tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Change in Station Ch. 01

A Change in Station Ch. 01


If you don't like humiliation and degradation, you might be offended by this! All characters are over the age of 18.


I was so very bored.

This place had everything I could ask for - my family had money, and could send me to the finest schools. They sent me to horseback riding lessons and tennis lessons, set me up with hair and spa appointments to ensure that I was both physically fit and aesthetically pleasing. I had been so happy for so much of my adolescence, but now, eighteen and about to graduate high school, I couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing. I needed something to shake up this life of privilege I'd led for my entire existence, but it couldn't be TOO far off the beaten path.

All in all, I liked my safe life, where no one could harm me and in fact, I was worry free. I just wanted something a little different, without sacrificing my status as the little princess of my tiny town.

I decided to travel. Nowhere strange or exotic, I'd just go to France - I'd been, of course, a few years ago, but not on my own. My mother wouldn't allow it when I made the suggestion - she insisted that my maid, Molly, accompany me, for she didn't trust me out in the world on my own.

I grimaced. Molly was a few years older than I, and I knew she resented having to do whatever I said. I hated her attitude, because while it was very subtle, I could tell she didn't like me. EVERYONE liked me - I didn't understand what I did to make her feel this way. Didn't she know that it was her JOB to follow my orders?

In any case, I took her reaction to me personally, and every since my mother made it very clear that she wasn't planning on firing another member of the help (I was very picky about the people in my home, which I never felt to be a fault), I'd made it my mission to make Molly's work life a living hell, mostly in hopes that she would quit of her own accord. As of yet, she hadn't, probably because my mother had offered her so much money to continue working for our family. This infuriated me even further, so I escalated.I made messes on purpose; I invited my friends over to drink wine, which would inevitably be spilled onto the carpet (and take hours to properly clean); I'd have my friends (male and female) evaluate Molly's physical appearance in her presence, and force her to do humiliating things while other people were around.

One evening, particularly hateful of Molly's stubbornness and unwillingness to leave my home, I had my friends out to the pool, and informed Molly that she would need to serve us during my little party. I told her that for those hours, she'd be making double pay, but she'd need to do everything that I asked her to do without question, starting with her outfit. I handed her a maid's outfit much like her own, but it was definitely a little too small - her breasts spilled over the top, a little too much thigh was showing, and her apron was nothing but a lacy thing intended for decoration. She looked like a little French Maid whore.

When my friends arrived, we took turns dropping silverware and asking Molly to pick it up, forcing her to bend over and give the boys a nice chance for a view at her ass. My friends reached out their hands to graze her body as she passed by, and took shots with chips and grapes to try and get them between her breasts. I could have sworn that as she refilled Jason's drink, he reached into her skirt and cupped her little pussy, because she froze as he held her there. "Jason, are you holding Molly still by her pussy?" I asked.

"I am, and it's dripping wet. She's not even moving away, I think she's secretly hoping I'll get some fingers inside her."

He finally let her go, and now as she glowed in humiliation and disbelief, it was time for one of my favorite torments: "What do you guys think of Molly's tits?"

My best friend, Julia, knew this game well - "Ugh, they seem like big fat udders to me. Although I can't really tell because I can't see her nipples, I'm pretty sure they droop way down when they're not pushed together in her sluttly maid outfit. By the way, Molly, you're so desperate, wearing such a fucking whorish maid outfit to parade around in front of younger guys."

Molly blushed with furious humiliation. She backed away and turned from us, and was clearly trying to keep from letting us see how upset she was. I caught Jason's eye, and he knew what I wanted from him; he whispered to our friend Mark, and the two of them got out of their chairs.

I continued objectifying Molly as they walked over. "Yeah, she begged me to wear that little outfit. Told me she loves when everyone can see her fat tits spilling out of her top, and she loves to bend way over on purpose to give everyone a good look at her ass. I bet she would even show us her pussy if she could."


The boys had pushed her into the pool. Shocked, cold, and thoroughly embarrassed, Molly scrambled to get out of the pool, but the boys kept pushing her back off the ledge and told her that she wasn't allowed out unless she let them pull her out. Refusing, she kept getting pushed back in, and finally she settled down - she was finally beginning to listen, so I upped the ante.

"Molly, you may only come out of the pool if you agree to serve the rest of the party naked, wearing only a G-string."

"Absolutely not! That's crazy, and this is illegal, what you're doing to me!"

"Fine," I said. "But you won't be coming out of the pool all night. You can either come out of there and serve us, naked but dry, or you can stay in there and Jason and Mark will get in there with you, and who knows what they'll do to you underwater."

Molly was frightened, and it was about time - I wanted to scare some sense into that disgusting woman. She finally stilled, and nodded her head slowly - she seemed to be in total disbelief of what she was about to do.

The boys pulled her out of the pool, and I told them to do the honors. They peeled her maid's outfit off of her, and then took off her soaking wet bra. Her arms immediately flew to her chest, attempting to hide her breasts from view, but I gave her a new command: "Good idea, Molly, except I want you to hold your tits up and together. Present them to us for our approval." Mortified, eyes downcast, she did what she was told.

She was wearing panties, too, which Jason pulled off of her legs. Prepared for this, I took out a piece of so-called underwear, which was essentially two bands - one to go around her waist, and another vertical band that would slip between her pussy lips and asshole, just enough to continuously remind her that she was on display. I gave them to Mark, who took his time securing the band nice and deep in her pussy while Jason felt her nipples and groped her enormous tits - she stood there in shock.

I looked at her, and knew that I had her under my control.

"Molly, you are now our entertainment for the evening. You will do anything any of us say. For starters, you will flick your nipples until they are nice and hard. If I look at you at any point throughout tonight and your nipples are not hard, you will regret it. Ready? Go!"

Molly only stared at me, not moving.

"Jason," I said, "Grab her!"

He did so, and I had him lay her over my lap, holding her down by the legs as Mark held her arms. I began to wail down on her bare ass, smacking her over and over again until she screamed, her flesh bright red beneath my palms. "Do as I say you little slut, or worse things will happen to you than that! Remember, we live way up outside of town and my parents are away. If you don't start listening, I will personally bring you to the stables and tie you up there, naked, and leave you there as a fuck present for all the stable boys in the morning. And if that threat doesn't work, don't think I can't make you fuck a horse."

This got her attention. She stood up and started flicking her nipples, arousing herself at my command. "Julia," I said, "is that wine bottle empty?"

"No," she answered, "but this wine that cunt Molly picked out for us to drink is unbearable." Julia knew what I was thinking - I pulled Molly back over on my lap facing up, so that her spanked raw ass dug into my lap, and I forced her legs open. Pushing her torso down off my lap, I held onto her legs so that she was upside down, legs in the air, her fat, creamy tits spilling over her face. Julia ignored Molly's screams of protest, and eased the pouring end of the wine bottle into Molly's pussy, filling it with wine. I could actually see Molly's abdomen begin to expand a little as it took nearly a full bottle of wine into her pussy. I Molly whimpered and moaned at the combination of discomfort and arousal - and then I got an idea.

"Molly, if you can stand up and keep all that wine from dripping out of your pussy, you can be done for the night and go inside. If not, you have to stay here, and Julia and I will fuck your whore pussy with wine bottles right here on the patio."

We let Molly try to stand up, and she did so hunched over, attempting to contort her body to keep the wine inside. As I knew there would be, there was too much wine inside her, and despite Molly's best efforts it began spraying out of her - she looked like she was cumming everywhere! She twisted her face in disgust and humiliation as the four of us bowled over in laughter, overwhelmed by how ridiculous she looked.

Between laughs, I finally managed to command Molly to come over to me and bend over, while grabbing her tits and tweaking her nipples. Julia and I took turns fucking her with wine bottles, as Mark and Jason held her down. She screamed, but it didn't matter - no one could hear her! We shoved one deep into her pussy, and let her finally get up so we could make her serve us our drinks without dropping it. Then I looked at her, and told her that I thought her asshole was missing something.

"No, please, Miss Anne! Don't, please I am begging you, I will do anything you ask me to, anything, please don't fuck my ass with a wine bottle!"

I grinned. I could see Mark's cock straining against his shorts, and looked to see that Jason's was as well.

"Fine," I said, "pick which of the boys' cocks goes in your mouth, and which goes in your pussy."

"What? No, please, ma'am, please!"

She dropped to her knees, begging me. Julia came up behind her and started pinching her tits, pulling her nipples out until she screamed in agony. "OKAY!" she screamed, "OKAY I PICK JASON FOR MY MOUTH AND MARK FOR MY PUSSY."

The boys high-fived and whipped out their cocks. Jason grabbed Molly's face, shoving his already throbbing member into her mouth, and then telling her "Bitch, you do the work, I'm not going to fuck your face. You better savor my cock, and act like you love it."

As she began to slobber over his cock. Julia continued playing with Molly's nipples, keeping them hard - Molly had no choice but to stay horny. Mark lined up his cock, even bigger than Jason's, and thrust it deep into Molly's pussy, and in spite of herself she began to moan. I wanted her to cum - I knew how much worse it would be for her if she did. Jason was ready to cum in no time - the whole situation was turning him on too much to resist - so he came all over Molly's face and in her hair.

Julia rubbed the semen into Molly's face, working it deep into her roots, before giving her another command. "Hey, fuckwhore, you're gonna eat my pussy, too, or I'm going to smack your tits till they bleed and then walk you through the streets, letting any stranger who would actually dare to fuck you rub his cock all over your mouth."

Julia and Mark flipped Molly over, so that she was now on her back. Mark kept fucking her pussy, and Julia straddled her face. I was videotaping the whole thing on my phone. Finally, Mark and Julia both came, and when Julia pulled her pussy from Molly's face, we discovered that Molly was screaming for more, unable to help her wild desires:


But Mark pulled out and came all over Molly's tits, and I kept taping.

Julia began to revel in the excitement, fueled by her post-orgasm lust. "Molly, I think you're dying to cum. And I think you need to earn it." She bent over, and spread her ass cheeks wide open. "Molly, get over here and devour my asshole."

Mark and Jason smacked the lustful, humiliated girl's ass, forcing her to crawl like a dog to the chair where Julia was bent over. They shoved her face in between Julia's ass cheeks, where her puckered asshole peeked out. Molly grimaced horribly, and attempted to avoid the dirty hole with her tongue, but Mark and Jason began slapping her nipples over and over again until she finally complied. Soon she was licking Molly's ass, swirling her tongue around and tongue-fucking Julia's little hole.

Finally, Julia reached back and pulled Molly's face back, and I told Jason and Mark to begin sucking on Molly's nipples.

The sensation was overwhelming her, and despite her deep humiliation, Molly couldn't contain herself. I knew that she was getting desperate.

"Molly, what do you want?"

"I want to cum."

"Tell us what you are, and then we'll see about making you cum."

"I'm a slut."

"No, Molly, tell us what you are."

"I'm a dirty little slut, okay? I'm a fuckdoll, a nothing, I'm just a bunch of holes to be used for fucking, I'm your pet cock hungry whore and I will do anything to cum."

"Good, I'm glad the camera knows."

I pulled a vibrator from my bag and told Molly to lean back and keep talking.

"I need cock! I need to cum! I love having cocks fill my holes, and I live only to have my dirty pussy filled with cum!"

I got an idea - "Molly, I will let you cum with this vibrator, but you have to let Jason fuck your little asshole first. Beg him to fuck your asshole, and then you can cum"


I handed her the vibrator, still recording as she pressed it to her clit, as Jason, already hard again, flipped her onto all fours and began pumping into her asshole. She screamed in pain, but quickly forgot her pain as she cascaded into oblivion, pressing the vibrator into her pussy and yelling at the top of her lungs, telling us what a whore she was. She came, squirting her juices everywhere, and Jason released his seed deep into her asshole. He held her gaping hole apart, so I could get a good shot of the cum dripping out, and I got a final shot of her thanking me for letting her be a disgusting tramp, looking directly into the camera.

Finally, leaving the other three to watch her as I went inside, I got my computer and uploaded the video, posting it on an anonymous YouTube channel. Julia dragged Molly in by the hair, and I threw a towel down for her to lay on. I opened the video, making it obvious to Molly that her face was now fully visible on an internet video in which she clearly begged for cock - and we made her play with her pussy while she watched.

"Molly," I said, smiling at her, I'm glad you're such a stubborn twat that you've refused to quit. I think we're going to have to make you a live-in servant."

My plan had worked perfectly. Now, this bitch would either quit, and I'd never have to see her face again, or she'd stay, and be perfectly obedient to everything I said - and provide plenty of entertainment.

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