A College Professor's Discovery Ch. 03


Maybe most arousing of all was the eagerness with which he demonstrated his willingness to please her sexually, to excite her and give her the erotic thrills that would feel so very good to her.

But maybe not. Maybe the most exciting thing was the knowledge of what she was about to do to him.

Jason surprised her with the perfect clit-tingling detail:

"Is this a good position for you to play with me?" he asked.

As Miss Victoria obviously lingered in the bedroom on purpose, this was the first time Sherrie had been alone with a practice man. Before, Miss Victoria had always coached the man, asking him to answer her questions, tell Sherrie his thoughts. Now, alone with Jason as he was nude and bent over in front of her, he asked if she liked seeing him like this.

These men pay her for this? Sherrie thought, incredulous yet again that men like Jason came to the "sensuous domme" and willingly indulged her (as well as themselves) in such erotically mind-blowing activities.

Was he being purposefully naughty? Surely Miss Victoria had told Jason that Sherrie would never speak, that he was never to know who she was.

Without thinking (and congratulating herself for NOT thinking after she did it), Sherrie gave him a reminder about guidelines for the evening's activity.

She popped him with an open palm on one cheek, noting with satisfaction the surprised grunt from Jason's throat. Then she cupped his balls, nestling them in her palm and handling them as though she were gingerly testing the ripeness of a small, exotic orange: just a tiny, tiny caress and squeeze, so-o-o-o gentle, barely perceptible — tender but with a playful reminder about his vulnerability before her.

He moaned, her hand still closed lightly about his balls as she fondled them, toyed with them.

It was fantastic!

"I see you're reminding Jason about the rules," Miss Victoria said, startling Sherrie from her focus on what she and the naked man bent over in front of her had been doing for the last few minutes. "He's playful sometimes, but he won't trespass."

Sherrie released his balls and straightened, turning toward Miss Victoria.

"One of the things I adore about Jason is his own inventiveness in adding to my pleasure," her tutor said, smiling at Sherrie. "He finds ways to please that are delightful, yet he always knows the fine line of distinction between a naughty, exciting tease and going too far."

Miss Victoria was naked except for the fake cock strapped to her crotch. It swayed seductively as she strode to stand in front of Jason, tossing the lube and towel she was carrying to the sofa before issuing a one-word directive to Jason: "Knees."

The nude male buckled his legs from the bent-over position that Sherrie had placed him in. He effortlessly pushed himself upright so that he was on his knees, hands at his side, cock erect, and a small grin evident beneath his blindfold.

Miss Victoria's nipples were hard, areolae dimpled, her own anticipation of sexual pleasure on display as she stood confident yet eager in Sherrie's living room. She extended one forefinger to Jason's lips, running her fingertip across them before pushing her finger into his mouth.

The act was so suggestive, so erotic. Sherrie watched, entranced, as Jason did to Miss Victoria's finger what Sherrie was dying to do to his cock.

He sucked it, licked it, made love to it with his mouth, tongue, and lips.

"There have been evenings," Miss Victoria said, watching Jason's mouth suck her finger inside, "that he has been instructed to make sure my finger was thoroughly wet and dripping so that the preparation would mix with the lube I'd already spread on his asshole. The extra wetness on my finger is an arousing reminder to me of how eager he is for me to finger-fuck him."

God! thought Sherrie, she's going to verbally tease the man — and me — again this evening.

Sherrie loved it when the woman did that. One of the lessons Miss Victoria always emphasized was that Sherrie should explore and enjoy every avenue of sexual titillation and pleasure she could imagine as she dropped her inhibitions about initiating sex with a man. Talking dirty was so foreign to Sherrie at the start of her tutelage that she would never — EVER — have even thought about doing it.

Now, during her third tutoring session, she looked forward to hearing Miss Victoria's practiced and smooth delivery as she verbally teased Jason (and Sherrie!) with commentary, instructions, and questions that inevitably ratcheted up the anticipation of the man's surrender to penetration and both partners' orgasmic release.

A sexy moan rumbled from Jason's chest.

"But there have been other evenings when he's been the one to lubricate both the fake cock strapped to my crotch and his own asshole," Miss Victoria said, looking at Sherrie with a conspiratorial smile. "I like watching his eagerness to be taken as he prepares himself, and sometimes I stretch that exciting visual out, entranced by how he does it, by how he spreads the lube and pushes it inside. That always make me really wet."

Sherrie swallowed hard. The scene Miss Victoria was painting played out in vivid detail on the screen of her imagination. It was confirmation satisfying Sherrie's excited curiosity about whether watching a man prepare himself to be taken anally would be arousing.

"A man eager to be fucked, eager to be prepared for the fucking, and lubing himself up for my thrusts is almost as exciting as doing that intimate act to him myself," Sherrie's tutor said, finally pulling her finger from Jason's mouth. "But tonight, I'll let you prepare him," she said, dragging her finger across Jason's cheek before cupping his chin and placing her other hand on the back of his head.

Sherrie instantly held her breath. What Miss Victoria was doing sent an unmistakable message: she was going to push her strapon cock into the man's mouth.

"I adore seeing this," Miss Victoria purred, and she placed the tip of her strapon at Jason's lips. "Open."

Oh. My. God. thought Sherrie, entranced.

He parted his lips, and Miss Victoria slid an inch of her fake cock into his mouth.

His lips sealed around it.

"He can deep throat for me, and I just love that," Sherrie's tutor said as she pushed another inch into Jason's mouth, still holding his head. "If a man surrenders to your strapon in a way that shows you he's worked at pleasing you, at overcoming his own limitations and even his former hang-ups and silly misconceptions, well, that is a truly exceptional gentleman."

Another inch disappeared inside Jason's mouth. Sherrie was fascinated, incredibly turned on, and desperately anticipating more of this nasty, sexy, and somehow oddly yet convincingly tender scene. She remembered to breathe, quietly and carefully, not wanting to spoil even the minutest degree of the clit-hardening lesson Miss Victoria was orchestrating for her.

"It took him a while to get there," Miss Victoria said, releasing her hold on Jason's head in order to place her hands gently about his ears, another act that sent a tidal wave of sexual anticipation in Sherrie's direction.

The visual was riveting: Jason, completely nude and on his knees in front of Miss Victoria, his cock erect and pulsing in excitement; she holding his head as she slipped her fake cock between his lips, looking down at the sight of her shaft disappearing inside his mouth.

Jason's throbbing erection testified to his intense arousal. He wasn't being used. He was taking his own sexual satisfaction in pleasing the woman who would fuck him.

Sherrie didn't know how she would avoid an orgasm if she saw the shaft of Miss Victoria's strapon slide completely down Jason's throat. The act would signify his total surrender to pleasuring the woman who wanted to play with him for the explicit purpose of sexual gratification.

"But he worked at it in order to arouse me," Miss Victoria continued, gently pressing another inch into his mouth, "and I'll never forget the first time I saw this."

There. Right there, thought Sherrie, juices flooding her pussy in a mini-orgasm as Jason slid forward on Miss Victoria's strapon in order to seal his lips around the base of the shaft protruding from her crotch.

Will I ever be lucky enough to find a man who would do that for me?

Jason withdrew, nostrils flaring in a big breath as Miss Victoria's strapon emerged from his mouth. She quickly grabbed the base of the shaft and tugged the dildo upward, a movement that Sherrie knew was nudging the bulb end of the V-shaped toy against the woman's G-spot. Miss Victoria came quickly, shuddering as she arched up on tip-toe in reaction to her orgasm.

"Share," gasped the tutor, between recovery breaths as she came down from the high of her orgasm. It was obviously another one-word command arranged ahead of time, prompting Jason to speak. Miss Victoria walked shakily to the sofa and slumped onto it, breathing heavily.

"There's the incredible sexual pleasure of being fucked in the ass by Miss Victoria's strapon," he said, still on his knees, his cock still stiff and pulsing. "But there's also the mind-trip pleasure of getting her off, of doing whatever I think will arouse her."

His sexy baritone voice was silky smooth.

Sherrie quickly pulled off the loose top she had been wearing. Knowing from previous sessions what to expect, she had worn no bra. Jason's description had her desperate to tug on her distended nipples. She was dying to feel that ripple of pleasure that stimulating her nipples always produced.

He continued. "I thought that seeing me deep-throat her strapon might excite her, so I practiced on one of the toys I had, all the while thinking of how much she might get off seeing it." He dropped a hand to his stiff cock and began to stroke himself slowly as he continued, a sight that in itself was fascinating and arousing and which demanded Sherrie's full attention. "It almost made me come when I heard her gasp and looked up into her eyes the first time I deep-throated her strapon."

Both Jason and Miss Victoria seemed to savor his story, she languidly rolling a nipple between her thumb and forefinger while semi-reclining on Sherrie's sofa, he now eased back on his haunches, knees spread apart, and shamelessly stroking his gorgeous erection.

"I still masturbate to the memory of turning her on so much by doing it, and I like to invent new fantasies in which I tease her by telling her I'm going to take her fake cock completely down my throat to prove how much I want to make her wet and hot and desperate to come."

Jason stopped the motion of his fist up and down his throbbing cock, clearly at a point where continuing would risk his own orgasm.

Yes, that's it, you lovely man, thought Sherrie, still tugging at her hard nipples. Tell us how much you want to sexually please a woman!

What Jason was describing was like the best possible combination of the raunchiest sex imaginable mixed into a deeply satisfying romance novel. The combination was more than intoxicating; it was addictive.

Finally stirring from her satisfied release, Miss Victoria straightened on the sofa and smiled first at the sight of Jason, his cock now visibly throbbing in arousal as his position displayed it completely to her gaze, and then at Sherrie, nodding her head slightly in Jason's direction.

"He is gorgeous like that, don't you think?" she asked with a wicked grin. "I'd wager his excited cock is just as hard as the shaft of my toy."

A fake cock, though, could never throb the way Jason's real cock was doing as the two women took their pleasure at the sight of him. He was a master of self-control if the bobbing dick between his spread legs were any indication of how close to orgasm he had teased himself. A large, glistening droplet of pre-cum had oozed from the head of his cock and was clinging to the underside of his shaft as it made its way languidly down toward his testicles.

A brief look of concern flitted across Miss Victoria's face, and she pushed herself to her feet. "Was it here that you keep your camera?" she asked Sherrie, pointing to the drawer of an end table next to Sherrie's favorite reading chair. "You undoubtedly want some nice pictures of Jason as he's completely naked with his beautiful and exciting erection so nicely on display for us, no?"

Silly question, thought Sherrie, but truly appreciative that it had been asked. Hearing it, and realizing what it portended, excited her.

Miss Victoria had found Sherrie's camera. She walked to Sherrie, her strapon cock still glistening at the tip from the wetness Jason's mouth and throat had deposited there.

"Jason knows he will be a photographic subject tonight," she said, the shaft of her dildo again swaying with the motion of her hips as she stepped in front of Sherrie to hand her the camera. "He's aware that part of our bargain tonight is his pleasure in exchange for ours as well as your additional, repeated pleasure in the future as you look at his pictures."

As with practice man Number Two, this session would produce photographic evidence of a naked, gorgeous male with his stiff erection on complete display for Sherrie.

Smiling, Miss Victoria lowered her voice and said, "I have a modest collection of photos of Jason in which he's nude, erect, and on total display for me. It serves me quite well from time to time as I masturbate and look at his lovely cock and balls, remembering how delightful they feel in my hands. The pictures of him smiling for me as he spreads himself open to show me where I plunge my strapon are also quite compelling."

Miss Victoria had chosen the volume of her voice perfectly. The softer statement implied a confidence she was sharing with her pupil, but her words were still loud enough for Jason to hear.

Sherrie noticed his cock bob and a little shudder pulse through his body when Miss Victoria spoke of masturbating to his pictures.

A true master mentor, Miss Victoria read Sherrie's thoughts when she noticed Sherrie's quick intake of breath upon seeing Jason's reaction.

"I don't think he's necessarily an exhibitionist. I think he just adores the thought of making me hot and wet. Let's ask him if it excites him to think about me masturbating to his naked pictures."

The tutor smiled at Sherrie, then turned to Jason and squatted before him in order to be in a comfortable position to extend her hand and trace a fingertip up and down the length of his throbbing shaft. A quick glance in Sherrie's direction indicated that what she was doing would make for a nice photo.

"Does it excite you to know that a woman enjoys seeing you naked, Jason? Does it get you hard when you think a woman might actually be aroused enough looking at pictures of you naked and erect to want to masturbate, to stroke her clit, to stimulate herself to orgasm?"

This woman must continually practice talking dirty, thought Sherrie, flicking on the camera, thankful that its auto-focus would allow her own focus to be on the sum total of what she was hearing and seeing. She was enormously turned on by the question Miss Victoria had asked Jason. The thought of it — a man becoming aroused merely by knowing that a woman was gazing at his picture, erect and naked for her — was so sexy!

"Do you like it that the lady is going to take pictures of you like this and then look at them later while she masturbates?"

Jason's breath caught in his throat as Miss Victoria cradled his stiff cock into her palm and she began rubbing her thumb up and down across the sensitive bundle of nerves underneath the plum-like head, using his pre-cum as lubricant for the sexy act.

It was another photo-op that Sherrie could not miss.

Click. Click.

"Tell us whether you'll enjoy knowing that from now on it won't just be me; there will now be two women with pictures of your nude body, of your stiff dick, of you playing with yourself. Will you like it that when we look at those pictures we'll know how much you adored taking our strapon cocks up your ass, what your moans sounded like as we fucked you? Does it arouse you to think that seeing you naked gets us so hot that we pet our clits as we remember the sight of you shamelessly squirming in order to bury the shafts of our strapons even deeper inside your ass?"

Oh, shit! thought Sherrie, knowing she would have to shuck off her jeans immediately in order to masturbate as she watched and listened to Miss Victoria tease Jason.

She managed another picture, though: Click.

"We both will look at your pictures, Jason. We'll look at the pictures of you naked and stiff for us, desperate for us to fuck you."

Sherrie quickly set the camera aside and stood to unzip and slide off both jeans and panties in one motion, impatiently struggling out of the tangled material at her ankles so she could plop back on the sofa, legs spread, hand instantly at her wet crotch.

"So, Jason, you're going to have to walk around the rest of your life knowing that you've shown your naked cock — hard, throbbing, and slick with pre-cum — to multiple women who love the thought that you're erect and dripping because you want them to fuck you in the ass."

Sherrie knew she was going to come, her fingers now stroking her very hard and very slippery clit.

"Do you like this, Jason? We're both going to take pictures of you, and we're both going to fuck you."

"I love it," Jason said, a sheen of perspiration on his forehead as he obviously worked at not ejaculating into Miss Victoria's hand. She ceased her tortuous tease, removing her hand from his cock.

"The thought of both of you masturbating while you look at me naked and with an erection is fantastically arousing," he managed, the tone in his voice making clear his relief that he was no longer at immediate risk of orgasm. "The thought that it turns you on to know that I'm loving every second of what's happening right now and for the rest of this evening because I totally dig pleasing you, and being fucked the way you do it to me, is just incredible."

Sherrie clamped down on her hand as her orgasm hit. Jason's words and sexy voice — as well as the content of his thoughts — were simply too much to take in without triggering a climax. She teased out one more intense wave with a brief brush of fingertip against clit before dragging her hand away, slick with her juices as a wave of shudders coursed through her naked body.

"What a pity, Jason," Miss Victoria said, continuing her tease. "You're not able to see that the lady has just had a wonderful orgasm. She obviously came because what you said, and the sight of you as you are right now, excites her."

Miss Victoria paused, smiling at Sherrie before once again reaching a fingertip to Jason's throbbing shaft. "She's quite beautiful, especially right now in the flush of her orgasm. You would adore seeing her erect nipples. They are quite prominent, nice and long and very, very hard."

The flutter in Jason's stomach was visible as Miss Victoria dragged out this outrageous tease, both with her feathery touches along the underside of his cock and with her sexy commentary. "You would like to suck on her nipples. They are taut and aroused and would feel so exciting in your mouth."

Sherrie cupped her breasts, reaching her thumbs and forefingers upward to pinch both nipples. Her tutor's words and the incredibly erotic scene in front of her forced the unconscious reaction. She ached with desire to feel what Miss Victoria was telling Jason he would love to do to her hard, tingling nipples.

Motioning Sherrie to the spot she was vacating in front of Jason, Miss Victoria moved to his side.

As they took their places in front of and to the side of their excited toy, Miss Victoria kept up her arousing commentary.

"If you promise not to come, Jason, the lady will close her fist around your hard cock and lean her breast to your mouth."

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