tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Dare Gone TOTALLY Right Ch. 03

A Dare Gone TOTALLY Right Ch. 03


We returned back to her car and she had locked herself inside. "Baby!!!! C'mon, I need my clothes. This is so embarrassing!!!!" She rolled down her window and motioned for me to move to the back of the car, which I did. The back popped open and I noticed a sundress that didn't quite fit someone of my height. I put it on and to my surprise it was shorter than I had imagined. It hugged my hips but barely covered my pussy and more than half my butt was showing. I heard the wolf whistles behind me and Marissa unlocks the doors.

I hop in very quickly and she says: "Very nice. It fit you better than I thought it would," she says with a very evil giggle.

"There is no way this thing fits me. Look my pussy and ass are totally showing when I sit and stand," I say to her with my lip pouting out.

She tickles my pussy a bit and says, "You look really good in it though. I mean I am very turned on by you right now." She backs out the car, I decide to take a catnap because of the level of excitement I had to endure and we head back to town...or at least I think that. She instead heads toward the mountains and we head to one of her family's vacation houses.

I wake up to her eating my pussy. "Mmm, hey baby, we are home?" I look around to see the rural mountain setting and wonder what we could possibly do here. "Baby, I thought the dare was done. You wore me out today."

"That's why we came to the mountains, babe. I always come here to calm me down," she says opening the passenger door and escorting me out. She strips off her clothes back to her bathing suit and runs into the lake that is next to her gorgeous time share. "C'mon, baby, the water is fine."

I throw off my sundress and run into my lover's arms, mounting her like a horse and kissing her. I feel the passion flow into me. This place got me horny because it was just me and Marissa. That's all I wanted today was just to be by ourselves, some us time. I strip off her top and begin to suck her luscious breasts. I gently nibble on her hard nipples and suck a mouthful of boob. She teases my pussy by rubbing her fingers on the outside of it.

I slide my hands into the water and pull off her bottoms. "You are very horny," she says with a very sexy smile. "This is what you really wanted." I shake my head and passionately kiss her. I let off of the kiss and she wipes my tears away. "Its ok, hun, I knew we needed some us time too."

I smile, saying: "Yeah, I needed this really badly. I like be stared at by others but love being stared at only by you." I lead her back to the beach and back to the house. We get back inside her house and go up to the third floor, where the outdoor bedroom is at.

I think to myself, "I get to fuck her on a bed in the outside mountain air...this is so tantalizing." She pushes me down on the bed and spreads my legs behind her head. She begins to eat my very wet pussy. I pull her hair as the excitement quells up inside me and I cum instantly. I insist for her to continue eating my pussy. She scrapped her tongue into the walls of my pussy, like she was licking an ice cream, making sure the cream never dripped off the cone.

I felt my pussy become hot again, the experiences of today, the atmosphere, my beautiful girlfriend; it all added to a renewal of my sex life. I cum for the fourth time and Marissa says, "Baby, you are cumming like crazy. I have never seen you like this." I put my beautiful girlfriend on the bed and grind my pussy into hers. Her excitement is felt as our wet pussies create a beautiful symphony of pussy play. She moans in sync with my moans, our pussies become one and we cum in pure ecstasy. "Mmm, that was good baby. Sex has never been that good for us. Maybe next time I can do the dare."

"Go ahead baby. It will be plus for not just you but to our sexual relationship," I say placing my pussy in her mouth. We sixty nine into the sunset and we hug each other under the covers looking into the starlit night. She is rubbing her hands through my hair as I rub my hands down her back. Suddenly I say, "Baby lets go night swimming." I drag her out of bed by the hand, almost pulling her arm off and I pull her into the water. The water is freezing so I pull Marissa close for warmth. We embrace each other once again, passionately kiss and the moon is the only person watching as the dare has finally cum to an end.

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It's nice to read a story about erotic exhibitionism that ends on a happy note!

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