tagNonHumanA Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 04

A Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 04


Bell woke in a cold sweat several hours later; lying naked next to Ragon. Her eyes opened heavily, trying desperately to bring the room into focus. The next of her senses to return was smell. She breathed in and coughed suddenly. A rough burning scent had assaulted her throat, and jumping up in horror she realised what the smell was.

"Ragon," she breathed, looking down at his unconscious body.

His normally gorgeous features were distorted. His hair was singed, and burnt smelling, and his clothes were torn in places, as if acid had eaten through them. Some parts of his skin were blackened, and in others, the normally smooth marble skin was blistered. Bell had no idea what to do. Trying hard to think, she tore the remnants of the black buttoned shirt he wore off his body, and placed her hand shakily over his heart. There was no beat, no sound; nothing.

"Damn it," she swore.

Without thinking she began CPR. Her fingers were intertwined, as she pushed hard on his stone body, trying to revive him. She bit down hard on her lip from her efforts and tasted blood. She wasn't sure how long it had been before she realised how superfluous her actions were. Ragon was a vampire; did they even have a heart beat? Did they need oxygen? Bell thought to herself. When the muscles in her arms began to spasm from the effort, she finally stopped. Both arms lay uselessly at her side, and she collapsed back on the floor next to Ragon. He was dead. He had saved her and now he was dead.

This is bullshit, Bell thought. Ragon didn't have to save her from the guys at her college, and he didn't have to go after her when she was taken by Kiara and Matthew; but he did. She pulled her feet and tucked them up under her chin, as she lay in foetal position. Her head was rested on his shoulder again, her blue eyes staring at his empty ones. As she began breathing deeply, fighting back the tears, a desire washed over her. She reached up quickly, using her legs to kick her upright, rather than her hands which were still burning. Leaning over him she leant down and kissed him. His skin was icy cold, but as she kissed his lifeless lips she tasted dried blood. She pulled away repulsed by the tangy, coppery taste, forgetting that it was her own bloody lip she tasted.

"I'm sorry," she whispered, using all her effort to lift her hands, so as to close his eyes with her fingers tips.

As she made to pull her hand back, suddenly she felt a vice-like grip on her wrist. She turned instantly to see Ragon restraining her, his powerful grip almost snapping her radius. His eyes were wide open, but it didn't look as if he really saw her. In a second he had pulled her towards him, his fangs poised to strike.

"No," Bell screamed the horror plain in her voice.

Ragon did not hear her. He was completely focused on bringing the blood source closer to himself. Nothing else mattered. He punched through her soft skin like a knife through melting butter. A second later he was guzzling the sweetest blood he had ever tasted. His mind was lost in euphoria, the delicate fragrance of cinnamon assaulting his senses, as he smiled in glee. The blood was reviving him slowly, bringing back his senses, and restoring his life. When finally the blood had restored his memory he faltered. He tore the arm out of his mouth so viscously that he felt the flesh tear. What had he done?

"No," he gasped, the rich red blood slipping from the side of his mouth, as he looked at Bell's near white lips.

Bell wasn't yet unconscious when she looked up at her would-be saviour in horror. It was a look that shattered Ragon completely. Though his heart had not beaten once, in over a hundred years, he felt right now as though it was being forced from his chest. In a second her reached for his burnt shirt and tore it. He wound it several times around her arm hoping to stop the bleeding. It was a makeshift bandage but it did the job, and stopped any further loss. Thinking hard Ragon tried to recall how much blood he had taken from Bell. She would be ok; she had to be ok.

"What can I do?" Ragon asked helplessly.

Bell sat on the floor shivering, rocking back and forth, her hands around her knees. She had slipped into shock; not just from blood loss, but also disbelief, and couldn't answer. Ragon made to check Bells pulse, but she moved away from him quickly. Sadness washed over him, and he scooped her up carefully, and raced her towards the bathroom. Bell didn't jerk away when Ragon lifted her, simply accepted her fate. With Bell still in his arms, he turned the hot and cold taps of the shower on. He checked the temperature quickly before moving into the shower with Bell, and placing her head under the water. He then sat down on the floor of the shower, with Bell still cradled in his arms.

It was at least half an hour before Bell spoke. The shower was full of thick steam, which whirled around Ragon's icy cold body; as if he were an ice-block in the sun. The shocking white of the shower tiles had been thrown into drastic contrast when Bell's wrist had first contacted the water, as bright red temporarily coloured the floor. She had not flinched when her wound stung from the water, and Ragon's eyes looked immediately up at the glass windows. He wanted to look anywhere but at the blood he still desired so.

"Why?" she asked, her voice shaky.

"I am a monster," Ragon replied.

Bell didn't respond, but moved to sit opposite Ragon. He didn't fight her, but sat numbly hating himself. Her hands made to touch the roughly made bandage when suddenly she realised she was naked. Instantly her knees were drawn up to her chest and she crossed her hands over them so as to cover as much of herself as she could.

"You needn't be embarrassed," Ragon said, the slightest of smiles touching the corner of his lips.

"I'm naked, and you're, you're fully clothed; in the shower," Bell responded.

"Well as it is the norm to be naked in the shower, then shouldn't I be the one who's embarrassed?" Ragon asked teasingly.

Bell didn't respond for a moment. She was scowling in her head, going over retorts. When she didn't speak for a moment, Ragon spoke again "I could take these off if they offend you?" He had gestured to his clothing, and begun tearing at the few remaining shreds of black cotton that remained of his shirt. Instantly his beautiful body gleamed. His skin was pale, though the intense white of the bathroom tiles gave him an almost greyish pallor. Bell's jaw dropped. Her eyes locked onto his gorgeous body and toned muscles, as images of him rescuing her popped in her head. She watched in anticipation as he moved for the zipper of his pants. Hadn't she been through enough tonight? Could her body handle any more?

Bell shook her head suddenly "I thought you were dead," she whispered.

"I am," Ragon replied quickly.

"No, I mean, I thought you were gone," Bell stumbled.

"You should be so lucky" Ragon replied, his eyes a little narrowed.

He had stopped removing his clothing at her comments. He had wanted to make her more comfortable, but it had not worked.

"How is your arm?" Ragon asked?

Bell laughed a little out-loud before looking down at the offending bandage "actually, it doesn't really hurt."

It was Ragon's turn to laugh now "it's the venom, it takes away the pain temporarily so that our prey can't, err- escape."

"Convenient" Bell said simply.

Another few moments passed in silence. Bell watched mesmerised as drops of water cascaded down Ragon's pecs, as if his body were a marble waterfall. Watching him made her peaceful. Her mind was no longer replaying all the horrible moments with Matthew.

"I am sorry," Ragon said after a while.

Bell raised her gaze from him abdomen to his eyes, "why did they take me?" she asked.

"To hurt me," Ragon said simply, his voice deflated "Kiara made me, and so she wants to own me. When I refused to be with her she agreed not to seek me out, as long as I remained solitary. I think the thought I my being happy has offended her."

"Why wouldn't you want to be with her?" Bell asked "she was hot, and so nice," she added as an afterthought.

Ragon's eyebrows raised, apparently sarcasm was lost on him.

"We should get out," Ragon said, moving to pick Bell up again "I need to get you to a doctor."

"I can't go to the hospital! Don't you think they'll want to know what the hell happened to my hand?" Bell asked.

Ragon thought hard. He knew that the bite would not heel with stiches. The best thing for Bell would be a bandage.

"Well then the pharmacy," Ragon said "we can get some bandage material."

Bell nodded once "after you," she said gesturing for him to leave first.

She wasn't going to get up first. Being naked in Ragon's arms when she was in shock was one thing, but to walk around in front of him naked as though it was normal would definitely make her uncomfortable. Ragon left the bathroom quickly, leaving a large white towel for Bell next to the shower. It didn't take Bell long to dry herself. There were blood stains on the white towel from her wrist, and she wished that Ragon might have left her a different colour towel that didn't show up her injuries quite so much. Once inside her room she roamed the closet for another pair of jeans and a jumper. It wasn't particularly cold outside but she wanted to be covered. She had been exposed enough for a lifetime.

It was sunset when Ragon finally knocked on her bedroom door, and asked if she was ready to go. When finally the sun had set and darkness fell they left the house, once again on Ragon's bike. The pharmacy assistant gawked at Ragon, as he presented her with all manner of bandage material.

"Dog bite," he muttered to her, hoping to justify his actions.

Bell laughed quietly to herself. She thought the girls actions had nothing to do with their purchases, and everything to do with Ragon's god-like appearance. The assistant was flushed in the face when Ragon handed her some money, and dropped the change all over the counter, with some coins spilling onto the floor. It had taken another ten minutes for them to leave, with the girl finding any excuse to keep them in the store, even offering to bandage the bite for them.

"It's for our daughter," Ragon finally lied, tugging the bag of goods out of her hand.

At this the assistant stared at Bell. Her eyes raked Bell's features in disbelief, but gave the bag unwillingly to them, and watched as they exited the store together.

"I just have to drop this off," Ragon said, indicating several brown envelopes.

Bell hadn't seen that he'd been holding any letters, and watched as Ragon moved over to the large red and white post office box and placed the large envelopes inside. She wanted to ask who they were to, but fought the desire to be nosey.


It became obvious three days later who Ragon had been writing to. On Thursday night there was a loud knock on the front door, and Ragon jumped to his feet to answer it. They had been sitting on the couch together, watching the news.

Police remain hopeful of catching the culprit responsible for the senseless murders of four prominent young university students. The classmates were killed...

Prominent young rapists, Bell thought to herself, as she made to change the channel. When Bell had heard the knock her hands began trembling.

"Welcome," came Ragon's voice from the entrance.

Instinctively Bell rubbed her hand. She had been taking a cocktail of nurophen plus and panadol for the pain, and even though she constantly told Ragon that it didn't hurt anymore, occasionally the pain of that night washed over her, and left her paralysed with fear.

'Thankyou Ragon," came a deep man's voice.

Bell peaked over the couch and watched as two beautiful people entered the room. Bell knew instantly by the grace and speed of their entrance that the pair were vampires.

"And this must be you're Bell" said a light and musical voice.

Bell locked eyes on the woman. She was short and thin, with mousey blonde hair that was shoulder length. Her eyes were a deep green, and she was beautiful.

"Err, hello," Bell said from the couch.

"Hello," said the man and the woman together.

Bell looked at the man next. He was tall and black, with even blacker eyes, but they were kind looking, and when he smiled at Bell, she was instantly at ease.

"Bell, this is Larissa and Cambridge" Ragon said, introducing the pair.

Bell stood quickly and moved to shake the couple's hands. They grip was not overly hard, but both of their eyes raked the large bandage on her wrist, looking instantly up at Ragon in surprise.

"They have come at my request to form a temporary coven," Ragon said, "I have invited a few old friends to come and stay with us, so that this mess with Kiara can be sorted out." Ragon touched Bell gently on the shoulder and moved to face his friends "thankyou," he said simply.

Suddenly there was another knock at the front door. Bell jumped again instinctively, but the other three vampires made no movement.

"Ahh I see you have invited Thomas and Sandra too," Larissa said.

Ragon nodded, and moved once again over to the front door and opened it.

"Thankyou for coming," he said.

Sandra was even shorter than Larissa. Her eyes were a funny honey colour, and her blonde hair was tied into a high bun. She wore blue eyes shadow and her cheeks were accentuated by bright red blush.

"Oh honey, come here," Sandra said in a deep southern accent, thick with kindness.

Ragon embraced the lovely vampire, and then made to shake hands with her mate.

"I see you have gotten yourself into some trouble," Thomas said, indicating Bell.

Bell blushed furiously, but Sandra raced over to her and hugged her warmly. There was no heat to her embrace, in fact her skin was icy cold to the touch, but Bell appreciated the gesture and smiled when Sandra said "that silly Kiara cow, don't you worry honey, she'll get what's coming to her."

Ragon didn't smile, but gestured for his guest's to follow him, as he showed him around the house.

"Thomas and Sandra are opposite my bedroom, here," he said pointing to yet another door. "Bell sleeps here," he said finally pointing to the room in between both bedrooms.

"But, but you two don't slepp together?" Sandra asked before she could stop herself.

"Hush, love," came Thomas's voice.

Bell flushed even more furiously then before, and grasped her hands to try and help cool her cheeks.

"This is your bedroom," he said to Larissa and Cambridge, after they had walked up a small flight of stairs, and reached the second storey.

"Well, we must eat," Cambridge said.

"Yes, as should we," agreed Thomas.

All four vampires turned to face Ragon "I will stay here and mind Bell."

"Mind me?" Bell asked, insulted "I think I can manage being home alone."

"Oh honey! How would it be that on the first night we all come here, that Kiara comes and sweeps you away?" Sandra asked.

Bell didn't respond.

"I know," said Sandra "How's about us girls stay and chat and you boys go off and hunt?"

For a moment Ragon locked eyes with Bell, but Larissa said, "don't worry, we'll take care of her."

Thomas moved in close to Sandra, and kissed her passionately on the mouth. This was followed quickly by Cambridge doing the same to Larissa. Bell watched, a little jealous as the couple kissed passionately. It wasn't a goodbye kiss, but a longing kiss. She didn't make eye contact with Ragon, who had moved over to the large french doors, which connected the living room to the outside veranda. After embracing their mates, Thomas and Cambridge joined Ragon on the veranda, and all three vampires leapt from the balcony, into the forest below the house, and disappeared from sight.

"So," said Sandra, now moving over to the large couch in front of the television, "how did you too meet?"

Bell instantly began telling the story of how Ragon had rescued her. By the time she had finished, both vampires had a look of concern plastered on their faces.

"I did wonder if those four boys had met their end after running in with a vamp" Larisssa said before adding, "we heard the story on the news when we flew in."

Bell was surprised with how at ease she felt with Sandra and Larissa, and thought she might take the opportunity to find out more about the dark stranger she was now living with "How do you know Ragon?"

"Oh well, that's an easy one," Sandra began "It was 19-" she trailed off looking at Larissa.

"1933" Larissa finished for her.

"Oh right, so it was 1933, and we were all living in Massachusetts at the time. Back then, vamps didn't really bother too much about being discovered. There were parties going on every other week. It was Halloween, and one of the elders was throwing a ball. We had met Ragon and Kiara a few times, just socially by then. Any way, they had a huge argument, very public and nasty. We approached Ragon and asked if he wanted to join our coven. He accepted and for a few decades we all lived together" Sandra said.

"But he left us after a while. I think he preferred the solitary life, and came over here to live," added Larissa.

"What was the argument about?" Bell asked, before being able to stop herself.

"Don't know. He didn't really like talking about Kiara, not that I can blame him. She was a possessive bitch. He just told us that he didn't love her and didn't want to waste eternity with her," Larissa said.

"Oh" said Bell, a little disappointedly; having hoped they might have been privy to this information.

"So since then, us four have stuck together, but the second we had word from Ragon, that he had found you, and that Kiara knew about, we knew we had to come and help," Larissa said.

The girls continued to talk for about half an hour, until they heard the french doors opening.

"And what are you three gossiping about?" Cambridge's deep voice asked.

Bell jumped, but Larissa replied "just girl talk."

Ragon followed Cambridge inside and looked at Bell. He smiled lightly at her, but she did not return the smile. She was still angry at him for treating her like a child.

"I have a surprise for you" Thomas said when he entered the room.

In a second he had moved over to the kitchen, and retrieved two glasses. From behind his back he produced a bottle of wine. Bell watched as he poured two glasses, of thick, sticky red liquid. She knew instantly that it must be blood.

"Oh darling" Sandra said, taking the glass gratefully and gulping the liquid down.

Larissa smiled as she accepted the glass, and began sipping the blood in her leisure.

"I'd offer," Thomas said to Bell "but I don't think you would enjoy the vintage."

Cambridge laughed at this. It was a deep booming, laugh and when Larissa's own light laugh followed suit, it was like listening to music.

"Well I need my beauty sleep" Sandra said, as she jumped off the couch, and placed her glass in the sink.

Thomas followed after her, just as Larissa and Cambridge made for the stairs, leading to the second level.

"Goodnight" Ragon said to Bell.

"Night" Bell replied. She was still sitting on the couch, and got up reluctantly to go to bed. She felt strange. Part of her wanted Ragon to sleep next to her, but she would rather die than admit it, or gesture in any way that she wished for it. So she watched him enter his room, and closed the door after himself. Inside her own room, Bell brushed her teeth, and put on her pyjamas. She was jumping into bed when she heard a strange noise coming from Thomas's and Sandra's bedroom. Fighting with herself, she eventually got up and stuck her ear to the door. Instantly she blushed crimson.

"Oh baby" Sandra moaned.

Sandra was lying on her back on their bed, with her negligee pulled up to her thighs. Thomas was ravaging her pussy with his mouth; licking on her clit in circles, while his teeth occasionally grabbed at her lips and pulled them open. She was squirming in pleasure fighting the desire to cum. His hands were greedily pressed against her stomach, keeping her in place. Occasionally they would tighten on her thigh, or reach up and pinch her nipples.

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