tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach


Kim and Martin were relieved to finally be able to get out in the sun again. Winter had been long and cold and they both felt like they were suffering from cabin fever. The heat of the sun felt good on Kim's body and the cool breeze felt like a lover's caress as it passed over her skin.

Kim revelled in her freedom. She found the heavy clothes needed in winter oppressive and depressing and finally being able to shed them was an enormous relief. Her spirit soared as she walked to the beach arm in arm with her man and feeling free in just a bikini and a light wrap.

Cars slowed as they passed the couple. Martin was pretty sure that it wasn't just for the tight bends. He smiled inwardly each time he spotted people in the cars ogling the woman on his arm. He loved having a girlfriend that could stop traffic but even more he loved having a girlfriend who dressed as sexily as Kim did. The clothes she was wearing, or not wearing, right now were a perfect example. Kim wore a pale blue see-through wrap over a black Brazilian bikini, the bottom creeping up ever so slightly so the curves at the bottom of her cheeks were tantalizingly uncovered and the top was completely decent but somehow drew the eyes to the sensuous curves of her firm breasts.

Sometimes Martin fantasised about dressing Kim sluttily but she already dressed sexier than anyone he knew. When they went clubbing he found himself comparing Kim to women dressed more like his slutty fantasies and even though her outfits sometimes showed almost as much skin she never looked slutty. There was a quality about Kim that no matter how revealingly she dressed she would always look sexy and never slutty. Nevertheless, it was that quality itself that drove Martin to wish he could see Kim with her guard down and looking slutty and wanton.

For right now, though, Martin was happy to have a beautiful, sexily dressed woman on his arm. Kim's hip brushed against Martin's rhythmically as she walked with a graceful sway as her weight moved from side to side. Martin looked at her and she seemed oblivious to the cars that were still slowing as they passed. He envied them the view they must have of Kim from behind. He could almost picture the curves of her nearly bare derriere, as it swung from side to side, the soft firmness of her flesh bouncing gently with each step as her feet met the ground. He imagined the transformation of her cheeks from glorious full round curves to being stretched taught and firm as her weight shifted and her legs moved back and forth.

Despite what Martin thought Kim was aware of everything that was happening around her. It was spring and Kim felt alive in a way she hadn't felt for the better part of a year. Her libido was ablaze and her skin was sensitive to the slightest touch. The sun warmed her skin and the gentle breeze moved over her body. Her sheer wrap was no protection against the elements and the combination of heat and cool raised tingles on her skin in completely random places as the breeze eddied around her. The tingles aroused her, especially as there was no place on her body they could not reach. First they would caress her arm and then a stray flurry would pass between her thighs, simultaneously cooling her and reminding her of the heat growing in her loins.

As for the men in the cars, Kim wasn't paying attention to them, but it didn't mean she wasn't aware of them. Kim had reached a state of sensual awareness where she could almost feel their eyes moving over her body as they passed. The feeling always began in her buttocks; with some men it progressed down her legs and with others it moved up over the swell of her hips to her narrow waist. Sometimes the feeling continued after the car had passed and then it almost always moved to cup her breasts. As thrilling as the touch of the strangers' eyes was the feeling was not entirely pleasurable.

Dressing in this fashion, even to go to the beach, was not something Kim would usually do. Her heightened libido had emboldened her to dress in a way she knew Martin fantasised about her. His reaction was the most exciting of all. His hands were sweating and it wasn't that hot and she was sure it wasn't nerves either. No, the sweaty hands had the same cause as the bulge in his pants. Kim's body responded to his in the same way. Her loins grew warm and she could feel the wetness spreading between her legs. Knowing the lust and excitement that her display inspired in her man was more than enough to overcome any feeling of discomfort she felt at the touch of the strangers' eyes.

By the time they arrived at the beach Martin was desperately trying to think of something other than Kim's bare skin and the view she was providing to so many complete strangers. The view he had created in his mind of her from behind was bewitching and almost hypnotic. Trying to dispel the image was hopeless but he was in a state which was completely inappropriate for the beach. Kim on the other hand had found a place where no-one but she and Martin existed and she could simply enjoy her arousal and the affect she was having on him.

Not surprisingly the beach was crowded. The sudden heat had the exact same affect on everyone else as it had on Martin and Kim and people were heading for the beach in droves. They managed to find an empty spot where the nearest people were a few metres away. They spread their towels on the sand and Kim removed her wrap. Martin hadn't been able to look at her body on the walk to the beach but he drank her in now. He realised her nipples were erect and imagined that she was turned on by the strangers' eyes on her body as much as he was. She was certainly turned on but not for the reasons he imagined. It was his excitement that was igniting her passion.

As she sat cross legged on her towel, Kim said, "Sit down, babe, and I'll rub sun screen on you."

Martin's mouth was dry, and he had to swallow and lick his lips before he could answer, "I'm going to go for a quick swim, I need to cool off."

Martin removed his t-shirt and Kim watched as he raised his arms above his head to draw it off. Martin's muscles flexed and rippled as he stretched; he worked out and it really showed. Kim really enjoyed Martin's body and she felt a definite twitch and further wetness between her legs as she watched. He wasn't lumpy like some guys, but he had very nice definition in his stomach, hips and chest, and his biceps were enough to make her melt. She noticed the bulge in his pants and realised why he had been moving so awkwardly since they reached the beach. He had been quite successful up until then in trying to hide it, but it was completely conspicuous as he stretched. As she saw the bulge she could feel tiny prickles all over her skin as sweat broke out, she could hear a roaring in her ears and she felt quite light headed, almost high. She watched in a daze as he walked away from her. He had a cute little arse and she watched it recede, still dazed, and wondering how she had come so close to an orgasm without ever even being touched.

Kim lay back on her towel and enjoyed her arousal. She closed her eyes and imagined her man returning and kissing her deeply. Somehow there were no clothes between them and she opened herself to him. He entered her with one strong thrust and held her in his powerful arms. God, he felt so big inside her, and so powerful around her, he enveloped her petite body as if she was a doll. He plunged deep inside her with powerful thrusts. He entered her again and again. He drove her to levels of ecstasy she had never felt before. She was about to explode. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew she was at the beach with people all around, but she out of control, and although her man was inside her only in her imagination her impending orgasm was real.

The orgasm hit her like a wave crashing. It built and grew deep inside her, exploded in the warmth of her loins, and washed over her body like an ecstatic tide.

Following the wave of heat that spread through her entire body was a shocking splash of cold water which brought her out of her reverie to sit bolt upright with a gasp.

Martin giggled, "Hey babe!"

Kim looked down at her body to see she was covered in droplets of cold seawater. She shivered.

"What the fuck was that for?" she asked Martin.

"Dunno. I called you a few times but you were a million miles away or something. Snapped you out of it didn't it?"

"Yeah," she said, looking more than slightly nonplussed.

"Sorry babe," said Martin. "How about rubbing that sun screen on now?" he asked as he sat in front of her.

Martin seemed completely oblivious of the mood he had destroyed. Kim looked around self-consciously, wondering if she had made any noise as she came, because she had cum, and beautifully. The cold water splashed on her disguised the wetness between her legs, so she figured she could be grateful for that. She also figured she could be grateful that he hadn't splashed her before she came. And grateful that if Martin hadn't heard anything she could be sure no-one around them had heard either.

There were a million thoughts competing in Martin's head as Kim rubbed lotion on his back. First among them was the image that had been burned into his mind when he came back from his swim. That image was one of the most amazing things he had ever seen in his life. Kim had been lying on her back, legs spread slightly, kind of writhing just a little and moaning very softly. He'd thought she must be dreaming even though he couldn't imagine her falling asleep at the beach that quickly. It was the horniest thing he'd ever seen; his girlfriend lying on the beach having some kind of erotic dream with people all around. At first he watched, transfixed, but as her moans grew louder and her hips began to lift from the towel he knew he had to wake her up. She'd be mortified if she ever thought strangers had seen her in that state. He really had called her a couple of times before splashing her with water from his hair. The splashing was a last desperate effort to wake her up after her moans had grown loud enough for people nearby to hear. It had worked, and the way she yelled at him as she wakened had probably covered the loud moans that had prompted the splash.

The second thought that was competing in his head was, 'Fuck, fuck, fuck, how fucking hot was that!!! My girlfriend just had an orgasm on the beach!'

The third was pretty simple, and dealt with the return of his erection, and how pointless the swim had been. The swim had worked, but watching Kim cum had given him a bigger erection than before, and to make it worse his board-shorts were now wet and clingy.

Martin was also trying to think of a way to tell Kim he'd seen her, that in fact he'd watched her, and that it was the most amazing thing he'd ever seen. He knew he had to be careful though and would have to wait because she would be terminally embarrassed, and not just because other people might have seen.

The final thought, and in fact one which was quickly becoming the most urgent, was how hot Kim would look without a top on. He pictured her rubbing sun screen into his back, topless, her breasts jiggling in time to the motions of her arms as she rubbed lotion into his back. It wasn't simply that he wanted her to bare her breasts for all the world to see; what excited him was the idea that she could do it casually, while engaged in a task as mundane as rubbing lotion on his back, as if there was nothing more normal in the world than to be topless at the beach with men all around her looking at her boobs. Jesus. The thought almost paralysed him.

"Wow, babe, you're so stiff," said Kim. "What's got you all tensed up?"

Martin couldn't believe it. Kim had noticed and called him on it. This was the perfect opportunity to tell her what he was really thinking, but he couldn't just blurt out something like, "Hey babe, can you take your top off please?" Or could he?

Martin's mouth was dry again. He licked his lips and looked back at her. His voice shook as he said, "I was picturing you without a top on."

There. He'd said it. For good or ill it was out there in the open. He'd shared a fantasy with her. He just hoped that she wouldn't think he was some kind of creep.

With Martin twisted to face her Kim couldn't reach his back anymore, so she applied sun screen where she could reach. She rubbed lotion into his shoulder and upper arm. The muscles in his arm were tense as well, but in his arm it felt good, she enjoyed the way his hard bicep felt as she rubbed it. She liked how small her hands looked compared to his muscular arms.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

Christ. She was being obtuse or going topless just wouldn't occur to her. It was common enough, but mostly with a certain type of woman. Martin nerved himself to be even more straightforward in revealing his fantasy to her.

"I mean without your bikini top – imagining it made me hot; it's what made me tense up."

Kim's eyebrows lifted sightly and Martin knew it had sunk in. She wasn't angry and it didn't look like she thought he was ridiculous. She was just mildly surprised. It seemed like a good sign.

"This is a fantasy of yours, or something you'd like me to do?" she asked quietly.

It was both a fantasy and something he desperately wanted her to do, but he had already exhausted his courage.

"A fantasy," he said, his voice almost cracking. How embarrassing, he'd completely lost control of his voice like an adolescent school boy.

"Sexy," she said, in a low sultry voice. "It must get you pretty hot. Does it turn you on telling me about it?"

"Yes," he croaked.

Kim leant forward and kissed him lightly on the lips. Her lips were moist and felt cool when they touched his, but he was burning up, completely afire. Her tongue ran lightly along his lips in a sensual, teasing kiss which didn't help to alleviate his present state of arousal. As she sat back again Kim lifted her hands behind her neck and slowly undid the top knot in her bikini. She lowered her hands slowly pushing her bikini down but covering her breasts with the palms of her hands. She paused for a moment, cupping her breasts in hands too small to entirely contain the firm flesh of her breasts. Kim smiled seductively as she lifted her breasts and pushed them together slightly giving Martin a dazzling display of cleavage which left his mouth watering. Kim slowly opened her hands, leaving the heels of her palms at the side of her breasts, still holding them together to give cleavage. Martin's excitement grew as Kim slowly revealed the exquisite curves of her breasts until finally she took her hands away entirely and removed her bikini top. Her nipples were visibly hard and crimped and seemed to be looking Martin straight in the eye, and he couldn't help but stare back at them. He'd seen her breasts countless times before but this time was special in so many ways. – he loved that Kim was putting on a sexy little strip tease for him right there on the beach; he loved that she was comfortable letting strangers look at her almost naked body; and more than anything else he loved the thought that she might have even been enjoying other men watching her sexy show.

Despite being so exposed on a public beach Kim did not feel self-conscious at all. In fact, Kim felt very comfortable with her near nudity. On a day like this, with the sun shining, the birds calling and the breakers roaring as they rushed at the shore, she felt perfectly natural.

Kim could feel her breasts jiggling as she rubbed lotion into Martin's back again. Somewhere in the back of her mind she was aware that men were probably looking at her and enjoying what they saw but she was focused solely on Martin and the ultimate joy that she was giving him by fulfilling his fantasy. Even though she didn't understand exactly what it was that was so exciting for him she still found his excitement infectious and highly exhilarating. Her nipples were tingling and as her breasts jiggled they were touched sometimes by the cool air and sometimes by the warm sun. With each change sharp sparks of pleasure flew through her body to meet with the throbbing warmth that was radiating from between her legs. Kim was in a state of almost transcendental arousal and there was nothing and no one in the world except her and Martin.

When Kim finished applying sunscreen to Martin's back he stood and took her hands and drew her to her feet.

"Let's go for a walk along the water's edge," he said.

"Okay," Kim said as she bent and picked up her bikini top.

"Leave it off."

"Really?" asked Kim.

Martin didn't reply. He just took her by the hand and began walking towards the water. As Kim was drawn along by him she let her bikini top fall to the sand. As common as it is for women to sunbathe topless on the beach in Australia it is very unusual to walk along the beach or swim topless. Despite this, Kim still didn't feel self-conscious even though she was surrounded by people and drawing ardent looks from the men and more than a few glares from the women. Kim was so aroused that she felt like she was completely alone with Martin in their own private bubble of shared eroticism.

Martin on the other hand was completely aware of all of the people around them. He was aware of every single man's head which turned as Kim walked past. With each step they took more and more people saw his girlfriend's bare breasts and almost naked body. That wasn't what was making his heart race though. The thing that excited him most was that every person who saw Kim would not only see her natural beauty, her flat stomach, firm breasts and the perfect curves of her barely covered buttocks, but they would also see her willingness to put herself on display and even more provocatively they would be unable to miss her extreme state of arousal caused by the very display they were witnessing.

Martin hated to think the word in reference to his girlfriend, especially since it didn't accurately describe her, but he felt Kim was acting like a slut, and it made him delirious with pride and lust. Every single person who saw Kim would have a sexual reaction to her because at this moment in time everything about her was sexual. Everything from the glazed look in her eyes which really weren't seeing any of the people around them to the pronounced sway of her hips as she walked on the soft sand to the sensual touch of her hand on the inside of his wrist.

This state couldn't last indefinitely, for one thing it was simply too uncomfortable for Martin. The thought topmost in his mind was to find somewhere private where they could both relieve their pent up energies. Martin was desperate to have Kim and it was pretty clear just looking at her that she was just as desperate to have him. He toyed with the thought that in her current mood she might be desperate for anyone who could satisfy her at the moment and the idea of her having wanton sex with another man, or perish the thought, men, simultaneously aroused and repelled him. As he imagined her in various poses with different men, and sometimes several men at the same time the repugnance faded and he was left with just the arousal such images caused. He felt a little ashamed to imagine Kim in such ways and to be so excited by them, but it wasn't really the actions that turned him on, but more the idea that she could be such a purely sexual being and totally abandon herself to her sexuality.

The daydream was sharply interrupted by a voice yelling, "Martin. HEY, MARTIN!"

Martin looked around for the source of the yells and was shocked to see his friends Tim and Chris sitting on the sand only a few feet away.

"Earth calling Martin," laughed Chris.

"I was just about to throw this at you," said Tim, holding up a shoe, and then throwing it anyway.

"Hey guys, what's up," said Martin as he dodged the shoe.

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