tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Creative Challenge Ch. 03

A Creative Challenge Ch. 03


I didn't see Amy again till later that night. She was out flat-hunting all day, but without any luck. Finding somewhere that she could afford that was not a filthy dump was not going to be easy. Her feet were sore, her temper was frayed from arguing with letting agents and landlords, and she was hungry.

"What's left of a chinese takeaway is in the fridge. You're welcome to heat that up if you want," I said.

"I didn't get around to getting any groceries today, so that would be great, Sam, thanks."

"Don't worry about food, I'll do the supermarketing tomorrow morning, and I'll get enough for both of us for the week."

"You'll have to let me split the cost with you, I don't want to be a freeloader".

"You will not. You're my guest." I knew she had very little money, and she would need it all for a deposit on a flat. "But you can push the shopping cart if you want to make a contribution – and put the stuff away when we get back. I can't be bothered doing that bit, and food tends to just hang around the kitchen until it goes off."

"Eww, gross. It's a deal."

Amy went off to take a shower, and I went to bed early. Sunday morning I made a point of not putting any clothes on when I got out of bed, and I ate my breakfast in the nude, feeling somewhat decadent, knowing there was a guest in the house. Although my morning erection took longer than usual to go down, I was a little relieved that it had gone before a naked Amy wandered into the kitchen, yawning. She glanced at me and said "Woohoo. Welcome to Naked City".

"It was your idea", I said.

"I know. It was a good one, too. You'll get to like it."

"I already do." She seemed very pleased with herself when I said that.

"Are you sure you won't let me pay for some of the groceries?"

"Quite sure."

"Then I'll have to find some other way to repay you," she smirked. I had no idea what she was planning, but I had a feeling it would be interesting.

Dressed to go shopping, Amy wore a pretty pink sarong tied around her waist, and a thin loose sleeveless cotton top. The sarong was tied about as low on her hips as it could be tied, so there was big bare midriff gap between it and the short white top. I had seen her in similar clothes before, so the obvious lack of underwear was not a surprise. Very few of the models who work for me put on any underwear when they come to the studio, because most panties and bras leave red marks behind that take ages to go away.

When we stepped out of the house into the sunlight, it was immediately obvious how flimsy the cotton materials were.

"Amy, I can see right through those clothes when the light's behind you."

"I know, cool aren't they?"

"They certainly look very breezy, but they could also get you arrested."

"Not a chance, Sam. You worry too much. I know the sarong is a bit sheer, but I decided to wear it today just for you."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, supermarkets are such ugly places, and you having such fine aesthetic appreciation, I thought if I pushed the cart you might like to walk behind and look at my ass instead," she said laughing at me very cheekily. "It's a reward for being nice to me."

"Very thoughtful of you," I said, still not convinced that some security guard at the mall wouldn't call the cops when they saw Miss Naked City walking around.

At the mall, Amy strolled around looking utterly gorgeous, as if she was oblivious to the fact that she was semi-naked to anyone who looked at her closely, which most of the men in the shopping centre did. Walking behind her as we went from aisle to aisle, I had a wonderful veiled view of her backside, just as she had promised, and her ass looked even nicer in motion than when it was relaxed and stationary posing for me in the studio.

At one point I stopped to read the list of ingredients on one of the products, but Amy just kept walking. She was half an aisle length ahead of me, when I whistled to get her attention. She stopped and turned and looked at me. There were several other people in the aisle between me and where she was standing, all looking intently at stuff on the shelves, but she paid them no attention at all. She smiled, then slowly and casually she lifted the front of her shirt up to her chin, showing me the whole of both bare breasts. An adrenaline rush hit the receptors in my brain within about 2 milliseconds but I tried not to show it in my face, and just waited for her to lower her hands and cover up again. But she didn't. Amazingly, no-one else noticed immediately, and I realized that she was playing a game of dare with me – the first one to move loses.

One of the other shoppers, a middle-aged man in workman's coveralls looked away from the shelves and saw Amy's tits and he froze. She was aware that another pair of eyes were now staring at her as well, but she ignored him and kept her eyes locked on mine, still smiling, totally in charge. The man swivelled round, looked briefly at me, then stared lingeringly at Amy's breasts, then quickly back at me. I knew I was beaten and started walking down the aisle towards her. She slowly lowered her top down and let it go.

"That got your attention," she said when I joined her.

"You can't do that in here", I hissed at her.

"I just did, and it's OK, no-one saw me – apart from you and Bob the Builder, and I think I made his day, he looks disappointed that the show's over."

I looked up towards the ends of the aisle and spun Amy round and pointed at the security cameras mounted above the shelves looking straight at her.

"Those? Don't worry about them. If anyone was watching that particular monitor for those few seconds, what's he going to do? I'll bet it was some spotty security guard who is hoping I'll give him a repeat performance. You know, if I was a shoplifter, I'd strip naked and dance in aisle 3, to get all the security guards clustered round that TV screen with their tongues hanging out, while my accomplice empties the cash register at the end of aisle 9. That could be the perfect crime. "

"I'm not your accomplice, and you can't flash your tits while you're here with me."

"Does that mean I can't do this either?" She reached down to the gap in her sarong, opening it up wide and showing the security cameras her pussy.

"Amy, put that away, I'm serious."

"Well, don't be. This is just a bit of fun, and flashing turns me on. Isn't it turning you on, too?"

"No", I lied.

"Not even a little?"


"Liar", she said.

"Of course I'm lying. I want to jump your cute little bones right here in household cleaning products, but I'm not going to. We are going to pay for our groceries and get out of here while we still have our liberty. You came here to push, so push."

I put both her hands on the cart handle and one of mine in the small of her back and guided her towards the checkouts.

"At least we've established that you do actually want to fuck me. Even if you are behaving like a boring old man twice my age."

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