tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA CFNM Wedding Ch. 04

A CFNM Wedding Ch. 04


It was the night before the wedding and Mark was getting excited. Not long now before his chastity device can come off and he can start a new chapter of his life. He was in his bedroom with his mum and sisters who were preparing him for the big day ahead.

Mum, Donna and Melanie had a couple of bottles of champagne to share between them as they prepared Mark for his nuptials. There were only 3 glasses. Males were not permitted alcohol in the CFNM Republic. They were expected to stay sober to ensure they could perform whenever they were required to and no occasion more than on their wedding day. Mark had never experienced alcohol so again did not feel he was missing anything. Melanie on the other hand knew exactly what her big brother was being deprived of.

Marks genitals had to be prepared for his wife but to do this properly the chastity device had to be removed. Sally did this deftly and within 60 seconds it was off. She had become a pro at this over the last month.

The first task was to shave Mark's balls again as it was customary for a groom to be presented to his bride with shaved balls. The rest was up to her after they were woman and husband.

This time, Mark's hands were cuffed to the bed railings behind his head so the women had full access to all his hairy areas and also rendered him helpless and unable to touch his freed cock.

"Melanie, lift your brothers cock up for me so I can access his balls. Donna, can you stretch his scrotum for me so I can shave him clean and comfortably." Both daughters did as they were told and after a dozen or so expert strokes, Mark's bollocks were smooth and hair free.

"Will Elaine approve?" Sally asked her daughters.

"Well she is a fool if she doesn't," said Donna, running her hand over hand over her brother's smooth hefty balls.

"Look at the size of them mum. They are absolutely massive," trilled Melanie. "They must be full to bursting."

"We need to dye his hair now before the device goes back on one last time," said Sally.

Donna went to the bathroom and came back with the purple hair dye in a little black pot with three brushes.

"Lets take a section each," suggested Sally. Each woman put on plastic gloves and picked up a brush. Sally started off by applying the dye to her son's pit hair. The concoction was cold and made Mark shudder and his nipples instantly hardened. She applied the dye liberally and then worked it in with her fingers pulling on the hairs, making sure they were all evenly coated. Her daughters watched eagerly, learning her tricks. One underarm completed, she moved to the other and soon Mark was lay on his back with dark wet lathered patches of hair under each pit.

Donna then took her brush and applied the dye to her younger brother's chest hair of which there was plenty. She noticed the hardness of his nipples, erect through both the coldness and the excitement. She tried to avoid coating them as she dyed the hair around them.

Then it was Melanie's turn. She took the pot from her sister and discarding her brush, poured the remaining dye into her big brother's pubic bush. She worked the dye into his hairs, expertly and evenly and this was the easiest patch of hair to dye as it was by far the bushiest and she was able to get a good lather going. She felt her brothers cock, freed from it's chastity, starting to stir and grow as his bush was twisted and teased. Sally had to keep telling her to back off to let it subside before continuing. The last thing they all wanted was for Mark to have an ejaculation the night before his wedding. They didn't even want his precum wasted.

Once they had finished, they left him chained to the bed for an hour for the dye to take hold. They turned their backs on him and continued to drink their champagne, ignoring him whilst talking about him at the same time. Mark decided to take a nap.

The next thing he knew was being awoken by his handcuffs being removed.

"Get up son," said Sally. "Get in the shower."

Mark padded into the bathroom and stood in the shower. His mother turned on the shower, taking control of the showerhead and washed her first born son like she did when he was a baby. She washed all the excess dye from his hairy parts and then towelled him dry and shouted his sisters in to see the results.

Mark stood there with a deep purple thatch of chest hair and a striking purple bush.

"Arms up Mark," demanded his mum and Mark raised his arms to reveal deep purple patches of pit hair.

"Looks fantastic mum," said Melanie. "I hope Elaine is pleased."

"I'm sure she will be," added Donna.

"Can I take a look?" asked Mark.

"Certainly not," scolded his mum. "It's 9 o'clock and you have a big day ahead of you. Time for bed."

Mark shuffled off to his room and got under the covers. When his mother had gone, he turned on his lamp and took a look at his bush, pits and chest hair and thought what a fucking jerk he looked. He was in trepidation of everyone seeing him like this in the church tomorrow. Sighing, he turned off the light.

Sally and her daughters went back downstairs to open another bottle of bubbly. In this particular household, the males had to be in bed by 9 o'clock sharp. This even included Sally's husband David. The women needed quality time to themselves without having to be bothered with the constant hindrance of their menfolk.

Twelve hours later, Mark was awoken and told to get breakfast prepared with his brother and father, whilst his mother and sisters got dressed for the big day.

"The time saved by them not having to dress, really pays dividends at times like this," chuckled Sally to herself.

At 12 noon, the cars arrived and Sally attached Mark's cock leash to his chastity device and led him to the car. His sisters had gone on ahead in their beautiful purple dresses to attend to the bride. With the other women of the household with the bride, David and Sam were allowed to travel unleashed this once.

As the car drove the short distance to the church, neighbours and well wishers lined the pavements and waved, glimpsing Mark naked from the waist up behind the window. Some took a double take as they noticed the bright patch of purple chest hair on the well toned stud.

At the same time Ryan, Diana, Mateo and Ana were arriving at the church. Diana and Ana looked absolutely splendid, dressed up to the nines in their expensive couture. Ryan and Mateo, walked behind them, buck naked with their cocks firmly leashed but both clean and well groomed in the pubic regions.

They entered the church and took their places near the front on the groom's side. Ryan's mother was already seated and she greeted her eldest son, whom she had not seen in 40 years and certainly had not seen naked for much longer than that with a hug and a kiss. Ryan was very embarrassed but hid it well. He then introduced Ana and Mateo to their grandmother for the first time. Mateo cringed as he saw his grandmother look him up and down before hugging him close, her wrinkled hands touching his bare back and the top of his buttocks. He sat down as quickly as he could.

The grooms wedding car arrived at the church and Mark and his mother, father and brother got out and walked towards the entrance. Elaine's mother Sarah was stood there waiting to inspect her soon to be son in law.

"Bring him here, Sally," she said, giving the lad a quick glance. "Let's see if he passes muster."

Sally led her son over to his future mother in law and presented him before her. Sarah unsuccessfully tried to stifle a laugh when she saw Mark's purple hair and the young man hung his head in shame.

"I'm not sure what Elaine will make of this, Mark," she said, tugging on his chest hair. "Looks fucking ridiculous to me. She might wanna have all that removed before too long."

"I know Sarah, I feel the same way about it," muttered Mark.

"I don't give a shit what you think," snarled Sarah. "It's up to Elaine whether you remain hairy or hairless and from now on you address me as ma'am. Show some respect."

"Sorry ma'am," said Mark quietly.

"Now what I want to know is how his bollocks are coming along," she asked, of Sally. "I hope he has been in constant chastity since we last spoke."

"Yes Sarah, he has," said Sally. "He's not been allowed to even touch himself for 4 weeks."

"Good," said Sarah. "Can I inspect his balls? I need to know that my daughter is not going to be disappointed."

"Sure," said Sally, unleashing her son and quickly taking off his device and pulling out his cock plug. The cold air, seemed to whoosh into Mark's exposed piss slit, making him tremble.

"Stand still Mark," quipped Sarah as she weighed each ball at a time in her hand.

"These look and feel full to bursting," she smiled at Sally. "Should make for a great photo later."

Sally and Mark started to walk down the aisle of the packed church. His now free cock and balls were swinging from side to side as he walked, attracting admiring stares from much of the congregation. Elaine and her bridesmaids were stood at the front and turned to see the spectacle from a fantastic vantage point.

As Mark drew nearer, Elaine looked a little horrified by his bright purple hair. She had agreed to this but now concluded with her mother that it looked ridiculous.

The female minister, ordered silence and began the ceremony.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to witness the joining in matrimony of Elaine and Mark and the passing of the subservience of Mark from his family to Elaine."

"Mark, do you promise to love, honour and obey Elaine from this day forward, be eternally in her servitude and forfeit all your earned income to her to dispose of as she sees fit? Do you promise to never contradict her or embarrass her in public or private and to never disobey or deviate from even the simplest of instruction?"

"I do," said Mark firmly.

"Elaine, do you promise to love, control and dominate Mark from this day forward, to punish him whenever necessary and to ensure that he works as hard as possible to keep you in the lifestyle to which you have become accustomed? Do you promise to leash him in public wherever practical and to make every waking decision for him?"

"I do," replied Elaine.

"Who giveth this male to be owned by this woman?"

"I do," said Sally, passing a wedding ring and a cock ring to the minister.

Mark slid the wedding ring onto Elaine's finger and then stood in front of her as she attached his new cock ring over his penis and balls, struggling due to the fullness of them.

"By the powers vested in me by the CFNM Republic, I now pronounce you woman and husband. You now own the groom."

The congregation erupted in wild applause.

"Elaine, would you like to say a few words," asked the minister.

"Yes," replied Elaine. "As Mark's new wife and owner, I am going to perform my first wifely duty right here and now before we go outside for the photos."

She reached into a small clutch bag and took out an electric buzz shaver.

"This ridiculous hair has got to go," she said. "I thought it would look good but don't want reminding of this mistake when looking at our wedding photos."

Mark stood perfectly still without saying a word as a loud buzzing sound filled the church. Elaine swiftly wiped the shaver across Mark's chest several times until the purple hairs had all fallen to the floor. He would be made to sweep up later, after all, they were his hairs.

Without having to be asked, Mark raised his arms above his head revealing his bushy pits to his wife and the congregation. Again she shaved him clean within a matter of seconds.

She then removed his cock ring and firstly took a pair of small scissors to his bush, cutting the pubes off and letting them fall to mingle with the pit and chest hair. With his pubes down to a bare minimum, she buzzed the rest off with the shaver until he was as bald as a coot. The congregation remained silent as they watched the spectacle. You could almost hear a pin or indeed a pubic hair drop.

Melanie, then whispered something into her sister in law's ear and Mark watched as his younger sister handed something over to his wife.

Melanie was all too aware from walking her brother out, that he had a very dense forest of hair all down his ass crack and round his hole. She knew this as when she walked behind him, she always used to make him bend over to pick things up. She thought it would be fun to see Elaine wax him in full view of all his friends and family.

Elaine called over Sally and Sarah and instructed Mark to bend over the communion rail at the front of the church. Standing either side of the naked man thus not obstructing the view from the 300 or so guests, mother and mother in law each placed a hand on one of Mark's bare buttocks and on Elaine's command, pulled the grooms cheeks wide open.

There was an audible gasp from much of the congregation as Mark's hairy ass crack was revealed to them all. The amount of hair that was there was incredible. Although Mark was a natural blond, his ass crack was much denser and darker than the rest and being less exposed to the sun, was not bleached by the sun's rays.

Elaine, opened the ready made wax strip and ran it all up her husband's crack and around his hole, dipping her finger inside him to make sure all the hairs were captured. She waited a couple of minutes and then, as Melanie grinned and without any prior warning, she tore it from him. His screams echoed all around the church and tears rolled down his handsome features. His cheeks were spread again for inspection and again the congregation clapped as they now looked at his hairless crack and for the first time, could see his pink puckered anus that seemed to wink in the coolness of the church.

The female photographer and female video operative, captured perfectly the whole spectacle and even took a humorous photo of Melanie holding the hairy strip to her top lip, sporting her brother's crack hair as a moustache, to the amusement of everyone.

She took another wax strip and turned Mark around, still crying and applied the strips to the stray bush hairs and some hairs round his nipples. She ripped these off as well but didn't get as much of a reaction as most of the hairs had already gone.

Mark walked back down the aisle, a step behind his wife, looking as smooth as a little boy. Mateo, sat on the second pew, lightly fingering his own black trimmed bush as he stared at his cousin's shaved groin, thinking how glad he was that it wasn't him.

Once everyone was outside, Mark knew it was approaching the time for him to perform his husbandly duties and his month of pent up cum would soon be able to fly freely.

It was obligatory during weddings in the CFNM Republic that the groom and key male members of the wedding party had to be drained of their spunk before the reception. This was for two reasons. Firstly, the male was not allowed to stain his bride's beautiful dress during the first dance with his precum or cum. This was strictly forbidden and punishable by a severe paddling in front of all the guests. Secondly, the bride wanted everyone to see just how much their husband craved them and lately, the orgasmic displays had been getting more and more spectacular, hence the chastity device.

The two young female photographers gathered Mark and Elaine, surrounded by the four bridesmaids and the two mothers and after a few shots stood together in traditional poses, Mark was told to position himself seated in the middle of them all.

He sat in a specially adapted chair and his legs were spread wide open and manacled to the chair legs, thus revealing his cock, balls and base of his ass crack. Elaine then instructed him to cum.

Mark started to work his cock and within a couple of minutes getting used to the freshly shaved and waxed dick that he had not been allowed to touch for a month, it started to grow in his hand and the crowd gasped again as it reached full hardness. His plump balls like large overripe plums, bobbed up and down as he wanked.

His foreskin retracted and his big bulbous cock head emerged, soon turning deep purple and those closest to him could see his piss slit pulsate widely after being stretched for a month with the cock plug.

Elaine, sensed her man was getting close so tipped a nod to the photographers, the still photographer switching to a high shutter speed to make sure the cum shot was captured for posterity. She started to tease her husband's hard nipples as he threw his head back in ecstasy. The precum was now flowing freely and most people could hear the squelching noise as Mark continued to masturbate.

Most people in the CFNM Republic, were used to seeing by now, young men being made to jack off and so most, if not all, knew the tell tale signs of an imminent ejaculation. Mark's balls started to tighten and draw up. His chest started to rise and fall and his moans got louder and louder. Suddenly, the gorgeous hairless man, let out a guttural roar, the high speed shutter started going ten to the dozen and a blast of hot white sticky cum shot more than 6 feet into the air.

This was quickly followed by another equally fierce spurt and another and another in rapid succession. Mark had been instructed to point his cock away from the bride, mothers and bridesmaids and was pumping out load after load towards the camera. His eyes were still shut but he knew that the crowd was impressed by the noises they were making. He knew he had never cum like this before in his life.

After a good couple of minutes and after his massive smooth bull balls had emptied, he opened his eyes and everyone cheered. The photographer gave him a thumbs up sign. He had never felt so spent.

He glanced over to the guests and saw quite a few of the male guests were sporting semi or fully erect penises, including, surprisingly, his cousin Mateo who had a raging boner sticking out and pointing up to his navel with his sister switching her attention from her brothers own engorged cock to Mark's.

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