tagIncest/TabooA Conversation with Jinny Ch. 02

A Conversation with Jinny Ch. 02


(I had suggested to Jinny that she poured a glass of wine, and cuddled up to Wayne on the sofa in the evening, wearing her nightie, showing plenty of breast. She might casually place a hand on his inner thigh, lightly laying a finger on his erection which I knew would be prominent. That would encourage him to fondle her breasts. I also suggested the same to Wayne. I told him that if his mum put her hand on his thigh, he should gently put a hand on her breasts. I was sure, I told him, that she would not push it away. He sent me a photo of his erect cock! I was also interested to learn if he knew his mum had been in touch with me. Since I was feeling a bit guilty of the dual role I was playing.)

Nice photos Wayne.

Nice cock! Looks like a good model to me! I shall keep it safe and think about it spurting when I finger myself. Did you speak to your mum about Literotica?


Phew Sarah!

Good to know! Yes I did. She asked what I was doing all morning and I casually mentioned I was reading. (She knows I enjoy books.) She asked what. I said that I'd found a really good site with some good creative material around erotica. She laughed and said that at least I wasn't watching porn, "those fake prostitutes are nothing like real women!" were her exact words. She casually asked what it was called and I told her, I pointed out that your stories were particularly well written.

Has she said something???


(Next morning)

Did it happen Wayne?

Has Jinny overcome her nerves and inhibitions? You have a very handsome cock - about 7" it looks to me, which is above the average. Are those your mum's knickers you're holding round it? I think your mum would be in heaven to feel that cock filling her vagina! I know I would! I had a great orgasms just thinking about it! Anyway, it's only 8am, so I guess you're still asleep - or masturbating - or maybe even fucking your mum!!! I wish I wish!

Tell me the latest.


Not all the way yet Sarah.

But oh! was last night amazing! After dinner she said she felt a bit hot and dizzy. She went upstairs and I thought that was the end of my evening. But she came down in just a bra and knickers!! She asked if I minded and of course I said I didn't! Oh Sarah the cleavage! It was heavenly! We sat on the sofa and watched Tv. She told me to "come and cuddle up to mummy". So I lay with my head buried in her cleavage for a little while. I went up to get a drink and when I came back I sat besides her in a kind of side ways hug with my hands on her soft belly.

Then she put her hand on my thigh, like you said she would!

She started rubbing up and down my leg. So I started rubbing circular motions on her belly. She moved her hand over my crotch and started rubbing my pubic area just above my dick. It was then or never Sarah! I reached up and brushed mums tits. She said nothing, so I cupped them through her bra. They were so soft! So... Squeezable! I felt her fat nipples sticking out from her bra and squeezed them through the fabric, to which she moaned. I couldn't fit my hand all the way into her bra and she didn't take it off.

All this time, she had slipped her hand into the flies of my jeans and was just squeezing my balls and bouncing my dick. We sat there for what felt like for ever just playing with each other.

Eventually we had to get up because "its getting late!" I'm 19 and she still wants me to have a bedtime! After I'd been to the bathroom and everything, mum was in my room. She said she wanted to tuck me in! Not complaining I got into bed, she kissed me, on the lips (but only a peck), and said goodnight. The way she tucked ne in told me I wasn't to leave my room. I was slightly confused. She went back to her room and I could hear she hadn't closed the door.

After about 15 minutes I was about to drop off but then I heard loud creaking and groaning. I listened hard thinking it must have been my imagination. But then again groaning, louder this time. Then the groans became constant, interspersed with grunts and little squeals. I thought this was my invitation but then I remembered the way she had hunted to stay in bed. So I pulled out my dick and began to masturbate too.

She was being deliberately loud, so was I was. I grunted and growled and bounced on my bed for all I was worth. Her sexy groans had me close. She began shouting "yes, yes" over again. And I was close. Then she started wailing in what must have been her orgasm and I came too, grunting loudly. She came with a loud OHHHHHH. About ten seconds later she called out. "I love you Wayne" and I called back that I loved her more. She had just masturbated for me and told me! This is amazing Sarah!!!

Wow Wayne.

That's wild! Awesome! Your mum's doubts obviously still linger, so she needs to get there a bit at a time. Next stop perhaps, flaunting naked body again, in which case, you get naked as well, give her a naked hug and tell her you love her and are very proud of her. And of her fantastic body. Rubbing your erection against her belly. I think she may play with it for you and let you play with her a bit more. Certainly, last night's events were a move in your direction - calling out to you I the throes of an orgasm - so it can't be much longer now that you're doing it together - and who knows, I really think she'll want you to fuck her eventually. And when that happens - the flood gates open. You'll be fucking day and night non stop!

Tell me all about it.


(Then I got an e-mail from Jinny.)

Hi Jinny

How did the evening go?? I thought about you often, wondering how you were making out! Got me all wet thinking about what you might be doing!


Oh Sarah it was so fun!

I cuddled up to him and did as you said with the hand on the knee and it worked like a charm! I was fondling his penis and he was playing with my boobs all evening! I wasn't up to letting him watch me finger myself just yet but thought that I'd let him hear me! I fucked myself so loudly I'm sure even the neighbors heard! I made sure to call out to him afterwards and let him know it was for him. Oh it was so hot Sarah, I'm quite wet thinking about it! I can hear Wayne masturbating in his room and it's so flattering and hot and makes me so HORNY! I'm thinking of walking around the house naked today for a bit. What do you think?

Jinny xx

Yes Jinny.

Yes, do walk round naked - but don't be surprised if he cant resist feeling you up and stroking your boobs! His erection will be bursting, so do give him a feel as well. You tease!! I mean, how many times can he ejaculate at a time? Glad you're coming out of your shell - or do I mean cumming?

There's a awful lot of masturbating going on in your house at the moment! If Wayne displays his cock for you, I reckon you ought at least let him cum over your boobs - or even masturbate it for him. That's the next step. I do think eventually, when you're used to the idea of being comfortable naked with him, you won't be able to resist getting his cock inside you. I'd love to watch - oh, Jinny, don't keep teasing him - let him explore you a bit.

Mmmmm I feel so horny here just writing about it!


Hello Sarah.

Here are some of the naughty pictures I took of myself! I warn you I'm not in anywhere as near good shape as you. Your figure is amazing! You must work out a lot? Oh it makes me so wet thinking about you masturbating to my photos! This is all a new buzz for me! I've never even thought about taking pictures of myself naked! Oh yes, it seems like a training camp for Olympic wanking in this house!

Let him cum on my boobs?! Wow... The thought of watching his cum wash over my nipples is so erotic! I think I'll get used to being naked in front of him first, maybe let a attitude of no clothes in the house settle in. He's out shopping now but when he gets back I'll greet him naked and we'll go from there. I haven't had a good look at his cock for a while. It would be nice to see what my "little" boy has grown up into. I feel so horny all the time Sarah darling!

Thank you for the photos Jinny.

You are so voluptuous! No wonder Wayne wants to explore your curves. I do hope you let him. I would love to get between those fleshy thighs myself and lick your sweet juices. Nibble the clit. Here are three more of my special jewel - you can finger me any time you want darling. Are you at home during the daytime - or do you work?

I hope right now that you're having a sexy time with Wayne. You are coming out of your shell darling - be bold! Enjoy your freedom! Did you finger your bum last night?

Sarah xxx

Me to Wayne.

I've been looking at your pics again Wayne! Mmmmm Get that lovely cock of yours inside her - she'll be very proud of it. Ask her how it compares with your dad's.

(He didn't reply straight away.)

Hey Sarah.

Sorry I haven't replied for a bit. I was out yesterday and was busy having my life changed last night! Mum's agreed to a no-clothes policy around the house! What's more, she said I could touch her! And "play around". We're also having a group wank every evening after dinner!! This is amazing! I didn't think she'd get to this on her own! I didn't even have to push her, she lead the conversation! She even said that in the future she'd like to fuck me!! Sarah this is amazing!!

I just wanted to thank you so much for everything you helped me achieve. Life with mum has taken a totally new aspect of awesome! She's now the coolest mum ever! We've agreed to make love tomorrow night and that it's going to be very special. And from there I'll be fucking her morning noon and night! I don't know how you did it, and I can't believe it's happened so fast but now it has, I'm so happy! Thanks again so much for all your help, you're a cool sexy lady who I owe a lot to! Playing with mum today has opened my eyes to what I've been missing all these years and was more than I could ever imagine!


(I thought it was time to bow out, now that Jinny and Wayne were closer than ever, and planning to have real sex. Romantic sex as well! But Jinny didn't want me to go!)

Well Jinny.

That was as exciting a weekend as it was unexpected. In only two days since you first sent me a feedback, we have done a lot of chatting, opened out hearts and minds, and got to know each other well. I'm delighted and so proud to have been able to help you get rid of some of those old inhibitions that were preventing you from breaking loose from the old morals! And so enjoyed giving you those glorious orgasms - your first online sex. It's been a real privilege for me. As you can guess, I do get rather a lot of contacts from my stories, and some last whilst others come and go - or cum and go! I do hope we can continue our horny chats and that I can give you many more orgasms - and hear of your exploits with Wayne.

Meantime, you have several pics of me you can masturbate over! And I have wonderful memories for me darling. So thrilled to have met you - you're a great lady!

Love you.

Sarah xxxx

ps give your pussy a quick feel for me.


Oh yes darling! Exciting it has been! I'll keep your pictures to get me nice and wet in mornings! Thank you so much for all your wonderful praise! You are a wonderful, beautiful, empowering, sexy lady! You've given me confidence in my body and opened my mind to wonderful new ways of extending my love to Wayne. Thank you so much honey! I owe you so much!

I talked to Wayne and told him that we obviously have developed a stronger feeling than the conventional mother son and need to talk about it. He was so nervous at first but then he warmed to it. I asked him whether he liked my body. He said yes. I told him I liked his. I asked him whether he wanted us to see each others bodies more and he said yes. So from there I told him; in that case we both might as well give each other what we want and go naked around the house (took a large glass of wine and several deep breaths to get the courage to say all that). I then asked him whether he was sexually attracted to me and would want to take that step further in our relationship and whether or not it would make things go sour between us ( I couldn't figure out how to disguise this or make it more subtle so I didn't). He said that he thinks I'm beautiful (flattery always works!) and that he would only do what I was comfortable with. Then I asked him straight: "even if I was comfortable with sex?" to which he replied, very quickly might I add, yes.

I told him that I wasn't ready to go that far just yet but we'll definitely go naked and mess around. I made it clear to him that touching is allowed and we will play together throughout the day. I've also decided that we'll have a little masturbation session in the living room after dinner. That really got a smile on his face! And it got even bigger when I told him that we'll be having one every evening from now on. I know it's late honey but I just had to tell you! Thank you so much for adding this new dimension of pleasure and happiness into mine and Wayne's lives.

Love you my beautiful angel.

Jinny xxxxxxxx

Oh Jinny.

That is so so mature. I know it took an awful lot of courage on your part, and I'm proud of you for accepting your new sexuality - and using it! Tell me all about your encounter when you get the chance. I'm so over the moon for you - and Wayne (what a sensible young man!) - but where does Hannah fit in to the evening entertainment? I still can't believe it! So very very pleased. Go for it darling.

Sarah xxx

Thank you so very much Sarah.

And hey, it was mainly due to your help darling! Thank you love, you've helped me discover a new beautiful dimension of my life. Wayne is a lovely, mature young man. He's proved that I can trust him with my love, so that's what I'll do. Hannah is away for a couple of months in America. When she gets back we'll have a proper discussion about everything. Ideally I'd want the whole family to be comfortable with nudity and sexuality together. Besides someone has to take care of my bi streak! Yes honey, I'm a teacher so I'm off for Easter. Thank you so much for your support darling.

Jinny xxxx

You're welcome Jinny.

I hope you'll keep me in the loop though! Did it go well last evening?


Sarah honey.

Last night was amazing. Wayne had to go into college in the afternoon but I never knew how much of tease he was! He was texting me all day about how hard he was and what he wanted to do to me, it got me so wet! When he came home I sucked him off right in the open doorway! (that really got me off I think exhibitionism is becoming my thing). We had a lovely dinner and then settled down for a movie.

Then it was time for our evening wank! We both sat on the living room floor legs spread and moved our crotches close. We didn't touch. It's such a beautiful thing after playing with each other all day to watch your beautiful son pleasure himself. And the actual act of ejaculation is mesmerizing! We both came together moaning together. We both went to our own beds knowing this will be the last night we sleep alone. Oh Sarah I'm so excited! We're going shopping today for some new sexy things! He says he really has a thing about my knickers so I promised I go and buy him some really naughty ones!

Jinny xxx

Hi Jinny.

More photos. Just to keep your interest. Glad you're now 'one of us' - a filthy dirty whore who enjoys sex and all that goes with it - feel, taste and smell!

Waiting with baited breath!!

Sarah xxxx Love you.

Oh darling Sarah

Thank you so much for all your pictures of your beautiful treasures! Yours is the first lady's bum I have seen and it's so arousing! I had a good feel of my own looking at your photos! I haven't cum because I'm holding off until Wayne takes me out tonight. Oh yes I am well and truly in that category! I love it when Wayne talks dirty to me! Saying things that a son would never say to his mum! I love it when he calls me his "dirty slut mummy" (we are very vocal when cumming with each other) And the addition of mummy to his dirty talk just gets me off so much harder!

I went shopping today and bought so many lovely sexy things for him! I'm going to wear some of them for our date tonight. It's going to be so amazing! I can't wait! You'll have all the smutty details in the morning darling! And I'll get him to take some lovely rude pictures of me for you!

Love you baby

Jinny xxxxxxxx

(Jinny signed in. I was already there waiting for her.)

Phew Sarah! Was that a good start to the day!'


'Well. I just walked into the bathroom, boobs on show as he was taking a pee. I just sat on the end of the bath watching him. Of course he noticed straight away I was there and could hardly aim straight! Oh Sarah it was beautiful! His cock! '

'Is this your first look at his cock? Did you touch it?'

'Not had a proper look since he was a child. Yes yes I'm getting there!'

'Anyway, very exciting.'

'So we were just having a chat while his rock hard dick was relieving itself. Then when he finished he reached for a tissue to dry himself. Oh but I stopped him! '


'I took the tissue and dried his dick for him! Of course I then dropped the tissue and had my first good feel of his dick! Oh Sarah I can't tell you in words the thrilling horny dirtiness of it!

It was amazing!'

'Did you give it a realy good feel. A squeeze and pull?'

'A VERY good feel!'

'Did he cum??'

'Yes he did!'

'Woweeee ... where??'

'I pointed it at my body and let it hit my belly and just below my tits. '

'Gosh - you're going to have one very horny sex-filled day!'

'Mmm and I let him watch me taste it! I scooped some into my mouth!'

'YESSSSS GREAT... well darling, a good fuck can't be too far away. How can you resist getting it in your vagina.'

'Well I'm enjoying the foreplay too much right now! I let him taste me too.'

'Did he get his fingers inside?'

'I pulled him into that naked hug, whispering how much I love him in his ear, and his hands wandered all over my body. I led him to my pussy and his fingers slid around my soaking lips.'

'And you were so excited you came as well??'

'He pulled his fingers back and licked them. Yes, I had a little shudder, but I'm saving mine for the kitchen table!'

'He's hooked now then. And so are you!'

'I pushed my fingers into my pussy and pushed them in his mouth. And told him to be quick down to breakfast. Oh ... hooked like a hooker!'

'Breakfast? Pussy juice on his banana ... that's it ... peel a banana, slide in your vagina, then give to him to eat.'

'Oh that's amazing! Definitely! Hang on ...'

'Whilst you suck his cock.'

'Mmmm I'm pushing the banana in now!'

'OMG Jinny how CAN you resist a fuck?? Your will-power is amazing.'

'I want it to be special. Not just a heated fuck! I want him to make love to me the first time, on the bed. Yes, after a date.'

'A dinner date? Special?'

'A nice meal. A romantic scenario and then a loving embrace. After that I'll fuck him over the kitchen sink. But until then, lots of sexy play. We need to get used to the sexual atmosphere.

Oh yes lots of that!'

'Amazing. Has he come for his breakfast yet?'

'Oh he's coming now! I'm going to kiss him like a mummy never should! Oh I'm so horny Sarah!'

'Go for it - I'll, catch you later this afternoon. I hope he enjoys the banana. '

'Yftruggjn.... '

'Er ....?'

'(There was a pause.)'

'Oh my god ... I just made out with my son!'

'What happened??'

'I went over to him as he came in and kissed him full on the lips. He's so strong! He pushed me back on the table and we kissed tongues and all. And he slipped his tongue in my pussy. He can't wait for it. Oh yes. It was so passionate! He's making some toast and his bum is glorious!'

'Lucky you ...did he slip it inside?'

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