tagNonHumanA Christmas Wish

A Christmas Wish


Sighing, she sat down at the computer, switching it on and resigning herself to another lonely evening. Why was it that her relationships always finished around this time of year? She could not remember the last time that she had spent an Xmas with another person, it was always a lonely time for her.

She logged into her mail and checked it, Yer, just the usually crap there. Messages from a few groups she belonged to and a couple of forwards from friends & workmates, but that was it. She had her name on a lot of contact sites, but did not seem to get much response to them. She was not sure what she was doing wrong, but she must be doing something wrong.

She decided to surf the web for a while and looked at a couple of sites, but soon got bored with that, she went to make herself a meal. She went into the kitchen and prepared herself a meal, and a cup of tea.

Then, went into the living room and turned the TV on. The computer beeped a few times, but she did not bother to check it, it would probably only be junk mail, so she did not want to read it.

She watched some inane program on the TV while she ate her dinner. She must have been tired, as she dozed off. She did not know how long she slept, but was awaken by a beeping off the computer. She wasn't sure why it woke her, but she wished that it was a man caressing her body that had woken her rather than some junk mail on the computer.

She thought that she might as well read it and clear it all out, after all she had nothing else to do. Maybe she would go out for a drink after she had done it, then she looked at the clock and was amazed that the time was past midnight. There would be no-where open now, so she would check the mail and go to bed.

She went to the computer, and moved the mouse to clear the screen saver, then opened her mail. There were about 20 mails there, 15 of them were junk, but the other 5 were the same mail sent 5 times, there was no sender, and the title line said " Lonely this Christmas? Need company, check out our web site and you'll never be lonely again. All your wishes will be granted."

Usually she wouldn't look at these sorts of things, but there was something about it that attracted her, and that made her want to look at the site. She tried clicking on the link on one of the messages, but it didn't work, so she copied and pasted it into the top envelope, and clicked on the Go button.

The web page came up, the front page was all red and black & its title was "Demon lovers-how to get yours" She clicked on the Demon logo and entered the site. There were lots of different things on the menu, such as how to get your demon lover, what you need etc. So she decided to go to the title that said" About us" to find out more about the people who ran the site and why they could have mailed her.

It did not really tell her that much about them, just that they were a company who liked to help lonely people to find friends who would be loyal to them forever. Didn't tell her that much, not even why they would have mailed her, it was probably just a random mail shot, and a coincidence that they had mailed her. Well, this was a rare opportunity, and if it didn't work what had she to lose, so she decided to read the "What it costs" section. She was amazed and surprised to see that it would cost her nothing to try it. She thought about it for a few minutes, then decided to read what you needed to get your demon lover, it would be a laugh to try it out and see exactly what happened.

She clicked on part of the menu that said "What you need", and a message came up asking if she was sure that she was ready to go ahead with this, as once it was in motion there was no going back. She clicked on the Yes option and it took her to the "What you need" menu.

It was set out like a recipe, and on reading the ingredients she needed, she was both pleased & surprised to see that it was all things that she had in her kitchen, leaving the computer, she went to the kitchen & collected all the things.

Then coming back to the computer, she read what she needed to do. She mixed the ingredients in the bowl that she had got from the kitchen. But wait, the recipe called for a little human blood, now where was she supposed to get that?

She sat there perplexed for a while, where in the hell was she going to get human blood, there was nowhere she could get it, unless….. It suddenly hit her!! Why hadn't she thought about it before. She went to the kitchen,and picked up a small kitchen knife. She walked back into the living room, picked up the bowl, which she had left in front of the computer. She took the knife, and cut into the top of her finger. She flinched, as she felt the sharp pain. Her blood began to flow freely into the bowl, and she mixed it with the concoction that was already there.

She put the bowl on the floor in front of the fire, and nipped into the bathroom to get a tissue to wrap around her bleeding finger. When she went back into the living room, she heard a hissing shout, and looking at the bowl, saw the mixture was starting to fizz and grow.

She went back to the computer,to check what she should do next. There were a few words that she had to say, so she read them from the computer, then said them over the mix, which was fizzing well now. Then, it said to push enter and she did. However, nothing happened, so she pushed enter again. Then, she sighed and logged out of the site. Typical, nothing happened, why was she surprised?

She began to look at other site on the search engine, and did not notice the rustling sound behind her. Then suddenly, she felt two hands pushing their way into the front of her dress, massaging her breasts. At first she thought that she was dreaming, but they felt too real.

Then, her chair spun round towards the fire, and there on the floor in front of her sat a gorgeous blond guy with a cheeky grin, but how could this be? She could still feel hands on her breasts and warm breath on her neck as he pushed her legs wide, and began to rub his hand on her bare pussy, getting her wetter than she already was.

She looked up, and behind her was a guy with jet-black hair, who was massaging her breasts, and kissing her neck. She sighed and started to enjoy their hands on her body, she did not know how, but she had somehow created two dream lovers, and as they both kneeled before her and began to greedily suck at her pussy, she realised that her Christmas wish had come true in a big way.

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