tagInterracial LoveA Confusing Love Ch. 01

A Confusing Love Ch. 01


Hello readers! I'm sorry for the long wait; I personally hate it when a story takes forever to be updated. But I couldn't help but read some of your comments and I didn't even know who Soular was until you guys mentioned it. I'm new to Literotica and I have no intention of ripping off another writers work. The plot that I have written is far from the story line of "Seven Days" and I will make sure that it continues to stay that way. Oh and the person that I originally wrote this short story for is named Victoria. Enjoy!


There she was looking back at me like I had presented her with the most difficult question of her adult life. The stubbornness in her eyes went away and she dropped her weight, making her stand less sure of herself. He did not like not seeing his Tor like this. He had to fix the mess he just made. He stepped up to her and lifted her chin with his finger.

"Baby, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what I said. It's not true and never was. I've always wanted to be with you. Always."

He palmed her face and moved his other hand to her hip; gently pulling her closer to his body. He looked down at her beautiful face, taking in her big black eyes, thick eyelashes, and full lips that were begging for a kiss. He leaned down and brushed his lips against hers, letting out an, "I love you", before giving her lips what they were begging for. She accepted it and soon they fell into an old routine that neither of them wanted to break out of.

He loved how she let him be the dominant one. Almost instantly he had her robe off, caressing her breasts, and making slow kisses down her neck. He would make her forget every stupid word he had said. Tonight he would focus on her.


I could feel his tongue slowly making its way down my body. Walking me backwards until my knees hit the bed. I opened my legs to his hungry mouth and watched as he licked the top of my clit. I shuddered in response, trying to push his head deeper into that sweet spot. He made a few long, slow licks then inserted two thick fingers while his other hand massaged my button.

"Mmm, Dom...please...please don't stop." I groaned in pleasure.

He mumbled a reply and the vibrations of his voice made me arch my back off the bed. He started to move his fingers faster as my breathing increased. I couldn't hear what he was saying but the vibrations were taking me to a whole other place. I was completely gone when he pulled back and blew on my clit, followed by a quick lick.

I rode out my climax to the deep timbre of his voice. Only when I had come back to earth did I realize how easily I had succumbed to his will. I stared at the ceiling of the hotel room as he got off the floor and came to my side, trying to coax me into a second round.

God, was I stupid. This relationship was leading nowhere. I had to have him lick my pussy to realize that.

"You should go. The flight back to New York leaves at 10 right?"

He looked at me as if I had pushed a knife through his gut. I got up from the bed and pulled on my robe, walking back out to the living room to check my phone. I had forty missed calls, most of them were from my VP of operations, and the rest were from him. I turned around and saw him standing at the opposite end of the room; he clearly wanted to kill me. I went over to the door and opened it expectantly, waiting for him to leave. He glared at me one more time before storming past the doorframe.

When he was gone I let go of a huge breath I didn't know I had been holding. I looked at my phone and decided to give my VP and his staff a call. Damian was right about one thing, I couldn't run away from my company. I looked at the time, grabbed my laptop and began making calls.


What the fuck? What the motherfucking of fuck just happened? Damian thought as he left the hotel. Damn her and her fucking need to come to Malta. He always hated this island and he was livid at the thought of leaving it without her. His driver opened his door as he tried to fix his hair and D&G suit. He didn't even know why he hadn't blown up at her over the shit she just pulled, kicking him out after he had...wanted to make up. Fuck! If he couldn't persuade her to come back, he would have to physically force her.

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