A Craving For Mother


Mom knew I was coming. She said, "Yes baby, come inside me, come love...oh God...OHHhh...Yess..." The last sound was very much like the one she made as she came when I had her in my mouth. She must have felt those first discharges because they rocketed out of me and shot deep into her waiting pussy. As I came inside her, she responded and triggered into orgasm. There was one long "AAHHhhhhh..." until she lowered her back onto the bed again.

She was very quiet and still as kept her arms and legs around me after we came. I felt the aura around us change and wasn't sure what to say, so I said nothing. Finally mom said, "Oh God...Matthew, please tell me you love me."

I said, "Of course I love you mom; I love you more than anything."

She unclasped from me and turned on her side, facing away. She said, "Someday you're going to realize what a terrible thing I did; please don't hate me."

I touched her back and ran my hand down the soft skin to her round ass. I said, "I couldn't ever hate you mom. We didn't do anything to be ashamed of, we just loved each other."

She said, "No Matthew, I gave in to something I knew you wanted...and something I'm ashamed to say that I also wanted, but that's no reason to do what we did. Matthew, it was incest."

I said, "I don't care what you call it; I loved you and you loved me."

She said, "I care." Her breathing was agitated and I asked her if she was okay. She said, "No Matthew, I'm upset."

I said, "Do you want me to go mom?"

She said, "No." I stroked her back and when she calmed a bit, I took her breast in my hand pushing my hardening cock against her ass, but mom said, "NO Matthew," to that too. So I slept there that night not touching her again. When I awoke, she was gone.

I just hung out around the house all day, enjoying doing nothing while I could. My summer job was done and it would only be a week before I had to go back to school. The events of the night before were more than enough to keep my mind occupied. When mom came home from work that evening there were a lot of forced smiles from her and her discomfort was evident. We were eating dinner in uneasy silence when I said, "Mom, this is no good; let's just talk about it and get someplace else."

She said, "I can't."

I said, "You have to; do you want to become strangers, or even worse, people that can't be in the same room together?"

She said, "No."

I said, "Look mom, what happened, happened." I know you think I'll be sorry, but I never will. It doesn't matter. We have to go on from here. I'm not going to say I don't want you and I don't to make love to you, because I do. I know how you're feeling now." She looked on the verge of tears. I went over to her and stroked her hair.

She said, "I love you Matthew, but I just can't."

I said, "I know mom; it's okay...it's not what I want, but it's okay because I don't want to make you unhappy. Mom, can I ask you to do something so we could still be close?"

She warily asked, "What?"

I said, "Do you think we could just kiss sometimes, the way we kissed last night, that way I would know..." She looked up and I could see some alarm in her eyes. "Mom, I promise I wouldn't touch you or try to do anything you don't want to do..."

"I know you wouldn't honey," she said.

I said, "Look if it makes you uncomfortable..."

She said, "No honey, it's okay...we could kiss; that would be alright."

I said, "I love you mom." I bent over and we kissed a long soft tender kiss. I went back and sat at the table and saw the first hint of a smile from her.

Before she went to bed, I kissed her goodnight. I held her in my arms and my tongue touched hers. We broke the kiss, and I said, "So I guess maybe, I'll go look for a dorm to share at school tomorrow." I knew she would tell me not to.

I was wrong. She said, "That would be good Matt." Damn.

So I moved out and came home intermittently. I was close enough to come for dinner when mom asked, and to spend some weekends sleeping over, in my own bed, unfortunately. But there were those kisses, loving, and lingering. She never said no to them. Kisses that held out a possibility, maybe one day I would be in her pussy again. But I never got the feeling that mom thought so.

I remained friends with Eddie, at one point concocting a dumb scheme where his mother would talk to mine, but after mentioning it to him we came up with too many reasons why it wouldn't work, first of which was that his mother would never do it. But we talked enough to keep my hopes alive, because I knew a real mother and son that were lovers.

I thought about mom all the time, and that one night we had together sustained me for a long while, but I did want sex. I got involved with a girl from school named Iona. It was good for both of us, not great. She wasn't mom and I guess I wasn't whoever she was looking for. But we had fun and it went on for longer than it should have. We get comfortable, we settle.

Mom's forty-second birthday was coming up and I was planning a special evening for her. I came home for the weekend, planning to discuss it. When she got home Friday night she was in bad shape. I could see how down she was. She said, "Hi, I'll be back in a bit," and she went to her bedroom. I didn't get the usual greeting, the warm hug, the warmer kiss. She stayed in her room long enough for me to knock and ask if she was okay. She said, "I'm fine, I'll be out soon." She sounded anything but fine.

I said, "Can I come in?"

She said, "Okay." Then she said, "I don't want to talk about it."

I laughed and said, "You never want to, but you know you that you always feel better after you do."

"Hot Flashes." She said it with an exclamation mark. "I had some hot flashes; I'm not even forty-two for Christ's sake."

I said, "Did you go to the doctor, it doesn't sound so terrible." Stupid thing to say.

She said, "Not for you, you're twenty' I'm the one getting old, and yes I went to the doctor."

"What did he say?"

She got a little calmer. "He said, he didn't think it was menopause yet...yet..."

"Oh mom," I said. "You're still a sexy woman."

She said, "Oh stop," but her expression clearly didn't want me to. She said, "How are things with Iona?"

I said, "That's been over with for a while." I sat on the bed and leaned over to face her and quietly said, "You still make me hard mom, always."

She said, "Matt, you shouldn't say things like that to me." I didn't answer. I kissed her the way we kissed and she responded with passion. I felt her breast even though I had promised not to, and she let me. I put my hand between her legs and she moaned in my mouth. When she broke the kiss, she was fighting for breath. She said, "Oh Matthew what am I going to do?"

I said, "Love me; let me love you." I thought that she would, but when she said, 'I can't," it had a finality to it. I sat up. She said, "I'm sorry, Matthew. I guess there are mother's who can do these things for their sons, but I don't seem to be one of them."

I said, "It's okay mom, you may not believe this, but I wouldn't want you to do it if you don't want to." I said it without much conviction that it would mean anything. I sighed, "Why don't you get dressed and we'll go to the diner."

She said, "Okay baby, that's good." We spent a quiet evening and I went back to school the next day.

With various levels of intimacy we went through the school year. I had been home about a week into the summer break when we went to take some sun in the backyard. I made a pitcher of gin and tonic and we were near the bottom of it when I leaned over and kissed her. She was wearing a halter top and without a bra and I could see her nipples pressing against the material.

I said, "Mom, what do you want for yourself?"

She thought for a moment and said, "I want to see you happy."

I said, "No mom, for you."

She said, "Well, I guess I think sometimes it would be nice to have someone to share things with and love, and maybe get married again."

I was pretty sloshed and I said, "I would love to marry you. Look, we always do things together and have fun, we talk, and we're, friends. The only thing we don't do is...have sex."

When she said, "Matthew," it had a pleading quality to it.

I leaned over and we shared a long sweet kiss. I said, I would make you a good husband, and I know you'd be a great wife." I kissed her again and brushed my palm over her protruding nipple and then held her breast as we kissed. She said, "Matthew, what are you doing?" The question sounded more like, 'Matthew why are you doing this to me?'

I said, "Mom doesn't it feel good?"

She said, "Matthew, of course it feels good; you're so tender and loving, but we said we weren't going to do this."

I said, "Mom does it feel wrong when we kiss?"

She put her head down and said, "No."

I said, "And my touching you wouldn't feel wrong after a while either, as soon as you stop denying that we love each other. I know that you don't want to think about it, and you see it as terrible, but the night we made love was the best night of my life."

She took a deep breath and said, "Oh honey, I don't deny it. I realized a while back that it's true, we do love each other. And that night...oh Matthew, do you think there's one moment of that night that I don't think about? Do you think there's one day that goes by that I don't feel you inside me? Matthew, I can't tell you how real it is to me. No it wasn't terrible baby, it was terrifying. It was all I could have wanted, but it was with my son. What kind of mother does that to her son? I don't know anymore baby. I was so afraid that it would ruin your life if I kept having sex with you, and now I don't know anything...I thought that you'd get over your feelings for me and move on. And now after all this time you still want me...don't you?"

I said, "I want you more than ever mom, you're all that I want."

"Sweetheart," mom said. "I want you too, and now as you were touching me, all I could think was how much I wanted to take you in my mouth...God, this is what I've come to, telling my son...these things. This can't be real Mattie...this can't be happening."

"Mom," I said, "This is as real as it gets." I kissed her and slipped my hand into her halter to fondle her bare flesh. Her nipple felt swollen and before I took her tit out to suck on it, she said, "Mattie, I'm not ready to sleep with you."

I said, "Okay mom, I understand." They were just words. I didn't understand. She had admitted that she loved me and wanted me. I did the only thing that made sense to me at that moment. I kissed her and I touched her. And after a long while, she touched me back. She put her hand in my shorts, her soft hand...her soft hand.

I apologized for coming. Of course that was ridiculous, because neither of us could have expected any other outcome when she was fisting my shaft and massaging my balls. But I apologized anyway. Mom said with a serious look, "It's okay honey." She took the tray of drinks inside and we spent the evening as if I hadn't been sucking on her nipple and I hadn't come in her hand.

On mom's birthday I suggested we spend the day in Franklin, going to the park, seeing a movie, and having dinner at the Treetop. I also had another suggestion. I said, "Mom, when we're in the city, could we be a couple?"

She said, "What do you mean?"

I said, "Just Matt and Emily."

She said, "Oh...okay." She got it. So we went to the city and shared a little fantasy. We went to the old port section walked along the wharf after dinner. I took her hand as we strolled and she smiled over at me. We stopped in a few shops and mom was looking at some Jewelry. The man said, "I have something nice to show you." He brought out a necklace with Roman Glass trimmed in gold.

Mom's eyes lit up and I said to him, "Good choice, my wife likes antiques." I could see mom flush and her cheeks reddened, but she just smiled. After he told us the price, we left.

Mom looked at me and I said, "Did it bother you that I said that?"

She said, "No, it just sounded so strange...and you're obviously the one who likes antiques." We both laughed. It turned out to be a fun day and we started going into the city more often. We played our little fantasy of being different people there and mom took delight in calling me her husband for the fun of it. As the summer went by, mom was suggesting we go to the city as often as I was. It felt real. Only in the city did mom initiate the kissing. We even spent an hour parked at the docks after dark, making out and fondling.

We were in the city when there was only a week left before I was to go back to school and the dorm. I said, "Mom, let's stay here tonight at the Overlook."

She said, "Why?"

I said, "They've got a new spa and restaurant. It'll be fun."

Mom said, "It's too expensive honey."

I said, "I've saved almost everything from my job and it's time to splurge a little. I also got you this." I took out a felt pouch and handed it to her. When she opened it, her face lit up.

"Oh my God," She said as she held up the necklace. "Oh baby, you spent all that money..."

I said, "Oh shut up Emily and put it on." She laughed and when she had it on she said, "How does it look?"

I said, "You're both beautiful." I touched the Roman Glass pendant and some of her creamy breasts with my fingers.

She said, "I love it, and you." She kissed me.

We stayed at the Overlook and I booked a room as a married couple. We took a swim and there was a small band that played dance music at dinner. We had drinks by the pool and went up to our room. There were two queen sized beds and I said, "Which bed do you want Emily?"

She said, "Whichever bed my husband is going to be sleeping in."

I said, "Mom, I hope you're not teasing me, because I couldn't stand it if I don't have you tonight."

She said, "I wouldn't do that baby. I'm ready; and you are going to have your mama tonight."

I held her; I kissed her, and she yielded in my arms. I could feel the last remnants of resistance dissipate and disappear. She became mine at that moment. I became hers.

The blouse came off revealing a frilly bra that held her tits tantalizingly jutted. I unclasped it and saw her naked breasts in the light for only the second time. The years had been kind to her and they maintained a youthful shape. The gold and blue-green of her necklace played off the rosy tips of her tits. My fingers and hands had not forgotten the texture and the heavy weight of her breasts. I fondled her as we kissed and paused to suck on each nipple for a while. I sucked them longer than a while. They were puffy when I was through and excitedly reddened.

I took off her skirt, and the stark contrast of the black nylon stocking tops against the creamy skin of her thighs was a visual delight, almost as beautiful as the tease of her pussy through the sheer panties. I said, "Mom, you look so hot."

She said, "I dressed for you baby. I didn't think we would be here, but I was hoping you'd see me like this tonight." I touched my fingers to her sex and could feel the moisture through the nylon.

We kissed as I touched her and I said, "You're my Emily, my sweet wife now, aren't you?"

She said, "Yes baby, and I'm also your mom, I don't want to stop being that."

I said "No, mom, never." She took my pants down and said, "I've been thinking about doing this all day...taking my boy in my mouth. My cock sprang as she exposed it. It was rock solid and pointing up at her. She wrapped her fingers around it and said, "You're so hard for me." Her tone was almost surprised.

I said, "Yes mom, I'm hard because I love you and I want you so much." She bent at the waist to take the head in her mouth and said, "Mmmm..." she then sat on her haunches and held my thighs for balance as she moved her head to take my shaft in and out of her mouth.

Her warm lips caressed my cock and with a slow teasing glide. More of my cock went into her mouth. Oh man. This was the first evidence I would have of how much my mother liked to give, and get, oral sex. At one point I had to stop her. Even though the urge was overwhelming to come in my mother's mouth, I wanted it to last. So I urged her to stand and kissed her, feeling her velvety breasts in my chest. Her stockings against me charged me up even more.

I took her panties down and said, "Let me look at your pussy mom." She opened her stance and I saw the sweet sex I had wanted forever. I went down on her and as I ate her, I held the globes of her round ass in my hands. I said, "Mom I never realized what a beautiful ass you have." She sounded pleased as I continued to explore with my tongue. When I reached her clit and massaged it in my mouth, she accelerated. I think she would have come if she didn't hold my head and then pull back.

She said, "Oh wow." She went to the bed, quickly throwing off the blanket and sheet. On her back, she spread her legs and said the words neither of us thought we'd hear from her mouth, "Come make love to your mother."

It was different from the first time. She was open and receptive, willing and wanting. As soon as I directed my cock into her she said, "Oh yes sweetheart, inside me, inside me...yes baby, yes." She was my lover. And when she called her boy, she was my mother. And when she called me her Matthew, she was my wife.

We moved as one into the rhythm of lovemaking, as the sensations of who was inside whom lost its meaning. Slow insertions became powerful and hard as my mother asked for more. I fed her and she devoured what I gave her. My cock filled her channel and pushed along its gripping walls. It's just a simple motion, in and out, but it means everything when you're inside the woman you love.

I wasn't as experienced as I would become, but we naturally altered positions and angles, each one a new delight. I held her legs opened at one point and watched myself as I plunged into her center. When she wrapped her legs around me her hips drew me deep into her. She rolled on top and sat to impale herself. She said, "Baby, baby, baby...," as she rose and fell on my erection. It felt like more than an erection. It was a steel pole somehow attached to me, sending vibrations and sensations through my chemically intoxicated body. I was certain that no other woman could do this to me.

I flipped her once more to drive home my desires. I speared deep into my mother's belly until we were flesh on flesh and bone on bone. As the pace reached its apex, she said, "Oh Matthew, OH MATTHEW, DARLING, OH GOD, OHHHhhhh..."

I began filling her at that moment and wanted to never stop coming. Each release made me recoil in pleasure. I called to her as I came, "MOM, MOM, MOM..." My sperm poured into her vault, giving her what I had wanted her to take for as long as I could remember. I needed to hear the words and I said, "I'm coming mom, I'm coming inside you mom."

She said, "Yes baby yes, inside me, come inside me." She tightened herself around my cock and squeezed as she rocked. I came until I couldn't come any more and left the last of the sperm that I had produced for her deep in her womb. But it was more than my sperm that was inside her, it was my love.

I started to move but mom held me and said, "No darling, stay." I remained inside her as long as I could and then we both exhaled and fell into each others arms. After a quiet moment, mom said, "How could I have thought that this was anything but love?"

I said, "Because you're a stubborn mule?" She laughed and slapped my arm. She said, "You're probably right, but I'm glad you waited for me to understand." Then she said, "What if you didn't wait baby; what if you went off and..."

I said, "Don't even think about it mom; we were always going to find each other."

She said, "Yes love," and then she sat up and excitedly said, "Baby listen, I've been thinking about something; let's move to Franklin. It'll be closer to school for you, and we can sell the house, and get one of those new small condos by the river and...we'll be in our home, in our bed, together, every night...what do you think?"

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