tagRomanceA Christmas Bonus

A Christmas Bonus


All of his life, Paul Robinson had been a man on a mission. He had been a man obsessed, a man obsessed with the acquisition of power. Money and fame were nice, but he thrilled at control, he loved being a mover and a shaker. He loved seeing the look of admiration or envy or even fear in the eyes of the people that surrounded him. He came by his power honestly; he never cheated or swindled a soul. He believed in making a good, square deal where everyone profited and thus, often the deals came to him. He was already a millionaire by the age of 25 and worth several times more than that by the age of 35. Whatever he wanted, he got.

Sadly, during all the moving and shaking, his relationships fell apart. Two failed marriages and estrangement from his children. He had never cheated on the women he had married because deception was not a part of his makeup, not ever. That had not been true for the wives he had neglected. Despite both of them living an opulent lifestyle many women would envy, when temptation came knocking at the door, Maria and Sandra had answered the knock and let it in.

The divorces were both painful and time-consuming. He had never expected to be divorced, so Maria had not signed a pre-nup. She got almost half of his assets and Paul plunged himself back into work. Only a chance meeting with a colleague's wife and her sister had allowed marriage # 2 to happen. This time, Paul was a lot smarter. Sandra got a few million, but by then, Paul's fortunes had almost been restored to their pre-Maria levels.

He returned to work with vigor and thrust himself out there as the face of the company. Paul dated some truly beautiful women and enjoyed their company. Instead of forming lasting romances, he enjoyed dalliances. He made friends with the women he dated, but no more. It would be a foolish gesture, an exercise in futility, to believe he could succeed at marriage a third time. He had millions of dollars in the bank and would be able to enjoy women for as long as he cared to do so.

The women he "dallied" with didn't complain. Neither of his wives would ever have complained about his prowess in the bedroom. Paul had gotten off to an early start and he had been adventurous before he met Maria, a wild night here and there had occurred. Now that he was single and free to pursue hedonistic pursuits, if a younger -- and more flexible -- lover -- suggested something kicky, he was up for it. Most men are lucky if they experience even one threesome in a lifetime. By the end of the first year after his divorce from Sandra, he was averaging one a month. At 40, he was living a wilder life than he had lived when he was in his early 20's.

As he started to enjoy his life more, he lost a bit of his focus. For the first time ever in his life, Paul dropped the ball. When he did, there was someone there to pick it up and go for a winning goal. While he retained 45% of the company, someone else managed to purchase 46% with the remaining 9% still in the hands of shareholders. Try as he might, Paul could not wrest another 2% out of anyone. For the first time in his life, he was not in control of his own company. In a matter of weeks, there would be a new CEO. Paul decided to take it in stride. He still had enough control that if shareholders voted with him, he could influence decisions and he would most certainly hold a high office. Maybe it was time for him to cut back a little. He hadn't enjoyed a vacation in years and he thought about taking up tennis or perhaps golf. Of course, as it was mid-December, golf and tennis would have to wait. He was a little bit too old to take up snowboarding and he knew that he'd break his fool neck if he tried to ski.

Perhaps he could visit his brother or his sister and spoil his nieces and nephews rotten. His siblings always complained when he did that, insisting that it created problems for them when having to live up to their rich, successful older brother. Paul had never understood them because he figured one of the perks of having money was being able to spoil those around you. While he kept an eye on the money he took in, he was never stingy. Neither Sandra nor Maria had wanted for a thing. When he took vacations, he made sure that he got enough down time to return refreshed and ready to tackle work again with recharged batteries.

He looked down the list in his office and saw that his secretary had made notes of who was entitled to bonuses and suggestions for gift giving. His nieces and nephews were getting older and soon, they wouldn't want toys for Christmas. What would he give them then? Furthermore, what was he going to have himself? He was going home to an empty house and he really didn't feel much like celebrating Christmas. With the takeover of his prized company, what was there for him to celebrate?

Paul looked forward to the Christmas season; he had so enjoyed it as a kid. His parents were always generous. As he got older, he enjoyed spending his own money on gifts for family and friends. He had so loved the holidays and he got into giving. It was the one time of year that Paul didn't worry about how much he spent. His staff always got nice-sized bonuses and he would treat himself to one special something he had wanted all year. Maria loved lingerie; he gave her a gift certificate that would stock her drawers for a year. Sandra had loved shoes, he let her go to Louis Vutton and she practically bought out the store. This year, there wasn't much point. He thought about going somewhere tropical to alleviate the loneliness he was feeling this season. He couldn't do that until after the holidays, the new owner was stopping by to consult with him and make the transition easier. He knew almost nothing of this woman aside from her name and occupation. She was Colette DuMaurier and she ran a large cosmetics firm that was based out of Europe. His secretary told him there were rumors that Colette was a wild-child, a jet setter who seemed to have a flair for business. Evidently, or she never would have been able to afford to buy up so much stock.

He didn't get much sleep the night before Colette was scheduled to arrive. What do you say to a woman who has just ridden in and taken away your life's work? What can a person say when their very reason for getting up in the morning has been usurped? Paul was going to be professional, that was it. There was no way he planned to make things any easier for Colette DuMaurier than he had to.

When he met Colette, all his rationale went out the window. His reasons for being alive in the past no longer seemed to matter. Paul could not believe what a fool he had been all of these years.

Colette breezed in with the click of stiletto heels on marble floors, wisps of a light fragrance dusting the room and endless streams of blonde hair everywhere. Everything she wore was couturier excellence, form-fitting and looked like a million bucks on her. In fact, Paul would not have been surprised if someone told him that was the cost of her outfit. It was black and sensational on her and she had the body for it. Curvy and tall, in heels she could look the 6'3" tall Paul directly in the eye. She did, he knew in an instant that this woman did not back down from a challenge. She couldn't have been much more than 30, so there must have been a very facile mind under the beautiful exterior for her to have become so successful. Without saying a word, she led Paul into the new office that had been prepared for her. It matched the size of Paul's without exceeding it. His ego needed to retain some measure of equality.

"I like it," she said as she looked over the rich wood furniture, tasteful decorations and astounding view of the city. "If I am going to be spending a lot of time here, I wish to be comfortable. Doesn't that make sense to you?"

She had a voice as melodic as an opera singer. Paul found himself unable to think straight in her presence. Was her overwhelming physicality one of the reasons for her success? "I use my office as a work space," he told her with candor. "I suppose my furnishings are nice enough, I don't really pay attention. I've left decisions like that up to my former wives and to my secretary."

"Wives?" She spun around on expensive high heels and looked at him with an appraising eye. "Do you mean to say that there are two women foolish enough to let a rich and handsome man like you get away?"

"I'm afraid there were," Paul smiled, warming to her already. "It really isn't their fault; I became obsessed with my work. I needed to be more of a husband and ..."

"They must have known what they were getting into," Colette answered, sitting behind her desk and putting her feet up. Her skirt rode up to reveal model-long legs encased in expensive hosiery. "They are responsible for their own actions and if they cheated, even more so. I cannot abide cheaters; it is why I remain single. My last three boyfriends have all had roving eyes," she confessed.

Now Paul had something to counter with. "On YOU? They must have been blind."

Colette laughed melodically. "No, they were French men. Sometimes the stereotypes you hear turn out to be true. I am dating only American men now, maybe an occasional dalliance with a girl here and there," she teased. "Are there any cute and single secretaries available?"

Paul allowed himself to laugh and reasoned that she likely could have had anyone she chose, male or female. With the blink of a beautiful aquamarine eye, his thoughts changed entirely. No longer was he going to oppose Colette DuMaurier and her plans for his company. He was going to wholeheartedly assist her and take things to even greater heights. He was besotted with her, ridiculous as that seemed. He was old enough to be her -- older brother.

"I am sorry to arrive so close to the Holidays and to upset your plans," Colette told him as she sat behind her desk. It was hard to ignore the animal magnetism projected by the sexy, olive-skinned blonde. "If you had plans, we can reschedule everything until after the New Year. I know my timing is awful but my Board of Directors insisted the sooner, the better."

"I really didn't have any plans," Paul insisted. "As I told you, I'm divorced and I thought about dropping in on my siblings and their families, but that would probably be better left until after Christmas. So if we have to work late, don't worry, I'm up for it."

"I'M not," Colette humphed. "We are going to get things in the holiday spirit as soon as possible. Do you usually do a Christmas party? What about bonuses?"

Paul nodded. "I always have a catered party for everyone and we also throw a smaller party for our employee's children. Bonuses are handed out as well, usually a tidy sum in cash."

"You had a good year this year," Colette grinned, crossing legs that just didn't seem to stop. "I think what we can do is top ourselves. To the bonuses, we should add something. Is there a large department or grocery store near here?"

Paul informed her that there were both. "I think we can afford to buy some Gift Certificates - $100 for the groceries, $100 for the department store -- and add that to everyone's bonus. It will help with the holiday expenses. I will foot the tab, it will be my way of saying hello and Happy Holidays to all," Colette smiled. If it hadn't already been a sunny day, Colette's smile would have made it one. Her dazzling smile and perfect teeth were as beautiful as the rest of her. "What about you Paul, what would you like for Christmas?"

Paul chuckled. "You're wearing the wrong colors, you need to gain about 150 pounds and grow a white beard if you're going to be Santa," he smiled. "Don't worry about me; I am a very rich man. I have everything I need."

"Don't lie to Pere Noel," Colette waggled her finger at him and smiled back. "I know all too well that money cannot always buy someone what they want and need the most. Are you truly going to be celebrating the day by yourself?"

"I am, I'm prepared for it," Paul told her.

For the first time since their meeting, a scowl marred those lovely features. "That is not acceptable. You did NOT work this hard to attain such success and recognition only to spend an important day sitting alone. My penthouse will also be empty, I had invitations to dine with friends, but I shall decline some of those invitations. You will come to my home for Christmas evening and we can drink wine and talk and get better acquainted. Do you accept?"

Only a brain-dead fool would have declined an offer to spend an evening in Colette's company. He accepted immediately and wondered what he could buy her as a gift? What do you buy for a woman who likely has everything? He would discuss it with his secretary and he still had over a week to figure it out.

That week passed with relative ease. It gave Paul a chance to see why Colette had become such a success before reaching the age of 30. Yes, she had the looks, the drive and the savvy, but he would have bet his last million it was none of those things. She walked around the building and introduced herself to everyone and made it a point to remember names. From the security guards to the janitors to the upper management, she treated them all with kindness, as if she was one of them. Yes, to Paul she almost walked on water, but not once did she act in such a fashion. He found himself by her side as often as he could manage it. While everyone believed it was so he was making the transition easier, Paul knew the truth. He was utterly smitten with this fabulous beauty and had she given him but an encouraging wink, he might well have sold her the rest of the company.

Christmas Day he found himself humming as he showered and laid out his best suit. The blonde beauty had her share of the world's most eligible bachelors. To be even close to them, he had to look his best. He'd gotten his hair cut a few days earlier and even splurged on a manicure. He had been able to find out Colette's favorite wine and had flowers sent to her home -- orchids, he discovered that she was allergic to roses. His presence on this day would either be the coup de gras or things would go down in flames. It was too early to decide which as yet.

She opened the door to greet Paul and the sun came shining through the clouds. Her hug was more familiar than one might give to a colleague. He presented her with the wine and Colette thanked him for that gift and for the flowers. He could smell the food cooking but saw no servants.

"I don't need anyone to tell me how to cook a meal," Colette laughed as they went to sit down. "I was not born rich and maman taught all of her children how to cook. My older brother is a pastry chef. You will have a wonderful meal with me and after, we will entertain each other."

The meal was, as Colette herself might have phrased it, magnifique. He would have lied and told her it was excellent had it tasted like cardboard, but it didn't. His date wore a red dress that clung to her like Saran Wrap and pencil-thin red heels. Her hair fell in golden waves, her makeup was impeccable and she seemed to hang on his every word. About an hour after they finished their meal, Colette moved as close to him on the couch as she could manage without cutting off his air supply.

"Are you ever going to make your move?" She asked him, trailing her finger down his arm.

"My -- move?"

"Yes, your move. Are you not interested in me as a woman, as a potential lover? You have been near my side since I got here and I'm flattered, but you have not picked up on any of my signals. I thought perhaps tonight you might ask me to make love, but if you are not interested and I have misunderstood ..."

Paul looked into her beautiful eyes with total amazement. "Not interested? My God, no, a thousand times no! I think you're the most beautiful woman on God's green earth, it's just ... you're ... you ... and I'm me and I'm older than you and I ..."

Colette chuckled and put a finger to his lips. "I like older men." She sighed. "I intimidate you, do I not? I thought perhaps someone as rich and successful as yourself would not be intimidated by my success, but ..."

This time, it was Paul's turn to correct her assumption. "No, it isn't your success. You have the presence of a goddess and everyone sees it. I don't know why you've chosen to focus your attention on me, but I'd be a damned fool to ignore you. Do you still want me as a lover?" Colette's answer came in the form of a toe-curling kiss. She then stood up and walked towards an open bedroom door.

"I want this to be the first of many spectacular nights, Paul," she told him as she let her dress drop to the floor. The lingerie she wore underneath was expensive and designed to entice more than to be practical. "I am a demanding woman but I sense you like a challenge. I intend to present one." She sauntered into her bedroom and let him see her sway, leaving a stunned Paul Robinson in her wake. He regained his senses quick enough to follow her in and gasped at the view of the magnificent blonde resplendent across black sheets. Before he could question the validity of his being there, he moved close and kissed her. It was the kiss between two lovers that they would both remember for a lifetime. She fumbled with his jacket and it fell to the ground. Her lingerie was so captivating he didn't remove it too quickly. He wanted to take in the totality of Colette DuMaurier and the lean and perfect frame. All of her would be his tonight, he need not rush. Her body twisted around his own as they kissed and got to know each other on more intimate terms. Not with Maria nor Sandra had he felt such an instantaneous connection. Their lips couldn't seem to stop kissing, not that he wanted to. He could have gone on kissing her forever and as she was strewn across the bed, he kept kissing her. And kissing her. And kissing her until she was gasping and crying out his name. Colette was not an inhibited lover, once he had ignited her fires; she took matters into her own hands -- and mouth. She kissed her lover's lean, hard body and touched where she desired to touch. Expensive, manicured nails raked solid male flesh. Her lover was in full repose as she explored him and when his cock entered her mouth, he did not lose control. That impressed her. She sucked on his shaft for a while and then swung her body around. Being close in height, they were able to orally pleasure each other for some time before losing their senses entirely.

"Mon Dieu," Colette cried out, some of her blonde hair slicked to her back. "Younger men do not possess the experience to do that, nor do they have the inclination. You are the kind of lover a woman waits for, darling Paul." She stroked his cock lovingly; wanting to make him cum, yet knowing the wait would be worth it. "This is the way to celebrate a holiday, with passion and good sex!"

Paul certainly wasn't going to argue with Colette. The two of them languished in bed a while, caressing and kissing, as if they had all the time in the world. Then, with a loud laugh and a maniacal look in her eyes, Colette straddled him. Into her perfectly-trimmed pussy went his cock and it felt -- perfect. As if his cock had been made to fit there. She made love to him with a vigor that no woman he had fucked had ever possessed. Colette seemed to have the ability to move sensually and with passion, to make love to him at the same time she was fucking his brains out. In bed, Colette seemed quite capable of multi-tasking. There was no doubt in Paul's mind that he was in for the ride of his life.

Colette kept smiling down at him and using her nails and hands to touch him, to stimulate him. He, in turn, kissed where he could kiss, touched where he could touch. Her nipples were a dark brown and her body didn't have a scar or a blemish. He wondered when she found the time to work out because she was constantly on the move, yet a body this remarkable could only be so magnificent if well-maintained. Not only that, she seemed so limber and athletic as she fucked him, Paul wondered if perhaps she had been a gymnast in her younger days. With a ferocity that bordered on insanity, Colette fucked her new lover until they both shared a simultaneous orgasm. Without saying a word, she cleaned him up and went back to work urging him on for another round. The lovely French blonde was going to be a demanding lover and that was just fine with Paul. He liked the kind of woman that made him work for it. He wondered if it was too early to ask her to accompany him on a night on the town for New Year's Eve ...?

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