tagErotic CouplingsA Dark Knight

A Dark Knight


The Dark Knight pushes his way through the tavern doors and glances about the room. His gaze quickly takes in the rough interior and the even rougher clientele. This was certainly a few steps down from his normal accommodations but he is exhausted from travel and it will do. Hardly has he settled his dusty frame on to a stool when he is approached by a tavern wench. She looks haggard and drawn and curtly takes his order, answering his questions in a shrill voice. "Well, this is a just all around pleasant place," he mumbles under his breath continuing to survey the room.

He is watching a card game with mild interest when a tankard of ale is slammed on the table in front of him. Looking up he sees another tavern wench and thinks to himself, "Now this is more like it." She is a buxom lass with fresh features and he takes his time looking her over. His eyes travel from her bare feet and legs up to the frayed hem of her skirt. The side has been torn (on purpose he's sure) to reveal a flash of pale thigh. She wears a white peasant blouse with a black corset laced over the top of it. Creamy breasts spill from the neckline and his eyes linger there before continuing up to her face. When he gets there, he nearly spews out the swig of ale he's taken. Her hair is long and blonde and in a loose braid down her back and her bare arms glow in the firelight down to where her hands are placed on rounded hips...but what has him nearly choking are her flashing blue eyes. He's never seen any quite like them and...is she angry with him?

"Seen your fill, have ya?" she asks in a low, sultry voice before turning and flouncing away. He watches the sway of her hips until she is swallowed up in the darkness. The first woman puts a plate of stew in front of him but he is suddenly filled with a hunger of a different sort. He's been to many such places in his travels and seen many a tavern wench but there is something about this one that intrigues him. Shaking his head, he tears off a chunk of bread and begins to eat his stew.

When he's nearly finished, he hears a laugh...and he knows it's hers. Lifting his head, he quickly glances about. Ah, there she is by the fireplace, and if she doesn't look like a Gypsy Queen holding court. Men are gathered around and she is teasing them. She has some kind of betting game going at which they are losing money, but they don't seem to mind. Suddenly she looks up as if sensing his eyes on her. There are those blue eyes again...piercing, assessing, teasing... She raises one eyebrow and mockingly nods her head to him. "My she is a saucy thing," he thinks. His eyes continue to roam over her body as if they have a will of their own. "Get a grip on yourself, Man," he thinks and tears his eyes away. Still they return to her again and again. He can't help but watch her as she serves the customers and flirts her way around the room. But she avoids him and he wonders how he's angered her.

The patrons begin to stumble out the doors and finally there is only he. He's tired but has no desire to leave until he speaks to her again. He hears a woman's shrill voice and then a lower one. And then he sees her...moving towards him a candle in her hand. "Do ye plan on staying with us then, Sir?" she asks in a mocking tone. The Knight has had all he can take. Grabbing her he pulls her in to his lap and slowly takes the candle from her hand, setting it on the table, never taking his eyes away from hers. She is startled he can tell. Her bosom is heaving but she remains outwardly calm. "What might your name be, Lady?" His voice comes out as a growl.

"Aye, Ye must be mistaken. I'm no Lady. My name is Penny." There it is that mocking tone again. He knows of only one thing to do. Lowering his head he claims her ripe, red lips with his own. He feels her sigh as her lips part and his tongue thoroughly plunders the sweetness of her mouth. She presses against him and he feels the soft curves of her body against the hardness of his. One hand winds its way in to her hair while the other roams across her body. The kiss goes on for an eternal moment. It is she who pulls back and he half expects to feel a hand striking his cheek.

She stands and retrieves the candle from the table. Her lips are puffy and red, tendrils of hair have escaped to frame her face but she seems unaffected except for her heaving bosom. "Come. I will show you to your room." Once again he finds himself watching the sway of her hips but this time he rises to follow her. It is torture to follow her up the stairs, remembering the feel of her in his arms. "Penny," he thinks to himself. "An odd name to be sure, but it fits her."

The Dark Knight knows that he could have her if he was willing to take her, no one would deny him...but that has never been his way. Still his body aches as he thinks of what is beneath her clothes, how her body would feel next to his. Finally she stops and pushes a door open. Stepping back, she motions for him to enter. The room is much nicer than he expected and he is immediately struck by the feminine touches. Turning slowly it dawns on him that this is her room. He faces her as she closes the door behind her and advances towards him.

With a wave of her hand she motions for him to sit on a stool by the fire. He obliges and much to his surprise she kneels and tugs the boots from his feet. Standing once more she unties the lace binding her braid and shakes her hair free to fall about her face. If he hadn't been mesmerized before, he is now as she moves across the room and picks up a small, carved wooden box. She winds a key on it and music begins to play...soft, haunting, sweet. The enchanting wench is standing before him now, just out of arms reach. She begins to dance, swaying to the music, pulling her hands through her hair and then locking eyes with him as she slowly unlaces her corset. When the corset falls free, so do her breasts. He can not seem to tear his eyes from those plump, pale globes, shining like twin moons in the firelight.

The ache that started the moment he laid eyes on her, begins to intensify. It is almost painful now and a groan escapes his lips. He glances at her face as she sways towards him. She is staring at him and winks knowingly. Temptress! How has this simple tavern wench reduced the Dark Knight to a panting page boy? Ah, but she is anything but simple. Her body attracts him but there is much hiding behind her eyes that intrigues him. He is jolted from his reverie as she leans over and puts her small hands on his knees. Her breasts are right there and so are those flashing eyes. He didn't know eyes could be that blue. Slowly she runs her hands up his legs, over his thighs. His blood seems to turn to fire beneath her touch, as she straddles his legs and she is once again in his lap.

Her hands move lightly up his arms, his neck, and entangle themselves in his hair before pulling his head down to her lips. His mouth is hard, wanting, this time, and hers is just as hungry. His arms move to encircle her. He feels her softness and her heat as she presses her body against him. The ache within him intensifies until it is almost painful. Ending the kiss, he moves his hands down to her waist and feels her shiver. Pulling her blouse free, he draws it up over her head and lets it fall to the floor. They lock eyes again and he is sure that the fire in his matches hers. She shivers again, as if in acknowledgement. One hand is on her back and with the other he cups her breast. He likes the feel of it, the weight of it. It looks so pale against his hand. He brushes his thumb across the hard pink nipple and she moans. The tables have turned and he rather enjoys it. With a smile he lowers his head and takes that sweet mound in to his mouth. She tenses and throws her head back and he can't hold back any longer. His hands, his mouth, his tongue all join in the ravaging of those creamy globes. Her fingers dig in to his arms. She writhes in his lap and even as his body responds, he is gratified to her more moans escape her lips. When he finally lifts his head, both of them are breathing hard. Her hair is wild, framing eyes dark with passion and lips red from being caught between her teeth.

Her eyes lock with his and then startling him, she laughs. It is low and husky and makes his breath catch in his throat. Jumping up, she takes quick steps away from him and laughs over her shoulder. "Catch me if you can, Sir," she teases as he bounds from the stool and advances on her. "Ah, I will catch you and then you will pay, Wench," he growls trying to corner her.

"Wench? But I thought you called me, Lady?" she teases as she tries to escape across the bed. He anticipates her move and catches her round the waist, spinning her around and tossing her on to the bed. She immediately tries to sit up but he is over her, straddling her legs and pinning her arms down above her head. She wiggles and thrashes but he is much too strong.

"And now you are all mine," he whispers as he leans down and begins to kiss her neck. The struggling ceases and she becomes still except for the pulse pounding in her throat. He kisses her neck, nibbles at her ear and finally releases her arms so that his hands are free to roam over her body. She sits up and he readies himself for her next attempt at escape but she begins to unbutton his shirt. Sliding her hands inside across his chest, and up to his shoulders, she pushes his shirt off. Now it is her hands that are roaming as they explore every muscle, pausing to rub her thumbs over his hardened nipples. He eases her back on to the bed and propping himself up beside her, takes one breast in to his mouth as he fondles the other with his hand. She groans and he raises up to kiss his way down across her ribs, her belly...with a quick tug he pulls her skirt off and is gratified to find she is naked beneath it. He continues down...her thigh, her leg. Taking his time, he tastes every part of her warm skin. Slowly moving up the inside of her thigh as her moaning intensifies. The Knight pauses and lifts his head to seek her face. Her eyes are dark with passion, her ruby lips slightly parted...he lowers his head once more.

Gently spreading her legs, he flicks his tongue over her clit. Her reaction is immediate and intense, as she moans and opens her legs wider. This is all the invitation the Dark Knight needs. With a small groan of his own, he begins to lick her. She is so wet and so sweet. He slides his hands beneath her round buttocks and lifts her to his mouth. Licking, sucking, as her fingers claw the covers and she lifts her hips to push against him. His tongue lashes her clit and he feels her shudder with an orgasm and then slowly relax as he gently licks her slower and slower.

Moving up to lie beside her, he can feel how uncomfortably hard he has gotten. She pulls his head down for a long, slow kiss and then she is kneeling beside him, pulling his pants off to reveal his hard cock. He sees her eyes widen as she grasps it, feeling the silky hardness. One small hand moves up and down on his rod as the other traces his nipples. Then, just as suddenly as she had grabbed it, she releases it. It's her turn to tease him with kisses and she leaves a trail of them across his chest, down over his stomach. She stops and uses her fingertips to trace the soft crease at his hip...leading down, down until she has his balls in her hand.

Finally she lowers her head to tease the tip of his cock with her tongue. He moans feeling as if he will surely burst with the sweet pain of it. Just when he thinks he can't take anymore, he sees her lips part as she takes him in to her mouth. If he was half insane before, he is all the way now. Her mouth is hot and warm as she takes him in deep and begins to suck. Hair falls across her face and her breasts dangle like ripe peaches begging to be plucked. Up and down she moves her head faster and faster and he feels himself swell. Finally he can take it no longer...his body goes rigid and he explodes inside her. He vaguely feels her move to lie beside him and draws her close before he drifts off to sleep.

When he awakes, he's disoriented or a moment. The room is dark except for the dying embers in the fireplace. He feels a weight on his arm and looks down to see a woman's tousled head resting there. Suddenly it all comes rushing back...the enchanting wench. He couldn't have been asleep for long. Her eyes are closed and she looks so peaceful, so sweet. It would be a shame to wake her but he can already feel the ache for her building again. Ah yes, he was far from done with her...

Bending his head he gently nibbles her ear. She moves her head slightly and exposes a bit of her neck. The Knight takes full advantage moving to kiss and suck the softness. She turns her head and a small moan escapes her as he raises his head to encounter a pair of startled blue eyes. He has the sense that she's not used to awaking in a man's arms. "G'morning, M'lady," he teases, giving her a chance to gain her bearings. She moves to sit up but he tightens his arms about her. "I've caught you and I've no intention of letting you go." His voice is deep and heavy with desire for her. She ceases her struggle.

"So then ye've caught me. What are ye going to do with me, M'Lord?" she says with a mocking submission. "Ah, now that is the question, isn't it?" he growls, propping himself on his elbow to see her better. He takes his time looking her up and down and feels himself becoming hard. Ah, she is luscious. Her body reminds him of a peach, curvy and ripe, and he wants to eat her. His eyes end their perusal locked with hers. He expects to see the familiar bravado in them but is met with a surprising vulnerability. She is really not as confident as she seems. "Yer beautiful, you know," he whispers and her gaze falls away from his. Her cheeks become tinged with pink and he is enchanted.

"Let me show you how beautiful you are," he says cupping her chin and raising her face to look at him. One plump lip is caught between her white teeth and he gently rubs it with his thumb until she releases it. Lowering his head he claims her mouth with his. This kiss is different. It begins gentle and sweet and slowly builds with their passion. His hand moves to tangle in her hair and his breath catches a little as he feels hers cup the back of his head to pull him closer. He tightens the arm wrapped around her and pulls her tightly against him. It's his turn to moan as he feels her soft curves blending in to his body.

Reluctantly he tears his mouth from hers and drops kisses on her eyes and forehead before moving to her neck. Her pulse is pounding as he ravages her neck, finding the spots that make her tremble and release those sweet noises. Slowly he moves from her neck to her breastbone and then down to those sweet peaks. He teases one hard nipple with his thumb as he flicks the other with his tongue. She begins to writhe beneath him as he fills his mouth and suckles the sweetness of her breast. When he moves to taste the other one, he allows his hand to wander lightly down over her belly to the heat between her legs. He gently spreads her and rubs his finger over her clit. She moans and pushes herself against him and he knows that he can't contain himself much longer.

Releasing her breast from his mouth, he rolls on to his back pulling her over on top of him.

He guides her hips until she's straddling him. Gently pulling her down until his throbbing manhood just begins to enter her. She's hot and wet and it's all he can do to keep from plunging himself to the hilt. Her eyes widen and she pushes against him, begging for more. Still he makes her move slowly, up and down, taking more and more of him inside of her. He feels her stretch to accommodate him. She is so sweet and so tight and he grits his teeth as he restrains himself. She pushes against him again with her hands on his chest. His eyes meet hers and he is startled by their intensity. "Please..." she whispers and that is his undoing.

He pulls her down hard, plunging himself all the way in. She moans and closes her eyes. It's all he imagined and more being encased in her wet heat. A groan escapes him as she begins to rock her hips, and then she's riding him...faster and faster. The dying firelight plays off her skin, painting it a golden hue. Her hair is wild about her face, her body glistens with the sweat and heat of their love making and her eyes...oh, her eyes. There's no describing their color now. He's quite sure that it's a shade of blue invented just for her passion. He's mesmerized by their hue and intensity even as he feels himself grow larger and harder inside her. She is completely unrestrained, breasts bobbing, fingernails digging in to his skin. He grips her buttocks as he feels her cum. She throws her head back, moaning and writhing. He sees her lips curve in to a smile and feels her body shudder as the orgasm overtakes her. She is clenched so tightly about him and he can't hold back any longer. Finally, he allows himself to explode inside her. Deeper and harder he pushes. Ah, the glorious feeling of being one with her. Faintly his mind registers the fact that she's coming again and their bodies take over.

There's no such thing as time as their bodies join in a dance as old as time itself. Finally they are spent and she lies sprawled across his chest. He is still inside her and thinks that he could happily stay there forever. With one hand he toys with her damp hair and rubs the other lightly up and down her back. She sighs and relaxes against him. He can feel her, smell her, taste her...she is completely his. Surely there has never been a moment like this...

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