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A Dark Love


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He loved to see her suffer. After five hundred years she did it beautifully. Standing there, naked to the waist, his white chest fairly glowing in the candlelight he studied his work. Her legs had given out long ago and the only thing holding her naked body up were the leather wrist shackles that hung from a heavy chain embedded in the ceiling. Her head had fallen forward and her dark hair surrounded her face like a dark veil.

Her breathing was deep and shuddering, each breath causing her glorious breasts to rise and fall enticing him to pay them more attention. Walking over, Jack grabbed her by her hair and yanked her head back. Her beautiful face was covered with tears, her green eyes appearing like emeralds despite the low light. Immediately, her eyes found his and locked on. She looked at him as a drowning man surely would look upon his rescuers. He could see the love, devotion and desperation there in her eyes and his cock immediately responded.

Without releasing his hold on her hair he reached out with his other hand and cupped her breast. Gently at first he caressed and cuddled the tender flesh, pulling and pinching the nipple until she was moaning in pleasure. He kept up his ministrations until she had gained her feet once again. Using what little strength she had regained she arched her back and pressed her breast more firmly in his hand.

"Do you like that?" His voice was low, almost threatening causing her to shudder. "Answer me!"

Her eyes, which had closed in pleasure snapped open. "Yes, sir."

"Would you like some more?" He moved closer, crowding her with his body, and braced himself with his legs shoulder width apart.

A low whimper escaped despite her best efforts. She had finally pierced the pain induced haze of pleasure he had bestowed upon her and caught the dangerous tone of his voice. "Please."

It was a meager sound and an unacceptable answer at that. Increasing his grip he yanked back on her hair causing her to cry out. At the same time he reached back with his other hand and slapped the breast that only moments before he had caressed so lovingly.

She struggled to hold herself still knowing how it displeased him to have her move away from him while biting down on her lower lip to keep from crying out. It was a source of pride with her to see how much she could take before making a sound but inevitably he had her begging for mercy; his stamina out lasted hers any day. He kept up his attentions, moving from one breast to the other slapping each one with both the palm and the back of his hand. Within minutes both of her breasts were bright red and radiating heat yet still she refused to make a sound.

His kind possessed an unnatural strength, which he had been dutifully keeping in check, but as always her pride drove him on. Finally he let loose and back handed her breasts making sure to catch both with his knuckles. The force was enough to knock the wind out of her and push her off her feet. The only thing that kept her from flying back into the wall were the chains securing her by her wrists and even then there was a moment when he wondered which would give first, her wrists or the chains as they shuddered violently.

For a moment she couldn't breath as her lungs struggled and seized for oxygen. Panic gripped her as the world started to go dark. Her chest had grown tight, a burning sensation radiating from her chest as her eyes closed. Her last thoughts were of him, of the life she had spent devoted to her dark Master and of the profound sadness she felt at the thought of leaving him. Just when she was sure that the end had come her lungs made one finally contraction before relaxing. Oxygen rushed into her lungs; she gasped for breath forcing her lungs to take it in and push it back out as fast as she could until he thought she was on the point of hyperventilating.

"Josephine!" His voice cracked across the room and smacked up against her panic. Looking up she saw him standing there staring at her and immediately relaxed. The simple sight of him was enough to break through whatever else she was feeling. She knew he would never let anything happen to her.

She watched with weary eyes as he walked towards her; she was unable to keep from flinching as he reached out towards her. His hand hesitated for the barest of moments just enough to let her know that he meant her no harm before making contact with her skin. Softly, he ran his hands down the length of her body. Her skin was hot to the touch having been warmed by the whip. His hands lacked the warmth of her body and his cool touch brought blessed relief. He smiled in satisfaction as she shivered and leaned into him.

Abruptly he released her wrists catching her in his arms as she collapsed. She mewed low in her throat as her battered body made contact with his. There was nothing soft about him. He appeared to be chiseled from the hardest of marble, his entire body gleaming white and hard to the touch. Despite that fact Josephine took comfort in his arms as he moved up from the bowels of the house.

The dungeon was secretly stationed several floors beneath the main floor of the house and known to only a few. It was here they had spent the past few hours and from where they came. The night was still young and he had many things in store for her. But first he needed to see to her. Her body was covered with dried sweat and she was starting to shiver.

Jack stepped through the secret passage that led down into the dungeon and moved towards the master suite they shared. They were the only ones about at this hour, the rest of the staff having retired several hours earlier. Jack gave no thought to the servants, they knew better than to let themselves be seen when either he or Josephine were in residence. Instead he concentrated on getting them through the master bedroom and into the spacious bath. Laying her down gently he turned the tap on in the bath making sure to get the temperature right. After adding a few drops of lavender to the water Jack tested it with his wrist. Josephine liked it hot and soon the bathroom was filled with sweet scented steam.

In the meantime Josephine lay still on the window seat staring out into the night. She couldn't remember the last time she had seen the sunrise. She didn't regret the loss; she had gained so much in her years with Jack, years that amounted to five centuries, and she knew she wouldn't trade it for anything.

She felt him standing above her though he had moved without making a sound and turned to look at him. She saw the love and devotion he felt for her burning bright in his eyes. Gently he lifted her in his arms and set her down in the steaming water. Silently he began to bathe her, paying particular attention to her long black hair. He knew her body well and within minutes he had her washed and relaxed in the water.

He wasn't surprised when he helped her to rise to see that the bumps, bruises and marks that had covered her body were already almost healed. The close, intimate nature of their relationship meant that she shared his ability to heal, it also meant that she could take more pain than any other human without risking serious or permanent injury. It had taken them years to build up to this level of play but it had been worth it. He could do things with her that no other human could endure and no one of his kind would tolerate. And he loved her for giving herself to him in such a way.

She didn't have to. He had given her her freedom several hundred years ago but she had stayed. She had pledge herself to him and in doing so gave up the right to her own body. He owned her.

Despite her healing abilities she was still a little shaky on her feet but she refused his offer of help. She still had her pride. Slowly she walked into her dressing room only to reappear moments later. Her body was clad in a simple satin gown that molded to her every curve. He knew she wore nothing beneath and he could smell the discreet scent of her desire. He watched her walk towards him, moving her body back and forth in a rhythm that had called to men since the dawn of time. Looking up his breath caught at the sight of her eyes. They were bright, lit from within and filled with passion.

Stopping before him Josephine stepped between his knees, without touching him she reached out with her senses and stroked him with her thoughts. She laughed low and sexy as he visibly shuddered. Few would believe or understand the change in her appearance or attitude but those that did knew that by giving herself up to her Master she retained an unbelievable amount of power over him as well. She had long since learned how to use her body and the pleasure she could give him.

Stepping back Josephine drew him with her out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. Circling him, she trailed her fingers along the back of his neck until once again she stood in front of him. Sliding her hands up his chest she tilted her head back and smiled.

She was a temptress, she knew how attractive she was and how much he wanted her but she would make him wait. He would have to fight for what he wanted. It was a test of sorts, a way of making him prove that he still had the power to take what was rightfully his. Jack reached out and wrapped his hands around her narrow waist, pulling her closer he bent his head and covered her mouth with his own.

Josephine sighed and let her lips part as his tongue sought entrance. She loved the taste of him but after a minute of letting him explore the inside of her mouth she pulled back, braking contract. Turning her attention from his mouth she set about relieving him of the rest of his clothes. He had parted company with his shirt several hours ago and his slacks were wet from the bath. Slipping them from his body she sighed at the sight of his naked body. He really did look like he had been carved from marble. His body was hard, white and unyielding. Even his cock looked more like an instrument of pain then pleasure. Fully engorged it stood parallel to his body and she felt herself growing wet at the thought of burying him deep within her body.

Completely naked Jack stood still under her inspection. If he were capable of it he would have grown warm under her heated gaze. It was almost physical, touching his upon his chest and stomach before resting on his cock. He felt his balls tighten and his cock twitched under her intense gaze. Despite what the myths and legends said he was a completely functioning vampire. Death had done nothing except increase his appitite for sex and women. Hell, it didn't even have to be women, he was just as happy fucking his male victims before death as the women. He was lucky enough that Josephine didn't mind, in fact she often watched. And she was still watching him now.

Josephine smiled, her hands moving where her eyes had just been. Moving down from his chest she caressed the hard plain of his stomach before wrapping her hand around his cock.

Jack moaned and closing his eyes gave himself over to the pleasure. Expertly, Josephine stroked and caressed his cock cupping his balls with her other hand. It wasn't until he felt the wet heat envelope him that he realized she had moved to her knees to take him into her mouth. Resting his hand on her hair he let her set the pace. Using years of knowledge she strove to bring him to the edge knowing what would happen when she did.

The closer he got to his release the greater his need to take control. He would not, could not passively give in to the needs of his body. He believed in conquering and control and he was about to reclaim both.

The hand on her head went from gently caressing to fiercely gripping her hair. Bracing her hands on his thighs Josephine struggled to push herself off of his cock. Jack was having none of that. He gripped her hair and forced her down on his cock, filling her mouth until he felt the head of his dick slamming against the back of her throat. Josephine struggled and gagged and soon tears were streaming down her face. She felt like she was suffocating; she was clausterphobic and having her face pressed firmly against his groin caused her to panic.

Jack smiled as he watched her struggle. She had ceased sucking on his cock but that didn't matter, he got immense pleasure just from watching her try and work her way off the end of his cock. After a minute he relented and picking her up threw her onto the bed. Josephine found herself flat on her back, with a shiver of anticipation she rolled onto her stomach and scrambled across the bed.

Jack pounced, that was the only word for it. He went after her like an animal attacking his food, a sentiment that was more accurate then he wanted to admit. Josephine went down beneath him but she wasn't ready to concede him the victory.

She fought him, using all the strength she had gathered from him over the years. Time had increased her strength and she was more than capable of meeting him on his terms.

Jack felt elated, her struggles only added to his excitement, as it did to hers. They rolled across the floor, hands, nails and teeth finding purchase wherever possible until her gown lay in tatters along the floor. Still she fought, kicking with her feet and bringing her knee up in an attempt to reach his groin.

"Bitch!" He growled; she was known to resort to fighting dirty when she knew she was going to loose. Jack had had enough. Gripping her wrists in one hand and wrapping his other one around her neck he pinned her arms up over her head. Picking her up by the neck he slammed her back down against the floor, hard enough to daze her but not so hard that she lost conscious.

She was naked beneath him, her body shuddering with each breath as she continued to struggle. Jack sensed her strength starting to weaken and moved in for the kill. He brought his body down to cover her, his knees forcing her legs apart. Josephine continued to struggle, fighting her way away from him. Jack continued to move into position and smiled when she suddenly stopped. He was poised at the brink of her opening and he knew she could feel his hardness. With a growl of pure male satisfaction he plunged his cock deep into her pussy.

Josephine screamed as both pain and pleasure ripped through her. There was no denying her readiness; her pussy was dripping wet with excitement. But Jack was large by any man's standard and his cock was unnaturally hard. His violent entry speared her, causing her pussy to stretch beyond its limits.

But she had taken him into her body many times and there was no denying the pleasure he was bestowing upon her. His thrusts had not decreased in either time or force. He was bounding her, slamming his cock deep inside of her to the point of bruising her cervix. He no longer held her hands but instead gripped her legs and forced them up onto his shoulders. From this position he was able to better penetrate her, stroking her pussy along the length of his cock. Reaching between their bodies he began fingering her clit.

Josephine shattered, the stimuli to her engorged clit sending her over the edge. Her body was racked with sensation as her orgasm washed over her. But he wasn't done yet.

Jack withdrew and flipping her over forced her up onto her knees. Not waiting for her to prepare herself or adjust he thrust his cock between her legs and took her from behind. Grabbing her hips her held her still while he ravaged her pussy. Brute strength was the only thing keeping her on her hands and knees. Her body was weak with pain and pleasure and she felt like a rag doll being fucked by a madman. She didn't want it to stop.

Pulling her legs out from under her Jack allowed her to collapse following her down onto the floor. He continued fucking her only now his thrusts were slow and languid. He reached up and brushed her hair aside exposing the back of her neck. Nuzzling his nose against her throat he could smell the blood just below the surface. His hunger rose, fed from her scent. Not just blood but the scent of her desire filled the air and saturated his senses. Still he waited; a vampire's bite was painful and for Josephine best administered at the moment of climax.

Reaching under her and finding her nipple Jack began rolling it between his fingers. At the same time he once again began thrusting his cock deeper and harder until he felt a second orgasm beginning to build.

Josephine felt her body once again come alive. Everything started to throb; seeking release she raised her hips, pressing her ass back against his groin and meeting each downward thrust of his cock. "More; please."

Jack responded to the need he heard in her voice, the same need that was repeated in her body. He pushed her, driving her towards her release. Josephine's body tightened around him and arched up off the floor bringing her neck closer to his face. With one final thrust Jack felt her shatter around him and in that moment he struck sinking his fangs deep into her throat. At the same moment his mouth filled with warm, coppery tasting blood his cock was drenched in equally warm liquid.

Josephine felt suspended in time. Her body seized, unable to move as if an electrical current was running through her. All the while Jack continued to feed her pussy clenched and contracted around him, her orgasm ceasing only when he finally released her. Exhausted, she collapsed onto the floor where she lay motionless until he lifted her and placed her in the bed.

Tucking the covers lovingly around her Jack bent down and placed an almost chaise kiss upon her forehead. "Sleep well, my love." The night sky had already begun to lighten and he could sense the sun's rays as he made his way back down into the bowels of the house. Hidden with in the many passages were his private rooms and within these was hidden his sleeping quarters. As he lay down and slid the lid close he sensed the day breath its first breath as Josephine slipped into sleep. Closing his eyes he slept the sleep of the dead secure in the knowledge that his most prized possession slept peacefully several floors above.

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