A Chosen Path


Hiding behind the bushes, I thought to myself:

"FUCK!!! Where the hell is that bitch?" It was 5:15 am and the sun would be up soon. In another 15minutes I would lose my cloak of darkness. It had been a week since I last buried my cock in some pussy. My nine inch black cock throbbed with anticipation as I looked down the path through the bushes waiting for my prey. I was on another one of my hunts, and my prey was the white man's most treasured asset, the white woman. How I love white women! How I love to hear them scream when I thrust all nine inches of my cock deep into their cunts. It was Monday, and I knew this was the path she religiously used for jogging.

5:22 a.m. and still no sight of the bitch! I'd spent the whole weekend planning how I was going to take this woman. I knew it would be easy; timing was everything. Anger started to fill my veins as I checked my watch for the third time. All of a sudden I saw something moving about 50 yards down the path.

"Yeees, here she comes." Adrenaline flowed throughout my body, for this was my favorite part. Surprise is what I love, and the look on her face would be priceless. I got myself ready for some good old hard-core fucking of white pussy. As I watched my prize come closer I thought:

"Oh yes, this is going to be fun." My prize was now close at hand. As she got even closer I started to think to myself: what a stupid woman! Why would any female choose this time of the morning to go running? There are truly evil things hiding in the dark. Did she think, because she was tall, and kind of on the heavy side, that she would be safe? That no one would ever think about messing with her? There is one thing I love more than just a white woman, and that is a heavy, older, white woman, with big plump tits and a fat wide ass. Oh yes, they're the kind of woman I adore.

It was like she was approaching me in slow motion. I watched her juicy tits bouncing from side to side, and her long blonde hair, tied up in a ponytail, jumping from one shoulder to the other. The sound of her sweat suit rubbing against her sides confirmed that she was really close at hand. The moment before I strike is like pure ecstasy. Like a snake I prepared to attack my prey. I could hear her breathing. The time had come; no turning back for me. This was what I had waited for all week long.

I let her go a few feet past me, then WHAM!!! I lunged for my prey. She didn't know what hit her. I hit her hard from behind, tackling her like a middle linebacker, causing both of us to go off the path and roll down in a ditch. I held her tight as we tumbled down the hill together. She tried to scream as we were rolling down the hill, but I quickly put my hand over her mouth. We must have rolled about 20 feet; the only sound that of leaves and small dead tree branches breaking. Oh yes, another part of my plan had been perfectly executed. When we finally stopped tumbling I landed right on top of her with my hand still over her mouth. Her eyes were wide open as she stared into my dark eyes. I loved this part; I loved the feel of her trembling body under me. The fear in her eyes only made my dick get harder. It took her a few seconds to realize her fate.

"Don't make a fucking move or a sound... bitch," I said in my meanest, blackest tone of voice. Did the bitch listen? No! She started trying with all her might to free herself. It may have been because, at 5' 11", she was taller than most women, and maybe because she worked out and jogged, and weighed around 145- 160 lbs. She may have thought she could escape. I allowed the fool to wear herself out for about a minute, but only because this was my foreplay; this was how I got aroused.

After about a minute she was gasping for air. I took my hand from her mouth for a millisecond to give her a chance to breathe, then before she could scream I quickly covered it again with my big black hand. I said:

"Bitch... you better shut the fuck up... or I'm going to cut your ass up." Tears started to form in her eyes, and when they started to flow I thought to myself:

"Wow! She's so fucking beautiful." She continued to struggle, trying desperately to free herself, but she was no match for my 6'2", 255 lbs, black frame. Well, that was enough foreplay fore me. It was time to get down to business. I reached into my right boot and pulled out my trusty switchblade. The clicking sound it made got her attention right away and when I placed the cold steel blade on her face she froze instantly.

"Now that I have your attention, bitch... are you going to stop fighting me?" Knowing her fate was in my hand, she had no choice but to cooperate. The power I felt at this moment was like no other feeling on earth. I felt godlike, for I was now in control of her destiny.

Her body felt nice and soft under mine. My hard cock was pressing firmly against her thick thighs.

"Listen ... and listen to me good, bitch", I hissed. "You do as I say and I let you live... You fucking piss me off... and you never see your family again... do you understand me.. cunt?!" I felt her body starting to tremble again as more tears welled up in her eyes. She nodded silently, knowing I was dead serious. I then said,

"I'm going to remove my hand now. If you scream... I will shove this knife down your throat and shut you the fuck up forever... do you understand?... Are we clear, bitch?!" Again she nodded. I removed my hand, and she whispered,

"Please don't hurt me, mister." I love it when white people are scared of black people; all of a sudden they find a new respect for them. She added:

"I don't have any money on me, sir." I laughed in her face.

"I'm not here for money, bitch ...you possess something else I want." Right there and then she understood she was going to be raped.

"Oh please, mister, don't do that to me. I'm married and I have children," she said, weeping. As if I gave a damn about that shit. I said to her,

"Bitch, I don't give a fuck about you or your husband or your fucking kids... you'll do what I say or I guarantee... you'll never see them again."

Without giving her even a second to think about what I had said, I grabbed her by her long blonde ponytail and pulled her up to her knees. Then I brought the knife to her temple and made sure she felt its presence.

"OK, bitch, here are the rules... You're going to suck my big black cock... and you're going to do a good job... If I feel any teeth this knife goes into your brain ... You got that, cunt?" She started weeping at full force, but silently. She looked up at me and said,

"Please mister, don't make me do this... pleeeease." Her begging only turned me on more. My black cock, like a slave on a plantation, was begging to be free from my sweats.

"Listen here, lady... Shut the fuck up... and suck my cock... Go on, pull it out now," I demanded. Slowly, and with shaking hands she put her hands around the waistband of my sweats.

"Hurry up, bitch! I don't have all fucking day." With a quick tug she pulled my sweats down to my knees. My thick nine-inch cock introduced itself to her by slapping her in the face.

"Oh my God!" she cried out." I twisted her long blonde ponytail into my fist, establishing a better grip on her head. The look in her eyes told a story. It said that the mighty black cock in front of her had her scared. My nine inches of jet-black man-meat was pointing straight at her mouth. I wanted to emphasize my dominance over my prey, so I started twisting my hips from side to side, slapping her in the face with my thick heavy cock. The thudding sound my cock made every time it landed a blow on either side of her face excited me even more. The sound of my flesh hitting her flesh seemed to be to fill the quiet woods. I could see her cheeks start to turn red from the belting it was getting from my iron cock.

I couldn't wait any longer.

"Open your mouth, bitch!" I snarled. She hesitated for a second as she came to terms with her situation, then slowly opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Its warmth soothed the tip of my cock. I grabbed the back of her head and started to push it into my crotch. At first she resisted, and I gently pressed the cold steel blade against her temple to remind her of what would happen if she failed this task. My new white girlfriend then started to comply with my orders. I watched as she opened her mouth as wide as she could and engulfed the head of my throbbing black manhood.

"Aagghhhhhh... yeaahh lady...that's it ... suck it... mmmmm." Her mouth felt so fucking good, so fucking warm. She took about 4 inches of my meat into her mouth before she started to pull back.

"That's it lady, suck that black dick... You know you wanna suck it, bitch". She started sucking my cock real slow. Her stroke was smooth and tender, but I could hear her whimpering as she sucked my meat. The sound of her crying only made it that much better for me. I grabbed the back of her head and forced another 2 inches in to her mouth until I felt the tip of my dick head press against the back of her throat.

"Mmmmm," she mumbled. I pulled my cock from the back of her throat and immediately she started to cough.

"What the fuck is your problem, bitch?" I said angrily. When she caught her breath she said,

"Oh... Pleeasseee mister, it's too big. I can't breathe." I said, "Well, you'll have to suck it a whole lot better, bitch... Use your fucking hands and stroke the shaft." Then I slammed my cock back into her throat. Her hand immediately reached up and wrapped around the shaft of my cock. Now we were in business. She started sucking my cock like the true cocksucking slut I knew she was.

I started pumping my hips back and forth into her face, and she wasn't trying to fight me anymore. I guess she figured the quicker I came the sooner her ordeal would be over. Then I noticed something different about her technique. This white momma had started using her tongue more, swirling it around the head of my cock.

"MMMmmmm... Yeeeaaahhh... lady... that's it... suck it like that... baby." She was twisting and turning the shaft of my cock with her pretty little white hand and it felt wonderful. I looked down at her and saw that she had stopped crying. Instead she was moaning and had increased her pace and the strength of suction on my pulsating black member.

"Oh yeah, lady... you like sucking that black cock, don't you? See ... I knew you was gonna like this." I felt my balls starting to tingle. The bitch was about to make me cum. I said,

"Listen up, bitch." It caused her to stop and look up at me with a mouth full of thick ebony cock.

"Bitch... did I tell you to stop fucking sucking." She immediately started sucking me again. I then said, "Listen here, cunt... I'm going to cum in your fucking mouth... and if you spill one fucking drop of my seed... I'm going to fuck you up... You got that, bitch?!" I pulled my cock out of her mouth and waited for my answer.

"Do you understand me, cunt?" I repeated. She looked up at me said sadly,

"Yeeesss, Mister." I said,

"Gooood... Girl," and slammed my rock-hard black dick into the back of her throat.

The woman was a superb cocksucker.

"That's it, baby...Suck my fucking dick.. Make.. Big Daddy... cum." I knew I was only seconds away from filling her mouth up with a thick blast of cum. Her technique was improving with each stroke. I felt a hand gently caressing my nut sack.

"Mmmm yeah, baby ... Big Daddy likes that." I placed my hands either side of her face to hold it still, then started humping her face like I was fucking a pussy.

"Ohh... Ahhh... I'm gonna cum!. Bitch. Ohh ...ohhh Aggghhh yeah!" I screamed as the first blast went straight to the back of her throat.

"Yeah, that's it, lady! Suck it! Drink it all up!" I cried, letting loose another thick blast." I grabbed the woman's head and held it place while I furiously tried to pump my thick cock into her brain. All I could hear was mumbling and the sound of her gulping down my evil seed.

"Yeah, that's it, lady... Work that's cock... You know you wanted this. ...Yeah ... and don't you spill a drop, baby."

I pulled my cum-coated cock out of my prey's mouth, and immediately she started coughing and gasping for air. I always loved this part. It was when they thought I was done with them, while for me this was just the beginning. She finally looked up at me with a look of pure defeat on her face. The cum dribbling out of the corners of her mouth only excited me more and kept my black cock rock-hard.

"Please, mister, can I go now?" she whimpered. I just laughed

"Haa haa haaa haaa," in a low, demonic growl.

"I'm not done with you yet, bitch... Do I look like your fucking husband, cunt? ... Did you think I would cum once, then roll over and go to sleep?... You've a lot to learn, bitch...You have to learn the rules about satisfying a black man." The tears started to well up in her eyes again

"But mister, I've done everything you wanted. Can't you let me go?" I yanked her to her feet by her hair and said,

"Bitch, did I say you could talk? Now...shut... the... fuck... up!"

Standing, face to face, I looked deep into her teary eyes and said,

"You know what I want now, don't you?" She didn't say a word; the fresh batch of tears rolling down her face spoke for her. I spun her around like a rag doll and pressed my cock into the ass cheeks of her sweat pants. I thought to myself,

"Damn! What a fucking fat ass!... Oh yes, this is going to be fun.". I whispered in her ear,

"Damn, lady, you got a fine fat ass ... Can you feel how hard my cock is, lady?" She didn't say a word, but I felt her body trembling with fear.

"That... was a question ... cunt... Can you feel my cock?"

"Ye.. ye.. yes, sir ... I... I... I feel it ." Her voice, even when she was crying, was very sexy. I brought my left hand round to the front of her sweat pants and palmed her meaty pussy.

"Mmmmm, lady, you got a nice fat pussy. She tried to wriggle away, but I put my right arm around her neck in a kind of chokehold and said,

"Bitch! You better stand still." She stood still and I started working on her pussy mound with my hands. I could feel a lot of heat between her legs.

"Down on all fours, bitch", I growled. "You know the position." She started crying and shaking, though she knew I wouldn't take no for an answer.

"Please mister... I beg of you... Don't do this to me... I... I I'll suck your dick again, mister... But don't make me do this...I'll suck it real good this time... sir." I knew the sun would be up in a few minutes and got real angry. I said,

"Let me tell you something, bitch...This isn't a game show... or Let's Make a Deal. I want some of that white pussy... and that's fucking that! Now... down on your fucking knees!"

Slowly my prey complied, dropping to her knees and assuming the position. I wasted no time in getting right behind her and yanked down her sweatpants. She had a lovely thick, fat white ass, with nice wide hips - beautiful! I quickly pulled off one of her pants legs, leaving just the one leg on, then grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and rubbed them together real hard and fast. Putting my left hand between her ass cheeks, I searched for her fat pussy hole. I was thrilled to find it on fire, and dripping wet. When I first touched her pussy she started whimpering and crying. She wasn't crying because I was about to rape her; she just knew I had found her secret. Her tears were from the betrayal she felt. Her pussy, that same pussy that had been a friend to her for 40 years and more , had betrayed her. Her pussy, that she thought she knew so well, that had given birth to her children, was now a traitor, a renegade, juiced-up hole, preparing itself to accommodate her rapist's mighty cock.

"Damn, lady, your pussy is so fucking wet," I laughed, to further humiliate her. I pressed my finger against her cunt and it slipped right in without any resistance.

"Mmmm... lady... I'll be enjoying this white pussy of yours."

Her fate was sealed, and she knew she was about to be raped in the woods. My nine inches cock was at full strength. I spread her thick white ass cheeks with both hands, saying:

"This is what you get, lady, for jogging in the woods alone." I slammed my black cock hard into her. "Agggghhhh ... Bitch...Now... take that.. You fucking cunt." My first thrust was violent, ruthless and fast. As my cock hit the bottom of her pussy on that first vicious plunge, I covered her mouth with a hand to muffle her scream.

"AAA...MmmmfffffMfff!" was all that came from her mouth. It was perfect timing.

"Shut the fuck up lady!" I growled, all nine inches of my dark meat buried deep inside her body. I couldn't believe how wet she was. She started bucking wildly trying to free herself from the biggest, baddest cock she'd ever had the pleasure to encounter. Her movements, however, only increased my pleasure. What a fool!, I thought. She's fucking me and doesn't even realize it. But my new bitch needed a reminder of who was running the show, so I grabbed my trusty knife, yanked her by her pony tail and said grimly, my nine inches of throbbing cock still buried in her pussy:

"Lady, I don't have time for this shit. This is your last fucking warning. Now bend the fuck over and shut the fuck up, or I'll shove this knife up your fucking ass and make sure you never sit right again! You got that, bitch?" Her eyes were wide as she listened to my chilling words, and she nodded her head up and down.

"Now bend over... bitch. And I better not hear a fucking peep."

She crouched down, following her new black master's instructions, and I slammed my cock in hard until I felt my balls pressed against her thick pussy lips. She didn't make a sound.

"That's a good girl," I whispered as I pulled my cock out and drove it back in. Resting the cold steel blade on her back, I grabbed her waist and went to work on her cunt, slowly pushing my swollen cock in and out of her juicy pussy. I loved it. It was purely selfish; she was there for my pleasure, and for that alone. I started to build up my pace on her cunt, while the inner folds of her pussy gripped my cock like a slippery vice.

"Damn, lady, your pussy is so fucking wet... You should be ashamed of yourself ...enjoying your own rape!" I wanted to make her feel bad, and I could tell my words were getting to her. Then I started to pound that fat ass. The sound of our flesh colliding broke the silence of the woods. Her pussy was starting to do things of its own on my cock. Then I felt a change in her. Her pussy started to convulse and tremble.

"Oh shit!", I thought, "The bitch is about to fucking cum." I pounded that ass as hard and fast as I could.

"Yeah... you want to cum... don't ya ...bitch? You want to cum all over my black cock... don't ya bitch?" A soft moan escaped her lips in answer to my question.

"No sir, I don't want to cum," she said between soft sexy moans. But she was close and I knew it. I wanted to make her angry. I also wanted her to be aware of the mutiny going on between her legs, so I started gyrating my hips and dipping into her pussy from different angles. That was all it too. She lifted her head and cried:

"OOOhhh Noooo! Ohhh my Godddd... not like this!" Her body became locked and I felt her pussy walls collapse on my cock. "AAAAhgggghhhhh! Ohhh.. Noooo...! Aggghhhh...! Ohhh my Goddd, noo!" Her body had betrayed her and unleashed a powerful orgasm. I yelled triumphantly: "Yeah, bitch...! That's it. Cum on my fucking cock!Yeah, you like my black dick, don't you, bitch?" Juices were flowing freely from her snatch; my balls were drenched in her fuck fluids. Every time my throbbing cock delivered a violent blow into her moist flesh, there was a loud, wet, slapping sound. The sounds served a purpose, to remind her of the reality of the situation. The wet, sloppy sound of her pussy reminded her of the black invader that had declared war on her cunt. It was a war she knew she had no chance of winning. The battle was lost. Her twat surrendered to me, and like a defeated army her juices escaped from deep inside her womb and bonded with their new leader. My thick black cock was the new master of her ship. Her destiny was in my hands and her future rested deep in my balls.

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