A Day at the Beach


It was a beautiful sunny day here in Florida and I decided to take advantage of it. I got up and brushed out my shoulder length blonde hair and put on a little bit of make up. I pulled out my pink bikini and put it on looking at myself in the mirror even though the bottom were a little small they still held me very well concealing my little secret. The top was a little more full to cover my breast forms. Then I put on white shorts and a little tank top and then some flip-flops. I grabbed my sunglasses a towel and some sun tan lotion and headed out the door.

It was only about a ten-minute drive to the beach and I decided I would stop and get some breakfast on the way. I stopped at a local drive threw and as I ordered and got my food the pimple faced teenager kept flirting with me and looking at me from the window. I laughed to myself thank 'if you only knew what you were fantasizing about.'

Then I was on my way again. When I arrived there weren't many people at all but being a Tuesday this didn't shock me much. I grabbed my stuff out of the car and walked out into the sand. I found a spot where there wouldn't be much disturbance I laid out my towel and stripped down to my bikini. As I sat down I slowly began to apply the tanning oil to my skin starting with my legs and moving up to my stomach and my arms and shoulders. As I was thinking how I was going to do my back I was approached by a cute guy he looked in his mid thirties. He looked very good in his Speedo, which showed just how well endowed he was. He told me his name was Kevin and offered to spread the oil on my back. I smiled telling him I would be very thankful.

He had me lay on my stomach stretched out on the towel he slowly started to rub it into my back messaging me as he did, which felt very good. He made small talk as he did asking my name and where I was from and then asking why he had never met me before now. I smiled and told him I wasn't the type of girl he thought I was and that he would probably run away if he had any idea. By this time he was working on the back of my thighs right at the bottom of my bikini lines. He looked intrigued by this statement and slowly slid his hand down between my legs and I moaned as he ran his fingers over my clit.

He stumbled back with a surprised look on his face as I smiled at him. He stammered and shyly he said, "I've always dreamed of a girl like you but hadn't had any luck finding one."

I reached over and slowly place my hand on the front of his suit feeling his organ pulse as I said, "well you found one now what are you going to do with me"

He laughed at this and asked what I would allow. My simple response was "try me." this brought a big smile to his face as he continued feeling on me. There were too many people out here for him to jump on me and do anything after a few minutes I got an idea. He helped me up and took my hand and led me over to the men's room I was kind of shaky walking into the men's room dressed like this but nobody was paying attention.

He led me in to the big handicap stall in the back and as soon as we were and he shut the door he grabbed me pulling me tight against him. He began kissing me as his hand ran over my back. I placed one hand on his chest as my other ran down between his legs feeling his growing cock. I was really getting into this and was getting pretty turned on myself. I sat down pulling him to me and was eye level with his cock as I pulled down the front of his Speedos and his bit eight-inch cock fell out at me.

I instantly wrapped my hand around it and started stroking it as I looked up and told him he had a very nice cock then I began licking it all over. It tasted salty from where he had been swimming but it wasn't bad I enjoyed the taste. After licking all over his cock and making it good and wet and moved down to his balls and I liked and sucked on them as he moaned. When I felt I had licked them enough I moved back to his cock and took it into my mouth. First starting with the head swirling my tongue around it before sliding my mouth down it.

After just a few minutes of this he asked me to stop practically begging to fuck me. A smiled and agreed telling him I would love to feel his big cock in my ass. He helped me up and turned me around bending me over the toilet and he squatted down behind me. I felt my bikini bottoms slide off my hips and down my legs to rest at my ankles, where anyone could see them under the stall. I was already extremely turned on and my clit was hard then I felt him press his face into my ass and felt his tongue on my hole I moaned in surprise as I felt this. He continued to lick me to lick me for a few minutes getting my hole good and wet until I moaned out asking him to please put his cock in me.

With that he stood up and I felt his cock at my hole he slowly started to push the head in which didn't take much at all. Within moments I felt his balls against me as he was all the way inside my ass. He slowly began moving in and out of me and as he set a rhythm I began to push back against him, which excited him even more. I held the back of the toilet tightly as he reached around me grabbing my chest with one hand and grabbing my clit with the other. He began stroking me at the same rhythm he was fucking me and this drove my crazy. I began moaning as I thrust back against him harder which made him start driving me harder.

We heard people coming and going out of the room but didn't stop or care. As he began to stroke me harder I realized his breathing had increased and so had his thrusting I asked if he was about to cum and fill my tight little ass. This was all it took within moments I felt his cock twitch inside me and swell. As he thrust it deep inside me I felt it explode and I moaned as I came from his hand stroking me.

We stood there a few minutes catching our breath and letting our orgasm subside. Finally his cock slid out and he was quick to squat down and pull my bikini bottoms up my leg and back over my ass. I adjusted myself in the front as my clitty had shrunk back down. Then I squatted down in front of him and took his cock into my mouth licking it clean. It tasted of cum and the stuff I use to clean myself out and I enjoyed it before I pulled the front of his Speedo back up.

He helped me up pulling me into his arms he kissed me again. Then he asked if he could take me to dinner this evening I told him he could he told me to meet him at a restaurant at seven and asked if he could make another request. I told him he could I would do anything to feel his cock inside me again. He asked me not to change or clean out my bikini bottoms. I was kind of dumb founded as to why he asked me this until he moved his hand to grab my ass and I felt the wet spot where his cum had leaked out of me into my bikini. I blushed and said I would do this for him and I would see him tonight.

With that I kissed him once more before walking out of the bathroom I walked over and picked up my stuff and just bothering to put my shirt and flip flops on I made my way to the car. As I got in I felt the wet spot in my bikini very well and it felt great as I drove home. When I arrived I went to the bedroom and stripped down to my bottoms and as I was looking in my dresser I looked back at my ass in the mirror and could see the wet spot hugging my ass I laughed at this as I pulled out a black lace bra and put it on.

I went to the kitchen and made myself a drink before walking out on my back porch and lounging a little bit trying to decide what to wear tonight. I ended up dosing off and the sun was beginning to go down as I awoke. I got up and walked into my bathroom and washed my face taking off the make up from earlier and reapplying some more for the evening. I walked into my closet and pulled out a short sleeveless red cocktail dress and picked some little black heels. I put on a necklace and some earrings and decided it was time to go.

I drove to the restaurant, which wasn't far. He was waiting for me when I got there wearing some dark blue slacks and a white button up shirt. He told me I looked stunning I thanked him for his compliment as we walked inside. We talked over dinner and he told me he had been dreaming of finding a girl like me since he was a teenager and he was so happy he finally found one. After dinner he asked if I would like to go back to his place and have some privacy and be a lot more comfortable then we were this afternoon. I agreed and fallowed him in my car.

When we got there he offered me a drink as we walked into the sitting room I accepted and looked around as he ran off to the kitchen to make it. It was a nice looking place but from the different things lying around he didn't live here alone. I asked him if he lived here alone when he came back in and handed me a drink, it was pretty strong as I took a sip. He said he lived with his sister but she was out on a date tonight as well. We sat on the couch and continued to talk as we drank our drinks and his hand rested on my thigh. He asked if I liked hot tubs and I told him I did very much and he said they had one and asked if I wanted to get in. I told him I didn't bring my top with me and he said that ok I was just going to get in naked and you can just wear your bottoms.

I didn't argue as he led me out the back door to a big porch. He uncovered the hot tub and turned it on then walked over to me and began kissing me as he reached behind me and unzipped my dress. I let it slide off my shoulders and down around my ankles as I started to unbutton his shirt. He reached back and unhooked my bra and I let him pull it off me then I started unbuckling his pants as I felt his hands running over my back. He took off his boxers while I took off my heels and he grabbed my ass covered by my bikini bottoms and we climbed into the hot tub.

We continued kissing as we sat in the hot water and his hands ran over my body as mine found his already hard cock. I stroked it a little and then he grabbed me pulling me on top of his lap. I could feel his cock pressing against my bottoms as he kissed me deeply and mine was growing too. After a few minutes of this we were both ready for some real fun we climbed out of the tub and he grabbed a towel and began drying me off as he continued to steal little kisses. After he was dry as well he took my hand and led me inside to his room leaving our clothes lying on the deck. We walked into his room and didn't bother closing the door as he laid me on my back on the bed kissing me he pulled my bikini bottoms off and threw them in a wet lump on the floor as he continued to kiss me.

He slowly pulled away from my face and moved down between my legs and began kissing my thighs and licking my clit, which was extremely hard. I moaned and he licked and sucked on me for a few minutes before he moved even lower and began licking my hole, which I'm sure still tasted like his cum even after being in the hot tub. He licked me till I was squirming and begging for his cock. He reached into the night stand and pulled out some lube and put it on his cock stroking it a little getting it good and slick. He climbed back on top of me and I spread my legs around him as he brought his face to mine. He began kissing me again as he guided his hard cock to my hold and I moaned into his mouth as he slowly pushed it inside me.

I had my arms around him and I was lightly running my nails up and down his back as he slowly began to move in and out of my hole. I began moving my hips to meet his strokes and was over taken by the feeling of this sexy man between my legs buried deep inside my tight ass. He began to build speed as I reached down and grabbed his ass and kissing his neck. He said I was his girl tonight and he was going to treat me as such then kissed be deeply sliding his tongue into my mouth and finding mine. We continued to kiss and play with each other's tongues until we were both gasping about to cum. He pulled away groaning saying he was going to fill me with his cum, I told him to cum deep inside my tight little ass make me his girl.

With that I felt him tense and groan as he began pumping his cum into me I moaned as this caused me to cum as well making a mess all over our stomachs. We lay there for a second catching our breaths and then he looks me in the eyes and kisses me he thanks me for being his first special girl. Then all of a sudden we heard someone clapping from the doorway. We turned and looked and he said, "hey molly, enjoy the show?"

She laughed saying, "always enjoy the show. Glad you finally found you a special girl, and even happier I was able to watch. Don't move ill go get you a towel."

She walked back into the hallway and came back a minute later handing a towel to Kevin. I smiled at her as he cleaned the cum from between us Kevin asked if I would like to stay the night with him I smiled and said I would love to but I don't have any clothes. His sister was all over this one and said don't worry I have a whole wardrobe just come to my room when you are finished cleaning up. I smiled and thanked her and told her I would see her in a few minutes and she walked out of the room.

Kevin continued to clean us up with his cock still inside me he said he didn't want his cum to leak out of me he wanted me to feel it all night. He reached in the nightstand again this time pulling out a butt plug and asked if I would wear it. I told him I would love to and as he slowly pulled his limp cock out of me he quickly replaced it with the plug trapping his cum inside me. He stood up and I sat up grabbing his hips before he could go anywhere I wrapped my mouth around his cock and began to lick it. He began to moan a little as I took his cock into my mouth and sucked it clean to his enjoyment.

After a few minutes I decided I better stop or I was going to get worked up again. I got up and walked towards the door hearing him say his sister's room is 2 doors down. I thanked him giggling as I walked out of the room.

Her door was wide open when I got to it and when I walked in I noticed her sitting naked at a computer in the corner. I was kind of surprised as I realized what she was doing with her legs spread and a hand between them as the other moved the mouse. She jumped and said, "O I'm sorry I thought I had a little more time."

I replied, "No I'm sorry I should have knocked."

I couldn't help but look at her beautiful naked body as she sat there still touching herself she told me there was a nighty and panties laying on the bed for me. I thanked her as I moved towards the bed hating tearing my eyes away from her as I walked over I picked up the sheer baby pink nighty and looked it over liking the way it looked then laying it back down I picked up the sheer matching thong. I was standing with my back to her so when I bent over to step into the thong she got a good look at my ass and the base of the plug deep inside it. As I pulled the panties up my legs and over my hips I heard her moaning and as I turned my head to look over my shoulder she was staring at my ass rubbing her clit hard.

I reached down and picked up the nighty again sure to bend over a little to show her my ass again. And I pulled the nighty over my head as I turned to look at her. She motioned with her finger to come to her and as soon as I was in her reach she grabbed me and began touching me through my panties. She stood up wrapping her arms around me grabbing my ass as she pressed her lips to mine. She slid her tongue into my mouth kissing me passionately for a moment then she pushed me away and told me to bend over and show her my ass.

I did as I was told I turned around and bent over showing her my ass. I knew she could see the plug through my panties, as she reached out and pressed her fingers against it I moaned. She said, "wow, I see why all the boys want to fuck you, an ass like that if I had a cock I'd fuck you too."

I heard her sit back in her charge and I looked back and she was playing with herself again as she looked at me. All of a sudden she picked her foot up and with her toes she pressed against the base of the plug again causing me to moan. Then she told me to spread my legs some more and as I did she ran her foot down between my legs and started rubbing my cock through the panties. Then she smiled and said "mmm that's hot my fingers aren't going to be enough. Do me a favor and go grab my vibrator out of the top drawer of the dress. Then come back and stand just like you are now."

I did as she told me and as I opened the drawer I saw she had quite a few different vibrators and toys and I asked which one she wanted she said surprise her. So I grabbed a realistic looking one the color of skin and the feel of skin. I walked back over to her and she smiled saying good choice now back into position. I turned back around and bent over spreading my legs again and looking back at her I watched as she turned the vibrator on and began rubbing it against her pussy.

As she began pushing it inside her she reached her foot back over and began rubbing my clit through the panties again and by this time it was rock hard. Then she slid off the chair and down to her knees still pushing the vibrator in and out of her she turned me around and pulled my panties down around my knees. Looking up at me she said, "Now I cant send you back to Kevin with a big hard clitty its unlady like."

With that she wrapped her lips around my clit and began sucking me while she continued with the vibe moaning around my cock. With her other hand she reached up between my legs and began pushing against the base of the plug again. I was in heaven as this beautiful girl sucked me while I was wearing her lingerie. Then she moved positioning herself so a mirror was right behind her and I could was her ass sway and the dildo disappearing between her sexy legs.

It didn't take long looking at this sight and I was moaning and shaking as I neared my orgasm she was moaning around me as she was too. I reached down and slid my fingers into her pretty brunette hair just so I had something to hold onto. As I moaned I told her I was going to cum which only increased her efforts as she sucked harder and moved her mouth up and down on me quicker.

As she pressed on the plug again I began shooting my load into her mouth as she began shaking and moaning on my clit as she reached her own orgasm, her hips shook violently. She swallowed as best she could but my cum still ran out of her mouth and down her chin as she licked me clean she pulled the thong back up my legs over my hips. As she stood up she brought her toy to my mouth and I asked cleaning her juices of it with my mouth which she enjoyed watching. After a few minutes she pulled it away and kissed me. She said, "Thank you so much, I needed that and anytime to want me you can have me. We'll have lesbian fun together."

We both laughed at this and kissed again before I left the room and went back to Kevin who was laid back on the bed naked. His eyes lit up as he watched me come in and said, "Wow can my sis pick an outfit."

With that he pulled me into bed with him and kissed me as he wrapped his arms around me. I felt asleep with my head on his chest as he rubbed his hands on my back thinking, 'what a great idea it was to go to the beach.'

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