tagInterracial LoveSummer's Surrender

Summer's Surrender


"Come for me," he ordered as he thrust deeply into her while keeping his intense blue eyes glued intently to hers.

"No," Summer replied as firmly as she could muster.

There was no way in hell she would give into him. She had decided that because what they had was simply a glorified business agreement, she would not give in to him physically and certainly not emotionally. She turned her head to the left so that she wouldn't have to look at him.

"Look at me when I'm inside you Summer," he said softly with an edge to his voice.

"No," she replied somewhat breathlessly as he thrust even deeper into her tight pussy creating the most pleasurable friction as his pelvis bone met hers.

Matt moved one of his hands from one of the wrists he was holding above her head and turned her face so that her almost black eyes met his cool blue ones.

"That wasn't a request Summer, I want you to look at me while I fuck you," He said calmly as he slowly pulled out of her only to thrust his raging cock into her even deeper than before.

He continued to pump into her at a torturously slow pace, rotating his hips a little when he bottomed out to make sure that he made contact with every nerve ending in that exquisite pussy of hers.

Summer kept her eyes fixed on him and bit her full bottom lip to keep back her moans, she would not give him the pleasure of letting him know just how much his lovemaking was affecting her.

Matt raised himself so that he could get a better look at her amazing body and let his eyes travel from her perky dark chocolate breasts capped with black nipples as they bounced with another of his powerful thrusts down to her flat muscular stomach and even lower still past the light scattering of curls on her mound to where they were connected in the most intimate way.

He began to slowly withdraw his large cock from that tight love glove and nearly lost his shit when he saw how it glistened with her juices.

He looked up her body to her face and saw that she too was looking at the erotic sight of his enraged purple head disappearing back into her dark folds. He gave her a few shallow thrusts with just the tip and heard her whimper softly while her body, glistening with their combined sweat, writhed under him in the most sensuous way.

Matt looked up again into Summer eyes only to be startled by the intense look of pleasure and agony he saw in her eyes as she stared back at him. He could tell that she was trying very hard to control herself, as if this was some fight and the only way she could assure her victory was to show him that she didn't want him, that her body didn't crave his. He would show her!

He removed his cock from her glorious tightness and began to slowly rub it up and down her wet slit making sure to hit her engorged clit with every upward stroke. He looked into her face and felt her shaking beneath him and her need for him written all over her face. Summer's eyes were hooded but fixed firmly on his, her mouth was slightly parted and she let out short sharp gasps of air and then licked her bottom lip slightly as she let out a frustrated moan that Matt caught in his mouth as he captured her lips in to a firm, hungry kiss.

He thrust his tongue into her mouth and she moaned even louder and Matt decided that it was his favourite sound. He palmed her left breast and Summer involuntarily arched her back offering more of herself to his touch. Matt pulled his mouth away from her delicious mouth and travelled kisses along her jaw line, tasting the salt of her skin as he moved up to her ear where he pulled gently at her lobe with his teeth as his deft fingers forcefully pinched the hardened nipple of the breast he was palming.

"Ooohhhh," Summer let out as the pain sent another surge of heat and moisture down to her already drenched pussy. The traitorous pussy that so desperately wanted to be filled by her worst enemy's long thick cock and rocked her hips slightly so that she could get closer to it.

Matt felt her as she begin to rub her self a little faster against his swollen penis. He couldn't remember the last time he had been this hard and hot for someone, he couldn't recall the last time he had felt so right inside someone and it took all his self control to not fuck her fast and hard until he came.

He looked into her eyes again before lowering his head to suck onto the nipple he was not twisting with his fingers. He took that dark aroused tip into his mouth and laved gently with his tongue before biting on it firmly and smiling to himself as Summer gave out her first shriek of delight. He felt her hips open to him more and her strong legs tighten against his muscular buttocks as she tried to pull him in closer, inside of her. He let her wrists go and lowered that hand to her mound and stroked her firmly with his fingers as he sought her clit which he pinched gently as he heard her breath catch.

He pushed onto it a little harder to hear her moan again as he moved his mouth to her other nipple. He could feel her juices oozing out of her and pushed a finger into her and revelled again at how tight she was. He lifted his head from her breasts and was satisfied to see the way her black nipples glistened with his saliva and let his gaze down to the beautiful pussy that was pumping involuntarily at his hand. He added another finger into her hole and was rewarded with faster pumping and a loud gasp. He grinned as he saw the evidence of her arousal by the way his hand glistened with her love juices.

Matt angled the fingers inside her so that he could touch that spongy bundle of nerves inside her as he simultaneously rubbed her pink clit with great intensity.

He looked up into Summer 's face again and smiled once more when he saw the look of pleasure there. Summer shut her eyes against the triumphant way he was looking at her as she felt her body begin the rapid climb towards an orgasm. She felt her vaginal muscles clench hard on his fingers as he stroked her a little faster and wondered if that strange strangled sound was actually coming out of her mouth.

She could feel that she was going to come and she couldn't wait, no man had ever brought her to this point with his hands. She also felt shame and pushed it out of her mind as she closed her eyes tighter. Summer would not look at Matt as he pleasured her. She would not give him that satisfaction.

Matt watched her pleasure cross her exquisite face he continued to pump his fingers into her.

"Open your eyes, beautiful." He said firmly as he stilled his fingers somewhat.

Summer opened her eyes when she realised that he had stopped stroking her completely and let out a frustrated grunt.

"Do you want to come?" He asked in that voice that sent shivers down her spine.

Summer looked into his eyes darker with desire and realised that there was no point denying it.

"Yes." She answered softly.

"I didn't quite get that..."

"Yes! Goddamit, make me come!" she wailed out as he began to stroke her in all earnestness.

Summer felt her body tighten and felt like all her nerves were sizzling while her skin tingled. She felt an intense heat concentrate at her core where Matt's hand stroked inside of her and felt waves of pleasure radiate out from her pussy and wash over the rest of her body in waves.

"Oh... God!" she moaned out as her body lifted of the mattress and convulsed her orgasm.

Summer felt like she was leaving her body while simultaneously feeling more aware of it than she ever had. She felt the pleasurable waves of her orgasm in every finger tip, in every toe, right down to the scalp of her head. She looked without seeing and listened to the noises she made without really hearing.

Summer felt herself coming apart in a way she hadn't in a long time. Matt continued to gently stroke the swollen, aroused flesh of her pussy until she came down.

Summer finally became aware of her surroundings again and tried to say something to diffuse the magnitude of what had just happened between them. She opened her mouth to speak but only a contented sigh came out.

Matt laughed down at her and gently kissed her lips.

"Don't say anything Summer, you'll ruin it."

"I... have nothing," she replied with a small smile on her face.

Matt positioned his aroused penis at the apex of her thighs and began to rub himself over the silky folds of her pussy and watched as her eyes once again became hooded with her desire. He watched her bite her lower lip and moan out softly.

"Do you want more Summer? "

"Oh...yes! Please!" she begged in a husky voice.

Matt licked his upper lip and growled in frustration, he so wanted to be inside her but knew that her submission had to be total. He wanted Summer to have no doubts in her mind that was about to happen between them was because she wanted as much as he did.

"Put me inside you," he grit out in a shaky voice belying the control he was exhibiting in his body.

Summer opened her eyes wide and looked into the endless blue pools of his eyes and then down to where his beautiful cock rubbed against her. She loved the contrast of their skins, the smell of their mingled arousal, her previous orgasm and his manly natural smell.

Summer wrapped her slim brown fingers around his engorged cock and ran them over it's girth and length in wonder, spreading the pre-come and her own juices over it.

"I need ...I'm not going to make it if you keep doing that with your hand." Matt bit out in a gravely voice.

"Yes," she whispered back as she positioned his cock at her entrance and tilted her hips upwards to receive him.

They both moaned as he pushed himself to the hilt inside and waited for them both to adjust to the sensations where they were fused. Matt began to slowly rotate and grind his pubic bone against hers and Summer writhed under him in response. Matt pulled slowly out and thrust back inside her at a delicious pace as her moans became louder. Summer met each of his downward thrusts with an enthusiastic upward one of her own. Matt felt pressure build in his balls as he continued to thrust into the velvet tightness of Summer's pussy and knew that he would come soon but wanted her to come first. He felt the tightness increase in his balls and dick as Summer's pussy clenched around him in an erratic way that signalled to him that her orgasm was weighing down on her too.

"Shit...oh, harder Matt, harder!" Summer cried out as she began to peak.

Matt began to thrust into her harder and faster and sweat gathered on his sculpted chest and forehead.

"Is this what you want baby?" he asked as he pounded into her in all earnestness.

"You like that?"

"God! Yes! Just like that....you feel so good inside me, oh!" she cried out as she moved with him.

Summer could barely breathe and felt dryness in her throat as Matt continued to thrust and grind into her. Her body tensed and she felt every muscle in her body tighten as her back arched off the bed and her second orgasm washed over her body. Summer couldn't believe that she had come again and felt herself pulsing and vibrating on Matt's impressive cock. Summer licked her lips and stroked Matt's upper arm revelling at the firmness of the muscle there and let her gaze travel over the rest of his beautifully cut body.God, he was hot!

"Do you like that Summer?" Matt asked her tensely as she became aware of him watching her.

"Yes...very much," she whispered back in amazement.

Matt continued to thrust into her and Summer couldn't believe how responsive she still was, given the fact that she had already come, and that's when it hit her...Matt had not come yet. Summer was many things but a selfish lover was not one them. She began to roll her hips forward to encourage him and continued to clench and unclench her pussy muscles around his relentless cock.

"Don't you want to come Matt?" she asked breathily as she looked into his glazed over eyes.

"Don't you want to c-come...inside me?" she asked again on a shaky breath as he pounded into her harder.

Matt let out a grunt as he looked down at her undulating body and couldn't believe how amazing she felt around him or the dirty words coming out her mouth.

"You want my come?" he asked her roughly as their bodies mated in wild abandon.

Summer stroked her hands down his muscled arms and up to her own chest where she lightly brushed over her taut nipples and moaned at the sensation.

"Yes...give me your come Matt," she whispered in awe as she continued to tug at her dark nipples, "come inside me."

Matt felt like he was on sensory overload as her felt her pussy clench around him even tighter while he watched the way she played with her breasts and listened to that naughty tongue of hers. He felt his balls tighten and tightened his grip around her hips and held her closer to him as he felt his come shoot into her secret cavern.

"Fuck...shit....Summer!" he let out as he pumped his hips into her.

Summer had a mini orgasm too as his come coated the inside of her pussy and he gave her two more delicious thrusts before he settled himself completely over her body. She could feel his heart beat against his chest and knew that he felt hers too, she was conscious of the fact that they were lying skin to skin and that they were still connected in the most intimate way. She let out a little sardonic laugh and Matt lifted his head so he could look at her. Her emotions were clearly written on her face and Matt knew that this post coital intimacy, although only physical, was not what she wanted. He pulled out of her still swollen folds with a plop and lifted himself completely off her body. Summer was surprised at the sudden rush of coolness she felt against her skin as he left her and almost called out to him.

Matt stood up and examined her body with his eyes. He studied the way her arms were splayed out next to her, the way her slim legs were still open and the tops of her thighs glistened with their combined come, the way her dark skin seemed to glow with a golden light, the way her chest rose sharply as she steadied her breathing and the way her eyes were hooded with her obvious pleasure and satisfaction.

"You may hate me Summer," he said in a cool voice as her ran his hand up her thigh and very gently stroked her pouting lower lips, "but your body loves me."

He stuck a finger in her dripping whole, stroked her gently and pulled it out and walked towards the en-suite bathroom.

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