tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCraving Humiliation Ch. 01

Craving Humiliation Ch. 01


Author's Note: This story is about a fear (and a secret fantasy) I always have when I visit a gym. Please don't try this at home unless all the parties present are consenting. I would like to thanks my editor AsylumSeeker for translating my mad ramblings into coherent English, I heartily recommend him to any would be writers.

Although for stylistic reasons the characters are not blurting out their ages, rest assured they are all over eighteen.

Chapter 1: Planting the seed

I hated these visits to the campus' training center. I didn't feel at ease being surrounded by all these jocks and their bimbos, but I wasn't one of those girls who could keep in shape without working out. In fact, I had to work dang hard at it and so I reluctantly came back week after week.

I wasn't as tall, long-legged or attractive as the vapid girls who strutted around the place like they owned it, nor was I part of the "in" crowd. Soon after joining the gym I realized the more senior members liked to mock me to prove their superiority and their place in the gym's social ladder. It didn't take long for me to decide to move my weekly session. I chose early Monday morning before classes, when most everyone was still sleeping off the weekend's extravagances.

Stepping out of the locker room I realized today was no different. I knew by sight the handful of people already present on the training machines, but I had never talked to them. As usual the girl I referred to as the runner was present. She came in early, spent all her time on the treadmill then left. I'd heard she was on the track team; I didn't have any trouble believing it.

I suppressed a disappointed sight when I saw the blue shorts guy heading for the locker room. I liked sneaking off to that one bike close to his favorite training area and watching him work out. Oh well, maybe next week. The third and last person present this morning was the brooding guy. I didn't like this one; he was creepy and attacked the weight machines as if they had personally ruined his life. Luckily he had never so much as looked at me.

I went as far from the brooding guy as physically possible and did my stretching exercises. I didn't feel like sharing the treadmills with the runner girl so I started the day's routine with the bike. I set the fitness level to 'no hills' and started the ride. Nothing too difficult for me; I just wanted to be in shape, not run myself into the ground. It wasn't long before I let myself be carried away by the repetitive motions and slipped into a daydream involving me, the blue shorts guy and the training pad.

"... totally did!"

I was shaken out of my reverie by a voice I knew only too well. Tall, blond and sexy Mandy Johnson was a total bitch and the main reason why I had to come in so early. Mandy had constantly teased me and had been responsible for making the others do the same.

She was one of those people who can't seem to talk without moving their hands about. Just now she was flailing her water bottle around and gossiping with her best friend Liza Backes, a redhead with huge breasts nearly spilling out of her skimpy top. Both were obviously dressed like the sluts they were.

Apparently I wasn't the only one annoyed by the commotion, the runner girl sighed and headed for the locker room. I was thinking about doing the same when Mandy interrupted my thoughts.

"Well well," she mocked. "If it isn't poor little Anna. Have you been hiding here all this time?"

She was looking at me with a daring look on her face, but I gave her my best neutral expression. Eventually the bitch gave up.

"Still as slow," she said. "You should have stayed home; we don't want you in here."

Apparently satisfied with that, they both turned and moved to the now vacant treadmills. They set their water bottles down, programmed their machines and started running, apparently having forgotten about me as they slipped back into their gossiping.

Not wanting to stay in their vicinity lest they remember my presence, I quietly moved off to the other side of the gym to the weight machines. I wasn't very familiar with these, so I picked one at random. It was a monstrosity of metal, wires and pulleys, and adjustable in a dozen different positions, but was currently configured in a reclined position.

I sat on it, placed my lower legs in the leg supports and lay back. I wasn't certain how to operate this thing, but looking around I spotted two handles at shoulder level, each connected to a wire.

I could do this. Taking a breath I pulled. The handles followed, and I heard a weight being lifted somewhere behind my head. Not bad, I thought. I should do this more often.

Finding new enthusiasm stirring in me, I went at in earnest. It was going great, the previous person who used it hadn't put on too much weight. I was enjoying myself until in the middle of a pull I felt as if my head caught fire. I let out a yelp! Panicking I reflexively relaxed the pressure I was putting on the handles and the pain intensified. My hair was stuck! I couldn't let go without ripping my own hair out!

"Look at this Liza!" I heard. "She got her hair stuck!"

I heard the girls approach and thought I would die of shame; I'd never hear the end of it. I felt my face heat as they both loomed over me and laughed.

"I knew she was stupid, but this?" Mandy said. "Go get your phone, I want pictures!"

Tears started blurring my vision as Liza headed for the locker room; with pictures the whole school would know.

"Please Mandy..." I sobbed. "Help me out, I swear I'll never come back!"

"No way bitch! I told you you're not welcome in my gym. Now you're going to pay."

I saw Liza coming back with a cell phone, and I started crying in earnest. The girls liked that. Mandy started mocking me as Liza circled, taking pictures as I lay there crying.

I was brought back from my misery by a hand holding my forehead. Focusing through my watery eyes I saw the bleached blond head of Mandy hovering over me with a sadistic look on her face. In her other hand she was holding a black marker she had gotten from somewhere.

"Please Mandy... don't..." I cried.

"Look at me bitch!" The hand on my forehead tightened painfully until I looked Mandy in the eyes. "You heard me. A bitch, that's what you are and all you'll ever be."

With that she leaned forward and with those sadistic eyes still locked on mine, wrote something on my forehead. With a smirk she let go and stepped back. "Take more pictures, this is going on my blog." I heard a couple more clicks, and then silence.

"What?" Mandy snapped. "Why did you stop?"

"Well..." Liza started. "This is getting boring. Can't we just leave?"

Mandy thought for a moment then grinned. "You want fun? Alright let's have fun!" She walked in front of the bench and stopped at my legs. "Get your legs out of these supports, bitch!"

No way, I thought. I didn't know what she had in mind but it couldn't be good. Smack! A stinging slap landed on my inner tight. This hurt!

"Didn't you hear me? I said get your legs out!"

My thigh was still stinging and she already had her hand raised, ready to strike again. I quickly moved my legs out and braced myself for the next humiliation. What happened wasn't something I had expected. With a triumphant look on her face Mandy quickly lunged over my legs, grabbed hold of my shorts and pulled them down before I could react, exposing my plain white panties to the gym.

I was mortified. I heard a chuckle from Liza. "Now that's more like it!" Clicking sounds could be heard again. This was going on the net? I would die of shame. I wouldn't be able to show my face at school ever again.

Mandy was laughing. "Let's take off some more..."

I panicked and started kicking and flailing my legs around the best I could, but my arms were getting tired from holding the handles halfway through their arc. Leaning back like I was, all I managed to do was make my scalp start burning again as my struggling shifted my body around; I let out a yelp of pain. My panties were lowered and taken away.

I couldn't believe what was happening to me; blood rushed to my face. I bet even they could hear the thudding of my heart.

Mandy laughed. "So you're shaved? As if anyone would ever want to have sex with you." She gestured at my pussy. "Keep taking pictures of her cunt, I gotta get something."

And with that she left my limited field of vision. I looked at Liza pleadingly, but she just laughed and took more pictures.

"Let's see those small tits of hers," Mandy suggested, coming back with a pair of scissors.

Leaning over me, she grabbed hold of my top and pulled it away from my body, pushing me up and making my scalp hurt again as pressure was put on my hair. She inserted the scissors in the tent she had created and in one snip cut the top off. I fell back in the seat relieved at the lack of pain until I shockingly realized I was now completely exposed in a public gym!

"So small..." Mandy mocked.

She ran her hand over my right breast, circling my nipple and watching it harden.

"Do you think I'm the first one to touch them?"

She played with my erect nipple. I couldn't help but feel a little thrill go through me. Her second hand joined the first and started tweaking my other nipple too. I think I let out a small gasp. As if she had been waiting for it she squeezed my nipples hard and twisted them. I shrieked and jerked, the renewed pain on my scalp fighting for attention from my sore, tormented nipples.

While in pain I nearly let go of the handles but managed to hold on at the last second. She released my nipples and I just lay there hurting, eyes closed and crying again. I could still hear clicks of pictures being taken but right at that moment all that mattered was the pain in my nipples...

I felt a hand spreading my thighs and jerked my eyes open. Mandy was standing over me, one hand forcing my legs open and the other holding her water bottle.

"Let's show her what it's like to have something in her."

I stared at the squirt water bottle in Mandy's hand; this was never going to fit! I closed my legs as hard as I could.

"Oh God, no!" I cried out. "Please Mandy, I'm begging you. Don't do this!"

Mandy's face clouded in anger.

"You bitch! Don't tell me what I can do!"

She walked off and came back with a pair of jump ropes. "Help me with her legs."

Both girls teamed up on me. I did my best, but I ended up with my legs spread, tied to the structure of the weight machine.

"Now you're getting it!"

Mandy leaned between my outstretched legs. She spread my pussy lips and cruelly pushed the bottle, which wouldn't go in. The pain was incredible and I screamed out, then the next thing I knew I had my panties jammed in my mouth.

"The bitch is tight," I heard Mandy say.

Holding the bottle over me she squeezed and a stream of ice cold water hit my pussy, making me jerk in shock. She leaned over my pussy and, still aiming the water at my slit, started fingering me. Eventually the flow stopped but she kept fingering me, even adding a second finger, then a third. I closed my eyes. I couldn't believe my body was starting to get into it! She opened and closed her three fingers in a scissor-like motion, stretching me as wide as she could. After a moment of this she pulled them out and got the bottle again. I braced myself.

Again she spread my pussy lips. She slid the head of the bottle in me and started pushing and twisting. It slowly entered and I thought she was going to rip me up; I closed my eyes and bit my panties, trying to ignore the pain. Eventually the pressure stopped and I opened my eyes. I couldn't believe she had managed to fit the bottle halfway in me. She stood back to admire her work. Liza took pictures of the bottle in my stretched pussy and at my shocked expression.

The two girls looked at each other. "What next?"

Liza's face lit up. "I have an idea!"

She handed the phone to Mandy, went between my legs and pulled the bottle out. I felt a moment of pain followed by relief. She took the bottle and uncapped it, lowered her shorts and squatted over it. She sighed and a golden stream hit the head of bottle, and then started going in.

"I've needed to go for the last half hour."

Mandy looked puzzled. "So what?"

Liza just kept peeing. She really had needed to go; she almost filled the whole bottle. When the trickle stopped she stood up, pulling her shorts back up.

She aimed the bottle at me with an evil look in her eyes. She wouldn't! Please tell me she wouldn't! She squeezed and a stream hit me in the face. Mandy laughed and started taking pictures. Liza squeezed again and I closed my eyes. She hit me once more in the face, soaking the panties in my mouth. I was going to be sick. She squirted at my hair and my sore scalp started burning all over again. Apparently not satisfied, she squirted my face again, lingered on my breasts, then down my stomach to my gaping pussy, making sure to splash some in.

She came back between my legs. "Let's put it back where it came from."

I couldn't believe it! She was going to put the bottle, still halfway filled with pee, back in me! I'd been loosened the previous time and was lubricated by water and urine so it wasn't really that painful this time, but I still felt much worse. I closed my eyes and pretended this wasn't happening to me. I could feel the pee in the bottle as it was being inserted in me, warmth spreading through my pussy.

She kept pushing until she couldn't get it in any farther, then she started squeezing the bottle, pushing more of her warm pee out of the bottle and into my insides. She eventually stood back. They took pictures of the now golden bottle sticking out of my pussy.

They looked at each other, apparently having run out of sadistic ideas.

"Oh well," Mandy announced. "I wish I was here when the bottle got taken out of her gaping cunt, that's going to be fun to watch."

They took a couple more pictures, and with a last look at their handiwork headed for the locker room.

Mandy stopped before the door.

"Don't worry," she said over her shoulder. "Class is starting soon; you'll be out of there in no time," she snickered as she entered before entering the locker room.

I was conflicted. I was relieved the abuse and pictures were over, but the idea of being found like this was terrifying. My only hope was that I'd be found by an instructor and not by a class of students.

I heard something from to my left. Someone was in here already!? I turned my head as much as my hair allowed me and saw him, the brooding guy walking toward me. He had been forgotten in the corner all along and had watched the whole thing!

He stopped in front of me, his erect dick out of his shorts.

"Great friends you're got there. Mind if I take a turn?"

I said "no" through the soaked panties, but he just smiled at me. He straddled the bench and settled between my legs.

I felt a wet finger pushing at my anus. Oh God! He was going for my ass. He pushed slowly and I let out a cry through my panties. It was uncomfortable, even a little painful. I'd never felt anything quite like this as he moved his finger around in my ass as I lay there with a bottle down my pussy. He tried a second finger but it wouldn't go in.

"You need to relax, you're too contracted."

Well he wasn't tied up in a public gym. I would have kicked him if I could, but I settled for a gasp as he started playing with my wet clitoris. It felt good; I don't remember ever having been this sensitive. I closed my eyes, forgetting where I was and just let the pleasure fill me. I was brought back as a second finger entered me, but he quickened his fingers on my clitoris and I relaxed again. His hand moved up and massaged my breast as he fucked my ass with two fingers. I felt his fingers pull out and I opened my eyes.

He wiped his fingers on my stomach. "You ready babe?"

I don't think I would ever be ready to be fucked up the ass in a gym, but I wanted his hands on me again.

He positioned himself and taking hold of my thighs raised my ass up. He guided his cock with his hand; I could feel his cock head at the entrance of my anus. He pushed slowly and with much effort got the head in, impaling my ass with his cock as my pussy was being impaled with a pee filled bottle. Pain flared as he started sliding further in. He got halfway and stopped. I relaxed and he pushed, sliding all the way in. Pain swelled for a moment then slowly diminished as my anus adjusted to being filled by a dick.

He pulled out until only the head was in, then pushed until he was all the way in to the hilt. I let out a yelp; he started playing with my sensitive clitoris again. Slowly, as pleasure was starting to fill my body again, he started pumping in and out of me.

I was starting to like this; pleasure was taking over, relegating the pain to somewhere in the background. He saw my expression and augmented his tempo. I wished I could touch him but my hands were still holding these handles. After holding on for so long I don't think I could open them anymore.

Orgasm was coming; I could feel it building inside me. He was about to cum too, fucking me harder, his thrusts sending a small surge of pain through my scalp as his slamming body pushed me up and down the bench.

I couldn't hold on much longer; either I was going to enjoy the greatest orgasm or my life, or I'd get my hair ripped out, maybe both. He was groaning now and slamming into me like a sledgehammer. I climaxed, an orgasm surging through me in incredible waves of delight. I think I passed out for a moment.

He let out a groan and I could feel his sperm filling my ass as his thrusts weakened. He fell over me, exhausted.

"The best fuck ever," he whispered in my ear. "I don't think I've ever been so horny in my life."

He sighed and got back up, his cock pulling out of my ass with an audible pop. He loomed over, looking at my exposed body. With one hand he reached out and removed a strand of urine-streaked hair out of my face.

"Thanks babe, see you around." He turned around and left.

Here I was, covered with pee, hair stuck, scalp burning, a bottle of pee inserted deep in my stretched pussy and sperm dripping out of my gaping anus, naked with legs spread wide in a public gym before class, awaiting the next person or persons to walk in.

Not a bad workout.

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