A Cop too Far


Just the conversation Carol had been waiting to initiate!. "Oh, we don't have to worry about that, honey. Nick and Victor are old-fashioned men. They don't want anorexic women. They like girls that really look like girls. You're already practically perfect, with your big sensitive tits, firm round ass and nice wide hips -- a 'man's woman.' I'm sure Nick would like to see a few more pounds on your breasts and hips. Of course, I don't need to worry, either; in my condition, weight gain is entirely natural."

"Your 'condition?'" Barbara asked, puzzled.

"Sure. Look at me." Carol pulled her shift up to her navel suggestively. "Can't you see anything?"

"See what?" Barbara asked, genuinely perplexed.

"My tummy, silly. Well, maybe not yet, maybe it's just too soon. My period isn't very regular, but I'm pretty sure. I'm weeks and weeks overdue," Carol smiled.

"Carol, what are you talking about?" Barbara asked, suddenly awake.

"I wanted to tell you first," her friend giggled. "I haven't even told Victor yet." Carol's eyes glowed.

"You don't mean ...?"

"I think so. I'm pretty sure, in fact. Victor told me he was going to make me pregnant. Looks like has put his baby in me, just like he promised!"

"Carol! That's awful. Somehow we'll escape or be rescued. When you get back to the Agency..."

"Agency? I'm never gong back to the Agency. Victor is going to take me to his hacienda. He said I can have dozens of servants. Victor will give me many children and I'll be his Señora," Carol said proudly.

"But how did you get pregnant? Aren't you on the pill? You were always fucking your boyfriends like a minx and they never knocked you up?"

"Of course I was on the pill, then. I was just screwing around and I didn't want a baby to spoil my fun. But after a few days here, Victor told me to throw them away. He doesn't believe in artificial means of contraception," Carol said, somewhat by rote, as if it was something she had been taught to say. "And he sure doesn't practice abstinence!" she giggled. "From the first he told me he wanted to knock me up. He says I'll look really sexy with a big round belly, waddling like a duck with his baby inside me. Maybe I'll even get some real tits. So you can bet for the last month or so Victor has been keeping me pretty full of semen. He likes me to point my heels to the ceiling when he drills me; says it helps the sperm get down into the womb better. I don't know about that, but it makes me come like crazy. The way he has been fucking me, he just has to have pregged me up!"

Barbara was staring at Carol in a state of shock.

"What's wrong, honey. You shouldn't be surprised. These men have very traditional beliefs, that pretty women are good only for pleasing men and making babies for them. It's no different with you. I'm sure Nick must be planning to put a baby in a sexy woman like you; any man would. Don't you want that? Have you been taking *your* pills? I haven't seen Nick using condoms!" Carol smirked.

Now Barbara's shock could only deepen. Her birth control pills! She had no idea where they were. How could she have forgotten them? She quickly tried to estimate when she had interrupted the medication. Ovulation would occur within a couple of weeks of suspension of the hormone treatment, but she did not know how long she had been here, how long Nick had been shooting his seed into her womb nightly. She was or soon would be totally unprotected. "No! NO! No!" she screamed. "It can't happen. I can't let Nick Botero get me pregnant!"

"We can't do anything about it, darling. It's entirely a physical process. What we think we want or don't want doesn't matter. They can knock us up because we can't control our bodies or our need for sex! Vic already has done me. And I've seen how your body responds to Nick when he fucks you. He's a powerful, virile man, Barbara. When Nick is filling you with his cum, instinctively your legs wrap around him. That helps the semen go deeper into you, makes it more likely his sperm will fertilize one of your eggs. And the way he is able to give you those powerful multiple climaxes every time he sexes you, means that unconsciously, you have already decided he'll be a good father. Your body wants his baby and a climax makes sure your silly little mind doesn't get in the way."

"Impregnating us? That is sick!" Barbara spat.

"But effective. You see, this isn't just so Nick can father more children. He knows how dependent on the fathers of their children pregnant women feel. Once you have a little Botero kicking in your womb, you will tell Nick everything he needs to know."

"No, ... I can't be ..." Barbara almost screamed.

The look of unadulterated horror on Barbara's face was precious. "Incidentally, let me put your mind at rest. Nick doesn't have you pregnant ... yet," Carol replied. "We are monitoring your bodily functions carefully and we would know. But we believe that you will soon be at the peak of your fertility cycle. You should find making love to Nick the next few nights especially exciting!"

"NO! I won't! I won't let him ..." Barbara shouted.

"Won't let Nick fuck you? Since when? I've seen how you wait for him eagerly every night. You crave that big cock that fills you and gives you an orgasmic high that neither my tongue nor your vibrator can. He hasn't made you beg in a while, but he could. I watch you spread your legs for Nick and let him fill you full. We'll see if you can give up sex for the weeks needed to be sure you don't get 'caught,'" replied Carol calmly.

That conversation with Carol terrified and enraged Barbara. The rest of the afternoon she steeled herself against Nick. She remembered all the innocent women whose lives were in jeopardy if she were broken. She stoked her rage at being held captive. When Nick came in that night, she would be ready. She didn't know it, but so was Nick. And he didn't come alone.


"Good evening, honey." Nick greeted her after a three-day absence as if he suspected nothing was wrong.

"Not so good for you, you bastard! Just stay away from me. I know what you're up to and you're not fucking me tonight!" Barbara shot back.

"Hey? What's up. Haven't you missed me? I'm sure you'd like a little ride, wouldn't you.

"I said no and I mean it. Just stop right there." she demanded when he was still several steps away from the bed.

"Barbara darling, don't be like that. I really care for you. Look, I even brought you something from my country."

"Yeah? Well I don't want anything from you except to be left alone!" Barbara growled.

"But Sweetie, let me show you. Carol, can you bring her the pendant I got for her?"

"Of course Nick," Carol replied and pulled an object from a silver coffer. "Here, look at it, Barbara. This is the pretty amulet Nick got for you!" Carol held up a large green emerald slung from a thick gold chain. "See how it sparkles, the light flashes reflecting off of it so beautifully." The stone's facets caught the dim light of Barbara's bedchamber and cast it back into her eyes. Involuntarily, her gaze was caught by the flickering stone.

Barbara tried to redirect her angry glare back at Nick. The stone was pretty, but did he think he could seduce her with a gift of jewelry? It was just a pretty distraction. She would tell him .... Damn, ... a very pretty distraction. She continued to stare at the stone.

"Don't ... want ... to ... look" Barbara spoke softly.

Nick and Carol exchanged smiles as they saw Barbara unable to look away from the amulet. "It's fascinating, isn't it honey?" Carol whispered. "It's so beautiful, so easy to look at, ... to gaze at. You feel like you are drifting, getting lost in the depths of the stone, don't you?"

Barbara stared intently at it. What was Carol getting at? It moved slowly back and forth, sometimes seeming to swing in a circle.

"I love it," she murmured.

"I know you do", Carol whispered. "Look closely. Watch as it shines; watch as it glitters; watch as it swings easily back and forth, around and around. It looks so pretty, doesn't it?"

"Pretty...", Barbara murmured, staring at the stone as Carol moved it around. It was just beautiful.

"So pretty", Carol continued. "So pretty, so attractive, swinging back and forth, back and forth. You do find it attractive, don't you, baby?"

"Oh, yes", Barbara whispered softly. She'd never seen anything so pretty.

"So attractive, so pretty, it seems to pull you right inside the stone, the shining green gemstone. See how it glitters, like a soft green flame, as the light dances over it," Carol intoned. Barbara's yes were fixed on it now as it moved slowly, back and forth, around and around. Whenever the light hit it just so it seemed to gleam even brighter, making her want it even more.

"So pretty, so attractive, you want it so much, don't you?"

"Oh, yessss.....yesssssssss..........." the weakening policewoman murmured, only able to stare at it as Carol held it just above he. She was almost looking upwards now, watching as the shining necklace swung back and forth, around and around.

"So attractive, you want it so bad, so bad...How much it this lovely thing worth to you, can you even put a price on anything so lovely? You want it so much, you feel your desire increasing with each passing moment. You want it, you have to have it, you MUST have it. Your desire grows stronger and stronger as the beautiful necklace moves back and forth, around and around and around and around."

Around and around. Barbara began to feel as if the necklace was still and it was she that was moving, spinning slowly in a circle around that necklace. She didn't even notice Carol any more, she wasn't paying attention to anything but that necklace. Her necklace. she wanted it so much. So much.

"Back and forth. Around and around. Feel yourself being drawn even closer to it, feel yourself moving closer and closer as your desire grows even stronger." She WAS moving closer to it, it seemed. Barbara didn't realize Carol was slowly moving it closer to her as she held it.

"Look right into the gem. Deep inside. Deep into the shining green gemstone. Deeper and deeper. Deeper and deeper. Do not look away now, no matter what happens, do not look away. If you look away, your beautiful necklace will disappear. You do not want that to happen, do you?" Carol smiled at the now all but enchanted former partner.

"...Oh, no..... No, not ... disappear." It was hard to talk. Why? Barbara knew now that if she looked away, she would lose my necklace. she didn't want to lose it, she wanted it, forever. Had to keep looking at it. Keep looking. Mustn't let it disappear. She stared at the emerald as it moved back and forth, around and around.

"Deeper and deeper. Look inside, look deep inside, into the very heart of the gem. See it glowing with it's power, a deep green glow which draws you in even deeper. Deeper and deeper. You feel yourself surrounded by the soft, deep green glow of the emerald. Deeper and deeper it draws you. Feel it surrounding you, enwrapping your body in a soft warm blanket as you sink deeper and deeper into the heart of the gemstone. Deeper and deeper. Deeper and deeper."

Barbara was lying totally relaxed now, staring almost straight up, it seemed, not realizing Carol was now holding the necklace right above her head. Her body felt heavy, limp, and warm. She'd never felt anything like the sensations that wonderful necklace was creating. She didn't realize her mouth was hanging open, that her arms were loose by her sides. she just lay there and stared into the center of the necklace.

"The power surrounds you completely now, you are totally enwrapped by the deep green glow of the emerald. Totally enwrapped by the glow. Totally enwrapped. Your body feels calm, relaxed, as it allows the power of the gem to flow throughout every muscle and nerve. Totally relaxed now, totally limp, totally calm. Feel your mind calming as well, feel the power of the gemstone comforting you, relaxing you, allowing you to slip away into a place of total peace. Deeper and deeper. Do not look away."

Barbara didn't even want to try looking away now. Her body seemed to be in a totally different place than the rest of her. Carol's voice sounded as if it was coming from a distant shore. She heard absolutely nothing else, no humming air conditioning, no outside noises. Just Carol's voice. All she saw was the necklace.

This was so strange. Barbara stared at the emerald, and she was now aware of the glow Carol had been talking about. There didn't seem to be anything else in the room but that stone, and the glow seemed to spread, to move out from the center of the stone, a deep green ball that sucked her right into it. The stone seemed so huge now, filling her vision. The whole world was that stone and the power flowing into her mind and body. She watched in amazement as the power came towards her, wave after wave of pure green. She felt it being absorbed into her body, she was aware of the warm, heavy sensations in each and every part of my body. She felt her mind clearing, opening wide as the power flowed into her. As Carol's voice flowed into her.

"Yes. Feel it, Barbara. Feel the power flowing through you, through your limbs. Feel it happening. Let it happen. You cannot stop it. The power grows stronger, fills your mind, relaxes your body. Your mind is open, open to the power of the emerald. Feel the power grow even stronger as you gaze deeper and deeper into the gemstone. Deeper. Deeper."

Deep down in her mind, Barbara began to realize something very odd was happening to her. Her body no longer existed, it was very hard to think on her own. The power of the stone grew and grew, seeming to gain control of her mind as she stared at it. She couldn't think clearly enough to understand what was happening. All she knew was that the stone's power was growing stronger.

"Deeper and deeper, baby. The power of the gem is overwhelming, flowing irresistibly into your body and mind. Your body is limp, relaxed. Your mind is open, relaxed. Open, relaxed. Do not trouble yourself with thoughts of any kind. Allow your thoughts to come and go as they please, you will find that you do not even want to try focusing on any single thought that comes to your open mind. Allow my voice, to fill your mind, fill your thoughts. You are so relaxed right now, honey, so totally under the power of the gemstone. I will do all your thinking for you so that you may remain comfortably relaxed. Your mind and body will respond to my suggestions as they would to your own thoughts. The power of the gemstone has made this possible. Do you understand?"

"...Yesssssss..." And there, without any resistance at all, and without any realization of what was really happening, Barbara's body and mind slipped closer to Carol's control. It just seemed to logical, so natural.

"You are under the control of the stone, Nick's stone, aren't you, baby?"

"Uh huh" Barbara muttered.

"It makes you feel so relaxed and happy. All those feelings of anger, resentment are gone, aren't they?

"Hmmm," Barbara just purred contentedly.

"You feel so good, so at ease and something else. What is that, honey?" Carol asked seductively.

Barbara knew the answer, but she did not want to say it. She knew she should try to recapture the feelings of anger. She needed her anger to overcome the feeling of, -oh it was so strong - "Horny." she heard her self admit.

"That's right, baby. You are relaxed and horny, like a real woman. And you know what a horny woman needs, don't you?"

Barbara hesitated, trying not to admit what she felt.

Carol touched her between he legs, bringing a soft moan to Barbara's lips. "Say it, baby. What do you need?"

"A man!" Barbara gasped.

"That's right, honey. Your sexy body and fertile womb need a man. You crave it, don't you?" Carol nodded to Nick who took her place beside the enthralled woman.

"Yes," Barbara signed as she felt Nick's hand replace Carol's in her pussy.

"And that's what I am, baby, a real man. Now tell us what you need from a man ..."

Again she hesitated; then gasped. "I need to be fucked. God, I need it so bad," Barbara whimpered and Nick pressed a finger into her slit.

"That's right, you need it. And you know why. You you are fertile tonight, aren't you?"


"And what does a sexy fertile woman get when she lets a man fuck her?" Carol asked, wanting to make sure that Barbara's surrender would be complete.

Again Barbara hesitated, but could not keep from saying, "A baby," she almost sobbed.

"Is that what you want, don't you, honey? Do you want Nick to fuck you and make a baby in you?

Barbara could not remain silent. "Yes," she gasped.

"And that's what I want to give you, darling," Nick whispered, glancing back and pursing a kiss at Carol who had taken away the now superfluous amulet. Slowly, methodically, Nick began stroking Barbara's breasts. "I want to put a baby in you tonight, Barbara, my baby. I want you to have a beautiful round belly and big, sexy, milky tits. And you're going to be so happy."

Despite her struggles, Barbara began to feel the loss control of her body. She began moving under his touch. Nick and Carol heard her moans no longer soft but louder as she was over taken with the passion that pulsed through her body.

"Oh God" she screamed as her inner being exploded in an orgasm just from the sensation of his touch on her breasts and her body. It felt as if she were gushing. She felt herself come, hard, as it exploded onto her thighs. Her hips trying their best to rise from the bed, her hands pulling on the sheets as wave after wave of her climax skewered her body. She lost all sense of time as she writhed her climax. The waves started to slow as she began to come down out of the clouds, her mind inched back to reality and she realized that Nick was no longer sitting beside her.

Then, before she could regain her senses, mount any defense, Barbara felt Nick's mouth burying into her pussy. His tongue licked along the lips. Immediately her pussy was drenched with the juices of her orgasm. Nick felt her hot thighs squeeze against his cheeks and knew she was close to breaking. He slid his hands under her ass pulling her up toward his mouth, his tongue moving in and out of her pussy fucking her as he sucked and licked her cum from inside her. Her battered mind hardly resisted as she felt her body head toward another orgasm before she fully came down from the last one. His mouth and tongue cleaned up the sweet reward of her first cum. Nick's hands held her ass tight and squeezed her as he worked up and down along her pussy with his mouth.

Experienced with women, Nick moved his mouth from her pussy to lick and suck her thigh clean of her juices. The sweet taste of her spend was good, confirming the ovulation his doctors had assured him had occurred. Her juices ran across his tongue, his mouth sucked and licked up along her thigh and then his mouth went again to her clit to softly suck it into his mouth, his tongue twirling around it. His mouth left her clit and his tongue ran along, deep inside her pussy as he moved down 'til his tongue came out of her pussy and it gently ran over her asshole.

He felt Barbara's body spasm from the sensation as he ran his tongue over it again. His mouth was now sucking and licking its way along her pussy up to her clit where he again sucked it into his lips and let it come out his mouth sucking it in and out as a woman would suck a man's cock. Her clit was hard and throbbing as he did her this way. He intended to deaden her brain with pleasure, to capture her soul as he already has her body.

He stopped for a moment to suck and lick his way down his beautiful captive's other thigh. Satisfied that her thighs have been adequately titillated, he again buried his face again in her pussy. His tongue again started to fuck in and out of her. Involuntarily, Barbara's hips began moving to the rhythm of the tongue fucking that she are getting. His hands pulled tight on her ass again as he helps her pussy to push tight to his face. The aroused agent strained, wanting so bad to put her hands on his head and push his whole being inside her pussy. She started again to loose control. Her body was driven to a higher level of orgasm. Her hips jerked wildly as he held her tight, sucking and licking hard on her as he felt her pussy come hard.

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