A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 33


The man returned his greeting and we just kept walking. Soon I felt Eric slowly pulling my skirt up in back. I didn't do anything to stop him. Nathan must have felt what his brother was doing because he started helping on his side. When they had it pulled up far enough they began feeling up my bare butt. This also caused my skirt to bunch up some in front as well. So if we passed anybody else they would know something was amiss. Sure enough a few minutes later I saw a couple of young men approaching. At first they were talking to each other but as they got closer they stopped and stared at us. Or more accurately, me.

Their smiles grew as they approached and I had to look down again. Nathan once again greeted them as they passed. They just snickered in response. They must have stopped and turned around then because I could hear one of them say, "Shit, look at that."

The other one responded with, "Oh god, what an great ass."

We walked for quite a ways without meeting anybody else. We crossed over a stream on an arched wooden bridge. Eric and Nathan stopped in the middle and moved to the side, "To look at the water," they claimed. But they didn't spend any time looking at the water. Instead they turned towards me and Nathan lifted up my skirt in front while Eric took care of the back. That left them each a free hand to play with my butt and my pussy. I was very exposed out there on that bridge, but I didn't really care. The sensations they were causing were heavenly.

I had my eyes closed and was breathing heavily when they stopped what they were doing and we resumed our walk. We strolled arm in arm for a few minutes and then Nathan addressed his brother, "I like Sharon's blouse, but don't you think she would look even better with the top button open?"

Eric answered, "Oh yeah."

At that point I was past objecting or questioning and quickly opened the top button. I would have taken it off if they asked. Less than a minute later Nathan looked at me and said, "Another one I think."

It took me a second to realize he was talking about opening another button. He must have thought my confusion was hesitation because he prodded me, "Go ahead."

I opened up the next button. This one was about an inch above the point where my bra cups would meet, if I was wearing one. So now my breasts would be easily visible from the side, depending on how my blouse was gaping as we walked and the breeze blew. Not long after that we met a family coming from the other direction. The man and woman appeared to be in their 30's and the children, one girl and one boy, about 10 -- 12. As they got closer I caught a disapproving look from the man and the woman, although the woman's was more severe. I felt a twinge of shame.

A little further down the path we came to another, smaller open area with a few picnic tables. I didn't see anybody else around. Nathan and Eric guided us to one of the picnic tables and we sat down, facing back towards the way we had come. They started taking turns kissing me and copping quick feels of my boobs. Eric was kissing me when Nathan suddenly said, "Heads up."

I looked up and saw two young men coming our way along the same path we had used. As they approached I realized they were the same two that had passed us earlier. Apparently they had reversed course. Perhaps hoping they would run into us again. Eric and Nathan toned it down, but they continued to stroke my arms and kiss my neck.

The two young men walked up to us and the taller one said, "Excuse me. I apologize if we are interrupting anything."

Nathan waved his hand and replied, "No, no. What can we do for you?"

He continued, "We just wanted to say your woman is very hot."

Nathan answered, "Thank you."

The young man then said, "We were also wondering if you two are brothers and if you share her."

Nathan responded with, "Yes and yes."

Eric added, "But that's natural because she's our step mother."

The two young strangers looked stunned. The shorter one broke the silence, "Holy shit."

Then Nathan dropped the other shoe and said, "And to top that off she's a real cock loving slut. Isn't that right Mom?" He emphasized the word "Mom."

I looked down and said "Yes," softly.

Now they were gobsmacked. Nathan and Eric just chuckled at their reaction. Eric then said, "She has a banging tight body too."

The taller stranger commented, "I believe you from what I can see here. Wish I could see the rest."

Nathan looked around and said, "Hmm, I think it's a little to public here for that."

"We know of a more private spot nearby," the stranger offered.

Nathan replied, "Lead on."

We followed the two strangers out of the open area and into some long grass. It was tall enough that the blades tickled my inner thighs. About 100 feet later we squeezed through some bushes and into a sun dappled clearing under the canopy of a large oak tree. In the middle of this clearing was a picnic table. Next to the table was white five gallon bucket about half full of sand and cigarette butts.

The tall young man said, "This is our private spot where we can smoke and toke."

Eric asked them, "Did you drag the picnic table in here?"

The short one answered this time, "Yeah and it was a bitch getting it through the bushes, I'll tell you."

They sat on the top of the table, putting their feet on the bench and looked expectantly at me. Nathan told me, "OK Sharon, strip for our new friends."

As I said before I was ready to do whatever they wanted, so I started opening the remaining buttons on my blouse. When I took it off and handed it to Nathan the other two whistled. Next the skirt came off to huge smiles. Both of the strangers agreed that I had a "tight" body. I think that's a compliment.

The tall one comments, "I'd fuck that any day."

His friend added, "Every day."

Nathan told them that wasn't possible (I was relieved), but said I was an excellent cock sucker and asked if they would settle for a blowjob. They jumped at the opportunity and wasted no time getting their shorts down to their ankles. The tall one only lasted about two minutes and his friend just a little longer. I think I surprised them by swallowing all their cum instead of spitting it out. That certainly verified my status as a slut.

After that I put my clothes back on except Nathan would only let me fasten the bottom three buttons on my blouse. That left the top three open and my breasts pretty much on display. He also made me roll the waist band of my skirt a couple of times to make it even shorter. Now a gust of wind would expose all my "naughty bits." Lucky for me it was a relatively calm day.

After we got back out into the open area we continued down the walking path. Walking arm in arm again for another 10 minutes or so we finally reached the parking lot on the other side without encountering anybody else. There were a few cars parked in the small lot, but Joe was the only person I could see. As we approached Eric pulled my skirt up all the way in front causing my husband to grin. He obviously enjoyed having his sons expose his wife in public.

On the drive home Joe had me tell him about the walk through the park as his sons continued to feel me up. As you can imagine I was having trouble giving Joe a coherent account. I was very distracted by Eric and Nathan. Joe didn't make it any easier by asking a lot of questions. Every time I got close to coming they stopped what they were doing for a little while. By the time we got home I was close to an orgasm but had not cum yet. This had made me half out of my mind with lust.

As I walked inside the house I could feel that the inside of my thighs were wet. That tells you how turned on I was. Joe had me sit on the couch with his sons and he disappeared for a few minutes. By the time he got back I was naked and trembling as Nathan and Eric continued to tease my body. Joe asked, "What do you want my slut?"

I moaned, "Fuck me. Just fuck me."

He asked, "Who do you want to fuck you?"

I begged, "Anybody. Just don't make me wait any longer."

Then he told me, "OK. We'll all fuck you until we can't get it up anymore. Would you like that?"

I groaned, "Oh yes, please, I need your hard cocks inside me."

Joe then pulled a fast one on me saying, "There's only one condition. I want to record it on video."

I objected, "No, please, anything but that."

Joe answered, "That's what I want. If you want to get fucked you have to give me what I want."

Under normal circumstances, or what passes for normal for me, I would have stood my ground. But I really needed to get fucked, and fucked hard. I can't remember ever needing it more since I married Joe. So I agreed to his condition. We all went up to the spare bedroom. He already had his video camera setup on a tripod facing the bed. He must have guessed I would give in. Or he was being prepared just in case.

I got on the bed and Joe started the recorder. Joe had me beg his sons to fuck me. I'm sure that was for the camera. Nathan was first and I came on the second or third stroke. I had two more orgasms before he shot his load inside me. When he got off the bed Eric replaced him without delay. He flipped me over and entered me from behind. He fucked me hard and fast which is what I really wanted at that point. When he was finished I laid there on the bed catching my breath.

I expected Joe to use me next, but he stayed behind the video camera. The boys had me get them hard again with my mouth. Eric got hard first and he had me lay across the bed sideways. While he stood on one side of the bed and fucked me, his brother stood on the other side and fed me his cock. Eventually Nathan got hard again and they switched positions. They both fucked me in different positions over the next hour while Joe recorded it all. After they both came inside me a second time Joe took his turn. The messier I am down there the more he seems to like it.

I took a shower after that and Joe grilled some steaks for dinner. Then the men watched baseball on TV while I took a nap. When I woke up it was 10:00 and the baseball game was still going so I picked up a book. A half hour later Joe and Nathan announced they were heading to bed. But Eric wanted to fuck again. He's such a stud. I couldn't believe his stamina, he never seemed to tire. It was midnight by the time I crawled into bed with Joe, a very contented woman.

I can hear the men are up now so I'd better get going. I'll try to write you later but don't be surprised if it's tomorrow instead.


Aug 08/02/09 2:51PM


Wow, that was your hottest day yet, I think. I thought I was pushing it with that bikini challenge, but Eric and Nathan easily topped that. That must have been exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time, walking through the park almost naked and getting fondled by your step sons. As if that wasn't enough, then you even topped that by giving two complete strangers a blowjob. That must have been a tremendous rush. No wonder you were so worked up by the time you got home.

What were you thinking an feeling the whole time in the park? I know that's a big question, but just tell me what you can remember. How much of the day's planning do you think was Joe and how much was his sons? I'm thinking that maybe the apple does not fall far from the tree in this regard, especially Nathan; he strikes me as the thinker where Eric is more a man of action. For example, the Art Museum idea sounds like something Nathan would think up.

I've got to go, but I'll write again tonight.



Aug 08/03/09 10:07AM


What was I feeling in the park? I think you summed it up well: exhilarated and terrified. I remember thinking that I must be crazy to be going along with it. Especially on the bridge. I felt so exposed there. It really felt like everyone in the park could see me up there. The deep sense of embarrassment along with the pleasurable sensations that Eric and Nathan were causing was a powerful combination that literally left me a little light headed.

Giving those two young men a blowjob was actually the easiest part. We were in a secluded spot and I felt safe with Eric and Nathan there. They were obviously not very experienced and that was probably the first time either of them had cum in a woman's mouth. Being able to give them their first such experience was a lot of fun. I just love the feeling of a man's cock when it swells and then pulsates as he cums.

At the time I wrote my last email I didn't know how much of the day was planned by Joe and frankly I didn't think about it. If I had, I think I would have guessed it was mostly Joe. I know now that I would have been wrong, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

On Sunday after I sent off the email to you I joined Joe and the boys in the kitchen. They were drinking some juice and discussing where to go out for breakfast or brunch. I told them that I really felt like cooking and would like to make breakfast for them. I don't often get the chance to cook for more than just me and Joe. They accepted and so I made them each a stack of pancakes, eggs, and ham. After they were done eating Eric and Nathan even helped clean up the kitchen. That's something that Joe never does, so I was very appreciative.

The day took an eventful turn when Joe apologized and informed us that he had some things he had to get done at the Center. He winked and told me to "entertain" his sons while he was gone. He also said that I might have to bring them to the airport if he couldn't get back early enough so I had to watch the clock.

Joe wasn't gone very long before Nathan started looking at our small wine collection. It is mostly from a local winery so he didn't know what any of it was like. I tried describe them as well as I could, but in the end he wanted to open one and try it. Normally I don't drink before noon, but Nathan insisted. So we all had a glass. I don't think Eric is much of a wine drinker because he didn't even finish it. That left the rest of the bottle to Nathan and I. By the time we finished it I was feeling pretty good. Not drunk, but definitely buzzed.

That's when Eric informed his brother that I had a "slut collar." He asked Nathan, "Do you want to see it?"

Of course Nathan answered, "Yes I would."

So Eric told me to go upstairs and put it on for them. When I returned Nathan said it was perfect for me. After that they started teasing me. By that I mean sexually. They would make out with me for a while, kissing and groping, and then would just stop. In between they would play with Nathan's laptop or watch TV. Eventually they had me naked and were bringing me to the point of coming before they stopped. The last time Eric did this he was fucking me slowly. It felt so good and I wanted to cum so badly, but he wouldn't let me. They had really learned how to push all my lust buttons.

That's when Nathan told me, "We want to make a video about our weekend for our friends back home and we want you to be in it."

I had an idea what they wanted out of me so I declined. Then Nathan informed me that if I wanted to cum I would have to help them. I still said no.

Then he pushed a finger into me and said, "I know how badly you want to cum. If you do what we want, I promise we'll fuck you until you are screaming from multiple orgasms."

In a moment of weakness I agreed to help them. Nathan set up Joe's video camera in the living room. He was also doing something with his laptop. Eric explained that they had already made up a little "script" and were planning on using the TV as a teleprompter. I had no idea they could do that, but when Nathan was done the computer's desktop was displayed on our HD TV and the picture from the video camera was in a quarter-sized window in the corner. I had seen Joe watch two baseball games at the same time this day. He called the smaller window the "Pip."

Nathan had me put on the micro bikini and a little makeup. Then we all sat on the couch where we could see the TV, the boys on either side of me with their arms around me. Nathan started the video recording using a small remote he held in his other hand. The computer started slowly scrolling the "script" from the bottom of the screen. I did my best to read my parts as naturally as I could but I'm afraid it was a little stilted since I didn't get a chance to practice. I suppose I would have chickend out if I had. It went like this:

Nathan: Hello friends. Eric and I had a great weekend, but we know you wouldn't believe us, so we decided to make this video as proof.

Eric: First we want to introduce you to our beautiful hostess. Actually it would be better if she introduced herself.

Sharon: (smile) Hi there. My name is Sharon Alderson and I'm Eric and Nathan's step mom.

Nathan: As you can tell, she is not only friendly, but hot as hell. In fact I'd like to draw your attention to her collar. Here, let me zoom in.

The video zooms in on my neck and Eric holds the tag up so that it can be read. First the side that says "Sharon". Then he turns it over and shows the word "Slut". The video zooms back out.

Eric: It may be hard to believe, but our step mother is a cock craving slut. Isn't that right mom?

Sharon: (smile) Yes it is.

Nathan: In fact, she's such a lusty cock hound she fucked us both yesterday until we were completely drained.

Eric: I'll bet the slut wants more now.

Sharon: Oh yes, please fuck me.

Nathan: First let's show our friends what a tight bod you have.

Once they had the bikini off they had me spread my legs. Then Nathan zoomed the camera in so that I was the only one in the picture.

Eric: See how wet her cunt is?

He opens up my labia and it was easy to see the moisture there. Then he pushes two fingers inside me. Then the camera zooms out again.

Eric: She's dripping wet, as usual.

The boys now take turns kissing me and feeling me up for a minute or so. I'm so humiliated and aroused by this time that I'm willing to do or say just about anything.

Nathan: She's so hot that one weekend is not enough. Sharon, how would you like to come visit us for a weekend, or maybe more?

Sharon: (smile) I'd love to.

Eric: I'm sure our friends would love it too.

Nathan: What do you think about that Sharon? Would you like to party with us and our friends?

Sharon: Can I suck their nice cocks?

Eric: I think that can be arranged.

Sharon: And will they all fuck me in my cunt and ass?

Nathan: You can count on it.

Sharon: (look into camera and smile) I can't wait. Get ready guys.

Nathan: We have some serious fucking to do now. Bye.

Then he turned off the camera and they made good on their promise. I think I came four of five times before they both wore out and couldn't get it up anymore. I was fine with that since we were running out of time to get them to the airport anyway.

I'm a little worried about that video, but at least it's unlikely to be seen by anybody around here. I guess now I'll be going out to visit them before the summer is over. I wonder how many friends they are planning on sharing me with?

Bruce called while I was typing this email and said he'd be over after noon. I'll write you later and let you know how that goes.

Your slut,


Aug 08/04/09 9:26PM

Hi Paul,

I kind of expected an email from you yesterday. I hope everything is OK there.

Yesterday afternoon Bruce came over. He brought over a porno movie. I was not very excited about it at first, but it turned out to be OK. It was about a married couple that learns the wife is submissive. They start out just doing some kinky role playing but eventually progress to having other men sex with her. In the final scene the husband brings three of his friends home to gang bang his wife. It was interesting for several reasons. The first one is the obvious parallels to my own life. But it was also well made, for a porno. I found out later it was based on the real life experiences of the screen writers.

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