tagFetishA Catfight with Amy

A Catfight with Amy


In addition to my younger brother, I have an older brother named Steve. He's a good guy, but he has his moments, too. He and I are friends with a married couple, Amy and John. Amy and I are very competitive but still friendly. One thing led to another and I found myself challenged to a catfight ("all in good fun," I was told).

I was starting to smell a set-up, especially when the challenge involved wearing a bikini and "coincidentally" John just "happened" to have two brand-new bikinis set aside for both of us: one pink and the other one white.

We'd all had a little bit to drink and the idea of wrestling Amy sounded kind of fun to be honest. I really didn't think it would amount to much, though.

When John brought out the bag with the bikinis, I was shocked: they looked like small triangles and some string. That might work for Amy and her A-cup boobs, but I'm a good bit bigger than her in that department.

"I can't wear that!" I said.

"Chickening out already?" Amy asked. "We haven't even started yet!"

"This is fine for you but a big-titty woman needs more coverage and support than this!" I said. Her face turned red.

Steve was just eating this stuff up. He didn't say anything, he just stayed off to the side smiling. I looked at the three of them and then I grabbed the white one and went to change.

Once I had it on, I was sure it wasn't gonna work. I was barely covered up down below and the top was showing way too much. I really didn't want to back out now, but really... I took a deep breath and decided to go through with it anyway.

When I stepped out to the living room where the others were, Steve let out a whoop. "Go, sis! I can't believe you did it!" It was my turn for a red face.

Amy came out in her suit and it was a perfect fit for her, of course. The stakes were set that the loser gets spanked. We agreed, shook hands, and started wresting.

We started slow and Steve and John took turns yelling, "Boring!" at us. We weren't really mad, we were just playing around mostly. But then I got an advantage on her and all of a sudden she was mad as hell. That's when it got rough.

There was some hair-pulling and a couple of hard slaps were given to each other. I was trying to get position on her when she grabbed my top and my left boob popped out completely. The guys were laughing and yelling at me and I took a moment to put it back where it belonged. Amy took advantage of that moment to pull me down.

She was going for the win and she grabbed at my top again, right on the string in the middle between the triangles. When she did, the string popped and then both of my breasts were totally exposed. I made the mistake of trying to cover up and it almost cost me the match.

While I was covering up, she was pressing her advantage. She got me on my back and grabbed my left leg and hoisted it up and over my head trying to get a pin. To give her better leverage, she grabbed my bikini bottom and yanked on it. I definitely felt a cool breeze down below.

The guys really loved that one. There I was, legs spread, bikini bottom almost completely off, and damn near helpless to do anything about it. I finally gave up on modesty and punched her in the face and threw her off of me.

I stood up and pulled up my bottom and tossed aside the useless strings of my top. While she was dazed and winded, I hit her in the stomach and then I took her down. Once the count was made, I was the winner.

I put my t-shirt and jeans back on so that I wasn't nearly naked any more. Amy wasn't real happy about the outcome, but John reminded her that she did agree to the stakes.

I sat down on the couch and she laid down across my lap. I reached down and undid her top. She squealed and started trying to cover up.

"You deserve that one, dearie," I told her. Then while her hands were busy, I snatched her bottoms off. Now she was really howling in protest. "You deserve that one, too," I told her.

I started spanking her bare ass. She was bent over so far, the guys could see everything. She was crying with shame and anger. Once I'd spanked her, I let her up. That's when I realized that her husband had taken off all his clothes while his wife was getting spanked. His penis was only about six inches long but it was very thick. As soon as she got off my lap, he forced her into a bent-over position on the arm of the couch and he rammed his dick in her and started to screw the hell out of her.

She was so tight and his penis was so thick that when he was on the out-stroke it looked like he was turning her pussy wrong-side out. She was into the moment as much as he was and they didn't give a damn that me and Steve were watching them go at it.

John didn't last long as worked up as he was. Once he was done, he pulled out and she ran to the bedroom. His penis was bright red from all the friction and he stood there talking to me like it was the most natural thing in the world for him to be naked, semi-erect, and dripping all over the place.

As we were leaving, John said, "We should do this again sometime!"

In the car, Steve was still laughing about my exposure. I told him, "Just remember this: payback is a bitch!"

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