tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA CFNM Wedding Ch. 03

A CFNM Wedding Ch. 03


Mark's wedding to Elaine was now less than a week away. Mark was now fully accustomed to wearing his chastity device and it was second nature to him now. He had learned how to keep himself clean between weekly removals and had learned to piss as near normal as possible from a standing position. His mother and sisters were proud of him and he was proud of himself too.

Last week Mark accompanied his sisters to the bridal shop to pay for their bridesmaid dresses. Elaine had chosen 4 bridesmaids, Mark's big sister Donna was to be matron of honour and his younger sister Melanie and Elaine's two sisters Carol (23) and Gaby (19) were to be bridesmaids. They had chosen a deep purple for the dresses and of course Mark had to accompany them to the shop as he was the one who had to pay for the dresses from his earnings.

"How are you going to co-ordinate the groom on the big day," the shop assistant asked Donna, completely ignoring the naked groom to be, even though he was paying.

"What do you mean?" quizzed Donna.

"Well up to a few years ago, a very small concession was made to men on their wedding day to distinguish their slightly and I mean slightly higher ranking from their fellow males for that particular day. They were allowed to wear a tie, colour co-ordinated to the dresses of the bridesmaids, as long as the tie stopped short of the pubic area of course."

"Of course," giggled the bridesmaids.

"However, there has been a recent amendment to the law which prevents material being wasted in this way. We have a planet to care for after all."

"Of course," said Donna. "Seems a waste of material to me in any case."

The assistant continued, "I do have an alternative suggestion in case you are interested. A client of mine came up with an idea which has proved quite popular with a number of my customers."

"What's that then?" chipped in Carol.

"Well, some clients have been decorating their grooms in body paint to match the dresses and an adaptation of that concept may work really well here," she mused.

"Go on," said Carol.

"Stand up young man," the assistant said to Mark, acknowledging him for the first time. Mark did as he was told.

"Put your hands above your head."

Again, he complied.

"May I?" the assistant asked (of Donna, not Mark), pointing at his underarm hair.

"Sure," grinned Donna.

The assistant, pulled at Mark's underarm hair, assessing the length under each arm, then did the same with his bountiful chest hair before moving on to his bush.

"What are you thinking?" asked Melanie

I'm just thinking that he (she hadn't even bothered asking Mark's name) has such an abundance of hair all over his body that we could get a matching hair dye and colour coordinate his pits, chest hair and pubic bush to match the dresses. What do you think?"

The bridesmaids all agreed it was an excellent idea. No-one asked Mark what he thought.

"Can we have a swatch of material?" asked Donna. "We'll go next door to the hairdressers and have a batch of hair dye made up and will then run it by Elaine. It's her wedding day after all."

"Take him with you," said the assistant. "His blond hair should be perfect for dyeing but the salon should be able to better mix the dye if they see first hand what colour hair it is being applied to."

The girls all agreed and Mark just stood there silently as if he wasn't there, which to the 5 women, he may as well not have been.

Meanwhile, there was a dilemma in Mexico.

Ryan had received a wedding invitation from his sister in law Sally, inviting him and his family to Mark and Elaine's wedding and as much as he wanted to attend, he knew it was in the CFNM Republic, a nation he had fled 40 years ago for the very reasons he was reluctant to return.

At first he flatly refused but as his wife Diana pointed out, he had not seen his brother in nearly 40 years, had never met his nephew and niece and most importantly his mother was now very frail and near the end of her life. If she could make the effort to attend the wedding, why couldn't he? He might never get the opportunity to see her again.

Ryan knew she was right and although he had never had to undergo the humiliation his brother had to suffer, he decided he could maybe endure it for a couple of days, particularly as no-one there would probably ever see him again. The problem was his son Mateo, 26 and his daughter Ana, 24.

The problem was actually twofold. The thought of his daughter seeing him parade around naked was one thing but how was he going to get his son to agree to it. That was a totally different concept. After much soul searching he posted an acceptance card back to Sally and booked flights for the family. He would deal with Mateo once they landed in the CFNM Republic.

Mateo, for his part, was looking forward to flying to the CFNM republic. His knowledge of geography was shit and he didn't bother to research his ancestral country. He was just looking forward to seeing somewhere other than Mexico for the first time in his young life. Ana was equally excited and a little more worldly wise than her elder brother. She was also wicked at keeping secrets. She was going to enjoy this trip.

Flights were booked to arrive at 4pm on the Friday (the day before the wedding). Due to Ryan's work commitments the return flights were booked for the Sunday evening.

Ryan thought, "48 hours out of our lives to be publicly naked. How bad can it be? David has had to endure 40 years of this."

He felt guilty as he saw his son packing his clothes for the trip. A tuxedo for the wedding and a nice pair of fitted designer jeans and shirt for the journey and to make a great first impression in. He was a very well groomed young man who took great pride in his appearance.

The flight touched down right on time and the family proceeded to passport control. All of them except Mateo, knew what was coming next although Ana knew she needed to act surprised. The family approached a female customs officer who checked their passports and then directed them to a series of lockers, passing Mateo and his father a key.

"This is strange," thought Mateo, "What's this key for and why have only dad and I been given one."

"Over here gentlemen," commanded a stern female voice and the family walked over to a desk in front of a wall of lockers. "You may undress here," she added.

"What the fuck!" exclaimed Mateo, eyes wide with surprise.

"Take off your clothes," said the security guard.

"What the fuck for," retorted Mateo. "We have no contraband. We are a wholesome family from Mexico here to attend a wedding, not some fucking drug runners."

"Watch your tone with me young man," said the officer sternly. "Just remove your clothes. Surely you know the rules here."

"What fucking rules?" shouted Mateo.

"If you continue to address me in this way, you will be arrested as you will if you swear at me one more time," the woman growled.

Mateo was just about to hurl more abuse when his father placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Mateo, this is the law of the land here. All males must be publicly nude at all times and are not allowed to wear or possess clothes. This is why I left so many years ago but to return as a visitor we must abide by their laws."

"Fuck that," his son said. "No fucking way, get me on the next flight back."

"We are booked on the next flight back son, it leaves on Sunday," his father said sympathetically as he started to undress.

"Then I am staying here," Mario stated. There is no way I am walking about starkers for 2 days, especially in front of her," he said, pointing at his sister.

"Nothing I haven't seen before," laughed Ana.

"Maybe so but not continually for 2 days," he replied.

"What's the difference? If I've seen you, I've seen you. The timescale is irrelevant."

Mateo simply stood and folded his arms in defiance.

"One way or another, you will be naked within the next 15 minutes," cautioned the guard. "The laws of this independent nation are crystal clear. No male visitors here may wear clothes after an hour of setting foot on our soil. You have now been here for 45 minutes so we are running out of time and you will soon be in violation of our laws and the sight of you wearing expensive clothes offends me deeply. Now if you don't start stripping immediately, I will have no option other than to caution you. A couple of my colleagues will then enter this area and forcibly strip you in front of everyone here. You will then be given a choice of leaving the airport peacefully with your family or being arrested and spending your time here behind bars. What's it to be?"

Mateo had no intention of making this easy for this power hungry bitch and continued to stand there in silence.

"Right young man, by the powers invested in me by the CFNM Republic, I am cautioning you for being in violation of Section 4 of the Male Nudity Act 1973. My colleagues have the legal right to enforce this regulation and to relieve you of all material and adornments on your body."

She then pressed a red button on the wall and within 60 seconds, two well built female security guards appeared and grabbed hold off Mateo.

"Get off me you fat bitches," Mario screamed but as much as he struggled, he couldn't escape their clutches.

They forced him to sit on the table while guard 1 removed Mateo's expensive brogues and his socks. She then held his legs whilst guard two unbuttoned the lad's shirt and slipped it off his shoulders, revealing his well toned hairy chest. Next they made him stand and whilst one guard held Mateo's hands firmly behind his back, the other undid his belt and slid it off his jeans. She then unbuttoned his jeans and started to get a little rough as she struggled with the button fly.

Mateo realised then that resistance was futile and that his father had tricked him. He would never forgive him for this, never. He looked over at his father and scowled. His father was down to his boxer shorts.

Mateo's main concern now was that these bitches would ruin his expensive Ralph Lauren jeans and so shouted out "OK, OK, I'll take them off myself."

Ana looked on, watching her father and brother with a great deal of anticipation.

As if to encourage his son further. Ryan dropped his underpants and now fully naked, gathered up his clothes, placed them in his locker, shut the door and turned to face his wife, daughter and half naked son.

"What the fuck," thought Mateo. "I have a fucking fantastic body, nothing anyone else hasn't got and apart from mum, dad and sis no-one will see me ever again as I won't be visiting this fucking place again." He was now just stood in his designer jeans and nothing else. Taut chest glistening with sweat which was running down between his pert nipples.

"Come on son, get the rest off, we have a taxi to catch," said Mum.

"Yeah, bro, get 'em off," yelled Ana. She was looking at her brothers ass in his jeans and thinking what a sight it was to behold. He regularly worked out and his jeans fitted him like a glove. " He will look even better when he is out of them," she thought.

"Can you at least turn around?" pleaded Mateo.

"No," his mum replied. "We are going to be seeing you naked for the next 2 days, as is everyone else. Just get used to it and strip. These nice officers have been patient enough."

Mateo sighed. He fully unbuttoned his Ralph Lauren jeans, slid them down and stepped out of them, folding them neatly on the desk.

"Hurry up," quipped Ana.

Mario scowled at his sister and hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his Calvin Kleins and pulled them down, deftly stepping out of them. He gathered up his clothes and walked over to the locker. Ana watched her brothers firm ass as it wiggled from side to side as he walked to his locker. He put his clothes away and turned around revealing to all his massive cock and low hanging bull balls surrounded by a thicket of neatly trimmed dark pubes. He made no attempt to conceal his most intimate parts. He had eventually succumbed to this way of life even if only temporarily.

"You really should have prepared your son for this a little better," scolded the guard, now turning her attention to Ryan. "You clearly knew the law here and have had no objection in complying."

"Oh I object plenty," retorted the naked man in front of her. "It's just I have had little choice in the matter. You are right though, I should have prepared Mateo but I knew he wouldn't come with us."

"The fuck I wouldn't," snarled Mario.

"What have I told you about using that language in my presence," bawled the security guard.

Mateo fell silent. Broken.

Turning to Diana and Ana now, the guard said "Here, you'll be needing these." She handed each woman a cock leash.

"What are these for," said Diana, bemused.

"Whilst out in public with females, all males must be leashed by their private parts and kept under control by their female superiors," stated the guard.

Mateo almost fainted. Ana grinned from ear to ear.

Diana took the lead and told her husband to stand in front of her. She expertly fitted the ball ring around Ryan's testicles and pulled them through before securing the second ring around her husband's cock.

Ana watched intently so that she would know how to do the same to her brother.

Mateo squirmed in embarrassment as his little sister stood in front of him and grabbed his pendulous ball sack, pulling it through the tight ring. She then slipped the other ring over his cock and tightened it. She grinned as she saw her brother wince as his dark curls became trapped in the ring, pulling on his groin skin uncomfortably. She also wondered why she was starting to feel a little wetness between her legs.

"You might want to take care of that for him when we get to the hotel, Ana," said her mother. "It will make him a little more comfortable."

The family were eventually allowed to leave, a couple of luggage items lighter, although Mateo and his father now had to carry the women's cases. As they left the security area and entered the concourse, Mateo was very conscious of his nakedness and felt his hefty balls and cock swinging as he walked, further emphasized by his sister pulling playfully on his leash. His head was down and he felt that everyone was watching him which of course they weren't. Well all with the exception of his mother and little sis and all the other bewildered new arrivals to the CFNM Republic. (to be continued).

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