tagBDSMA Christmas Tail Ch. 01

A Christmas Tail Ch. 01


My wife and I had just completed a life-long dream of taking a 28 day cruise of the South Seas on a luxury cruise ship.

It was a fantastic trip! We got back just in time for Christmas and we were feeling a bit guilty about our own good fortune, realizing there were many less fortunate families that would have little or nothing this Christmas season.

I received an email from our local S & M Club stating they were having a "Slave Auction" night to raise money to help the needy families of our troops who were off fighting for our country in the Middle East.

I am a Veteran and my wife and I both worked for the VA Hospital before we retired. We could help the needy families and have a little kinky fun at the same time. It was perfect.

This would be our Christmas gift to each other and the needy families. The next question was how to talk my wife into letting me auction her off as a slave for the evening.

I decided to make her a deal. If she would consent to being my slave for the night and do anything I wanted, I would do the same for her. She agreed and we both decided we would not be told what the circumstances of the evening would be until we were actually there and involved.

The night of the auction, I told her to shower, shave her pubic hair, curl her hair and do her make-up extra slutty. She complied and I then had her put a red dog collar with Christmas bells around her neck and attached a green leash.

The only item of clothing she was to wear was a red Christmas robe. I then blindfolded her and led her to our car.

She was very nervous not knowing what was going to happen but she trusted me and knew I would not let anything bad happen to her.

We arrived at the club and I led her in. I registered as a slave for the action, took off her robe and led her, blindfolded, naked to one of the tables close to the auction block.

There were whistles and cat calls being given as the other members ogled her. She still was unaware of what was to transpire and was blushing from head to toe from the embarrassment of being totally exposed in a room full of strangers.

Angel sat there naked and blindfolded, shivering more from excitement than cold, her nipples rock hard and her thighs moist, trying to figure out what was going on around her.

The room was filling up and the buzz of conversation became louder. Soon the announcement was made that the auction was about to begin.

"May I please have your attention? First I would like to thank all the masters and slaves who agreed to participate in our Slave Auction to raise money for those families of our troops in the Middle-East who without our help would have nothing for themselves this Christmas!" The announcer said.

Suddenly Angel realized her fate. I took off her blindfold so she could see what was going on. Although she was very embarrassed to be nude, she smiled at me, letting me know she was willing to participate for such a worthy cause.

The first slave was then led to the auction block. He was a young man with heavy makeup, wig and panties.

His wrists were attached to two cuffs hanging from chains from the ceiling. Then anyone wishing to bid on him was invited to come up to the stage and grope him to their hearts content.

Several men and women came forward and began to caress his chest, buttocks and genitals. He quickly obtained an erection which was squeezed, causing him to moan out loud, much to the audience's enjoyment.

The bidding started at $100 dollars and continued until a bid of $1500 was made. He was then presented to the elderly woman who had won him. She then led him from the state into one of the rooms and his fate was sealed.

The rules were the slaves were not to be taken from the club but could be led into any of the seven dungeon rooms for use and abuse by the bidders and the amusement of the other club members.

The usual rules concerning sexual penetration were waved for this occasion. It was a no holes barred event.

Several more slaves were auction off and soon it was Angel's turn. I was surprised to see so many men and women come up for her groping session. Angel, who is very sensitive to touch was mewing and sighing as the hands that caressed her intimate parts, prior to the bidding.

They squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples. Her labia was spread, examined and admired. Her buttocks were fondled, caressed and smacked.

I could see juices running down her legs and her breathing start to quicken. They were really getting to her.

I could tell from her extreme responses it would cause the bidding to go high and I was not disappointed. The bidding went on and on for some time.

"Going once, going twice, sold for $7500 dollars to the couple on my right, the highest bid of the evening! Congratulations, I am sure you will get your money's worth! " the auctioneer announced, as he handed the leash to the couple.

Angel's breasts were heaving and her face was flushed with excitement as the couple led her from the stage to the dungeon room to begin their entertainment.

The woman was a tall beauty with raven dark hair and pale white skin. She was clad in black leather pants and halter top.

The tips of her top were cut off, exposing two large protruding nipples which she rubbed against my wife's nipples sending chills of excitement through Angel's body. She had a cruel smile on her face as she manacled my sweet wife.

He was a giant of a man, skin as dark as coal with a large smile on his face as he watched his mate secure my wife to the wooden cross-bars.

I began to wonder if I had done the right thing in letting my wife get into this position.

(To be continued.)

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