tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Day at Work Nude

A Day at Work Nude


I'm the manager of a storefront travel agency in the Las Vegas area. This agency is part of a chain of fourteen stores in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada.

With the increased use of Internet travel sites our agency has had to sponsor different types of promotions to draw clients to our store to make bookings. Some of these promotions are as much as a Hawaiian Luau to sell Hawaiian tours to as little as free snow cones to sell Alaskan cruises.

In mid June I received a promotion announcement from the owner of our agency. This announcement said that in celebration of National Nude Day our stores would be promoting clothing optional resorts, cruises and tours.

This memo went on to say that all employees will conduct business for the day as usual and due to the expected high volume of new clients all days off and vacations will be suspended, all employees will be at work for this promotion or face termination.

This announcement sounded like fun till I read the last paragraph that notified all employees of the dress code for this promotion. Which was sandals and a towel to sit on only.

I could not believe what I was reading so I called the owners office to get a clarification of this memo. I spoke with Bill, the owner and my boss. Now Bill is a very easygoing man in his mid-fifties and has always been fair in his decisions.

Bill confided in me that business has been poor and that he might need to close some agencies or lay off many employees. He also said that he has read that clothing optional vacations are a rapidly increasing source of income and that clients are usually in the higher income brackets but demand greater personal service.

As our talk neared an end, Bill said that he was very serious about this promotion and the memo was correct as he expected all of his employees to work in the nude that day and that any employee not at work or any agency that does not comply with these rules will not be part of his company any longer.

I ensured Bill that I was onboard with all his decisions and that I would get back to him if a problem arose.

After I hung up from my call to Bill I sat in pure shock as I realized that I had just promised my boss that I would work naked for an entire day or lose my job. I decided that losing my job was not an option as jobs are very hard to find in the current economy.

Now I'm thirty-six years old and I have kept myself in good shape by going to the gym at least three times a week but to be nude in front of my fellow employees both male and female for an entire day? Then the thought of our clients coming into the store and I would need to act professional while I was dying of embarrassment on the inside might be more than I could handle.

I am so shy of my body that I will only go to the pool with a tank top on over my very conservative bikini swim suit.

I made the decision that I needed to inform my three employees of this promotion, so at closing I had a staff meeting where I laid out everything to Gail, Joanne and Robert. Gail, our college age bubbly employee said this was great as she loved to be naked. Joanne said that the Friday before the event would be her last day as she could not participate. Robert who is very quiet accepted the challenge as long as he wasn't the only person naked.

When I got home that night, I quickly undressed and checked myself out in the mirror and decided that I didn't look that bad nude. Even though my breasts are a little on the small side, my nice set of perky puffy nipples seemed to make them perfect.

For the rest of the night I remained nude as I cooked supper and puttered around the house doing chores. In my mind I needed to practice being nude till I became comfortable with it. I had two weeks till the Nude Day promotion and I was determined to get through this and be a leader of my employees in my agency.

Every day at work I had short meetings with my staff talking up the excitement and the fun we could have with this promotion and trying to convince Joanne that she could do this with our support.

When I got home, I became braver day by day and soon I opened all the shades and turned on all the lights in my house then stripped naked. I had to admit that that I got very excited at the thought of people passing by my house might catch glimpses of my nude body.

I also found that I enjoyed masturbating myself to a blissful orgasm every night before falling into a sound sleep.

Finally the day arrived and I awoke early and took a long hot shower in preparation for my first ever nude public exposure. I decided to trim my mass of pubic hair into a small neat triangle ending just above my pussy leaving my private parts clearly exposed. I then dressed in a sundress without any underwear as soon I would not need them anyway.

I arrived at work an hour early and let myself in, turned off the alarm system and relocked the door. I was still wearing my dress sitting at my desk answering E-mails when I heard a knock at the front door. It was too early for Gail or Robert to arrive so I went to the door to check who was there.

As I approached the glass door, I saw Bill my boss waiting for me to open the door for him.

I let him in and he started to tell me how disappointed he was with me that I had chosen not to participate in the promotion. I told him to stop right there and that we were not open for business yet so the promotion had not officially started, but for the boss I would make an exception. I reached down and grabbed the hem of my dress and pulled it up and off over my head. I stood there holding my dress out to my side giving him a full frontal view of my nude body.

Bill clapped his hands in approval at my willingness to promote his business and he assured me that there would always be a position in his management organization for me.

He then said that he would be back at closing to see how the day went. As he turned to leave I said, "here, catch, " and I threw my dress at him saying that I wouldn't need it anyway but just to bring it back at closing so I could wear it home, please. He smiled and waved bye as he walked out the door.

I busied myself with office tasks moving around the store with only my flip- flop sandals on. Soon it was 8 a.m. and time to open the store of daily business so I went to the door to unlock it.

As I crouched down to unlatch the bottom lock of the glass door, I froze as I saw a pair of men's shoes with a man attached to them standing inches from the outside of the door. I looked up and saw Phil, the owner of the sandwich shop next door to my store. He was as surprised as me as he stood there staring at my nude body with his mouth hanging wide open.

I opened the door and said, "Hi Phil," then I proceeded to explain my appearance. All he said was WOW, what a great idea, He then turned and walked to his shop.

As I started to close the door I heard two familiar voices say your really doing it and I looked up and saw Robert and Gail crossing the street.

Gail was still outside the shop as she unbuttoned her dress and pulled it off her body revealing her large creamy white boobs and her completely shaven public mound.

Robert on the other hand, needed our prompting to take his shirt and shorts off which he finally did. There he stood in his boxer shorts which had formed a tent in front as his cock got rock hard from looking at our bodies. He said he would take his boxers off after his hard-on went down but Gail and I knew it would never go down as long as he was looking at our titties.

Gail and I winked at each other smiled and in unison we hooked our thumbs in the sides of his boxers and pulled them down to the floor. Robert's cock sprung to full attention as it became engorged with blood giving the head of his penis a deep purple color.

Robert said well its only fair that he was naked also as he walked away towards his desk with his firm but cute buns wiggling as he walked.

It wasn't long till client after client came into the store keeping all three of us busy. As I spoke with a young couple about a nude cruise, I looked up and saw Joanne walking into the store. I excused myself from the clients and went to see what Joanne was doing.

She told me that she had been out looking for a new job for the past two weeks and had no luck so she was wondering if she still had a job with us. I said she sure did but she knew the dress code for today. Joanne hung her head and said yes, I do. Suddenly she pulled her jacket open revealing that she was naked under it and she said, "Is this uniform okay.

Joanne is about fifty years old but she looked great and I told her so. Just then an older male entered the store and Joanne said, "Well here I go," and she walked over to him in all her glory and shook his hand while leading him to her desk.

I returned to the couple I was helping and sat down behind my desk pointing out different items in the cruise pamphlet. This couple didn't seem to be looking at the paperwork but just staring at my desktop. I asked them if my nudity bothered them as they were just looking down. The wife said not at all but that they were looking at my really cute trim job of my pussy. Just then I realized that my desk was really just a glass top table and they had a full view of my pussy.

When I finished with them, I went to all my employees to tell them about the glass top desks. Gail said she knew and had been using the view to sell more packages, she laughed, said that if a client would start to leave, she would just spread her legs further apart to get his attention back till he booked a tour.

The rest of the morning went just as smoothly and soon it was nearing time for lunch during which we lock the store for an hour break. Just as the last client left and I went to lock the door the phone rang. It was Phil from next door offering to buy all of us lunch from his sandwich shop. He said the only catch was that to help his business, he wanted all of us to come to his shop and order our lunch just the way we were, naked.

What a sight it must have been, the four of us walking down the sidewalk in the crowded noontime rush naked as jaybirds. The sandwich shop was empty when we arrived but by the time Phil had made our lunch and we left there was standing room only.

We returned to the store and we decided to eat our lunch at Robert's desk as it was right in the middle of the large storefront window. The sidewalk outside was lined with people staring into the store watching us eat which made me so excited that I became very wet between my legs.

Just prior to reopening of the afternoon session, I noticed that the local news crew was setting up outside the store. I, as being the manager, went outside to see what was up as if I didn't know.

The female reporter said that my boss Bill had called their office and requested an interview for the news. She asked me if I wanted to get dressed for the interview but I said no way, it feels great to be naked and to be in the spirit of National Nude Day, she should join me nude for the interview.

The reporter had a nervous laugh as she said her management would not allow that sort of thing. Just then her cell phone rang, it was her producer and she was told to do the interview as nude as I was. She was new on the job and to save her position, she said all right and slowly stripped naked right there in the street as her news camera rolled.

The interview went well and soon the news crew packed up and left with the reporter riding up front in the van still naked.

I returned to the store and finished the day with my three other employees. After closing, we went over our bookings for the day and found that we had sold more that six times the normal dollar amount. As we waited for Bill to arrive, we talked about how our day went and I was surprised that everyone even Joanne, were looking forward to next year.

Soon Bill arrived and gave me my dress back and said that I had been his only store to be in 100% compliance with the promotion. I told him that if he was interested, we all had decided that he could convert this store into a nude travel agency with our new dress code in effect every day. He said he would give it some hard thought and look into it.

I took my dress and stuffed it into my purse and headed for my car naked. Joanne, Gail and Robert followed me also in the nude saying that Nude Day hadn't ended and we were going to the bar to celebrate. But that could be another story.

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