tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Day at the Country Fair

A Day at the Country Fair


Country fairs in India are synonymous with temple festivals. Thousands of worshipers gather to venerate the Lord at the temple. These festivals are invariably held on the banks of the rivers, during predetermined months with favorable weather. The festivities include cultural programmes and religious ceremonies. Different stories and scenes from Hindu religious texts are staged by the folk theater groups at different places in the fair area, to attract the crowd that has come down to worship the Lord. Taking a dip in the holy river is also mandatory by the pilgrims as part of their adoration of the Lord.

Livestock fair are also organized then, where owners and buyers conduct serious business combined with the gaiety of a marketplace.

These fairs held during the many temple festivals in the country; is more of a traveling kind and could be broadly classified as carnivals? They consist of the usual medley of entertainment that can be held in, tent and/or any temporary structure, one finds the world over! Puppet shows, self-proclaimed magicians, game shows, stage shows, food stalls and what not, in a dazzling display of professional and local talent - musicians, dancers and artists, crafts, fashion, food, bazaar, children's activities and other sports.

Selvam, a muscular young man of 27yrs, hailing from an agricultural family, never missed any such fairs, for obvious reasons. Working with axe and other heavy agricultural implements had toughened his body. Standing tall with thick luxuriant hair and fair skinned, he had a pleasant and smiling face. All the above virtues made him the target of the many lovely young girls. They gave him coy glances and looks and thus conveyed their invitation to him for more pleasurable physical activities. Never one to miss a tryst with the fairer sex, he was eagerly looking out for a likely lass to vent out his passion.

Having come quite early to the fair, he was moving around slowly looking at the various stalls but also keeping an eye open for likeable young women to have some fun. Moving around, he was attracted to a small sized gathering. Approaching it, he found it to be a gathering of men and women raptly listening and singing along to bhajans chanted by a holy man. Watching the men and women rapturously enjoying the bhajans with their eyes closed and singing along, he slowly drifted into the group. Getting into the thick of the crowd, he found himself sandwiched between two women. They were swaying to the music, inadvertently touching him.

Not very interested in the bhajans, he watched the two women. From what he could make out from their loose dresses, they looked very young. One of them was dressed in a colourful sari, covering her head with the outer end of it; the other one who, was younger, was dressed in a skirt and blouse set, the skirt reaching below her knees. Their constant swaying and clapping of hands to the music gave him glimpses of their youthful bodies, exciting him greatly. He was thrilled to have such beautiful women in contact with him. They were in a deep trance, having totally immersed themselves into the spiritual singing of the bhajans.

He moved closer, pushing himself onto them. He was excited to see their beautiful bodies. Feeling his hard body moving against hers, the girl in the skirt and blouse dress opened her eyes and saw him. Looking deeply at her, he was delighted to learn that she was a very young girl in her late teens. Her deep black, sexy eyes, and her shinny bright, black hair and her up tilted, pear shaped conical breasts, intoxicated him. Her round, smooth arms, all the way down from her blouse, which must have been stitched, 2 or 3years earlier, were so lovely. Her blouse stretched over her breasts and drooped inches past her breast curves. Her revealing blouse allowed him to see her hard, creamy stomach.

Looking at the other woman, he found that she must be the elder sister; for the facial resemblance was very close. She must have been 2 or 3 years elder and was equally lovely.

Having looked at him, the younger girl liked what she saw and felt a warm feeling toward him. She just lost herself in the seductive atmosphere, while enjoying his presence. She also felt a little aroused then, the blouse she had put on was a little tight, and the fabric was scraping against her chest, causing her nipples to stiffen, which visually poked into the minuscule piece of clothing.

Having felt her interest in him he started his exploits with her. Getting behind her, he pressed himself against her back. He placed his right hand on her hips and slowly started to move it up and down on her right thigh. She just kept dancing and clapping her hands and was enjoying the massage she was getting on her right thigh. Obviously he was experienced at this. Slowly his hand crept up the front of her leg, sending a slight shiver up her back. It slipped to the inside of her thigh and reached out to the top of her leg, where it continued to massage her. She loved the way he was seductively moving and massaging her, and allowed him liberties on her body.

Being in the middle of a large body of people, who due to their rapt attention on the bhajans were totally ignorant of the surroundings, and the early morning light not very bright, he was able to get away with his sexual advances on her. She loved the attention he was giving her, the sensual massage on her thighs with the light pinching of her smooth flesh by his fingers, felt so lovely. His hand slowly massaged its way over her skirt to her pussy, which was so wet due to all his manipulations of her. He also slowly started to bunch up her skirt with his other hand.

Slowly having brought an end of the skirt to her thigh level, he was able to touch the smooth and soft skin on her naked legs. The diffused morning light and the press of the crowded bodies let his actions go unnoticed. He slowly started moving his hand inside her skirt onto her pussy. He felt it to be very smooth with a silky covering of hair. He started to move his palm up and down on her pussy with one finger tracing her nether lips. This wonderful sensation in her cunt made her to softly moan in her mouth and she pushed her head back onto him pushing her hips forward into his hands, which were lighting a fire in her young pussy. He masterfully massaged her clitoris with his fingers making her spend copiously. While his thumb and index fingers squeezed and played with her clitoris, he inserted first one finger and then slowly a second finger into her moist slit.

Her pleasure reaching a peak with this invasion of her cunt by his skillful hands, she felt herself on the verge of a massive orgasm. She stopped her clapping and held onto the hand giving her such pleasure. Starting to lean more on him on the throes of her ecstasy, she started to keen in her mouth announcing the coming of her orgasm. Her happy sounds were masked by the greater noise of the singing around them. However he looked around furitively, worried if they had been seen. The only other person who was interested in their efforts was the elder girl who had stopped her singing and was watching them in awe! Giving her an inviting look, which was returned longingly, he continued his manipulation of the just orgasamed cunt. Having lost herself to the pleasurable sensations, the young one, had no resistance to his huge hard cock pressing against her tight ass. It felt so nice, and she leaned back into it, trying to push it into the crack of her ass cheeks.

Suddenly realising the surroundings and the forbidden act she is committing with a total stranger, she struggled to get free from the exploiter behind her. Anticipating her move, he kept playing with her clitoris and finger fucking her. By pushing his hard cock onto her ass he forced his fingers to penetrate her cunt more deeply. His cock had pushed so deep inside her ass cheeks, its head was nudging at her cunt lips, giving her lightening bursts of pleasure which were sent directly to her head. Moving very tight behind her, he pulled his massive cock away from his loose dhoti, not having worn any underwear, thus prepared for such a situation, and sent it back into her ass.

He pushed both his hands inside her skirt and pushed her legs, making her stand with her legs apart. And then pushed his cock deeply and started sliding it over her cunt lips. She, overwhelmed with desire moved her head back onto him and moaned softly. He used his hand to slowly push his cock into the slick opening and the head slowly entered her. Keeping the head just inside her opening, he played with his fingers on her clitoris getting her more and more aroused. Not able to bear the inactivity any more she used her hand to push his cock more deeply inside her. She was so hot, she started to leak her juices so copiously it started to run down both her legs. Although she didn't like to admit it, his hard, huge and long cock really made her horny. She started to shiver with lust for this wonderful, but complete stranger. She wanted his cock so badly.

Sensing her urgent needs, especially in a public place, it thrilled him all the more to soundly fuck her. However he also realised that if anyone sees their carnal act in such a pious place, he will be severely punished! However, the danger involved made the act more pleasurable for him. Not wasting a moment he shoved his mushroomed cock head as deep inside as he could. As it slid into her pussy, she let out a groan of pleasure. He could only get half his cock into her wet cunt. It was a very tight fit. He pushed her body forward, making her to bend her upper torso for an easy entry for his massive cock. He started pumping in and out slowly but thoroughly, making sure that each time he inserted his cock it caused her to moan longer and louder. He then started going faster and faster as he pumped and added a trick he had learned from his village experience to make a girl go wild, he started making a rough circular motion with his dick as he pumped in and out, making sure he touched every sense, and nerve in her vagina. And of course it worked. It looked as if the girl was losing track of what was going on, and she began to shake at the knees. Her groans began to get louder and louder. He had to cover her mouth with his hand, to stop them being discovered, by the others, due her increasingly louder cries.

While he was busy fucking the girl, he felt two hands from the back snaking round his upper torso. Turning around he saw the other girl pressing herself onto him, looking at him with smouldering eyes, so excited, at the blatant display of their carnal act. Not averse to missing new participants, he pulled her around and kissed her. Moaning in her mouth, she kissed him back, very hard. They could not continue the kissing much longer for fear of getting caught by the others. And so she reluctantly moved her head away from him. However, she continued to rub her hard breasts on his back and tried to temporarily sate her passion. Even during this small diversion, he continued fucking the younger girl, so that he can quickly vent out his passion; lest they were discovered.

He felt her to be very tight, as he pulled her hips to him, while fucking her. But she was so wet that it wasn't a problem for him. He knew it wouldn't take him long to spend his boiling seed. They were both moving in a simple timeless pattern, his erection pushing hard inside, and then withdrawing almost completely before impaling her again. Her pussy seethed with the energy of his thrusts, her clitoris, all the while being fingered by him, protruded excitedly. Her body began to tilt down still further, putting more direct pressure on his cock, thus driving him closer, and making him pump faster, his sweat falling on her back, and his fingers tormenting her clitoris.

He felt the heat build up in him. He started pounding her slender body hard and fast. Her conical breasts started shaking and shivering, and suddenly he felt her cunt begin to spasm again, while she started to grunt and moan with her newest orgasm. The contractions in her silky cunt due to her latest orgasm, sent him over the hill. With a roar he pressed his cock the last few millimeters into her cunt and started pumping gush after gush of hot sperm into her. For a while he held her, up with his cock still in her silky cunt. Then slowly his wet cock shriveled and slipped out of her. Pushing himself away from her, he pulled her skirt down. Turning around she gave him a tired smile and moved back into the crowd, disassociating her from him, worried about exposure. The other girl also followed her, giving a longing look at him. He smiled back at her whispering that he’ll meet her again.

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