeky grin.

"God knows I'd hate to be judged on mine."

Next up was a fiery looking short woman. Her hair was streaked black and stunning red. She was cross-legged on the floor and dismantling a gun onto a clean towel.

"This is Jess Thomson. She's our weapons guru, and she can fix any machine ever invented... She's a fox."

Jess nodded at them and carried on with what she was doing. Finn looked a little longer than Marcus and Sabeen, fascinated by the contrasts created by the small delicate looking woman, her gun, and the bold don't-fuck-with-me hair and attitude.

"Except computers... Don't for the love of god give her a computer." Piped up a blonde, friendly looking male curled on the couch.

"That's Grey Smith. He's our tech geek, and a little overprotective of his babies. He's a cheetah and his partner, Michael Fellows, is a tiger. Michael is some of our muscle. He's more on the protection side of the business."

Michael nodded from the couch next to Grey. He was a huge guy, typical for a tiger, and had dark auburn hair and interesting gold flecked eyes.

"Next up we have Rider Stroke and Alexis Devon. Rider is my cousin, formally from Aruba. He's here with Alexis to protect her from the council. They're both leopards" Marcus looked them over a little confused.

They were both a little young looking. Rider had long black hair, blue eyes, and looked like a cross between a fighter and a dancer... Alexis had long brown hair that occasionally flashed red. She was tall and curvy, and much more muscular than Max and Jess. She looked like a fighter to Sabeen.

Both looked less than happy to see them.

"Did you say Devon... Like Devon Devon?" Finn asked confused.

"Yeah she's royal. Alex was banished to Dartmouth when she was 13 because of the Theris uprising."

Marcus began to get an inking as to why she was so familiar looking, and why they were less than impressed to see him.

Alexis spoke up for the first time. "My mother had an affair with a Theris and 20 years later here I am. My question however is what are you doing here?"

Marcus took a step forward. "Nice to meet you. I'm Marcus Louvre. Former leader of the Louvre Wolf Pack. This is my mate Sabeen, and my second in command Finn Balmore.

"I'm sure you've heard about he council's plan to get rid of the Theris family. They did come to us and we did aid them, because when the council comes calling there's not much you can do but obey. My wolves, our town, and our lifestyle would have been at risk had we turned them down.

"Your name was not on the list, and I'm not sure the council were even aware of you. We were paid for a completed job, and I can tell you for a fact that you are the only shifter with Theris blood in this country. The council was very thorough.

"The wolves have no further dealings with the council, but as I have no responsibility for them now if they do enter into an agreement with the council I will not hear about it.

"We will be staying with Gabriel for some time, I hope, and in that time we will be working for him in Hunter Enterprises. If you are friends of Gabriel's then that's good enough for me. You have my assistance should you need it."

Marcus extended his hand and Alexia shook it, followed by Rider.

"Nice to meet you Marcus. I don't want to sound like an ass here... Well... Ok I do. You betray Alex and I'll beat the living crap out of you, wolf."

Marcus grinned and shook his head at the younger cat. "You have my word."


Later that night, after a surprisingly enjoyable dinner, Gabriel led them upstairs. They had been given a set of rooms on the second floor of the eastern wing. Marcus explained that he tried to keep the shifters separate from each other to stop some of the infighting in the house.

He and Max had the top floor, including the rooftop garden, Michael and Grey had the first floor eastern wing - which backed onto the olympic sized outdoor swimming pool, Alex and Rider had the second floor of the western wing and Jess had claimed some of the centre of the house on the third floor. Finn was given the option of several rooms and he took a big airy one on the third floor.

They were given help carrying up their boxes of belongings by the others and then left alone for the night. Sabeen instantly gave up all pretenses of helping Marcus unpack and instead explored their new rooms.

The bedroom was big and comfortable, with wooden floors, a fireplace, and huge windows lining one wall with a view out over the swimming pool and gardens. There was a room leading into their bedroom from the hallway, designed to entertain visitors in, and that had a TV, computer and soft comfortable couches. The en-suite bathroom was huge, and Sabeen couldn't wait to try out the big spa bath in the corner.


Marcus came in behind her as she began to fill the tub with hot water and slipped his arms around her.

"So you think you can live with this kitty-cat?"

"Damn right I can." She grinned.

"And Gabriel's line of work sounds right up my alley."

Marcus grinned and held her closer, inching his hands up her body to cup her breasts. When he started to lick and nibble at her earlobe she squirmed away from him and twisted around.

Undoing his belt she roughly shoved his jeans and underwear aside so that she could stroke his cock. Seeing the way his eyes melted and feeling him shudder in her hands excited her.

She slid down his body, kneeling in front of him. He groaned when she took him in her mouth and began delicately suckling on him. She took him deeper and he growled as she yanked his pants right down off his legs. He obediently stepped out of them and tossed his tee-shirt away.

"Take the top off Sabeen." He gasped as she licked him with her long agile tongue.

She obeyed slinging her top in the corner with his clothes. Her bra, shoes and socks followed before she lowered her mouth back around him, sucking at his cock rhythmically.

She cupped his balls and squeezed gently, tickling them a little to hear him groan.

Marcus loved how she looked there, kneeling with nothing but a tight pair of jeans on, her nipples hard and beaded and her hair down around her face.

He gently urged her off him, and turned off the taps in the bath Sabeen stood up and tested the water, turning her back to him for a moment. He yanked her roughly back against himself and held her there, undoing the buttons and fly of her jeans and running his cock over her arse through the material.

She gasped as he hauled the jeans down her legs and lifted her out of them, sliding her back down his body until he rested with his cock in between her arse cheeks again.

"Get in the tub." He ordered roughly.

"Kneel, lean your body out of the water over the edge and play with your breasts. Twist your nipples hard."

She did as he ordered presenting him with a gorgeous view of her arse and pussy peeking out at him from beneath the water.

Marcus dug into the box that he'd placed in the bathroom earlier and found a condom, some thick lube and a small waterproof vibrator he'd brought secretly the day before. He slipped the condom over his saliva-wet flesh and climbed into the tub.

Sabeen felt him trail his hands over her back and ease her arse cheeks apart. She felt very wet, and very naughty. and it caused her to grip at her breasts harder, tweaking at her nipples again.

"Thats it. Make them ache." Marcus rumbled behind her.

He raised her arse up out of the water by slipping his knee between her thighs and lifting her back onto his thigh. She groaned as her pussy came into hard contact with his leg. Marcus squirted the thick lube between the cheeks of her arse. He watched for a moment as the thick liquid oozed down her crack to her pussy, and then began running his finger over her small entrance.

Sabeen whimpered at him, wanting more. He began exerting pressure and she felt herself give way to him with only a small stab of pain. Marcus watched in wonder as his finger slid easily into her passageway. From the sounds she was making she was enjoying this as much as he was. He slid another finger into her and cautiously pumped them in and out of her warmth.

Putting a little more lube onto his fingers he made sure she was ready by entering her a little harder and deeper. Setting down the bottle he slid her back down his leg into the water and eased his fingers out of her.

Sabeen grabbed at her breasts and moaned as he positioned his heavy cock over her arsehole and began to enter her slowly.

Marcus groaned at the sight of her cheeks began split apart by him, and relished the feeling of her hot warm passage around his cock. Thrusting in and out of her a couple of times he was surprised at how close he was to climaxing.

He grabbed the vibrator, from the ledge he had placed in on and switched it on, sliding it up inside of her pussy before she had realized what he was doing. He groaned as she bucked under him, and he began thrusting in ernest as she whimpered.

Sabeen was close to the edge already but when Marcus had slid the vibrator up into her pussy she was done for. Her climax exploded through her body from deep in her belly, and it felt like everything clamped down. Marcus groaned on top of her and thrust deeply into her channel, as he came.

They crouched there for a second, the vibrator gently slipping out of her with the aftershocks of her climax.

Marcus finally gathered himself and withdrew his cock from her arse. Lifting her out of the water her wrapped her in a towel and carried her to the bed. Sabeen watched, utterly content as he went back into the bathroom to clean up.

When he joined her on the bed he carried her diary with him. He placed it in her bedside drawer, and then snuggled onto the bed with her.


The next morning Sabeen got up at 5.00am, as per usual, and got into her running gear. After ten minutes of searching she found the back door, and made her way out into the gardens.

She was looking around and wondering which was the best way to run when Gabriel caught up with her.

"You're an early riser then? Me too. If you're wanting to go for a run you can come with me and I'll point out some of the better tracks."

Sabeen nodded blearily at him and followed his lead.

"Not much of a morning person then?" He enquired as they reached the forest.

"Nope. Not really." She told the older cat.

"I have to ask, what did you see yesterday that made you decide to trust me?" Gabriel asked.

She looked at him for a second before answering. "I just got a flash of you. You're really in love with Max, and you'd do anything for any of these people here. Plus you're much stronger than me and could quite happily kick my arse with one hand tied behind your back. Not many people can do that, and for some perverse reason I trust most of the ones that can. How did you know I was looking?"

Gabriel grinned and lifted a shoulder. "I got the same feeling I get when I use my intuition to find something."

After their run Gabriel followed Sabeen upstairs to grab Marcus.

The guys disappeared off into the offices to talk work. Sabeen found Finn and they both made their way downstairs to explore. They found a giant kitchen, the way to the pool and gardens, the gym, and best of all a rec room full of movies, books and beanbags.

Max, Jess, Alexia, and Rider were all there talking and reading. Sabeen grinned at the way Finn's eyes lit up when he noticed Jess chatting to Max and pulling apart a small motor. The group greeted them and tossed over a couple of beanbags inviting them to join the circle.

Finn stayed around for a little while, pretending not to be watching Jess, before heading into town with Rider for supplies.

"Thank god they're gone" Alex groaned.

"I'll grab snacks!" Yelled Jess as she ran for the kitchen abandoning her motor.

Max rearranged the bean bags into a huge pile on the floor, complete with fluffy blankets and Sabeen helped her find the TV remote. As they looked she explained.

"Alex recorded the Thai Kickboxing World Championship, but the guys all got together and decided we shouldn't watch it... Apparently it makes us violent. So they hid it in the vault. It took us a week to spring it and replace it with Oprah re-runs. And now that they aren't around to witness it, we get to watch it!"

"Seriously? They monitor what you're allowed to watch?" She asked a little aghast that the men had that much power.

Alex took a look at the horror on her face and collapsed onto the pile of beanbags laughing her arse off.

"Nope, although they probably wish they could. Its just Gabe and Rider being pigs, and mostly its to get us to work together to steal something from them, or find something out... They're just doing it to keep us thinking, and we do the same to them. Gabriel is right this minute trying to figure out where I hid his credit card." Max said.

Alexia piped up saying "He's probably got your wolf boy on the job sniffing it out!"

"Ah cool. You guys really had me going there for a second. Life without violent TV is not fun."

Sabeen collapsed onto the beanbags with Max and Alex as Jess came running back into the room with a huge armful of snacks. She dumped them along the front of the beanbags and flopped down on her stomach between Alex and Sabeen.

"Hey Max aren't you cooking tonight?" Alexia asked

"Yup. Its all sorted." She said as the others groaned.

Sabeen looked around in confusion again and this time Jess explained. Apparently Max was a particularly bad cook, but everyone had to take a night to prepare food, and there were no exceptions to the rules. Not even possible food poisoning. They all decided to snack big, and eat light at tea.

"Bring on the bad attitudes and spunky lads in boxing gloves ladies..." Jess announced pressing the play button.


Marcus, Rider, Finn and Gabriel came looking for them a little after seven. The kickboxing was over with along with a particularly good episode of ultimate fighter, and the girls were all sprawled over the beanbags.

"You're kidding me. You managed to get the tape already?!" Gabriel asked looking a little put out.

"Yup. You've actually had Oprah on 24 hour surveillance since Monday." Jess grinned.

"You know your tiny little woman's brains can't handle the violence on the screen. You're worse than children." Rider said in a deep voice.

He stuck out his chest and looked superior as Alexia swept her leg along the floor and tripped him up. He landed on his back in the pile of beanbags and she pounced on him. The other three girls rolled away from the rough-housing, as there was a knock on the door.

"Tea's up." Max announced, pulling what Sabeen assumed was Gabriel's credit card out of her back pocket and leaving to pay for the pizza she had ordered.

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