tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Dark Confession

A Dark Confession


Jake smiled drunkenly as the two topless girls rubbed their bodies against him, and against each other, slowly exploring one another with their hands and lips. "Dude. Best birthday gift ever."

I just smiled and nodded to him, taking another sip from my drink. There was a knock and the bouncer poked his head into the VIP room. "Time's up, boys." We gathered ourselves up, the girls giggling as they redressed, and made our way back to the booth. One of the girls sidled up to Jake, as he happily chatted away about some random nonsense. I couldn't help but chuckle to myself. The other came over to see me.

"That was really sweet, what you did for your friend there." I smiled at her. "I'm Bella" as she extended one of her tiny hands. "Bella" was a very petite Asian girl with dyed-blonde hair, with very tight body and A-cup breasts.

"Ah well, I'm Tyrone." Her head tilted back and she busted out laughing. "TYRONE?"

(I'm as white as white can be). "Well, that's my stage name. My real name is Ian."

She laughs again. "Nice to meet you. I'm Sharon."

Sharon and I spent the next couple of hours together, chatting about every subject under the sun. She was really sweet, different than most strippers I had met. She seemed... genuine. At the very least, she was good at faking genuine. Every time she was called up to dance on stage, she would do the required number of songs, and always ended up right back at my side.

"I think we should go have some you and me time." She smiled. "Great idea." I don't normally pay for a woman's time, but hell, she was at work and the money didn't mean much to me, might as well help a girl out. Besides... I had a hunch some rules might be getting broken.

I left Jake with his new friend, we headed back to the VIP room, just the two of us this time. She slipped everything but her little black thong off and straddled me, wrapping her arms around my head and kissing me, softly at first, then deeper and more meaningfully. Wow. I guess I was right about breaking some rules. Her lips tasted amazing. She said something, but it was drowned out by the thumping music. I mouthed the words to her, "What? I can't hear you!" She laughed.

"I know! The music is sooo loud! I think it's to drown out the screaming!" She giggled. "Help! Someone please help! Noooo!"

I busted out laughing, but I could tell there was a hint of meaning behind her words. We had spent several hours building rapport and several times she had told me how she felt safe with me, felt like I was different than the others. Probably she told everyone that, but I thought I'd press my luck and see where it went. I gently took her wrists in my hands and held them behind her back, looking her in the eye.

"Oh my god." Her face filled with lust and desire. "I... I've always wanted to do that."

I released her hands and smiled. "Do what?"

She pulled herself closer to me, her eyes shifting about the room, as if trying to make a decision. Trying to decide if she dared tell me. "Well... I've never told anyone this before."

I smiled gently and kept my mouth shut.

She sighed and continued. "Alright. Look, I don't want you to think that I'm a freak or anything. I mean I would never, and I mean, NEVER, want this to really happen, like in real life. But... ever since I've been like, a little girl, and started... you know, experimenting with myself, I've had this fantasy. Uhm... alright, well, I've always imagined that I was laying on my bed, you know, pleasuring myself, and that there was a man watching me through the window. And he watches me, like, for a long time, and then finally, he can't take it anymore, and he breaks into my room and uh... well... he... forces himself on me."

My cock swelled and throbbed, pressing against her. "I think that's a really hot fantasy."

"Really? You don't think I'm a weirdo or anything?"

"Absolutely not. Nearly every woman I talk to about this has had a similar fantasy at one time or another. I'll tell you what... I have an idea." I took her legs in my hands and pulled her closer to me, leaning back slightly and pressing the shaft of my hard cock against her pussy. Her faced showed a mix of surprise and arousal. "Can you feel that?"

"Hahah... Yes. I can definitely feel that."

"Alright. Now what I want you to do is, instead of all the things you normally do during a lap dance, I want you to just stay on that spot, and grind against me, in a way that feels good for you."

Her hands dug into the backs of my shoulders and she began thrusting her pelvis, slowly, methodically, against me, her eyes rolling back into her head as the pressure stimulated her clit. Her breathing got deeper, slower.

"Now, I want you to put your ear right next to my lips."

She curled her back slightly, keeping her pussy in contact with me, placing her ear against my face so my lips touched her as I moved them. I whispered. "Can you hear me okay?"

She nodded.

I spoke very slowly, in a low, deep voice. "Now I want you to listen carefully to me, and just keep doing what you're doing. I want you to imagine that, after work tonight, you go home. You've had a long day, and you're tired and sweaty. You climb into the shower and wash off, taking your time, enjoying the hot water running down your body. You get out and slowly dry yourself off, put a thong on, and lay back on your bed to relax and decompress. Before you know it your hands begin to wander, sliding up and down your body, squeezing your breasts, slipping your hands between your legs, touching yourself all over..."

"Oh... my... god..."

I smirk, but continue without a pause. "What you don't know is, I've followed you home, and I'm at your bedroom window, watching you. Looking at your gorgeous body, watching your hands move across it like hands of a lover, wishing those hands were mine. My cock is getting hard, I want you so badly, I can hardly stand it."

"Oh fuck. Oh my... *gasp*... god...", her thrusts growing firmer and more intense.

"Finally, it's beyond my control, I must have you, right now. I walk to your door, and break in without you knowing. I slowly open the door to your bedroom, enjoying the sight before me. You don't notice until I slam your bedroom door behind me. You jump, sit up quickly, asking who the hell I am and what do I think I'm doing. I say nothing, pouncing on you like you're my prey, pinning you to the bed and clamping my hand over your mouth, stifling your screams for help. I place a hand around your sexy little neck and whisper into your ear to be quiet if you don't want to be hurt. Then I..."

Her breath was hot and heavy against my neck and shoulder. "Holy... shit... what... the... fuck..."

"...grab your thong and yank it down, taking away the only thing between me and your hot little pussy, and I grab your legs and spread them wide apart. I pull my hard cock out, placing my hand over your mouth so no can will hear you, and then, I force myself up inside you, raping your pussy hard and deep..."

Her ear moved quickly away from my mouth, and she clamped her open mouth against my neck, her fingernails digging into the backs of my shoulders. Her body shuddered against mine as the orgasm ripped through her body, she pressed her mouth into me hard, trying as best she could to muffle her screams of pleasure. She had told me earlier that she was a screamer, and I believed it once she started coming against me. Her thrusts were deep and violent, her body covered in sweat, I could practically feel her pussy spasming against my cock. She thrusted two or three final times, her body shook, and every muscle in her body relaxed as she completely collapsed onto me. I held her close to stop her from falling onto the floor, listening to her moaning gently.

There was a knock, and the bouncer poked his head inside. "Time's up." He looked quizzically at me, at Sharon's limp body draped over mine. She turned her face away from him, trying to hide her flushed cheeks. "Okay... we'll be right out." He paused, and then decided he didn't want to know, leaving us be. If he had come in just 30 seconds earlier he would have ruined it for sure.

"Oh my god. That was..." she breathed deeply, catching her breath, "that was incredible. That... I've never... never... EVER... had anything like that happen to me before... ever." Shaking her head slowly as she looked deeply into my eyes. She slowly gathered herself and sat up, her eyes drifting about as if she was high. "That is going to keep me going... for a very long time." She laughed gently, and then looked down between her legs, reaching down and adjusting her thong. Her face turned to a pout. "Dammit. DAMN IT. My panties are SOAKED. Ooooh..... these are the only ones I have with me tonight. I'm going to have to wear these the rest of the night!"

I couldn't help but laugh at her predicament.

As I slid back into the booth, I could tell that Jake didn't have much time left. His head swooned back and forth as he looked blankly about the room. His eyes fell upon me. "Dude. Dude... how was she?"

"You will never believe what just happened."

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