A Cougar Totally Turned Ch. 04


We got to it. I could quickly see I'd be swamped the rest of the week. Perfect! Keep my mind off you-know-who and in the game. God I miss her. I didn't want her out of my mind. I wanted her in my arms. When I refocused on Linda, she was into Wednesday. Damn. Oh well. I was going to be here for a few hours after work tonight. I made a mental calculation -- Randi at 7:30; home by 8. I'd call Teresa and let her know too. I never gave ... Linda was quiet; I don't know how long. I'd drifted on her again. I apologized; she smiled. Most of what she had there was planned before the seminar. A few new things added, just enough, actually, to really keep me busy. We finished and I thanked her. I told her that if she'd just leave whatever notes and things on my desk before she left I'd get to them. She actually decided to bring me one piece I could do between now and 5 pm. Good.

She did. She identified them -- by day. Great. She stood at the edge of the desk. She wanted to say something but was fighting with herself. I waited. "I like this new you, Julia. She's pleasant and efficient." Ouch babe. I'm not an alcoholic but I know of the Twelve Steps. Apparently I had a lot of amends ahead. Better late than never I guess. Five hard words.

Linda left. I called home and texted Randi. I got a text back. Good. The girls are happy, Linda's happy, the bosses are happy. I don't drink coffee after noon. I went to the office fridge for a bottle of water. I opened the bottle, took a good sip, and sat down to work. Most of it I had to read, decide who to task with completion and the like. A few things were mine to do completely -- forward looking things relating to company finances in this division and that. You're rightly bored.

I thought about Sheri. "Body and Soul" sounded and felt a lot better today. Talking to Sheri helped me. She sounded much better; tired but better. She was doing her college thing today and would be back at work tomorrow. She would call me. I love you! The greens sparkled in my head. I worked. I read, sent emails, read, jotted notes on Post-its -- some were for Linda, some for others in the department. A second bottle of water. I glanced at the clock as I walked by with it. It was already 6:30; good lord. I dove into the rest of it. Soon, I got a text from Randi. She's waiting. Finished for the night, I got my coat, my purse, and headed to the car. She smiled her hello as always. I gave her a big smile back.

We drove. "I had a good day. My boss and the C.E.O. were very kind. Linda and I had a nice chat. I got to speak to Sheri this afternoon as she walked from class to class. She'll call tonight when she takes a break. A good day."

Randi was happy to hear it. She's good people. I insisted the company put her on the payroll and provide her with health insurance. H.R. had a snit about the salary so I make up the difference. Two hundred a week, cash, no taxes. The car slid to a stop. We said good night. At home Randi doesn't get the door; last night was an exception. I walked to the door.

Teresa was waiting. I gave her my coat. She had dinner waiting. A glass of wine waited as well. Dinner was absolutely delicious. The woman is a goddess in the kitchen. I look forward to having someone to share dinner with -- and Teresa's cooking. I do believe we will have parties here soon. I will share this: If I invited Teresa to have dinner with me, I do think she would faint. I wouldn't mind but she would have thought it unseemly. Her English is still heavily accented but the woman can flat out cook.

I wandered into the kitchen, thanked Teresa for a wonderful dinner and said I would be upstairs. She smiled -- effusive. I wandered upstairs and changed, though I do believe the girls wept a little. (wink) I hung up the sweater, hung up the pants, slid off the thigh highs, and got into a big, fluffy old robe and a pair of socks. I sat at the table and stared out the window. How is Sheri doing? I grabbed my purse and looked. 8:15 pm. When would the break come? Impatiens is a flower not a condition. Ha! The door bell rang. I looked at the phone. I roused myself from my stupor. The door bell? Who the hell would it be at this hour? I looked at the clock. 8:30 pm. I heard Teresa, "Miss, a guest." What?

I got near the bottom of the steps and stopped in shock. She stood there, cheeks red from the cold. I ran to her, crying. I kissed her. What did she do? She has hours of work ahead. I held her face and kissed her. Sheri's arms wrapped me up. She is ... here!! Ohhh. I felt her hand slip beneath the robe and tweak a nipple. I smiled in the kiss. Bitch. I love you so. I cried as I kissed her. I remembered we had an audience. I pulled away and put my arm around her waist.

"Teresa, this is my Sheri. Sheri, this is my housekeeper and chef extraordinaire, Teresa." Teresa blinked twice. Code: shock.

"Very nice meeting you Miss."

"It's very nice meeting you as well Teresa."

I kissed Sheri again. "What? How? What on earth?" She laughed. Angels sang. "Have you eaten?" She nodded, smiling.

"I had to see you. I missed you terribly all day. I worked and worked and this is my break. I took the "L" and walked the rest of the way." I couldn't believe it. I kissed her again.

"Do you want something to drink?" She smirked. I blushed. Teresa turned and left us. Wise, that one.

"Come; I must show you my place. You're a stone bitch for this ... Ma'am. Thank you." Sheri laughed. I took her around. She gawked -- I realized that for a college kid it had to look pretty high end. I guess it was. "Two bedrooms upstairs; come on, I'll show you." The smile only got bigger. I took her hand. We walked up the stairs and headed to my bedroom. That was the only one either of us wanted to see.

I closed the door behind us and turned to her. "This is absolute madness. I love you for it but its madness. You have to work tomorrow. You'll be dragging all day. Oh god, this is wonderful." I kissed her again. Sheri slid the robe from my shoulders and pressed herself to me. I shivered. She walked us both to the bed. I fell back on the mattress with her atop me. I was breathless with need. I lifted the bulky sweater over her head, threw it on the floor, and unclasped her bra. I moaned in frustration. Sheri pushed away from me. I undid the snap on her pants and pulled them over her hips. She had on boy shorts. They traveled in the same direction -- off. She had taken off her shoes somewhere. The socks were last. I looked at her smiling face. She was absolutely beaming and heartbreakingly beautiful. "Please make love to me."

She did. Oh my, Sheri was a whirlwind of passion. I luxuriated in it, doing that fabulous stretchy thing she does as her mouth and hands did their damage to me. She bit my nipple; I EEK'd; she giggled madly. She slid two fingers in me. I arched my back in glory. Her lips and tongue were hot in my ear, wetly. Sheri breathed fire and passion as she said, "I love you so damn much. All day I missed you -- and this." I nodded as she killed me. I wanted to give to her as she was to me but I couldn't move with her leaning over me, her leg between mine. I cried out as she nipped at my neck and shoulder. I felt her breasts pressing into mine as we danced together. Her thumb tortured my clit as her fingers wreaked fabulous havoc on my sex. I felt Sheri's breath and tongue in my ear again; she nibbled, licked, and whispered, "Now!" I hadn't thought I was close. I exploded at her command. I bucked myself off the bed as it tore through me. She was whispering to me, urging me higher. Her words burned through me like lava. Every last nerve on edge, the heat deep inside me, it burned me from the inside out. She breathed love in my ear; my body gave it to her. I cried as it left me. She nursed me softly back. Sheri soothed with her kisses, caressed softly with her fingertips -- feather light.

I opened my eyes to find her smiling down at me. "Hi!" I was a helpless mess of giggles and breathless laughter at her silliness. She lifted above me and there they were. She lowered the orbs, one at a time, to my mouth. I sucked them in and gave them my love with my lips and tongue. I held her back to keep her still. I released finally her. Sheri brought the next gift to my waiting mouth. I loved it completely and passionately. She purred pleasure. When she was satisfied she leaned and kissed me hard; it was glorious. She breathed into the kiss, "I have yet another present for you lover." There was a gleam in her eye. I nodded and waited. She slid ... oh god!! I lowered my arms; I knew. Her legs straddled my face and she brought her gift to me to feast on.

And, god is my witness, I did!! I lapped at her to drink in the scented heaven. Sheri moaned at it. I brought my hands to her breasts but she slapped them away. As you wish, lover. My nails skimmed lightly on her back. My mouth was eager, devoted, and thorough as I pleasured her. I found every crevice, curve and valley but I always came back to heaven. I took her clit whole; I bathed it, sucked it deep. Sheri shivered and moaned. Would it be soon? I wanted to take all night in pleasuring her -- such was my joy at her surprise. Folly! Her carriage would be a pumpkin soon enough. This was but a most delightful interlude in her day and night; it was a glorious end to mine. I thrust my tongue inside her as my fingers spread her wide. I used that to further tease her pearl with both thumbs. Sheri's cries told me I had struck gold -- liquid and hot, scented and lovely. It was the shiver and the tilt of her hips that was my signal.

I was able to slip fingers into her as my mouth worked. I'm not sure how but her g-spot was an easy target. Sheri's breaths shortened, she murmured things I didn't recognize. I waited for it to take her. Her back arched above me. My hand held her to me; I nearly lost purchase. The flood from her was fabulous. She pulsed and grabbed at my fingers inside her. She rocked against my mouth and fingers. Take it all baby ... every last bit. You must; pet insists. She screeched, tensed, bucked one last time, and smothered me and my fingers as she collapsed. Sheri leaned forward to the headboard for balance. I saw her head hang low, eyes closed. I slid my fingers from her; she moaned. My hands slid up and down, front and back, caressing, loving. I kissed her sex, her thighs, the light kisses and licks of the pearl were met with twitches, jerks, and moans. She finally slid her wet sex down the length of me and buried her head in my shoulder. I held her. I love you. She had to go soon. I wanted to cry -- and I would not.

At last, "Tell me of your day pet." I gave it all to her in summary, leaving out the email. I told her of the letter, the meeting with my boss, my visit with Linda; and Cindy's humiliating end. Sheri nodded. There was a question here and there but she seemed satisfied -- her kisses told me so. We talked softly as we lay together. Her day was classes, tests, lectures, and classes. In between there was time for a lunch and some reading, then to the library to write, research, and more. I was exhausted as she described it. And this was on top of a long, grueling night.

I said it, "You can not stay the night, Ma'am. We'll grab a cab; I'll go with you and ride back." There was protest but it was faint. We both knew it was true and necessary. More than our bodies were entwined. We are two who are becoming one. It was coming to an end. Sheri got up first, putting her things on one piece at a time. I needed to put something on for the cab ride. Jeans, a sweater, loafers -- that would do. We dressed in silence. I grabbed my purse and phone. We headed downstairs. My coat was in the closet. Teresa had put Sheri's there too somehow. I helped Sheri on with hers. She smiled. I shrugged into mine. We looked at each other. She moved to the door. I closed it behind me.

We headed to the corner. I hailed a cab. Sheri gave the address as we climbed in. We sat close as lovers do. Not a lot was said. We kissed. The glory of the night and her surprise were coming to a close. I would not curse it; no, I cherished it and held it close to me. When I asked, Sheri promised her night wouldn't be too taxing and she would be at work on time, ready to go.

As we rolled onto the campus my heart tightened. No! It was a night of joy. "Some time soon, pet, I'll have you meet some of my sisters. I think it would be good for them to meet someone of your standing in the business community." I thought that was very sweet. I thanked her. "Some are on my softball team, some in other sports." I nodded.

"When we can I would like to meet them." The car rolled to a stop in the driveway. We kissed. I told the driver to wait, that I would be back for the ride home. He nodded. We got out and I walked Sheri to the door. She opened it, we kissed and embraced; torture, but necessary. I pushed away, a last kiss. Sheri watched me to the cab, blew me a kiss. I smiled, closed the door, waved, and she closed the door. I gave the driver my address and sat in silence for the ride home. I paid the man, exited, and walked to the door. I let myself in, threw my coat on the chair, headed for the wine, poured a glass, and headed upstairs. I was taking off my clothes when the cell rang.

I ran to answer it. "Hi, did you get home okay?"

My angel! We talked. I thanked Sheri for her glorious surprise. It was bliss to hear her voice. I knew this had to be brief. It was. There were promises about the morning. "Do you have instructions for my dress tomorrow, Ma'am?"

Silence. "A skirt, no panties, and a half cup bra. I have a surprise for you that you will enjoy. Any questions, pet?"

"No Ma'am. Please get some rest. I'll see you in the morning. I love you Sheri." I sniffled.

"Stop that now pet. I needed to see you as much as you needed me. No tears." I nodded. "I can't hear you nod, pet."

"Yes Ma'am, no tears. Thank you Ma'am"

"Good night Julia. I love you.'

"I love you too Sheri. Good night ba ... Ma'am." We hung up.

Hmm. A surprise. I wondered. No point. It would be what it was -- and I trusted that I would like it. I had sat through the call nude and shivering. I put on my socks and robe, poured a last glass, and gazed out the window. The room let me know my lover had been here. The scent of it filled my nose and warmed my soul. I finished my wine, went to the bathroom, washed my face and brushed my teeth. She was doe eyed and smiling with me. I sat on the pot, finished, washed, and headed to bed. Robe thrown over a chair, I headed to bed, cuddled my lover to me, and slept.

* * Training Continues * *

Snow. From the looks of it, it had been falling all or most of the night. I took a peek out my window. I grabbed my phone and called Randi. Good thing, too; she was stuck in traffic and estimated she'd be at least thirty minutes late. We agreed that she would text me when she was ten minutes out, with updates if it would be longer. Oh well; it is what it is. A quick morning visit to the bathroom was first. I threw on my robe and, breaking my habit, walked down the stairs to grab some coffee. I poured a cup and chatted briefly with Teresa, telling her Randi would be late with the snow. She had breakfast working so I went to the table. Shower afterwards, I guess. Teresa lets me sleep unless I ask otherwise.

The woman is a goddess. I've said it before, but it's true. Breakfast was perfect; filling, would keep my energy stoked, but wouldn't leave me bloated. When I got up from the table and she came to take the plates and things, I bent to give her a kiss and thanked her. Two blinks and a soft thank you; if she were a politician, her speeches would fill a thimble. I gave a fleeting thought to asking her opinion of my Sheri but didn't; it would have embarrassed her.

I actually hated the thought of a shower this morning. The faintly scented dew of my lover still coated my breasts and stomach. I didn't want to lose the scent. I thought of her -- she'd be okay getting to work. Public transportation was within walking distance of the house and work. I sat at the table in my bedroom and gazed out the window. My mind drifted. I'm sure you can guess where. I smiled at the surprise of seeing her in the foyer, I tingled at our loving, and I wondered what the surprise would be. I sipped, sighed, and headed to the morning routine. Yes, she looked back at me with a smirk and a gleam. I dressed as instructed; the skirt in this cold? I sighed. I settled for a long sleeve blouse and jacket that worked with the skirt. The girls seemed pleased with their confinement. I would need boots and a bag for my shoes. I was ready.

Go cup in hand I strode to the car. Randi waited. I slid in and we were off. We commiserated on the 'joys' of driving in this mess. Even this normal twenty minute commute was a drudge today. I told Randi of my surprise last night. She was genuinely pleased. I was as well; pleased that each of them seemed to like the other. As we pulled up, I mentioned I didn't anticipate being late tonight but that I would let her know as early as possible if that had changed. I headed in to work.

I looked into the corner for Sheri first off. Surprised aren't you? God love her, she was there, busy doing whatever it was she'd been tasked. Her head lifted and a smile came -- oh god, just that and I was damp. I smiled in return and headed to my office. Linda had taken all that in. I motioned for her to come and join me as I shrugged off my coat. I put my purse on the desk, hung up the coat, got a cup of coffee, asked Lin if she wanted one, and headed to the desk. There was a stack of mail waiting. I turned on the computer. Linda sat down and I flipped through and asked, "Anything urgent in here?" She noted that those were on top. She's the best.

I asked if everyone had made it in. She said there were a few who called to say they'd be late. I nodded. She made note of the fact that Sheri was here when she arrived. I gaped, she nodded. Wow! I was impressed. I asked if she, Linda, had tasked her with things to do; she had in fact. Good. Anything more in office scuttlebutt about you know what? She shrugged; apparently not much today. I asked Lin if she thought it necessary for the three of us to powwow about it all. She asked if she could think on it for a bit and get back to me. Well yes of course. I thanked her for her late afternoon efforts -- I had noticed that several of the files were gone from my desk.

She left and I got to work. Mail first, then email, then a quick round of reading on the net. The highly placed, highly compensated executive has to keep up on what's going on out there. Hmm -- one interesting email from an address I didn't recognize. When I opened and read it I laughed out loud. It was from a law firm Cindy had hired to come after me and the company. Apparently I laughed so long and loudly that Lin wandered in to see what was so funny. I motioned for her to come around and read the email. She stood in stunned silence. I saw the anger fill her eyes and face. I printed it. There was a copy sent to Cindy's boss as well. Sheri was listed in the departmental phone book but no where else. I asked Lin to please have the printed email delivered to Mr. Watson. She said she'd take care of it. I waited for the outburst.

"That bitch came after you in front of everyone -- not once but twice, and again at Sheri in the lobby. Only Sheri's good sense and Sue's hustling Sheri away saved the woman from a beat down. The nerve of her -- I'm so angry." I let the rant run its course. I agreed with her about the first. I wasn't even sure, because the firing had been for cause, if she'd be eligible for Worker's Compensation. The whole thing was a bad joke. But I had to let Mr. Watson know so he could get the firm's lawyers on it at once. With Linda, basically, I just shrugged it off. She was fuming as she left.

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