tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Change in Jenny Ch. 03

A Change in Jenny Ch. 03


Not really taking the big picture into consideration at the time, I stopped in a truck stop to get the fuel. There were not a lot of chain truck stops at the time, but this was one of them. And the place was huge. I did realize though once we got into the lot that there were a few trucks that Jenny had flashed without her knowing. I didn't see any of the ones that she actively flashed, but it was a big lot so they could have been there. Not that it was too much of a problem.

Back then, most of the truck stops were just that, primarily for trucks and truckers. Most would have a pump or two off to the side for gasoline, instead of the massive area most have for automobiles these days. So even while we were filling up, there was not much chance of anyone recognizing the car since it was off by itself.

Jenny went in to use the restroom and then she was to get us a table in the cafe there. I filled the car and then parked it out of the way, next to the cars of the workers, which was about the only place for automobiles to park. Then I went inside to find Jenny.

She was at a table in the restaurant. I noticed that a few of the truckers were checking her out. I was a little worried at first that she would be recognized but then I remembered that she looked a lot different from the woman they had seen. And besides, when a man is looking at a young, sexy woman, laying there in a car with her tits bared and her pussy exposed, most men would pay very little attention to her face, if they even realize she has a head at all. No, the reason they were checking her out was she was a young female sitting alone at a table in a truck stop restaurant. And she wasn't dressed like the lot lizards they were used to.

So when I joined her, the interest in her died down almost instantly. Had she been dressed in one of the other two dresses she had worn today, their interest in her might have been greater, but dressed as she was, with the spinster glasses and the hair pulled back she didn't really rate as high on their "how much would I like to fuck that little slut" scale. She looked older and plainer dressed that way than she really was. And there was a guy with her.

The place was full and there was so much noise from the jukebox that was playing too loud and the conversation that we stopped trying to talk much in there. It was just not worth the effort unless it was really important. I know she wanted to talk more about the flashing but it was too loud to really get into it much here without the whole room hearing it. And as much fun as we both had doing it, it was not the kind of thing you discussed where people could hear. It was a personal thing between she, I and of course the men that got to see her. And they were not important as people, but as objects, much like she was not important to them other than the fact that she had a set of tits and a cunt that they had never seen before.

We ordered our meal and I excused myself to go to the restroom. There were some guys in the stalls and they were talking to each other there between the stalls. It took a few seconds to understand what they were talking about and then realize they were talking about seeing Jenny. They were discussing, in rather rude and precise terms, various parts and portions of her anatomy, right down to the little mole/birthmark on her upper right leg, just below her crotch. I felt like asking them what her face looked like but I doubt they could tell me much.

I returned to the table and decided not to tell Jenny about it just yet. She would be so embarrassed she would not be able to eat and we would probably have to leave anyway. And I was hungry for that chicken-fried steak.

From our table I could see the entrance to the restrooms. I waited and eventually the two men came out, laughing about something that was said. The walked toward us and passed us by, barely giving Jenny or I a second glance. I was right, they had no clue it was her they had seen naked earlier that day.

We finished our meal and Jenny left to go use the restroom. I told her I would wait for her here at the table. The jukebox quit and the noise level died somewhat. I could here the men in the corner booth next to us. They were behind Jenny and then I realized that three of them were in that second group of four that Jenny flashed.

Since the jukebox went off and they could hear each other, the three that had seen her started telling the other three about what they had seen that morning. And they were giving a few other truckers the low-down on the whole thing. Listening to them for just a few moments, I suddenly realized why they didn't recognize Jenny. There were just enough details that the got right to be close enough for me to know they were discussing her. But most of the physical attributes were wrong or slightly off. Jenny was nowhere near the 5'7" or 5'8' they thought she was. And they got the make and year of car wrong, though the color was correct.

The most amazing thing was the variance in ages. One thought she was in her late twenties and the other assumed she was jailbait, being sixteen at the oldest. So they really had no clue. I wonder how they would have reacted knowing she was sitting right there in the next booth this whole time.

When Jenny came back toward the booth she had to pass right by their booth. I noticed they quickly checked her out, but none of the three that had seen her recognized her at the time. I did notice that Jenny was a little troubled though. She sat down and started to say something. I of course knew what she was going to say.

I put my finger to my lips as a sign to not say anything. Then I leaned forward and whispered to her "Let me guess. One of them looks familiar."

She was a little confused now, by my sudden mind-reading ability and the fact that she could not place the guy. And of course I though it was funny because they didn't even recognize her. Of course that was because she was too short to be the woman they remembered. And she did not recognize them because she had seemingly forgotten about the events that morning. The smart-ass voice in my head was dying for me to say "DUH, trucks stop....truckers....you looked at them the whole time....." But I didn't.

Instead I whispered, "Don't say anything. Don't react. But the reason you recognize him was because you looked him in the face this morning at least twice."

She didn't react where anyone else could see. But her eyes got wide and she blushed just a little. And I could see that suddenly she remembered exactly where she knew him from. She leaned over and whispered "Oh My.....He was the one that wanted to see my ass."

She thought about that for a moment and then I saw a little touch of annoyance flood through her as she suddenly realized he did not recognize her at all. And always looking for the opportunity to be a little naughty myself, I decided to act on that.

Leaning close and whispering in her ear where only she would be able to hear it I said "And he didn't even recognize you at all did he." She stiffened a little and I poured it on a little more. "So all you were to him this morning was a pair of tits and a spread cunt, weren't you. Does that make your feel cheap? Degraded? Humiliated? Well it shouldn't."

I could tell by her body that as I said all those things, she was feeling that inside, like she was just a set of tits and a pussy. She was flushing a little redder as she felt cheap and degraded and humiliated. But then she was confused about why she would feel that way.

"Why not" she said, a little tremble in her throat.

"Because, I heard him describe you. If you were standing in a line-up naked, he could identify you in a heartbeat. And if you looked now like you looked this morning, he would have recognized you. But you had your hair done, your glasses off and you were not dressed like an old lady librarian on summer break. He didn't recognize you because you do not look like the you he had seen. And for some reason he thought you were much taller."

I let that sink in for a moment as the realization flooded through her that her appearance was different. Then I dropped the other big bombshell.

"And he is not alone. There are at least seven or eight other guys in this place right now that have seen your pussy darling. And none of them recognized you. And you only recognized one of them. And you should have recognize at least five of them."

She looked around for a second or two, checking faces and it visibly bothered her that she could not recognize them. I did tell her about the stuff he had gotten wrong and she listened as the guys in then next booth discussed her and what she had shown, how she showed it and what they would have done to her if they could have met her in person. After all, in their words "any slut that would show her cunt like that to perfect strangers would just as easily let you fuck her."

Then I asked if she wanted to be a little naughty, and a little daring, and get even with the guy. I do not know what went through her mind, but she finally said a tentative "Maybe."

I then just lifted one of the pictures I had taken earlier out of my shirt pocket. I had taped some of them to the roof, but the rest I had placed in my shirt pocket and forgot about until now. I had her come sit beside me on the booth and look through the pictures. We chose one that she had managed to accidentally hide most of her face, but her tits and pussy were sharp, clear and fully exposed.

Ok, once more she surprised me by going along with it. She had been so opposed to letting me take pictures of her naked before today. And now, here she was, choosing which one to leave for that stranger as a memento of today. So I reminded her that giving him a picture of her naked means he would always have a reminder of what she looked like naked. And that he would probably show it to all his friends. Who knows how many strangers would get to see it. Of course, this was before the internet, but I have actually seen the scanned version of that picture on the internet a time or two. In fact, in the early days of a certain Online service, a lot of women sent that picture out as being them.

She just shrugged a little and said "I figure that now that we have started doing....uh...what we were doing this morning, what are a few more men that see me like that? After all, it is not like they can see my face, if they are looking at it anyway. And nobody knows who it is anyway. Or will even care for that matter." Then she smiled and said "And occasionally, when I think about it, you will probably get raped because of it."

I just said "And why is that a problem?"

She had brought her purse in with her. I had her get a pen and a small notepad. Jenny always had a pen, pad, a couple of small envelopes and stamps in her purse. She always said that when you needed them you could never find them. Well this was the perfect example of how that thinking carried out. Of course she had a lot of other things in there too. I don't know what all there was, but the purse was always heavy and I did not want to see what all was in there.

She wrote a little letter to the guy that basically said she hoped he liked seeing her this morning and she hoped he enjoyed it as much as she did. Then she listed the things she and I had heard that were wrong about her height, her hair, and everything else, including he year and make of car.

Then she added that she would not have let him fuck her, but if he had been that close, she would have let him see her pussy up close and maybe even let him feel her up. She only fucked her husband these days, but she wouldn't have minded letting feel her up a while. She concluded that with "In other words, you could have had finger fucked me or whatever, as long as your dick didn't go in there."

She told him she was leaving this picture for him to remember her by. It didn't really show her face and he could show it to whoever he wanted as much as he wanted. And that the face not being fully visible was not really important anyway. After all, for the past half hour, he had been sitting only a foot or two away from her. She had been in the next booth. And she even passed right by him at least three times. Had he recognized her, he could have sat in the booth beside her and played with her as much as he wanted while she had her breakfast. And she would have made sure he got a good long and very close look at her. Whatever he wanted to see. But since he didn't recognize her and didn't ask.....

She ended the note with line to tell him and his friends to look out the window toward a place where only the men in the booth would have a chance to see. "I have a parting 'gift' for you and your friends."

Then she signed the note, "With Love (and a little Lust), Jenny."

She also signed the bottom of the Polaroid "Enjoy, Love J."

She sealed the note and the picture in the envelope. She knew his name was Henry because she heard one of the other guys call him that a few minutes before. So she addressed it to Henry.

When she stood up and turned to head out, she "accidentally" on purpose brushed his arm since he was on the end of the seat. She smiled sweetly and said she was sorry. He said that was ok and he checked her out a little more. She did say later that he appeared to still be hard from seeing and thinking about her and that made her feel even more naughty.

We paid at the counter and then, as we were leaving, she asked the waitress for a favor. She handed her the envelope and asked her to deliver it to the guy in the booth. "He is an old friend of mine and I am playing a joke on him." The waitress said ok.

When we got to the car, she stripped quickly and completely, leaving her glasses on and her hair up. She wanted them to recognize her from the restaurant. She covered herself with a blanket and we pulled up next to the building by the booth the men were sitting at. All of them got up to look and she threw the blanket back and lifted her hips and arched her back, giving them all a good quick look at her naked body and then she blew Henry and kiss and we took off.

She was smiling for quite a while after that imagining how he must have felt, knowing he was that close to her and the she had even made a point of bumping into him. She was sure that picture was being closely scrutinized by the guys at the table. She said it made her "tingly inside" just thinking about it.

Since it was now well past noon, there was a lot more traffic on the road. I expected Jenny to get dressed again, but she didn't. She stayed right there on the seat covered with the blanket. We used that to hide her nudity when there were other cars around. She actually drifted off to sleep but she made sure her legs were spread out in a way that I could move the blanket and her pussy would be on display for the truckers we passed. She had removed her glasses and let her hair back down too.

Before closing her eyes to sleep she said I could show her body to anyone I wanted to, just "Don't get me arrested and don't show any kids." Other than that, I was free to reveal her spread bared pussy and her tits to anyone and everyone I wanted. And for a long while, I did just that.

The only stop we made in that portion of the trip was once she "woke up" somewhat to tell me she needed to use the bathroom soon. It was twenty miles to the next rest area and she said that was ok and drifted back to sleep. Of course, during that twenty miles, there were about seven or eight truckers that got to see my sweet little wife's completely naked body. But most of them were just quick looks since the traffic had picked up.

Once we stopped, she just put on the dress she wore for the flashes, leaving the top and bottom buttons undone and put on the heels. She was feeling hot and sexy she said and she was actually hoping some guys would try to look. She wasn't going to deliberately show anything but if someone was looking, she would not hinder the view if possible.

I followed her in, watching her walk toward the building. That dress fit her great and the view was excellent either way. I saw a few men really checking her out as she passed them. And I am sure at least one of them saw a flash of her bare crotch as she walked. I decided that I would have her walk for me in that dress some and see her from all angles so I would know what they were seeing.

I used the men's room and then went back outside to have a smoke while I waited for her. Of course, I sat on a park bench so I could watch her walk out and see what the one guy had seen when she was walking in.

In a minute or two she came out of the building heading back to the car. It took a moment or two for me to realize she was not wearing her glasses. So she really could not see for sure who was looking and what they were seeing. She didn't see me at first and I enjoyed the sight of her walking down the sidewalk. And I wasn't alone. There were a few others looking too.

And of course, as she walked, her legs would move the hem of the dress. And with each step, most of the upper leg and thigh on that leading foot was bared and of course, so was her pussy for just a split second. She could not walk fast because of the heels. I cannot ever remember seeing her so gorgeous, so sexy and so beautiful as she did right then, confident, sexy, and with just a touch of blush showing in her cheeks. She didn't wear much makeup then and didn't need it. Had I not been in love and in lust with this young woman before, I would have been after that vision. To this day, when I think of her, that vision flashes through my mind first and foremost.

I got up and angled myself to meet her close to the car and still get a good glimpse of her thighs being exposed as she walked. I wanted to be behind the car and watch as she climbed into the seat. I am sure from that angle, I would be able to see everything. The dress should gap enough that for a second if I was close enough, I could see both her tits and her pussy as she sat down in the car. I would have to let her know that with this dress, she could be legally dressed and still show everything she had to anyone that wanted to look.

This particular rest area had originally been designed as a weight station and truckers rest area when the interstate was originally built. The car parking area had been an afterthought. So the sidewalk she was one was at least fifty yards long of more. And there were vending machine kiosks, picnic tables and benches for most of the way. And most of the benches or seats had someone in them. A few of them moved so they could get a better angle of sight to her crotch. It was amazing to watch some of these guys try to nonchalantly get a place in time to see her go by.

Jenny realized that her legs were showing and that if someone was close they might see her tits. Talking to her much later, she understood what was happening on a certain level, but it was not until a few years later when got a video camera and I taped her walking in that outfit that she really saw how much they could see. She was totally unprepared for the view. And she blushed over it at the time.

And it was brief but full view of her pussy, gapping just a little as she moved, the pink lips of her cunt opening a little because of the way she had to walk in the heels.

Since the car parking area was away from the building while the truck parking was quite close I did not really check out the trucks that were there. And I had so intent on watching Jenny walk to the building that I had not even paid attention to the trucks pulling in at that time.

I had not been the only one watching her come down the sidewalk and watching the guys move to get a peek at her crotch. Coming down the other intersecting walkway was a black guy in I would guess his early thirties. Something about him seemed familiar and realized that he was one of the drivers we had to go by quickly just a few minutes before we pulled into the rest area. I quickly looked at the truck lot and sure enough, I recognized a truck from the direction he was coming from. I was a little concerned because he was watching her and I am sure he must have followed us into the rest area and saw her getting out of the car when we parked. He must have waited until he saw her walking out and rapidly walked to intersect her somewhat. For the first time today, I was actually a little concerned about things. I didn't think he would do anything, but you never know sometimes.

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