tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Cow's Cunt Ch. 01

A Cow's Cunt Ch. 01


I knew Emma, our next-door neighbour since kinder garden. She and her family live in the apartment next to us since we were kids, so we went to the same kinder garden, primary and secondary school together. Around the age of 12 though, Emma has started getting proportions and became as fat as a cow. As I was started to get interested in girls at that time, she fell off my list straight away. So we stayed as simple classmates, who live close to each other and walk to and from school together. We both went to the same high school in the end and as it happens, took the same classes. Although we were going to school together and coming back from school together, and even though we knew each other for so long, I was trying to avoid as much as possible to be seen around her. And obviously, all the other guys used to do the same – who would want to be seen around a fat cow like her? I think she ultimately got used with the idea that she won't have a boyfriend while in high school. Sometimes I could read this in her silence on the way to school or back, and I felt a bit of pity for her. But just a quick glance at her in that moment, her big fat belly, her fat legs and her round plump face and the word "cow" would just come in my mind and all of my feelings would simply vanish.

One spring break, during the morning, I found myself with a massive hardon having watched a horny cunt on MTV in a very sexy video. Normally in such circumstances I'd just pop in a porn video in the VCR (I've got quite a collection well hidden in my bedroom ;-)) and wank myself silly. That day I thought I'd have a look on the net for some kinky stuff and have a wank looking at some fresh cunt. So I went to my room, to go and turn on my PC and treat my cock to some porn. As I was getting undressed, in the silence of my bedroom, I heard all of a sudden some faint moans "mmmmmm ahhhhhhhh" and some sort of blabbering that I couldn't quite understand! I froze for a second, not quite knowing whether it was for real or it just seemed to me. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 seconds and still nothing… Well, it must have just been in my head, with such a hardon and all these dirty fantasies going through my head right now I'm probably hearing things too. I haven't even finished that thought though and I hear them again. And a few seconds later again. And I realise all of a sudden: my room is next to Emma's parents' living – there's no neighbour upstairs and TV, radio, CD are turned off in my house so it can only be coming from there. Hmmmm… dirty cow, she's probably watching some porn. Or is she masturbating? Quickly I stuck my ear to the wall and started listening. I could only hear faint moans and few words here and there : "mmmm…. Cunt…. Ahhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhh …. Cunt…. Mmmm…" and I realize: the fat cow is probably finger-fucking her cunt – and this thought and the image of all her meat, laying on the sofa with those fat legs open wideand her chubby fingers stucked in her cont made my cock throbbing and dripping its precum already! The dirtiest nastiest images of this fat cow as I keep listening to Emma masturbating and I start stroking my cock faster and faster… Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! Sperm shoots all over from my cock and I nearly fell on the floor, exhausted with pleasure mmmmm that was soo good!

Few hours later I realise that my thoughts keep going to that fat cow of Emma and her masturbation session. Well, what did you think? I find myself thinking. Nobody in the school is interested in her, so she had to release herself somehow right? So it's quite obvious that she does masturbate! Yeah, but … Emma? That fat cow of Emma? She just looks so asexuate with all that meat on her… Yes, Emma, the fat cow does masturbate – exactly because nobody wants her. Emma is a cow who masturbates!! And found myself again getting erect over this thought.

Two days in a row I've been waiting for more sounds and nothing! The third day though my patience has been rewarded: I hear Emma again moaning frantically, while her fingers were stuffing her cunt, undoubtedly. And I picture again all that meat laying on the sofa moaning. And I start rubbing my cock frantically again mmmmmm and I find myself moaning as well, masturbating like mad. As the sperm shoots out of my cock I find myself saying with my eyes half-closed, enjoying the feeling of cumming "Damn, you fat ugly cow, I'd love to fuck you silly!!!!" And suddenly I feel like waking up from a dream: I want to fuck Emma!!!! And why not? She probably won't say no – I don't think anybody made her such a proposal. Hmmmm, yeah, but like all the girls she would want to go out for walks, kissing in the park and all that stuff. And no way I wanna be seen in public with a fat cow like her! How the fuck can I tell her that I just want to fuck her without anyone finding out and I don't her to be my girlfriend, just some cunt that I can fuck now and then? And the idea comes to me! I stand up, clean my cock of all the sperm, get dressed and go and ring on her door bell. Once, twice, three times… he he, Emma darling, I know, you have to get dressed, clean yourself a bit – you don't want to stink of wet cunt when you open the door – all these take a while. I keep ringing the bell and in the end she opens up in a dressing gown:

- Have you gone mad? Where's the fire? You woke me up! she says, pretending she's very irritated. I make my way inside more or less by bushing the door open and once in, I close the door behind me. She can't believe it and she looks at me in disbelief:

- What do you want, you mad fuck?

- So, you were sleeping huh? So who was then masturbating in the front room and moaning all the time? I smile at her angelically with no hidden sarcasm.

Her face changed color all of a sudden and she tries to say something but only words with no sense keep coming out of her mouth:

- What… fuck… nonsense… idiot… no way… I was… fucking pig!

I grab her by the throat with one hand and pin her to the wall, then get my face next to her ear an whisper:

- Look baby, you can play with your cunt as much as you want – it doesn't bother me. But if I say one word about this in school, no hope in hell ANYONE would ever talk to you ever. They'll be pointing the finger at you all the time shouting "masturbating cow" and you will be ashamed in front of the whole school. But… if I don't say a word, nobody will know and this will be just in between us two. But for this I do want a favour now and then – and I wink at her.

She's paralyzed by terror and shame. My hand is holding her throat like it's made of steel, pinning her to the wall. I know I'm taking a hell of a risk: if she mentions this to her parents or anyone in school, I had it! I try to smooth the situation a bit:

- Come on, after all it's gonna be blowjob now and then and I might fuck you occasionally – no big deal, huh?

We probably stood there for just a few seconds, looking at each other, but to me it seemed like centuries. Finally she says:

-You won't say one word about this in school though, will you?

-Not a word.

-Ok then.

She pushes me aside and walks to the living.

-Hey, where are you going? I shout after her.

-Fucking hell, you said you wanted to give me one, didn't you? Or did you mean it as in centuries to come? (she can't hide her fury, hence the sarcasm) Come here, then, I'm not gonna stand in the hallway, she says, submitting herself to this chore, as much as you could tell she doesn't like it.

YESSS!!!! I think to myself: cunt on tap from now on, big boy! And I walk in the living room.

She gets naked and reveals her huge meat in all its "glory". Jessus! She's got a fat belly hanging, her tits are fucking massive but they hang up to her bellybutton and a fat, meaty cunt, with tons of hair on her. COW! She is a fucking fat cow! Well, I say to myself, it's gotta feel better than a wank.

She lays on the sofa and opens her leg, revealing her meaty cunt even more.

-Go on, she says, with a flat, matter-of-fact voice.


-Oh, fucking hell, you wouldn't want me to perform a striptease or fuck knows what! You said you wanted to give me on, so go on, be done with it and leave me alone.

In the very next second I get all naked, my cock hard and ready for action.

-Are you a virgin?

-Well, having stuffed myself with that vibrator so many times, what the fuck do you think? She answers sarcastically. Now are you gonna do it or what?

-Ah, Emma, I say to her as I approach the sofa, this is gonna be the fuck of your life.

-Gimme a break, she says, in a bored to death kind of voice. Don't you worry about my pleasure and shit, that's not the reason you want to give me one. And before you get to ask, yes, you can cum inside, you know I've got gland problems – so that got me sterile as well. Just fucking do it now and leave me alone.

-Gland problems? I ask, as I place my cock head in between her cunt lips.

-Yes, she says, bored again – that's why I've got so much hair and got so fat as well – and with this she shows me her hairy armpit as well.

-AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH, I moan, as my cock goes deep down in her meaty cunt. Ahhhh…. I push my cock in then take it out mmmmmmm move your legs a bit closer to make your cunt tighter.

-Fuck you, what you have special requests now as well? I don't fucking believe it! Fucking asshole! She says, visibly irritated, yet she moves her legs closer. Her cunt now is really tight and it's milking my cock so nicely as I fuck her.

-Well, look, I understand you don't want to play an active role in all this, but please don't swear!

-I can fucking swear as much as I want – if you don't like it, beat it! Fucking wanker!

-You fucking cow – think I can't swear back at you?

-Do I give a fuck whether you swear or not or do you think I give a fuck about what you say to me? It can't be worse than having you fuck me, can it? You fucking cocksucker! As long as you keep your mouth shut to Julia and the girls about this, I don't give an old cunt's piss what you say! Asshole!

My brain is exploding : I can actually say anyting I want to this cow and it wouldn't make any difference to her! All she cares about is that I don't spill the beans at school. I push my cock even deeper in her cunt and start shouting at her as I keep fucking her:

-You stupid cunt! I am doing you a fucking favour here: you're as fat as a cow and no man in the world would ever fuck you…

-Kiss my big fat ass, wanker!

-You have a fucking hairy ugly cunt that no one else would fuck, fat cow! Your belly is hanging to the floor nearly, don't you see, you useless fat cunt!


-Nobody will ever fuck you, you smelly dirty cow!




-Fat cow! Fat cow! Fat COOOOOWWWWWWWW! I shout while my cock is pumping gallons of sperm in her meaty fat cunt ooohhhhh she might be as fat as a cow, but damn does it feel good cumming in her cunt!

Like in a dream, while my cock is still pumping sperm in this huge, enormous meat hole, I feel her pelvis arching a bit and her hands have grabbed my ass cheeks dragging me deeper in her cunt. She probably enjoys a bit of this, fat cow! What do I give a fuck though about that – I cummed in her cunt, whether she likes it or not. I get up from her and feel all of a sudden that the whole room smells of fucked cunt. Mixes of cum and cunt juices are glistening on my cck. As I stand there next to the sofa, my cock is hanging towards her face.

- Clean it now, I say while pushing my cock to her lips.

A slight grimace appears on her face – more than likely she doesn't like at all sucking cock. However, she submits and takes my cock in her mouth, sucking it a bit then she licks it all over, down to my balls as well. Finally she wipes my cock off with her gown.

-Satisfied? She asks sarcastically

-Yeah! I smile at her, sadistically.

-Then beat it! And if I hear one word about this in school….

-I told you I won't tell anyone as long as you keep your word too.

-Yeah, yeah, come on, piss off now.

-Well, I'm going now, but I'll be back sweetie!

-Don't push your luck, you fucking bastard!

-Well, Emma, you didn't think that I wanted just to fuck you this once?

-Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got the idea the first time, now piss off.

-Well, if I feel like it, I could fuck you right now again, you stupid bitch, cause in case you don't realize, I've got soo many much more things to tell about you in school!

She freezes suddenly, paralyzed with the reality of what I've just said: so far I could only tell about her masturbating to the girls in school, and that might not be such a big thing, but now I can tell that I have fucked her!

-Listen up, you fucker, ok, you've got me there, but not one goddam word in school!!!!

-Why would I? As long as I can get back here and fuck you and do whatever I want to you whenever I want, I've got no reason to tell anyone, right? And I wink at her, sadistically.

-…… total silence from her

-OK, well, I'm gonna leave now, but I might be back later – I tell her, just knowing how much that irritates her. And by the way, make sure you wash your cunt, I must have pumped like a ton of sperm inside it.

-Yeah, I know, I felt it. I can feel it already running down my leg, and she opens her legs showing me my cum dripping down from her cunt already.

-He he, I laugh, you do have a cunt like a cow's cunt – fat and hairy! But I tell you what: you are a real good fuck!

A quick smile goes on her face, but right in time she manages to control herself and wipe it off her face. I get dressed and walk towards the apartment door. She walks behind me, in her dressing gown. I say right in her face before I leave :

-Get your cunt ready for some serious fucking, you fat cow, coz I'm gonna "bother" you veeery often from now on, capisci?

-Go to hell!!! She says and opens the door, pushing me out.

-Fat hairy cow! I manage to reply and the door gets shut in my face.

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