tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Day in Gotham - Batgirl's Revenge

A Day in Gotham - Batgirl's Revenge


Title -- A Day in Gotham -- 4 -- Batgirl's Revenge (Catgirl has butterflies, the Kittens get their Robin)

(follows - 3 -- Batgirl's Dilemma)


Chapter 1 ---------- Anticipation

Chapter 2 ---------- Kitten Graduation

Chapter 3 ---------- Marks Out Of Ten

Chapter 4 ---------- Snaring a Robin

Chapter 5 ---------- Robin Gets the Blues

Chapter 6 ---------- Kittens Get Their Cream

Chapter 7 ---------- A Depression Deepens over the Commissioner's Office

Chapter 8 ---------- Catgirl's Turn

Chapter 9 ---------- Robin's Reluctant Rescue

Chapter 10 ---------Batgirl's Turn

Chapter 11 ---------Escape

Chapter 12--------- Robin's Turn (to explain)

Chapter 13 ---------Catwoman makes a Promise


Chapter 1 --------- Anticipation

She swept into the Cats Den like she owned the place.

A quick glance around the large, softly lit room quickly established that she was the first to arrive. The windows and the walls were hidden by large, heavy curtains and tapestries. Bright oranges and reds predominated, and the small Persian carpets hung and lit from behind gave the room a distinctly female feel, enhanced by the total lack of furniture. Just a variety of soft cushions, all shapes and sizes, but mainly creams, fawns and soft oranges lay spread all around the deeply piled burnt orange carpet.

"Well .......... first come, first served" she thought as she headed for the centre of the room, picking up some of the cushions and making a little 'nest' of them for herself. A couple of the many cats in the room wandered over and rubbed up against her naked calves, sending a little thrill of electricity shooting up her leg.

"Oi! That's my spot!" she squealed as she manoeuvred one of the cats out of the way with her foot before collapsing into her nest, wrapping the soft terry robe around her in the process.

Holly Robinson let her body sink languidly into the cushions, wriggling her hips to ease them into a better position. The robe parted slightly in the process revealing long, smooth naked legs high up her thighs. Underneath the robe she was nude except for a pair of ivory silk French knickers, carefully selected after trying on most of her large stock of sexy lingerie.

"It's a pity we need to keep on our tops," she thought, referring to the black, cat shaped cowl with pink, pointed ears which, as Catgirl, covered her upper face and head. Normally this room was her and Catwoman's private area where they were free to remove their 'Cat' suits in the certainty of total privacy in the most secure part of Catwoman's current retreat.

Today was different though. Today was special.

"Very special!!" she thought excitedly as she felt her body tingling all over in a sense of warm anticipation. It was Graduation Day!

This would be the third of these bi-annual events that Catwoman had let her participate in. Before Catgirl turned twenty, Catwoman had been quite strict about her moral upbringing which contradicted somewhat with the rather murky pasts of both women. They'd both 'come off the streets' but by the time that Catwoman had taken her under her wing as a wild teenager, Catwoman herself had already become a rich and famous jewel thief. But at twenty, Catwoman evidently felt that her young charge was ready for the world and had allowed Catgirl to appear.

There was no direct family connection between the two, but an 'older' and 'younger' sister relationship had soon developed and Catgirl felt nothing but warmth for her older, and sometimes prickly companion, safe in the knowledge that Catwoman cared for her deeply.

As Catgirl had soon found out, a key part of Catwoman's organization, was her 'Litter' of Kittens. These young women, all in their twenties, were signed up by Catwoman for a life of adventure and sensuality. Both of which were provided in abundance! They actually ran much of her day to day operations and were rewarded with involvement in the many thefts and robberies which Catwoman's agile brain planned. They were a key element in her information gathering operation, using their overt sexuality to ensnare men (and women!), uncovering the details on which the robberies were based.

Today, two were retired and two new Kittens were admitted to the Litter, and Catgirl was getting increasingly impatient and frustrated wondering where Catwoman had got to. It was her 'occasion' after all!!

In the end she couldn't help but let her hand slip inside the folds of the robe and slide lovingly across the top of her breast, her breathing shortening as the thrill floated over her. She was anticipating the Kitten's final test. After weeks of training their graduation to full Kitten status would soon be complete.

The final test was simple. They just had to prove to Catwoman and Catgirl that they could use the techniques they'd learned to pleasure a woman to a sensuous climax!

"Hands-on experience in no uncertain terms!" thought Catgirl dreamily, her fingertip gently circling around an erect and tingling nipple.

Suddenly, the door burst open and Catwoman had arrived, Catgirl pulling her hand out of her robe sharply as though caught out by the schoolmistress!

She was dressed like Catgirl in a long flowing white robe, with just the black cowl of her uniform covering her head. Her tall, slim figure was as shapely as an hour glass and yet still powerful and strong. Somehow, there was always an air of menace in the air when Catwoman arrived on the scene, but it never worried Catgirl. After all the chaos and anger of Holly's early life, she'd had nothing but kindness and care from the moment she'd met her new guardian.

"Sorry Holly," Catwoman announced breathlessly, "had to take a damn phone call. It's all been such a rush!"

As she strode over to Catgirl, her robe spread out around her long bare legs, uncovering the dark bush of black hair at the top of her legs.

"Oh no! I'm overdressed!" thought a panicky Catgirl as she remembered that her own delectable little mound was covered by her silk knickers.

Catwoman wouldn't have noticed however as she quickly wrapped the robe back around her and busily created her own nest of cushions, stretching out languidly next to the reclining Catgirl.

"Mmmmmm that's better. I've been looking forward to this all week!" she smiled devilishly at her younger companion, reaching behind her to press a buzzer. Catgirl simply nodded back in eager excitement!

Catgirl was watching the far door into the Cats Den. It led from the Kitten's play room, and shortly after the buzzer sounded it slowly opened.

Into the room trooped one of Catgirl's Kittens, closely followed by two young women also in white robes.

The leading Kitten was Vixen. She was the senior member of the group and was also Catwoman's Chief of Operations. She was also the sexiest looking coloured woman that Catgirl had ever seen, amply emphasized by the Kitten uniform she was almost wearing!

She was tall and powerfully built, definitely one to be reckoned with in a fight! Her chocolate coloured skin contrasting delightfully with the deep red corset around her waist, long suspenders holding up a pair of shiny white stockings. The top of the corset was designed to push up her ample breasts which were half covered by some white lace material. The final piece of the ensemble was a pair of bright, white frilly knickers that drew an appreciative sigh from Catgirl. All this was topped off with a distinctly dramatic hair style. Normally, away from the retreat she would wear a wig of long, curly black hair, but today it was discarded displaying her short, almost shaven head, and died a deep red! "She certainly knows how to make an impression!" thought Catgirl in admiration.

Chapter 2 ---------- Kitten Graduation

Vixen led the two potential graduates to stand in front of the two reclining women. She gave a slight bow. It was all part of the formal proceedings.

"May I present two novices for your assessment," she said formally to Catwoman, turning to the two white robed forms behind her. "Here is Blondie," she indicated the taller of the two, "and next to her is Samantha." With that she half bowed again and retreated to settle down at the back of the room.

Blondie was about six inches taller than the swarthy looking Samantha, whose olive coloured skin and long, curly black hair betrayed her Latin background. In contrast Blondie was much paler and her short blonde hair had been done up in a modern spiky cut.

"Your turn to choose I think," smiled Catwoman to Catgirl, who was already squirming in anticipation.

"I like them both!" she replied longingly, "but if I must............. I chose Samantha!"

The Latin girl smiled her thanks at Catgirl and moved to stand in front of her, as Blondie did likewise in front of Catwoman. At an unseen signal from Vixen, they both untied their belts, shrugging the loose material off their shoulders and letting the robes drift down to the floor at their feet. Revealed were two beautiful naked bodies, almost glowing in the subtle lighting of the room.

"Fantastic!" thought Catgirl as her excitement built further, "They've been using oil to prepare!"

Although the statuesque blonde had a fine figure, Catgirl's attention was now focused solely on her 'personal' novice Kitten. Although shorter than her partner, she had a solid build with full but firm breasts. Catgirl was initially captivated by the large dark brown rings around small, pink nipples but she soon let her eyes wander downwards taking in the line of dark pussy hair below a firm stomach, pointing straight down to her mound and naked sexual lips. "God, shaved as well!" thought Catgirl delightedly as she finally let her eyes rove all over Samantha's body, positively eating up the young Kitten, who grinned back at the wanton appreciation in Catgirl's eyes.

At another unseen signal from Vixen, the two nude Kittens stepped forward and kneeled beside Catwoman and her young partner. Samantha immediately pulled at the soft belt on Catgirl's robe, releasing the loose knot and easing apart the material, exposing Catgirl's own delicious body.

"Oooh, knickers!" Samantha exclaimed in surprise. "They'll have to go!" she laughed, hooking her fingers into the waistband and drawing the smooth material over Catgirl's tufty pussy hair, along her thighs and slowly down her long, tapered legs. The sensation of being uncovered triggered a warm feeling between Catgirl's legs and she knew that she was already soaking wet as the sexual tension continued to build.

As the knickers were eased off Catgirl's feet, Samantha took an ankle and slowly raised Catgirl's left leg until it was almost vertical, resting it gently on her shoulder as she shuffled round and started to lick and kiss the skin around the inside of her calf. Catgirl was immediately swamped with an almost electric tingling, flashing down her leg and setting her already smouldering pussy aflame.

After what seemed an eternity, Catgirl sensed the lips starting to move slowly downwards along the inside of her calf, kissing, licking and nibbling at her sensitive skin as they went. By the time Samantha had reached her knee, Catgirl had closed her eyes and was already squirming and gently moaning in a sea of pleasure. Here Samantha paused for a moment, smiled to herself at the effect she'd already had before bending down, and continuing the process further down the inside of Catgirl's muscular thigh. Now that Samantha was bending further down towards Catgirl's body, her long black hair was starting to waft back and forth, running lightly across the Catgirl's pussy, gently tickling her open labia lips and stoking up the fire to an inferno.

It was almost too much for Catgirl to bear. The waves of pleasure had been building inexorably as Samantha's succulent lips descended down her leg and now Catgirl could only think about how much she wanted those lips to complete the trip and start work between her legs. She knew that she ought to be trying to show more self-control, and if she climaxed so quickly Catwoman would probably make some sarcastic comment later. But frankly she didn't care, her whole being focused on the fire raging in her pussy, anticipating the delicious feel of those lips as they neared their ultimate target. She'd stopped breathing. Her whole body was tense and coiled like a spring, ready to let go at the first touch!

Suddenly she realized that she did need to breathe again, sucking in short deep breaths as her eyes dragged themselves open and she saw that Samantha had lifted up her head and was gently lowering her leg back onto the cushions. Catgirl's brain couldn't comprehend, still awash with desire and lust she dimly heard Samantha whispering in her ear, "Too soon my mistress, much too soon!"

Catgirl fought to get her breathing under control as she tried to quell the fire still raging between her legs. It was so hard.

She looked round, Samantha seemed to have disappeared. She noted distantly that Blondie was busy licking and suckling Catwoman's bare breasts, and suddenly realized how much she needed to have her own swollen orbs given the same sort of attention. Her hand started to drift upwards, but she snapped it back down in frustrated anger. Catwoman had rules for these sessions and the main one was that the two of them had to be passive recipients, laying back and letting the Kittens demonstrate their talents, no kissing, caressing or taking charge themselves.

"But where the hell is Samantha?" thought Catgirl in total frustration.

A dark shape suddenly floated over Catgirl's head from behind.

"Here I am mistress," whispered Samantha huskily from above her.

She'd approached Catgirl from behind on hands and knees and now reached forward to bring Catgirl's arms above her head, trapping them between her knees.

Her mountains of thick dark hair cascaded around Catgirl's face like a curtain as she lowered her head and started to kiss and gently lick the bare skin below Catgirl's cowl. As those soft, dark lips gently drifted across Catgirl's own expectant and moist lips it was sheer torture for Catgirl to hold back and not pull Samantha hard towards her so that she could squash them together driving her tongue deep into her mouth. Both girls knew it was against the rules, but for a moment as her lips hovered over her own, Catgirl wondered if Samantha would succumb to the moment as well. It was touch and go, but eventually the magical lips moved down to her chin and neck, leaving poor Catgirl wallowing in even more frustration!

"Still that does mean that they are heading for my breasts!" thought Catgirl in delightful anticipation as Samantha inched ever further and further over her.

It seemed to take an age for Samantha's lips to reach that sacred point, and Catgirl was now being distracted by Samantha's own breasts which were now dangling over her head as the young novice began to work on Catgirl's prized possessions. It was hard to decide what she should concentrate on. The pleasure that Samantha's roaming lips were triggering in her now swollen orbs or the swaying motion of Samantha's own full breasts, dangling inches from her face, with hardened nipples wafting back and forth tantalizingly within reach of Catgirl's hungry lips. Her tongue was ready to leap out and catch one of the dancing nipples when Samantha started to nibble at one of Catgirl's own erect nipples. The effect was electrifying as Catgirl lost interest in everything but the blissful messages flooding her brain. She shut her eyes tight and another low moan escaped her lips.

Samantha was quick to gauge Catgirl's level of arousal, abandoning the firm young breasts and licking her way quickly down the taut, muscular stomach before burying herself in the sweet tufts of curly brown hair. The musky odour was so arousing! But there she stopped and as she shuffled forward again, propping herself up on one hand as she slid her other arm underneath Catgirl's bottom and lifted the now sodden pussy up to her expectant mouth.

When the lips had ceased to torment her nipples, Catgirl distantly knew that she was hovering on the edge of a gigantic climax, but that it was being taken away again. She just needed something to tip her over the edge. Anything!

She slowly, almost painfully, opened her eyes again as she vaguely felt her hips being lifted. "Oh my God...............sooooo beautiful!" she whispered in astonishment.

Samantha was still astride Catgirl and leaning forward to take care of Catgirl's pussy. All Catgirl could see was Samantha's own shaved sexual lips silently swaying tantalisingly above her. Evidently Samantha was also aroused. They were wide apart and covered with the juices dripping from the dark, pinky cavern that they surrounded.

Catgirl would have studied the sight closer had Samantha's mouth not finally found her own juicy slit, sending a whole new bunch of pleasure signals sweeping up and over her already ecstatic mind. Samantha now seemed to be in a hurry and it didn't take much licking and kissing before the tongue forced it's way between her last barriers and penetrated the entrance to her inner burrow, taking Catgirl to the very edge again.

This time Samantha took pity on her young mistress and quickly moved that tantalizing tongue to the little sensitized button that had been crying out for attention for oh so long! A couple of flicks later, and Catgirl gave a long blissful cry as her whole body seemed to dissolve into a myriad of sublime convulsions as the long awaited orgasm finally engulfed her.

Chapter 3 --------- Marks Out Of Ten

Catgirl found consciousness so annoying!

She'd soared so high in her climax and been wallowing so happily in the warmth and blissfully lethargic post-orgasmic state that she simply didn't want to alter anything.

Eventually, opening her eyes ever so slowly, she realized that she was still breathing. Good sign!

As her other senses gradually returned she realized that she'd been turned on her side, legs tucked up in a foetal position. Closely tucked in behind her she could feel the soft warmth of another naked body, and glancing over her shoulder realized that it was Samantha cuddling into her back and blowing lightly across her face to bring her round.

"Jesus! What an experience!" she whispered breathlessly and was rewarded as Samantha's hips nuzzled even closer into her bottom!

Her attention now shifted to the scene next to her where Blondie and Catwoman were intertwined in front of her. Blondie's face was burrowed between Catwoman's widely splayed legs and her hands were busy on Catwoman's pert breasts, squeezing and massaging relentlessly. From the faint mewing sounds escaping from Catwoman's lips, Catgirl realized that her partner in crime was nearing her own pinnacle.

"She's lasted longer than me, but not by much!" thought Catgirl in satisfaction as Catwoman's swaying hips suddenly froze, her face tightening in blissful pain as a long "whooooooosh" of air shot out of her mouth. Finally she collapsed back into the cushions as Blondie's face surfaced from between her legs, a wicked looking smile of delight and triumph creeping over the young novice's features.

No-one moved for a few more minutes, allowing time for Catwoman to compose herself.

Then the two prospective Kitten's got up, wrapped their robes about themselves and at a nod from Vixen, gave a small bow and backed away from the two thoroughly satiated women. Samantha's face was full of a cheeky grin as she caught Catgirl's eye and Catgirl couldn't help but grin delightedly back.

As they reached the door, Catwoman called for them to stop, still slightly breathless but as commanding as ever.

"Vixen, you are to be congratulated on your training program. You surpass yourself yet again!"

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