tagNovels and NovellasA Cowboy's Delight Ch. 02

A Cowboy's Delight Ch. 02


Christopher woke up the following morning with his eight inch cock fully erect. He had been dreaming about Lacey, the tempting seductress of an intern that was staying down the hall from him. He was thinking that she probably wouldn't be up this early; after all, it was only five in the morning. Christopher pulled on his jeans and a fitted white tshirt and tiptoed downstairs for breakfast—eggs, bacon, and rye toast.

When he got downstairs, he realized he could hear Lacey's tiny feet pacing around in her room. Christopher was slightly impressed—huh, guess she's serious about getting ready for her bosses...I would kill to see her day in and day out in those tight business uniforms. He ate his breakfast and headed outside to the barn to get his horse ready for the roundup.

He smelled her before he saw her; she didn't smell strong, but she was a different smell in the barn—a mix between flowers and soap. Christopher's cock immediately hardened and he had to struggle to conceal it before Lacey saw it.

"Oh, hey cowboy, you gonna teach me how to ride today?" Lacey asked him, winking and smiling.

"What's the matter? They don't teach you city girls how to properly ride?" Christopher challenged right back.

"I know how to ride, but I should probably have a quick refresher course before we start our trek up to the upper pastures."

"Well, lucky for you ma'am..."

"Lacey." She interjected.

"...lucky for you Lacey, I can teach you what riding is all about. Here, this is Maverick. He's a quarter horse gelding and your, um, mount for the week. Be nice to him and he'll be nice to you. I've groomed and saddled him for you today, but it's up to you to do it for the rest of the week. Grab the reins and follow me out to the paddock. We'll mount up there and then go for a short ride."

Lacey watched Christopher's ass as he walked away. He had that typical boy butt—firm, slightly rounded, but mainly small. Lacey started to get warm and slightly wet thinking about how his jeans accented his perfect ass and how his tight white t-shirt stretched tautly across Christopher's toned chest. She had to hide the fact that she was checking him out when he walked back by with his huge black stallion, Zeus.

"C'mon Lacey, let's go, don't be afraid of him. Lead him out behind me, but don't get too close." Christopher saw Lacey purse her lips, draw a deep breath in and take a hesitant step out, cautiously leading Maverick at her side. He couldn't help but notice the way her tits peeked out over the collar of her skin tight pink tanktop or the way her jeans hugged her ass and legs. Yet again, he had to hide his boner as he thought about bending her over right there and fucking her hot, tight, and wet pussy.

Christopher let go of Zeus' reins to help Lacey mount up. As he lifted her up, he sneakily copped a feel of her ass.

"Watch it, Cowboy. Don't get frisky with me."

"Yes, ma'am." He replied

Once the two of them were mounted, they rode through the pastures towards where the other horses had run off to. While they were riding, Christopher snuck glances over at Lacey; her firm tits were gently bouncing with each stride of her horses lope. All he wanted to do was stick his throbbing cock in between Lacey's luscious tits and fuck the shit out of them. He suddenly had an idea of where to stay for the night.

Christopher picked up the pace and urged Zeus into a gallop, hoping that Lacey would follow suit. He led them through the meadow into the forest and to a pond that was fed by the creek and a waterfall.

"Wow, it's beautiful here." Lacey breathed.

Christopher dismounted and led Zeus over to drink some water. "We'll rest here for the night," he told Lacey. Once Zeus was finished drinking, Christopher took off his saddle and bridle and tied him up to a tree so that he could graze. When he was finished, he looked back at Lacey—she was in he process of untacking Maverick.

Then, unexpectedly, she peeled off her shirt and jeans and jumped into the pond.

"Scared to go skinny dipping with me, Cowboy?" she asked him.

"You have to be naked to go skinny-," Christopher started to reply as Lacey slingshotted her bra and underwear at him. He quickly pulled off his clothes and dove in the water after her.

Lacey cautiously approached him and reached a hand around his cock, feeling that it was erect and throbbing. Her breathing started to get heavy and she looked at Christopher with a look of complete and utter desire. He could tell that she wanted his cock in her, filling her up and thrusting in and out. Instead of giving into their combined cravings, Christopher decided to torture her a bit.

He ran his callused thumbs over her pointy nipples first. Lacey started softly moaning.

"You can be as loud as you want here...no one can hear you."

She moaned louder.

Christopher rubbed the tip of his cock against her slit. Warmth emitted from it and Christopher couldn't help himself—he plunged all the way in and started furiously thrusting in and out of Lacey's pussy. She wrapped her legs around his waist and started screaming...

"Oh my gosh, YES CHRISTOPHER YES! I'm cumming,I'M CUMMING!"

She pulled Christopher's hair and thrusted against him as he held her up in the refreshing water of the pond. Once Lacey finished cumming and quieted down, Christopher looked into her eyes and said, "I have something else I need to teach you how to do, but only if you're willing."

"I'd be willing to do anything with you, Christopher, just take it slow."

"Alright, come with me." He led her over to one of the saddle blankets and sat her down. Lacey's eyes widened as she watched Christopher pull out some rope from one of his saddle bags.

"Every good cowboy or cowgirl needs to know how to hogtie an animal," he said, his eyes glinting as he took in the sight of Lacey's dripping wet body, the little beads of water running down her perky breasts to her neatly heart shaped pubic hair covered cunt. "Bend over, so you can see what it feels like."

Lacey turned around and bent over on all fours. Christopher looped the rope around Lacey's ankles and wrists, then strung it back behind her, pulling her feet up towards her butt and her wrists behind her back.

"How does it feel?"

"I can't move much..." she said.

"Luckily, you won't have to, stick your ass up in the air," Christopher instructed.

Christopher watched as Lacey struggled to get her ass up in the air for him. She finally did it and he looked at her slightly parted, dripping cunt.

"Someone's dripping for me," he teased.

"Mhmmmmm," she moaned back at him.

"Want my throbbing cock inside you again?"


Once again, Christopher plunged his cock into her awaiting cunt. Lacey was in the perfect position for Christopher to be all the way inside of her—head down, ass up. He went all the way in until he could feel his balls hitting off of her clit. Christopher felt Lacey clench around his dick with every thrust. She was screaming loudly now and couldn't stop cumming. Then, Christopher felt the familiar sensation starting again, so he quickly flipped Lacey around and came on her awaiting tits. After he was finished shooting his hot load all over her sexy body, he untied her and they cleaned up.

"Get some sleep, little lady, we have a lot of work to do tomorrow," he told her as she fell asleep in his arms.

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